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Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Map

Grade: XI Semester: First

Core Subject Title: Understanding Society, Culture and Politics No. of Hours/Semester: 80

Prerequisites (If Needed):_______________________________

Core Subject Description: This course uses insights from Anthropology, Political Science, and Sociology to develop students awareness of cultural, social and political
dynamics, and sensitivity to cultural diversity; provide them with an understanding of how culture, human agency, society and politics work; and engage them in the
examination of the countrys current human development goals. At the end of the course, students should acquire ideas about human cultures, human agency, society
and politics; recognize cultural relativism and social inclusiveness to overcome prejudices; and develop social and cultural competence to guide their interactions with
groups, communities, networks, and institutions.

Culminating Performance Standard: advocate how human societies should adapt to such changes
1st Quarter

Highest Enabling Strategy to

Learning Highest Thinking Skill to Assess Use in Developing the Highest
Competencies Thinking Skill to Assess
Content Content Performance Re-
Standard Standards KUD grouped RBT Assessment Technique Enabling Teaching
Classification Competencies
Level WW QA PC General Strategy
E. How 1. Cultural, 1. Analyze 1. Traces K and U w/ LC1 Rememberi Essay Identification Community Communication Group
group is social and aspects of social kinship ties of PS2 ng, Survey Sharing
organized political organization and social Analyzing
institutions networks
1. Group as sets of 2. Identify ones
w/in the norms and role in social 2. Describe
society patterns of groups and the T or F
behavior institution organized Journal
2. In- that relate t nature of K Communication
groups major social 3. Recognize social life w/ LC2 Rememberi Essay
and out- interest. othe forms of and rules of PS2 ng, Student
groups economics governing Analyzing Summaries
2. Social transcation such behavior
3. strattificatio as sharing, gift
Reference n as the exchange and
Groups ranking of redistribution
individuals his/her own
4. according to society
Networks wealth,
power and

Performance Task: You were asked by the project leader task to visit a community and observe the social and kinship networks of Brgy. Sabang 2. Based on the survey questions
given by the project leader, you as a researcher, will list down their observations and interview. After the survey, students will process the data and will make a survey portfolio.
Through your specific, manageable, achievable, realistic and tangible plan of action, the students shall have wide view of the social networks and kinships.