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AML/CFT Snapshot By: Nesar Yosufzai, CAMS


Note: 01 | August 2017

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism Legal and

Regulatory Framework in Afghanistan
Money Laundering is the process to conceal or disguise the proceeds of crime such as drug trafficking,
corruption, illicit arms trafficking, extortion, fraud, insider trading, organized crime, and other predicate
offenses and to make them appear legal. Based on the International standards, including Financial Action Task
Force Recommendation, Palermo Convention, and European Union Directives, jurisdictions should criminalize
money laundering and enable its competent authorities to confiscate the proceeds of crime.

The existence of legal and regulatory framework to combat money laundering and terrorist financing is the
crucial and an integral element of a sound anti money laundering and terrorist financing regime. Financial
Action Task Force recommends that countries should criminalize money laundering and terrorist financing with
a view to include the widest range of predicate offenses.

Although Afghanistan is not a financial center, but integrity of Afghanistan and fight against the use of
proceeds of drug, corruption and bribery, illegal financial institutions and designated non-financial
extraction of mines, tax evasion, forgery, businesses and professions (DNFBPS), for money
contraband, and usurpation of lands are the key laundering, proceeds of crime, the proliferation of
ingredients of money laundering. weapons of mass destruction and the financing of
terrorism. The amended AML-PC law meets the
Afghanistans first anti money laundering and
action plan items agreed with the International
proceeds of crime law was passed in 2004 with the
Cooperation Review Group of Financial Action Task
purpose to prevent the use of financial institutions
Force (ICRG/FATF)3. The law defines the predicate
for money laundering and terrorist financing.
offense as:
Mutual Evaluation of Afghanistan undertaken in
"Predicate offense means any criminal acts
20111, identified significant deficiencies in the legal
resulted in funds or properties, whether
and regulatory framework of anti-money
directly or indirectly irrespective to whether
laundering regime. Thereafter, Afghanistan
the offense is committed inside or outside
adopted the new anti-money laundering and
the country. These offenses shall include all
terrorist financing laws and regulations to meet
categories of offenses prescribed by FATF
FATF recommendations.
standards, including piracy in the high sea.
The categories of offenses listed by FATF are;
1: Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime
Participation in an organized criminal
group and racketeering;
The Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime
Terrorism, including terrorist financing;
Law (AML-PC) was adopted and published in official
Trafficking in human beings and migrant
Gazette # 1142 in July 2014. The law was then
amended in April 2015.2 The purpose of the AML-
Sexual exploitation, including sexual
PC law is to protect and promote the financial
exploitation of children;

Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and Counterfeiting of currency;
psychotropic substances; Environmental crimes;
Illicit arms trafficking; Murder;
Illicit trafficking in stolen and other goods; Kidnapping;
Corruption and bribery; Robbery;
Fraud; Goods smuggling;
Counterfeiting currency; Tax crimes;
Counterfeiting and piracy of products;
Environmental crime;
Electronic forgery;
Murder, grievous bodily injury;
Kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage-
Market manipulation;
Cyber crimes;
Robbery or theft; Illegal extraction of mines; and
Smuggling; (including in relation to customs Illegal competition in trade affairs.
and excise duties and taxes);
Tax crimes (related to direct taxes and Market manipulation is also criminalized in the Law
indirect taxes); on Protection of Competition (OG-1010).6 This law
Extortion; introduces set of fines and penalties both for
Forgery; natural and legal persons who commit market
Piracy; and manipulation. Meanwhile, Counterfeiting of Goods
Insider trading and market manipulation.4 is criminalized in Patent Law (OG-1005).7

In addition to the definition of the predicate offense Money Laundering Offense: The money laundering
provided in AML-PC law, another set of dominated offense defined in article # 4 of the Anti-Money
laws in Afghanistan criminalizes most of the Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Law, criminalizes
predicate offenses listed above. money laundering in compliance with
The new Penal Code of Afghanistan was endorsed recommendation # 3 of the FATF and meets the
international standards, particularly the elements
by President of Afghanistan in March 2017 and shall
come into force after nine months starting its of article # 6 of the United Nations Convention
Against Transnational Organized Crime (Palermo
publication date in the official gazette (OG-1260)5.
Convention).8 In general the money laundering
The new Penal Code includes the criminal
provisions of other laws into a single gazette in a offense includes; (i) the conversion or transfer to
modern way and standard clusters, defining the conceal the illicit origin of the property, (ii)
offenses and punishments. concealing the true nature of the property, (iii)
possess and use the property derived from
The new penal code, criminalizes: predicate offenses, (iv), engage, participate,
attempt or enter into arrangement knowing that
Organized crime and participation in an
the property is derived from illicit activity, and (v)
organized criminal group;
Terrorism; assisting, organizing, supporting or facilitating
another person to do so.
Terrorist financing;
Trafficking in person and sexual An important element of the money laundering
offense is knowledge which may be inferred from
Smuggling of immigrants; the objective of factual circumstance. As
Drug trafficking; Afghanistan had few money laundering convictions,
Firearms trafficking; hence the use of the legal principles to infer willful
Corruption offences including bribery; blindness or deliberate avoidance of the

knowledge of facts would be an exercising gap for Negotiable Instruments, Gold, Other Precious
investigators and prosecutors. Metals or Precious Stones through the Borders of
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was adopted in
2: Counter Financing of Terrorism Law April 2015 (OG-1170). The regulation was then
Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) law had been amended in February 2016 and came into force in
passed in September 2014 and was then amended March 2016 (OG-1203)10. The regulation governs
in April 20159. The CFT law criminalizes terrorist the scope of application, declaration system,
financing in compliance with recommendation # 5 prohibition of transfer, duties and responsibilities of
of the FATF. The purpose of this Law is competent authorities, consequences of false
implementing the International Convention for the declaration, and procedural issues.
Suppression of Financing of Terrorism (1999) and its
successor conventions, prevent the provision of As per the regulation, it is prohibited for any person
funds or property for terrorist acts, terrorist to leave Afghanistan in possession of cash, BNI, gold
organizations, or terrorist (s); and Implement UN or other precious stones with the value exceeding
Security Council Resolutions on combating the USD 20,000 or its equivalent. This threshold is set
financing of terrorism and the financing of not only in person, but also via cargo and postal
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. service. The reporting threshold for the outbound
declaration is USD 10,000 20,000. There is no limit
In addition to the CFT law, the new penal code also to bring any amount of cash, BNI, gold or other
criminalizes terrorist financing. Terrorism offenses precious stones into Afghanistan. The declaration
defined in the new Penal Code include acts such as threshold for inbound starts with any amount
suicide attack, crimes against persons, use of exceeding USD 10,000 or its equivalent.
explosive or lethal devices, dissemination or
destruction of the nuclear or radioactive materials, Currently, Afghanistan has four International
destruction of infrastructure, acts against airport, airports where the Afghanistan Customs
ship or fixed platform safety, control over an Department (ACD) implements the regulation. The
aircraft or ship, hostage taking for terrorism plan for official Border Crossing Points (BCP) is
purposes and establishment of terroristic underway by ACD.
organization and its membership. The above acts
against the Government of the Islamic Republic of 2: Counter Financing of Terrorism Regulation
Afghanistan or foreign country, national and The Counter Financing of Terrorism Regulation was
international organizations are criminalized. The approved by the Cabinet of Afghanistan in February
punishment for accomplice, accessory, starter, and 2015 (OG-1161)11. The regulation highlights the
conspirator are the same as principle offender. rules of competent authorities about; (i) how to
designate the persons, entities or organizations
REGULATORY FRAMEWORK convicted to terrorism financing, (ii) alteration to
the sanction list, (iii) coordination and cooperation
Da Afghanistan Bank Law, Banking Law and Anti
among public and private stakeholders, (iv)
Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Law
implementation of UNSCR on combating terrorism
empower Central Bank and other competent bodies
financing, and (v) improving effectiveness
to issue regulations, procedures, and circulars for
implementing CFT Law.
better implementation of the AML/CFT legal
framework. Currently, below regulations are The key issue regulated in CFT regulation is
utilized by relevant authorities in Afghanistan. freezing/unfreezing of the funds and properties of
persons, legal entities or organizations designated
1: Cash & BNI Control Regulation
under UNSCR 1267 and 1988 without delay.
The Regulation Governing the Reporting and
Control of Physical Transfers of Currency, Bearer

The CFT law provides the legal basis for targeted In addition to the adoption of AML/CFT legal
financial sanctions, which was followed by the CFT framework, the above-mentioned standing freezing
regulation for the freezing of terrorist assets. The order and institutional framework played vital role
requirement under the law and regulations is to in delisting Afghanistan off FATF Compliance
freeze the funds and properties as well as the Document13.
prohibition of making funds, financial services
3: AML/CFT Responsibilities and Preventative
available for the benefit of the designated persons
Measures Regulation
or entities. However, until July 2016, Afghanistan
had administrative hold-ups in implementing the The fourth group of Financial Action Task force
process without delay. recommendations (9-23) prescribes preventative
measures both for financial and non-financial
In July 2016, Attorney Generals Office issued the businesses and professions. This set of
Standing Instruction (Freezing Order)12 for the recommendations covers the customer due
current 1267 & 1988 designations and subsequent diligence and record keeping, secrecy laws and
updates clearing up the procedural delays and tipping off, correspondent banking and MVTS, new
providing the basis for the automatic translation of technologies, reporting of suspicious transactions,
UN designations into domestic obligations. The reliance on third parties and internal controls, high-
standing freezing order is broadly distributed and risk countries and additional measures for specific
published. customers and activities.
Financial Intelligence Unit developed an electronic The Regulation was approved by the Supreme
notification mechanism and internal database; as Council of DAB in April 201614. The regulation
soon as the UN list gets updated, a notification requires all financial institutions to develop
email, along with the update notice is immediately effective frameworks, preventive measures,
dispatched to the relevant authorities to freeze the systems, controls, and practices to manage their
funds and properties without delay. potential money laundering/terrorist financing
(ML/TF) risks. Financial institutions licensed to
Based on the current legal, regulatory and freezing
operate in Afghanistan, should have adequate
order requirement;
controls and procedures in place that they know
"All relevant persons and institutions shall their customers with whom they are establishing
continuously comply with the freezing business relationships. Adequate due diligence on
order, avoid any type of transaction and new and existing customers is a key part of these
immediately freeze the cash, bank account, controls.
movable and immovable assets and any
This regulation applies on financial intuitions. As
other type of funds, properties and
defined; financial institution for the purpose of
transaction of designations. Frozen funds
aforesaid regulation includes banks, money service
and properties shall be immediately
providers, foreign exchange dealers, electronic
reported to the Office of Afghanistan
money institutions, depository micro finance
National Security Council and Attorney
institutions, brokers and prepaid card issuing
Generals Office through the relevant
regulatory bodies. Any person who makes
any funds, property, economic resources or A good AML/CFT compliance program for a financial
financial or other related services available institution includes;
to or for the benefit of the designated - Policies, Procedures, and Internal Controls;
persons, shall commit an offense and on
- Compliance function;
conviction shall be punished by law.
Meanwhile, whoever fails to implement the - Comprehensive training program; and
freezing order shall commit an offense. - Independent audit function.

The regulation mandates the existence of AML/CFT As per the banking law; no person (individual and
policies, procedures, internal controls, legal entity) shall be considered fit and proper if
appointment of a compliance officer at he/she has been convicted to imprisonment by a
management level, establishing training programs, competent court for an offense other than his/her
the audit function, and role of the board of political or religious views, declared bankrupt,
directors. disqualified or suspended by a competent
authority, and is an associate, beneficial owner or
4: Fit and Proper Regulation
representative of a person declared not to be fit and
As criminals are adapting new methods of money proper.
laundering and may try to own the financial
institution as front business or laundering machine, 5: Money Service Providers and Foreign Exchange
therefore it is very important for the AML/CFT Dealers Regulation
supervisory authority to set the requirements for Financial Action Task Force recommends that
the fit and proper person mainly for the executive jurisdictions should take measures to ensure that
officers, high-level managerial positions, or any legal or natural persons that provide money
other person or legal entity who exercises influence services are regulated, supervised and are subject
or degree of control over the management and/or to effective systems for ensuring compliance with
ultimately owns the business. stated recommendations. In general, MVTS are
carrying services such as foreign exchange, check
The legal basis for the Fit and Proper Regulation15 is
cashing, money transfer, issuing money orders or
the Banking Law of Afghanistan. By issuance of this
travelers check and distributor or seller of prepaid
regulation, Central Bank aims that financial
access cards. In Afghanistan, MSBs have been
institutions are well managed and those who own,
providing financial services while there were no
control, and participate in the establishment,
sophisticated financial services. Traditionally, MSBs
operation and management of the financial
and FXDs have been more attractive because they
institution should be a fit and proper person. The
are cheap, fast, easy and due to traditional
regulation applies to the financial institutions
preferences and trust.
regulated by the Central Bank of Afghanistan.
Money Service Providers and Foreign Exchange
Banking Law of Afghanistan16 defines the fit and Dealers Regulation was amended and passed by the
proper person as:
Supreme Council of DAB in 201617. As per the
regulation, Financial Supervision Department of
Fit and Proper Person means a person
Central Bank is the licensing and supervisory body
who in the judgment of Da Afghanistan
for MSPs and FXDs. In addition to the supervisory
Bank is of honesty, trustworthiness,
approach, suspicious transaction reports and large
fairness, integrity and has the ability to
cash transaction reports should be reported to the
make sound and effective decision in his
Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center
personal, financial and business activities
of Afghanistan (Financial Intelligence Unit).
and possesses good skills and experience for
conducting the intended activities of the
6: Electronic Money Institutions Regulation
bank. A legal person is considered to be a fit
and proper person if in the judgment of Da Based on the Electronic Money Institutions
Afghanistan Bank all members of its board Regulation18 approved by the Supreme Council of
of supervisors and management board, or DAB, Electronic Money Institution (EMI) means a
equivalent governing bodies, and persons legal entity, other than a Commercial Bank or
with qualifying holdings in such enterprise Depository Microfinance Institution (DMFI) that
have these qualities. accepts banknotes, coins, or other means of
payment in exchange for e-money, and facilitates
the transfer of e-money to make payments.

To see other relevant laws and regulations, visit the
below addresses.

Ministry of Justice:

Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank):
Attorney Generals Office:
Financial Intelligence Unit :


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