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Everyone wakes up in the morning hoping to achieve something in life.

That something is what keeps

them going every day. For me, it is my strong desire to contribute to society. I believe the best way to do
that is by helping them understand the earths mechanism and how to maximize its potential to not just
complement our lives but to make it better. My fascination for earth and wanting to contribute to society
are the reasons why I decided to study geology. I discovered my love for earth science in the best way I can
imagine. What fascinates me most about the rock is its color. It has a pink color base made of granite and
a dark grey basalt pyramid. This led me to read Geology. I found out that the difference in color is caused
by unconformity and signifies a time gap between the granite being placed and the basalt lava flowing on
the top. It was a once in a lifetime experience that helped me discover what I am passionate about. Since
then, I started to subscribe to some geology websites such as and followed Iain Stewart
on Twitter to keep myself updated all the time. He is a fellow of geological society of London. With
branches ranging from prospecting valuable stones to the classification and taxonomy of fossils, the
production and sustainability of energy sector has captured my attention the most. The roles geologists play
in this sector for instance, locating energy sources by using techniques such as seismic surveys and then
extracting it using their skills in rock mechanics and tunneling to design an opencast, are vital for the
development of a nation and it is parallel to what I hope to achieve in life. Geology is a rich and diverse
subject that, while primarily a scientific subject, has a great room for creative thought. For my F.SC levels,
I decided to choose subjects that consist a perfect mix of creativity and technicality. Chemistry has granted
me the ability to identify the elements that are found in minerals and how they gave different properties to
different minerals. Next, lessons in physics taught me to adopt a more logical approach when dealing with
problems. Lab sessions provided me with a medium to train my practical skills such as collecting and
interpreting data. Also, insights in differential equations and graphs that have allowed me to utilise the
statistics produced by geological firms, enabling me to view it in a different perspective.
Apart from studying, a chunk of my time is spent on the computer. I am the publicity director for my
schools computer club. Thanks to that role, I was able to channel my artistic ability and work with people
from different backgrounds. Also, my involvement in the R&D program has taught me how to negotiate
with people and how to accept criticisms positively. Realizing the value to be able to speak in many tongues
led me to learn the English language. With the knowledge that your university can provide, I am hoping
that one day I will be a part of a geologist community that are constantly doing research on energy
production and its sustainability.
Abid Ullah
KPK, Pakistan.