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Algoritma penatalaksanaan gagal nafas

Patien in respiratory disorder

ensure ABC, IV acces,

monitor BP, CR monitor

Rapid assessment Continous assesment and monitoring

adequcy of oxygenation, vital sign, respiratori effort, pulse
ventilation, and state of oximetri, FVC, FEV, ABG/CBG

Administator supplemental humidified oxygen

MAX O2 delivered
Simple mask 30-60%
Partial-non rebreather mask 50-60%
O2 Hood 60-90%
Non-rebreather mask 95%
Endotrakheal Intubation 100%

Bag mask ventilation with

100% O2


Suspected drug sicle cell disease Shock Pseudothorax or

intoxication/overdose with acute chest pleural effusion
Opiates syndrome Volume replacement with respiratory
Naloxone Antibiotics if needed compromise
0,1 mg/kg/bb partial exchange Inotropic support
benzodiazepines tranfusion thoracentesis
flumazenil 0,2 mg iv over 30 sec.
May repeat up to total dose antibiotics
of 1 mg

Extrathoracic airway status foreign body Subglotic edema

obstruction asthmaticus aspiration Decadron
Croup may require 0,5 mg/kg/dose
Subglotic edema removal in OR IV q 6 h x 6
Retropharingeal abcess doses

sumber : Pediatric Acute Care 2001