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TEP Core Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Preparation

Topic/Day All About Me: students will create a visual representation of

themselves by adding visual representations of themselves. ( For
example, blue eyes, red hair or curly hair). Students will be able to
share assignments with teachers and peers during large groups.
New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines (ELGs)
Domain 1: Physical Development, Health, and Well-Being
-Indicator 2.2} coordinates eye-hand movement using the mouse on
the computer.
Domain 2: Literacy
Domain 3: Numeracy
Domain 6: Self, Family, and Community

Objective(s) The students will identify physical similarities among peers and
share with others own All About Me assignment. Students will
enhance their self-esteem by learning that all people have similarities
and differences. Students will more willing to accept

Materials/ -wireless networks and computers

Technology wireless networks at school, using website to organize assignments with
students in classroom.
Vocabulary/ -students will describe and investigate how individuals are similar
and different. Students will use adjectives to describe how
individuals are unique. Using vocabulary words such as: long hair,
curly hair, short hair, straight hair, tall, short and small.
Student Grouping Small groups of 5 students depending of the teacher preference.
Differentiated Having students collaboration during the assignment and invite all
Instruction/ Access
for All Students
students to participate during the assignment.
Modifications/ Be available to help all student to walk them using the
appropriate guide lines to the website.
Learning-Teaching Process Time

Activate Students will share All Bout Me presentations to teacher and 3

peers with help if needed from teacher. During large groups activity. minutes
Activate Prior Teacher will introduce how to use adjectives to students using: 30
books, worksheets assignments and playing different games. minutes

I can Identify All About Me, using adjectives

I can

Lesson Core Formative Assessment Time

Have students explore using the Encourage students to minutes
computer by moving the mouse explore and have fun during
and using the keyboard and the assignment and ask
review how to use appropriate. questions.
Content It is important for students to
Exploration review safety rules using
computers. Have students ask
questions and be available as
teacher to each individual

Teacher will answer questions to Review with students using 30

assist students and provide the different adjectives to minutes
examples for students. describe a person.

Teacher will provide students the Review the adjectives that 30

time to answer questions and guide each student use in minutes
Guided Practice them to complete their assignment assignment and review how
by looking at their work individually. each individual is different to
one another.

Independent The students will be having time to think of words that describe 10
Homework them as a person and dictate words to teacher to write them down minutes
for, All About Me, presentation.

Students will be aware of the procedures of using computers and 30

Closure exploring on their own or with teacher assistance. minutes

Summative Assessment (End of Unit)

Students will explore and use their imagination to create using

technology in the classroom.

Lesson Reflection (Complete after lesson)