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Questionnaire on ________________________________-

We are students of ___________ Engineering and we are doing on a survey

on________________ in UniMAP. In order to complete our survey, we need your help and
cooperation. We really appreciate your cooperation for taking part in this survey, so that we
can gather information for our report. The questionnaire is consists of five sections.

All information given will be treated as confidential.

Section A: General Overview

Please tick( )at the column provided.

1) Which floor you stay?

Ground floor 1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor 4th floor

2) How many times you use the water dispenser in a week?

1 to 2 times 3 to 4 times more than 4 times

3) How frequently you use the washing machine and dryer machine?

1 times a week 2 times a week never use

4) How long do you spend on internet per day?

Less than 1 hour 1 to 3 hour 3 to 5 hour more than 5 hour

Section B: Problems

Please tick( )at the column provided.

No Question Yes No
Problem 1: Security
1 Do you experience about the management people enter your house without permission or
without presence of resident before?
2 Will the fire alarm sounded too frequently?
Problem 2: Amenities
3 Do you think that the car park is enough for residents?
4 Do you think that the washing machine and dryer machine enough?
5 Is the water dispenser fulfilled the usage of residents?
Problem 3: Internet Service
6 Do you experience your electronic devices connected non-respond server?
7 Does the WIFI speed fast enough?
Section C: Solutions

Please tick( )at the column provided.

No Question Strongly Agree No Idea Disagree Strongly

Agree Disagree
1 The management people should ask the
permission of the residents first before entering
their house to prevent any inconvenience.
2 The fire alarm system should be set properly.

3 The hostel management can increase the car

park place by optimise the parking space usage
or construct another new place for parking.

4 The number of washing machine and dryer

machine need to increase.
5 The number of water dispenser need to increase.

6 Place WIFI adapters at some easily detectable

places for stronger and smoother connection.

Section D: Demographic Profile

Please tick( )at the column provided.

1) Gender: Male Female

2) Academic years:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

3) School of Studies: School of Mechatronics

School of System Electric
School of Computer
School of Manufacturing

Section E: Opinion

Please answer the question below.

Do you have any suggestion for improving the hostels UniMAP?