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a. MEQ

- DKA and thyroid (2013)

- Nephrotic syndrome: Given clinical situation, give 4 differential diagnosis, List several
investigation with expected result, 4 complication and 4 management point (MEQ1 2013)
- Pneumonia with pleural effusion (kot?): List expected inspection, palpation, percussion and
ausculatation findings based on the scenario given, give 1 probable diagnosis, CURB-65
evaluation based on patient case, list 2 antibiotic want to give with route of admin and
duration (MEQ2 2013)
- NSTMI wit pulmonary edema secondary to mitral regurt with signs of LHF,the mechanism
of SOB n orthorpnea (MEQ1 2013)
- Pneumonia undelying COPD with metabolic acidosis n respi alkalosis (MEQ2 2013)
- Liver cirrhosis; signs and symptoms, investigation and explanation (supp 2013)
- DKA; signs and symptoms, management (supp MEQ 2013)
- Pneumonia-clinical features,management,CURB65 (MEQ 2014)
- NSTEMI-clinical features,history,ecg reading with differential diagnosis,management (MEQ
- CCF- ix, causes of decompesated ccf, Mx ROT 1- oct 2015
- DDx coeliac disease,symptoms,ix, causes of villous atrophy,Mx MM


- Management of dengue and CVA (SEQ 2013)

- Anemia: differential for megaloblastic anemia (SEQ1 2013)
- Kidney disease: Indication and contraindications for kidney biopsy (SEQ2 2013)
- Thalassemia: Case given with peripheral blood smear with target cell findings; give
diagnosis, investigation and management (SEQ1 2013)
- Hypertension with bp of 170/100 (kalu x silap); Q asked about 5 physical sign related to
2ndry cause of HTN, 5 physical sign related to TOD, Investigation, specific drug to give in pt
with; (HTN+IHD, HTN+DM, HTN+CKD, Malignant HTN) (SEQ2 2013).
- CVA; provisional diagnosis, differential diagnosis, management (supp SEQ 2013)
- Cholera; provisional diagnosis, points to support diagnosis, specific investigation and
expected results, treatment (supp SEQ 2013)
- Approach to jaundice (SEQ 2014)
- Diabetic ketoacidosis (SEQ 2014)
- HIV/AIDS- causes of chronic diarhea n loss pt weight in AIDS, AIDS related in neurological
symptoms ROT 1- oct
- DDx of SOB,clinical approach history taking,PE,Ix 2015 MM

- Fundoscopy picture-patient obese, decrease visual acquity, loss of weight, thirst (Qs:
describe fundoscopy picture, diagnosis, tests, management) (Q1, OSCE 2013)
- Sexually active men, 30years old, presented with ulcer (Qs: diagnosis, name of organism,
differential diagnosis, tests,...) (Q2, OSCE 2013)
- Blood Smear (Qs: Abnormal finding in blood smear, type of blood smear, diagnosis, signs &
symptoms, management) (Q3, OSCE 2013)
- Diplopia, bilateral weakness, difficulty swallowing, no respiratory distress (Qs: diagnosis,
pathophysiology, tests, treatment) (Q4, OSCE 2013)
- Chest X-ray (Qs: describe findings, diagnosis) (Q5, OSCE 2013)
ROT 1- oct
2015 MM
- Hep B serology interpretation
- Insulin type,dosage

MEQ :IBD and Hypoglycemic Hyperosmolar State ,

SEQ :Aortic Regurgitation and Bronchiectasis..

ROT april
OSCE :Meningiococcal Toximia , Spinal tap, ECG Ventricular tachycardia, Fingger Clubbing, 2015
Abducent nerve palsy


a. ECG ST segment elevation. Interpret. Rate, rythm, deviation, abnormalities

b. -Diagnosis ECG (Inf. MI) , Management outline

c. - ECG arrythmia. Interpret,Treatment

MEQ 2 ROT 2- oct

2015 MM
a. Point u should ask in hx taking ( a man presented with fever, worsening headache and.... dah lupa)

-Expected sign you can find

b. -Provisional d(x), Clinical sign you can elicited @ bedside,Management

c. -Investigation that can be done

- Result lumbar puncture. Interpret ( bacterial, viral or tuberculous )


1. MALABSORPTION-Pathophysiology,6 clinical findings,Investigations and expected findings


-Provisional dx based on clinical features,Pathophysiology,complications,investigation,treatment


1. PEPTIC ULCER - Drug, dose of drug, duration of treatment

ROT 2- oct
2. -Ramsay hunt syndrome
2015 MM
- Wilson disease

3. - ECG interpretation :Rate, rythm, deviation, abnormalities, diff dx based on ecg, management outline

4. -Pretibial myxedema and disease associated

- Clubbing and 4 diff dx

5. Hepatitis B result interpretation

Meq -Celiac disease

-Decompensated ccf

Seq-Pulmonary embolism

-Approach to pyrexia of unknown origin ROT 4 april

Osce 1.Ecg

2.Hyperthyroidism, liver disease image( ascites and exopthalmus)

3. Meningitis csf analysis

4. Lower motor neuron lesion image 5.pleural effusion



1) decomp ccf - 2ry to anemia, uncontrolled HT .... Diagnosis, Management, Causes of decomp

2) HHS .... Ddx, Mx,Precipitating factors


1) approach to chronic diarrhea .... Mechanism for different type, Approach in history, examination,

2) approach to SOB .... 6 ddx, Give history, examination, inv findings for each 6 ddx

OSCE (osce answers by dr jalal )

1) Endoscopy finding? - cobblestone appearance

Dx: Crohn's Disease, Histopathological findings? Complications? ROT 3- oct

2) Ecg- Rate,Diagnosis: Ventricular tachycardia,Management- 4marks 2015 MM

3) Spirometry graph

Match Obstructive, restrive, normal w graph

Match fev/fvc ratio for each type

4) Images:

1) pt presented w polydipsia and polyuria - image of legs

Q: what is the name of sign? -2m

Give your diagnosis? -3m

2)pt presented w fever, clubbing, - image of rashes over palm and soles

Q: what is the name of rash? - janeway lesion

Give yr diagnosis? IE

5) Image 2:

1) pt presented w palpitation & loss of weight - image of legs

Q: findings? - pretibial myxedema

Diagnosis - hyperthyroidism

2) pt presented w cough & sob - image of dilated veins over chest

Q: findings? - dilated tortous veins , Diagnosis SVC obstrustion

OSCE ( APRIL 2016 first rot)

1.colonoscopy shows cobble stone appearance -colonoscopy finding,Dx - crohn disease



3.spirometry graft (obstructic n restrictive)

4. Two pictures of skin lesion -name the skin lesion and the dx ROT 1- apr
i) janeway lesion-IE

ii)necrobiasis lapoidicus (if im not mistaken - DM ??

5. Two pictures of skin lesion (name the skin lesion and dx ) pretibial myxedema-grave's disease -superficial
dilated vein-superior vena cava obstruction ?

MEQ 1 and 2

1. Decompensated congestive cardiac failure (dx,ix

2. Complication of diabetes (HHS)

Seq 1

1.bulky pale stool with unpleasant smell (malnutrition) pathophysiology, Clinical features , Investigation

2.tuberculosis pathophysio Management ??? Lagi satu lupa


1.Coeliac disease -ddx for hard to flush stool, pale but no jaundice, Ix, expected sign ,complications, causes
of villlous atrophy, Mx

2. Meningitis -ddx for fever, low grade fever and headache -Hx to ask?, expected signs,2 Bed side test,
investigation, principle of mx

SEQ 1. TB -Dx, Ddx hemoptysis, drug duration n s/e, complications tb ROT 4- oct
2. Aortic regurgitation -Symptoms ,signs, causes magnus

1. ECG for hyperthyroid pt( interpret,dx,ix)

2. Diagram: pretibial myxedema(graves) & dilated chest vein (svc obstruction)

3. Pleural effusion(ix n findings,ddx-trachea shifted away n reduced BS,principle mx)

4. Hep B interpretation

5. Facial nerve palsy(lmn)-causes,findings


1. DKA

2. Hepatitis ROT 2 APRIL 2016


1. Pulmonary embolism

2. CCF


1. meningococcemia

2. CN 3 palsy

3. ABG

4. Pictures of janeway lesion, clubbing

5. Serum ascities albumin gradient


MEQ : CCF, Pneumonia

SEQ : malabsorption syndrome (definition, pathophysiology, Ix, sequence), DKA (principle management)

OSCE : ECG, malaria, thyrotoxicosis, facial nerve disorder - cranial nerve num VI , Lumbar puncture,



- mostly each topic one question

MEQ 1: RESPIRATORY (Pulmonary Embolism/PE complicated with bilateral leg swelling)

Pt is NKMI, bilateral leg swelling, CP, SOB

- give 5 d/dx + clinical signs for each

- give your p/dx + 2 Ix w/expected findings

- Mx + (forgot one more)

MEQ 2: CARDIOVASCULAR (Inferior STEMI with underlying DM, HTN)

Pt U/L DM, HTN, have CP 30m(probably), ECG all lead shown w/ST-elevated on Lead aVF, Lead II, Lead III.
Serum electrolyte normal.

- Interpret ECG (inferior MI) + give 1 most important diagnostic Ix w/expected findings
- Cardiac biomarkers shown high CK-MB and Troponin T, give your p/dx + Mx

- ECG of VF. Interpret ECG + Mx for that situation.

for p/dx - use full sentence with this points

- Current illness diagnosis

- Causes of current illness

- Complication

for example:

- Decompensated Congestive Cardiac Failure secondary to non-compliance to restriction of fluid complicated

with bilateral leg swelling. (use own shortform like "DCCF 2 Non-compliance RoF Cx w/bilateral leg swelling"
for faster writing only for self-study not for exam)

- Acute Exacerbation of COPD secondary to URTI complicated with Respiratory Failure type 2.


1 - Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (PUO)

- give 4 causes + 4 examples for each(2m)

- give Hx, P/E, Ix to do to pt with PUO with justification to your answer. (8m)

2 - Approach to Jaundice

- give causes (2m)

- give Hx to ask, P/E findings expected to see(6m)

- give Ix to do to pt with jaundice. (4m)


1 - Infective Endocarditis, picture of valve with abscess

- give p/dx

- Mx + dose + duration

- most common organisms

- 2 Ix + expected findings

- give prophylaxis purpose

2 - Left Lower motor neuron lesion of facial nerve palsy, picture of middle age man with half face problem

- give p/dx
- give 3 Clinical signs (loss of nasolabial fold on affected site, loss of forehead wrinkle on affected site, mouth
deviated on opposite side as loss of muscle control on affected site)

- give Causes of your p/dx

3 - picture of meningitis rash dark purple on body spreading to leg

- give your clinical diagnosis (meningococcal meningitis rash)

- probable organism (neisseria mengitidis)

- Mx + duration

- what prophylaxis for bystanders

4 - Picture of puffy face, Hx Wt gain

- give your p/dx

- give 3 other clinical sign

- *give investigation w/expected findings (not sure this question ask or not)

- give management + duration

5 - picture of endoscopy of gastric with ulceration

- give your p/dx

- give probable organism

- give 2 specific investigations/test to confirm organism above

- give your management + duration


a. MEQ

- Renal colic (MEQ1 2013)

- Differential diagnosis for bleeding PR in 70 years old pt, investigation to monitor the shock,
immediate treatment for pt, treatment when pt stable (colonoscopy), define true
diverticular, 4 complication of colonic diverticulitis (MEQ 2013)
- Ureteric stone.Pt presented with left loin pain; 4 Causes of painful hematuria, sign upon
physical examination, Investigations, provisional diagnosis, types of renal stones, CI of ESWL
(MEQ 2013)
- Thyroglossal cyst-clinical features,physical examination, differential diagnosis (MEQ 2014)
- Acute epididymo-orchitis - history, management (MEQ 2014)
- IO ( ROT 1 APRIL 2015)
- Acute cholecystitis ( ROT 2 APRIL 2015)
- Acute appendicitis in female ddx at RIF pain,PE ( ROT 1 OCT 2015)
- Esophageal ca DDx dysphagia, findings on PE,Ix,Mx APRIL 2015- ROT 1 n 2
- OCT 2015-ROT 1 MM

b. SEQ

- Head injury (SEQ 2012)

- Rectal Ca (SEQ1 2013)

- Peptic Ulcer disease (SEQ2 2013)

- Scenario pt comes with DFU(diabetic foot ulcer); Causes of foot ulcers, pathophysiology of DFU,4
Investigation to support the diagnosis,Management of DFU (SEQ2013)

- Ascending cholangitis scndry to choledecholithiasis; 4 differential diagnosis, definition of

courvisiers law, 6 investigations, management outline (SEQ2013)

- breast ca , UGIB ( ROT 1 APRIL 2015)

- I0 ,BREAST CA (ROT 2 APR 2015)

- Acute cholecystitis - diagnosis, points supporting (SEQ 2014, ROT 1 OCT 2015)

- Bloody nipple discharge-DDx,causes, investigation, other expected findings,management (SEQ

2014, ROT 1 OCT 2015)


- Xray KUB of abdomen, findings, diagnosis (Q1, OSCE 2013)

- Diabetic foot, diagnosis, causes, management (Q2, OSCE 2013)

- Breast carcinoma, diagnosis, sign & symptoms, investigation (Q3, OSCE 2013)

- Picture of lower limb, diagnosis, tests, complications (Q4, OSCE 2013)

- Endotracheal tube, indications, complications, how to ensure/manage ETT placement (Q5,
OSCE 2013)
- Chest tube insertion (OSCE2013)
- Type of wound (OSCE2013)
- Interventional spirometry (OSCE2013)
- Picture/10y/o boy with swelling at neck/diagnosis: thyroglossal cyst/
clinicalsign/investigation to confirm diagnosis/surgery&components (OSCE2014/A)
- 45y/o man/picture of leg & ulcer at medial malleolus/ describe
lesion/diagnosis/4etiopathology/3management (OSCE2014/A)
- 8m/o baby with abdominal pain/picture intraoperative/diagnosis/aetiopathology/other
signs/ surgery@management (OSCE2014/A)
- Abdominal Xray/describe findings/ 2diagnosis/other investigation (OSCE2014/A)
- Instrument: Spinal needle/ used in which anaesth/ uses@indication/site@level of insertion/
contraindication/complications (OSCE2014/A)
- Peau de orange
- Position appendix ROT 1 APRIL
- Core needle biopsy 2015
- Jaundice
- Hydrocele
- Sebaceous cyst ROT 2 APRIL 2015
- Foley
- Appendix
- Hydrocele- ddx,test,underlying pathology,tx,
- Jaundice- causes,ddx,symptom,relation to coagulopathy,Ix
- Foley catheter- indication,,complication ROT 1 0CT 2015
- Incisional hernia- risk factor, prevention, complication MM
- MNG- clinical feature,Ix,cmpliction,Tx


1)Thyroid swelling : Ddx, signs & symtoms, investigation, management,

2)Hematuria : Ddx, signs & symptoms, investigation, type of stones, management


1)Breast :Ddx, expect to find on breast, other anatomical examination, investigation

2)Acute cholecystitis : Physical findings, Investigation,, management,

ROT 2 0CT 2015
Osce 1) dvt

2) skin n soft tissue lesion

3) proctoscope
4) hydrocele

5) liver function test

MEQ : Fistula in Ano , PAD

SEQ : Perforated Peptic Ulcer with Sepsis , Esophageal Varices

ROT 4 APRIL 2015

Venous ulcer, Bile stones, appendix, incentive spirometry, thyroid


1: Esophageal ca -ddx dysphagia, possible findings during PE, prov.dx, investigation, management

2: Acute appendicitis- other history want to ask, Ddx,possible findings in



1 : Acute cholecystitis -prov.dx, what given hx that help dx ,possible findings during clinical exam, 2
imp investigation to confirm, treatment

2 : Breast ca -ddx , prov dx, examination of other anatomical region, 2 confirmative investigation,
treatment plan
ROT 3 0CT 2015
OSCE: magnus
1. Skin lesion -clinical findings, ddx, other possible clinical findings , complication, management MAGNUS

2. Hydrocele -prov dx, explain hydrocele, name of test shown in pic, ddx, name of surgical procedure
for hydrocele

3. Appendix -name of organ, anatomical position, disease common due to the organ, probable
findings in PE, complication

4. Thyroid -diagnosis, symptom, complication, treatment ROT 3 0CT

5. Sutures -which one should be used for deep, laceration wound, which one has biggest diameter
and state the size, which one absorbable suture (based on the picture), the best suture for magnus
anastomosis of bowel

1. perforated gastric ulcer (pe findings, ddx, ix & finding, tx)

2. breast ca (important hx to rule out malignancy, ddx, dx, ix & finding, curative treatment)


- anal abscess (ddx, dx, classification, pathogenesis, mx)

- testicular torsion ( ddx, dx, etiology, ix, tx)



1. pilonidal sinus (region of the sinus, classification, ix, tx)

2. nasogastric tube (apa 3 region marking 40cm,50cm,60cm? 2 Theraupeutic fxn? 2 diagnostic fxn?

3. Hydrocele ( definition, ddx, treatment)

4. Moles & melanoma ( identify pic, histological classification of moles, ix tx for melanoma)

5. Sutures ( absorbable, non absorbable, which utk gut, which biggest diameter according to size in
picture & state size)


1. SCC

2. Esophageal ca


1. Haemorrhoids

2. Hands and feet infection ROT 1 APRIL 2016


1. Gastrostomy (advanced esophageal ca) -feeding

2. Varicocele

3. Deep vein thrombosis

4. Parotid tumor (benign)

5. Appendix (anatomical positions, signs and symptoms, complications


1) fistula in ano

2)ac appendicitis

Seq: 1) breast ca

2) hydrocele(not sure the dx, but abt scrotum swelling) ROT 2 APRIL

1)appendicitis, lanz incision, mc burney's point2)obs jaundice

3)incentive spirometry

4)3 way catheter

5)venous ulcer ; pathophysiology, desc lesion seen, tx(?)



renal cell come with dragging pain, hematuria,low loa


Varicose vein.tortuous vein,ulcer inner medial leg,


60 y/o alcoholic lady admit to hospital with hematemesis. Bp 100/60 mmHg. On physical
examination, found splenomegaly & ascites. Initial hematocrit was 25%. NG tube yielded 300ml of
fresh blood. Then, the pt is rescucitated.

i) diagnosis

ii) differential diagnosis

iii) initial measure for rescucitate

Iv) investigation procedure

V) method of initial therapy


25 y/o lady complain pain and swelling over lateral aspect of right great toe. Both gradual onset
history of trauma or insect bite. Local examination reveal tenderness over nail, sprout granulation
tissue & no foul smelling discharge.

i) Dx
ii) Causes
iii) Process
iv) Other name
v) Method treatment


Osce 1- pilonidal sinus

Osce 2 - keloid

Osce 3 - needle used in biopsy

Osce 4 - thyroid

Osce 5 - paraumbilical hernia


Meq : Thyroid , acute cholecystitis

Seq : Spermatocele , benign breast

OSCE : Catheter, hernia, hydrocele , lump , pancreatitis


a. MEQ

- Endometriosis & PPH (MEQ 2013/1)

- Endometriosis & Severe pre-eclampsia/eclampsia (MEQ 2013/2)

- Multiple pregnancy (MEQ 2013)

- PPH (MEQ2012)

- PPROM: causes of fundal height x correspond to POG, signs/symptoms, investigations, diagnosis


- Multiple pregnancy-height of uterus>POG, differential diagnosis, ultrasound findings,management

(MEQ 2014)

- Anemia in pregnancy-signs and symptoms, management (MEQ 2014)

- Endometriosis - Symptom, Clinical sign, investigation, management (MEQ 2015/2)

- PPROM - differential diagnosis, complication, management (MEQ 2015/2)

- IOL - Types, Bishop score on evaluation of cervix, Management (MEQ 2015/2)

- PCOS + infertility n GDM

- uterine LGA (multiple pregnancy)

- endometriosis

- gestational DM: factors based on situation given,maternal complication,antenatal screening test


-Endometriosis: other symptoms n reason,clinical sign,ix,mx ROT 1 0CT 2015


b. SEQ

- Vaginal infections (SEQ 2013/1)

- Pruritus Vulvae & PPH (SEQ 2013/2)

- Oligohydrominos (SEQ 2013)

- Breech Presentation- Types, Causes, How to manage? (SEQ2013)

- Infertility-causes,investigation,management (SEQ 2014)

- Foul smelling vaginal discharge-causes, management, investigations (SEQ 2014)

- rhesus negative , hyperemesis gravidarum

-pprom, labor

-hyperemesis gravidarum , pprom

- PPH, induction of labour

- hyperemesis gravidarum: def, complication,clinical feature,mx

ROT 1 0CT 2015
-pprom: dx,ix,mx


- Fibroid: types and treatment (OSCE 2012)

-OCP: indication, contraindication (OSCE 2012)

-CTG interpretation (OSCE 2012)

-Partogram: components (maternal, fetal, labor progression) & interpretation (OSCE 2012)

-Types of Miscarriage (OSCE 2012)

- Hydatidiform mole picture: sign & symptoms (OSCE 2012)

- Ayer's spatula, pap smear (OSCE 2013/2)

- Partograph, interpretation, & management (OSCE 2013/2)

- Ultrasound (OSCE 2013/2)

- Symphysiofundal height (pregnant lady's abdomen) (OSCE 2013/2)

- Partograph: interpret/list 2 abnormalities (maternal, fetal, progress of labour), management (OSCE


- CTG: speed of paper flow in CTG, interpret (BHR, variability, acceleration, deceleration), treatment
options (OSCE 2013/A)

-Picture of teratoma/dermoid cyst: list clinical presentation in the picture, differences btwn ovarian
mass and fibroid mass, features in malignancy (OSCE 2013/A)

- Ectopic Pregnancy, Partograph, Depo-Provera, Hysterectomy, Episiotomy (OSCE 2015/2)

- forceps, copper T iucd, hydratidiform mole,multiple preg, bacteria vaginosis


- CYTOBRUSH,foley, CTG, oxytocin,vacuum

-episiotomy,copper T IUCD,outlet forceps,partograph,bacterial vaginosis

- oxytocin: def, other drug,indication, contraindication

-cytobrush: usage, result of ix, tx

Foley catheter: gyne procedure indication,obs indication,usage of parts ROT 1 0CT 2015
-ctg: interpretation of ctg,types deceleration,what show fetal distress

- vacuum: pre requisites,complication,indication


MEQ 2 - anaemia in pregnancy (IDA)

SEQ 1 - Rhesus isoimmunization ROT 3 APRIL 2015

SEQ 2 - miscarriage

OSCE - episiotomy, ectopic pregnancy, depo provera, ischial spine, forceps

Meq1- multiple pregnancy

Ddx,ask history,how mx delivered 2nd twin,finding u/s,

Meq2- endometriosis

Sign symptom,ddx,mx ROT 2 0CT 2015

Seq- rhesus-history, Prophylaxis/mx,Mx postnatal MM

- fishy Vaginal discharge-4causes, Mx

Osce -partograph, iucd copper,breech,molar pregnancy,episiotomy n mx 3rd stage labor

Meq 1 - pre eclampsia

Meq2 - PID

Seq1- IOL ROT 4 APRIL 2015

Seq2- hyperemesis gravidarum

Osce-dermoid cyst,Foley catheter,barrier method conception,ctg


1 : Threatened miscarriage ( diff diagnosis, investigation, expected finding in pelvic and bimanual
examination, management)

2: Endometriotic cyst ( diff dx, symptoms, clinical sign, investigation, management)

Seq ROT 3 0CT 2015

1. Primary pph (causes, investigation, management) MM
2. Per vaginal discharge( diff dx, investigation, mx)


1. Breech ( type, risk factor, contraindication ecv, indication for c sect)

2. Ctg ( interprete ctg)

3. Vacuum (indication, prerequisite, complication)

4. Teratoma ( u/s finding, diff uterine and ovarian mass)

5. prostin ( dose, contraindication for iol, hyperstimulation)



2.multiple pregnancy


1.primary post partum haemorrhage ROT 1 APRIL 2016 menopausal bleeding


1.hegars dilators

2.molar pregnancy

3.uterus larger than date

4.cephalopelvic disproportion

5. Induction of Ovulation

1. Iron deficiency anemia - diet hx, family hx, investigations, clinical signs, treatments

2. Uterine fibroid complicated with anemia - Points to ask in hx, investigations, immediate
treatments, what to discuss with patient if planning for surgery


1) Missed miscarriage- points supporting dx, differential dx, treatment, complications ROT 4 0CT 2015
2) Puerperal pyrexia - findings in examination, investigations, risk factors MM

1) Obstructed labour (Bandl's line) - in what conditions this can happen, complications,

2) Oxytocin - indications, contraindications, what is oxytocics, name one oxytocin agent

3) Congenital anomalies (anencephaly, omphalocele) - Complications, investigations

4) Ventouse/vacuum extractor - indications, pre-requisites, maternal and foetal complications

5) Teratoma - clinical findings, differentiate ovarian mass from uterine mass, features of malignant


1. Endometriotic cyst

2. Placenta previa


1. Methods of Induction of labour, bishop score,definition of IOL and augmentation of labour,

ROT 2 April
complications, contraindication
2. Vaginal discharge : etiology, process to evaluate, treatment


1. Fern test (PPROM) 2. Depo provera

3. Fibroid

4. Forceps delivery


Meq 1 - Miscarriage

Meq 2 - Placenta Previa

Seq - Postpartum hemorrhage and Vaginal discharge

Osce - Fibroid , Cephalopelvic disproportion , Vacuum , Depo Medroxyprogestrone acetate ,




1. hyperemesis: definition, investi, management, Kira poa from lmp

2. puerperia pyrexia: clinical examination, investigation, causes



2-missed miscarriage



-Rh incompatibility

-uterine fibroid


- risk factors for induction of labour

-mechanism of labor

-factors of prolonged labor

-contraindication HRT

- diameter : 9.5cm bpd, sob, smb

-uterus large for date


1. Coc- indication, mechanism of action, side effect

2. Pipelle-

3. Placenta previa

4. Teratome


a. MEQ

- Congenital Heart Disease (MEQ2012)

- Neonatal jaundice (MEQ 2013)

-Thrombocytopenia- questions to ask?, investigations n finding, diagnosis n reasons (MEQ 2013)

- Nephrotic syndrome & AEBA (MEQ 2013/1)

- Bronchopneumonia & AGE (MEQ 2013/2)

- AEBA-clinical features, management (MEQ 2014)

- AGE with bacillary dysentry-presented with bloody diarrhea - signs of dehydration, investigations,
management (MEQ 2014)

- AEBA , acute bacillary dysentery with moderate dehydration

Mybe batch oct
-bacterial bronchopneumonia 2014

ROT 1 0CT 2015
- GENERALIZE tonic clonic epilepsy MM


- Tetralogy of Fallot & seizure (SEQ 2013/1)

- Febrile seizure & Tetralogy of Fallot (SEQ 2013/2)

- Nephrotic syndrome-causes, pathopysiology, investigations, how to manage? (SEQ 2013)

-. Febrile seizure-indications of lumbar puncture,characteristic of simple febrile

seizure,investigation,differential diagnosis,management (SEQ 2014)

- Nephritic syndrome-signs and symptoms,investigations,management (SEQ 2014)

-Simple Febrile Fit

Mybe batch oct
- Dengue with Warning Signs 2014

-nephritic syndrome

- dengue ROT 1 0CT 2015


- Picture of intensive phototherapy (blue light, blanket): name it, used for, mechanism of action, side
effects. (OSCE 2013/A)

-Picture of pedigree chart: identify the inheritance, reason, list 4 diseases/disorder, chances of
children to get the disease. (OSCE 2013/A)

- Down's syndrome, morphology, complications of Down's syndrome (OSCE 2013/2)

-Leg swelling of a boy with multiple hospital admission, diagnosis (hemophilia), investigation,
expected result (OSCE 2013/2)

-Renal, diagnosis, definite investigation. (OSCE 2013/2)

-developmental milestone, cases and problem, explain (OSCE 2013/2)

-Blood Smear, diagnosis, further investigation (OSCE 2013/2)

Meq bronchial asthma and bacillary dysentery

Seq dengue and simple febrile seizure ROT 3 april 2015

Osce hydrocephalus down syndrome tof fluid and electrolyte uti

Meq 1 - Acute bacillary dysentry with moderate dehydration

-what questions to ask to the mother regarding dyssentry

-what are the signs of moderate dehydration

-principle of managing AGE

ROT 2 0CT 2015

Meq 2 beta thalassemia major

- differential diagnosis

- investigations and its findings

-supportive and curative treatments


1. Acute rheumatic fever

-diagnosis , treatment and prophylaxis

2. Differential diagnosis for stridor

3. Etiology clinical features and treatment of croup

Osce ROT 2 0CT 2015

1.metabolic acidosis with hyperkalemia

2.down syndrome -Clinical features and investigation

3.tetrallogy of fallot xray - findings in xray,features of TOF,complication

4.hydrocephalus-clinical features,physical exam of hydrocephalus,causes of hydrocephalus

5. UTI-clinical features,confirmatory test,treatment(drugs)

Meq 1 - febrile fit

Meq 2 - bronchopneumonia

Seq 1 - acute glomerulonephritis

Seq 2 - rheumatic fever

Osce ROT 4 april 2015

-down syndrome

-metabolic acidosis w hyperkalemia

-bacterial meningitis

-dengue rash

-tetralogy of fallot

1. Thalassemia: diff diagnosis, investigation, full diagnosis, treatment, complication

2. Bronchopneumonia -clinical signs, clinical parameters, diff diagnosis, investigation, management


1. dengue (probable dengue & warning signs)

2. convulsion (simple vs complex, management)

OSCE ROT 3 0CT 2015

1. Developmental delay (age, clinical problem, possible cause)

2. TOF (clinical features, investigation, complication)

3. Down syndrome (associated medical problems, clinical features)

4. Met acidosis + hyperkalemia (interpretation, treatment with roa, complications)

5. Nephrotic syndome (clinical features, investigation, complication)


1. AEBA -List 3 differentials, 4 questions to ask mother regarding the patient, Likely provisional
diagnosis, Management for AEBA

2. Beta Thalassemia major- List 2 differentials, 2 investigations with interpretation, Likely provisional
diagnosis, 4 supportive treatment, 1 curative treatment, 4 complications of beta thalassemia major


1.UTI -Definition and classification, Clinical features, Parameters in urine dipstick, Comfirmatory
investigation for UTI, 2 prophylaxis drugs for UTI

2.Diarrhoea -Definition and classification, Sign and treatment ROT 1 april 2016

1. Metabolic acidosis with hyperkalaemia -Normal parameters and interpretation, list 3 treatment,
list 2complications

2. Down Syndrome -What is seen in picture, state 2, Other clinical features, List 2 complications,
Comfirmatory investigation, list 1

3. TOF -Chest x ray findings, list 2, 2 complication, structural anomalies of tetralogy of Fallot

4. Hydrochephalus -2 findings in picture, what physical examination to check in hydrocephalus, 2

causes of hydrochephalus

5. Dengue fever -1 finding in picture, 3 differentials, 2 investigations with interpretations, 1


1. Acute bacillary dysentery with moderate dehydration - questions to ask, WHO criteria
dehydration, diagnosis, management

2. AEBA - questions to ask, diagnosis with reasons, management


Part 1

1. Ddx for gum bleeding

2. Mx and Ix for dengue without warning signs ROT 4 0CT 2015

Part 2: UTI- Def and classification of UTI, Clinical features for UTI, Substances in urine dipstick, MM
Confirmatory diagnosis, Prophylaxis in recurrent UTI


1. Measles - describe rash, dx, complication, vaccine

2. TOF - chest x-ray describe findings , dx, structural anomalies , complications

3. Metabolic acidosis with hyperkalemia - interpret findings, dx, complications , mx

4. CSF analysis bacterial meningitis - interpret ,dx, clinical signs, complications

5. Growth chart- plot based on values given, interpretations, complications of obesity


1. Simple febrile seizures

2. Acute bronchiolitis


1. Rheumatic fever
Diagnostic cirteria
Treatment and prophylaxis ROT 2 April
2. Ddx of gum bleeding 2016
Investigation & management plan of dengue fever w/o warning signs


1. TOF
2. Downs syndrome
3. Measles
4. Nephrotic syndrome
5. Metabolic acidosis with hyperkalemia

Exactly as rot 4 oct 2015



Dengue shock syndrome

-DDX, Diagnosis, Ix, Mx



-Diagnosis, reason, Ix, Ways of urine collection, Mx


1.Down syndrome clinical features, complication, ix, types of Down syndrome, mx

2. Asthma clinical features, pathological changes, mx, how to assess control


1. kernig sign- describe positive finding, state condition positive this test. significant for this

2. hemophilia- x-linked recessive, other example, comment if this patient asymptomatic mother with
normal man

3. nephrotic edema- 3investigation+interpretation, drug given. complication to the drug

4. severe dehydration- who classification on pictures, other clssifcation, treatment, route of


5. short stature- interpret graf, management for kids 10years 120cm (advices)