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Directions: Read the similes from below.

Pick your top FIVE and write a sentence for each one

comparing two unlike things.

For Example: My siblings fight like cats and dogs.

This is a simile because my siblings are not cats and dogs, but fight like them.

As big as an elephant (Eat) like a bird

As brave as a lion (Fight) like cats and dogs

As busy as a bee (Work) like a dog

As clear as crystal (Soar) like an eagle

As cold as ice (Racing) like a frightened rabbit

As flat as a pancake (Have eyes) like a hawk

As hard as nails (Eat) like a horse

As hungry as a bear (Sleep) like a log

As light as a feather (Eat) like a pig

As old as the hills

As quick as lightning Write your sentences here:

As quiet as a church mouse 1. My sister has eyes like a hawk.

As sharp as a razor 2. I am brave like a lion.

As sick as a dog 3. My brother is hungry like a bear.

As sly as a fox 4.I can be soar like an eagle.

As sweet as pie 5. My sister clear like crystal.

As tall as a giraffe

As thin as a rake

(Sing) like an angel

(Act) like an animal