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Black Book 2017-2018

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Table of Contents Notes
Welcome, Black Student Alliance.3
U.Va Lingo & Traditions4
U.Va Black Lingo & Traditions..6
OAAA Staff Directory..8
All-Star Black Faculty & Staff..10
Academic Resources11
Student Health.16
Financial Advice.18
Black Student Organizations..19
National Pan-Hellenic Council...24
Multi-Cultural Greek Council..24
How to Get Around as a First Year..25
Safety Tips..26
Community Resources27
Places of Worship..28
21 Tips for Success for 2021..30
Note from the Honor Committee.32
Black Student Alliance Executive Board..33

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Notes Welcome, Black Student Alliance
Welcome Class of 2021. Welcome New Black Students

We are proud to present you with the Black Book. This book has been compiled by
the Black Student Alliance with the assistance of countless other people, organiza-
tions, and offices in the Black community. Within the pages of this book, you will
find everything from restaurant recommendations, to prime professors, to the best
beauty salons and barber shops. Consider this book an indispensable guide for
navigating your first year.

College will be one of the most exhilarating and exhausting times of your life. It is
equal parts frustrating and rewarding. There will be many laughs and tears and
times good and bad along the way. Most of all, this experience is one that no one
can do alone. Although this book contains many great resources, the most im-
portant resource that will sustain you throughout your time here is people.

As Black students at the University of Virginia, you will face many obstacles and
challenges during your time here. Just as we all face challenges as Black people in
America. The world will continually remind you of your blackness and try to use
that to wear you down. And yet, above all else your blackness means you have a
wonderful community of hundreds of people at this school to support and uplift

More specifically, the best resource you have is each other. Your own class will be
your best source of support as you go through college. The pages of this book will
eventually wear out and you will soon absorb the knowledge within it. Yet, the
friends you make over the next four years will last much longer. They will carry
you through the next four years. They will be with you through long late nights at
Clemons Library and at lit late nights on Preston.

Lastly, my advice to you is to engage as much as possible. It is possible to become

numb to tragic injustices or to only become focused on schoolwork. Each of you
has the right to solely be a student, but your experience here will be much im-
proved if you can find ways to process events and to affect change. Talk to upper-
classmen, talk to professors you like, talk to your peer advisors, talk to BSA mem-
bers, find an to organization stay involved with.

Now that you are a student at the University of Virginia, your potential is limitless.
Never let anyone stop you in your pursuit of Black excellence.

Weston T. Gobar

34 3
U. Va Lingo & Traditions Black Student Alliance Executive Board
Academical Village: The community of U.Va students, faculty, and staff, President: Wes GobarA&S 2018
and the basis of Thomas Jeffersons idea that living and learning are con- Cell: 540-842-4892 | Email: wtg3pn | IG/Twitter: weskimo96
nected. The Lawn is based on this concept with the faculty living in the
Vice President: Kayla VincentA&S 2018
Pavilions and students in the Lawn rooms, with the Rotunda formerly
the University library at its heart. Cell: 757-635-7798 | Email: kiv4rm | IG: kayla_xxi

Carrs Hill: The home of U.Vas former president, Teresa Sullivan, and the Secretary: Devin WillisA&S 2020
future president. Carrs Hill is located across Rugby Road from the sports Cell: 703-565-7427 | Email: dw5dx | IG: philo.thestudent | Twitter: devin-
field known as Mad Bowl. willis_
Social & Cultural Programming Chair: Demetri WorkmanA&S 2019
Cav Daily/Cavalier Daily: The Cav Daily is the student-run and produced
newspaper, fully independent of the University. Cell: 757-771-4003 | Email: djw8wk | IG: thinkimbigmeach | Twitter:
The Colonnades: Situated behind Lambeth Apartments (Lambeth field is
Special Events Chair: Kayla VincentA&S 2018
the grassy area), the Colonnades have been restored and are the namesake
for several formal dances that were used to fund the restoration. Some Political Action Advisor Nathan JohnA&S 2019
club sports play here occasionally. Cell: 804-432-2721| Email: nj6uy | IG:_nathanjohn_ | Snapchat: big_nate33
The Corner: Located on University Avenue, the Corner is the straight strip Directors of Communication: Moriam AjaoA&S 2019
of restaurants and shops that is a favorite spot for U.Va students. Its per- Cell: 804-937-5887 | Email: mta3nn | IG: mor.iam | Snapchat: moriam |
fect for celebrations or for just hanging out. Remember to visit Roots! Twitter: moriam_
First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year: Used instead of fresh- Kristen BoyceComm 2019
man, sophomore, junior, senior. Why? To be a senior implies that a per- Cell: 703-625-3558 | Email: kwb5za | Facebook: Kristen Boyce
son has reached the final phase of learning, a feat that Mr. Jefferson be-
Director of Finance: Lauryn MajorA&S 2019
lieved impossible, arguing instead that education is a life-long process.
Cell: 804-432-2148 | Email: lmn8nf | IG/Snapchat/Twitter: laurynichole
Grounds: The term used by students, faculty, and alumni to refer to the
Director of Membership: Ciara BlackstonA&S 2020
University. Campus is never used.
Cell: 940-234-0194| Email: cnb3bq| IG: CiaraNicoleCartier | Twitter:
Lawnie: The term used to refer to students selected to live on the Lawn on CiaraNicole17 |Snapchat: Ciara617
the basis of GPA, leadership, and service to the University. Students apply
Academic & Career Development Chair: Shadelle GregoryA&S 2019
for this honor during their Fourth year at U.Va.
Cell: 434-960-1115 | Email: sg2wa | IG/Twitter: shaadeellee_
Mad Bowl: The sunken field across the street from the Rotunda on Rugby
Leadership Development Chair: Allen Williams A&S 2020
Road. Some club sports teams use this space for games. Its also a sight
for spontaneous games, snowball fights, and studying. Cell: 215-800-8226 | Email: alw6qb | Facebook: Allen Williams

Mr. Jefferson: Out of respect for the founder of the University who did not Historian: Tia NicholsA&S 2019
have a Ph.D., University faculty are referred to as Mr. or Mrs. instead of Cell: 757-593-1768| Email: tmn7rc| IG/Snapchat/Twitter: tiator_tot
Doctor, even if they have a Ph.D. Students and faculty adhere to this.

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Special Letter From the Honor Committee Medical doctors are the exception to this rule, however.
Pav: The retail dining facility located on the first floor of Newcomb Hall
Dear Class of 2021,
(real name: Pavilion XI) Great for when youre tired of dining hall food.
Congratulations on your acceptance to one of the worlds premier institutions and
welcome to the University of Virginia! Whats even more impressive than our Rugby Road: Rugby Road is often used to refer to the home of NPC fra-
schools academic reputation, is the community of dedicated and passionate stu- ternity and sorority life at U.Va, although there are houses located on
dents that you will be joining. The very existence of the Honor System and the Com- other streets as well.
munity of Trust at UVA is a credit to that same passion and devotion.
Wahoos or Hoos: An alternative name for the Cavaliers or the students
During Convocation, you sign the Honor Scrolls and officially join this Community at the University of Virginia.
of Trust. Your signature represents your pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal during
your time here at the University. Moreover, your signature represents your com- The Honor System: Administered by students, the Honor Code pro-
mitment to the values of equality, justice, and understanding of your fellow stu- motes students to live honorably, by stating that they should not lie,
dents. From your very first moments on Grounds, you will quickly see the practical cheat, or steal; as a violation of these would diminish the Community of
benefits of entering a place in which students decide to live with integrity. Interest- Trust at the University.
free Honor Loans, take-home exams, and strong relationships with your Professors
are only a few of the reasons our students have, for more than 170 years, continu- Student Self-Governance: The University allows the students to make
ously upheld our Systems high standards. Above all, you are entering a community decisions on their own behalf through the University Judiciary Commit-
defined by deep mutual trustby promoting a shared commitment to integrity, the tee, Honor Committee, Student Council, and Lawn Selection Committee
Honor System strives to ensure that you feel welcomed and safe in all spaces to name a few.
around Grounds.
Secret Societies: Many secret ribbon and ring societies have been estab-
The student representatives that compose the Honor Committee work as stewards lished at U.Va including the Seven Society, IMPS, Z Society, 21, Thirteen,
of the System, ensuring along with all students that our Community of Trust re- Pumpkin, TILKA, Rotunda Burning, Purple Shadows and Eli Banana.
mains intact for those that will follow. The Committee seeks to promote positive
Members are selected or tapped based on the preferences of each soci-
interactions between students involved with Honor and students from all areas of
the University. To that end, you may often see the Honor working as a co-sponsor
with student organizations around Grounds in an effort to create relationships be- The Good Old Song: The school anthem. At football games it has be-
tween the Committee and the students that it represents. come tradition for students, faculty, and alumni to link arms and sway
We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Black Student Alliance while singing the song after each U.Va touchdown and field goal.
in welcoming you to this University. We are excited to engage with you all this year
The Lighting of the Lawn: This event brings together students, staff,
and to serve as a resource as you begin your journey at UVA.
faculty, and community members for a festive December evening of
Finally, welcome to the University of Virginia and to our Community! acapella music and good cheer culminating in a brilliant display of light.

Ring Ceremony: The Ring Ceremony brings together Third Year stu-
Sincerely, dents and their families for a program celebrating their time at the Uni-
Devin Rossin, Honor Committee Chair versity. At the conclusion of the event, participating Third Years put on
Brandt Welch, Vice Chair for Community Relations
their class rings with the Minerva facing inward. Upon the conclusion of
Final Exercises graduates wear the ring with the Minerva facing out-

32 5
U. Va Black Lingo & Traditions just taking an easy class. George Adeosun
15. Dont be pressured to decide what you want to study or be in the first
BB (Black Bus Stop) The BB, is located at the Monroe and Garrett Hall
year! Explore different classes, you might find something unexpected
bus stops on Central Grounds. This is the location where many black or-
that youre interested in. Ify Obi
ganizations sell tickets and promote their events. At peak times, you will
see a multitude of your black classmates here as well. 16. If you have any doubt that youre about to fail a class, DROP OR WITH-
DRAW. There is no time to salvage pride, just get out when you can.
BET (Black Eating Time) - Black eating time is normally around 6 pm in
Lauren Horne
the Pav, or Newcomb Dining Hall. At this time, lots of black students can
be found eating and relaxing with friends. Dont hesitate to stop by, grab a 17. GPA does matter, but you cannot always be defined by a number. Al-
bite to eat, and enjoy yourself! ways pursue your endeavors regardless of how hard situations get.
Donald Fryar
LPJ (Luther P. Jackson House) - LPJ is located behind New Cabell and
Bryan Hall. This is the site of the Office of African-American Affairs. The 18. Maximize your opportunities at the university by networking with
Luther Porter Jackson Black Cultural Center is committed to preserving professors, deans, and professionals to build a strong coalition of
and disseminating information and ideas about the rich cultural heritage of mentors. Kayla Vincent
African Americans and African people all over the world. The Center be- 19. Although college is a new chapter for you to find yourself, dont get
lieves that culture is a catalyst for excellence and human understanding. too caught up in the college experience that you forget to genuine and
The Black Cultural Center provides this catalyst through activities de- why youre in college, to get a degree. Nikki Mason
signed to enhance the cultural life of students at the University of Virginia.
20. Be ready for change because everything doesnt always go as planned.
Students may use the Black Cultural Center, its facilities, and resources in a Stay open and optimistic for this new journey U.Va has to offer you.
variety of ways: Shadelle Gregory
cultural research assistance 21. Focus on your personal development and growth throughout your
workshops & seminars college journey. At U.Va, its easy to compare yourself to others, and
consequently, feel inadequate at times. However, reflecting on your
information on cultural programs first year self in relation to your fourth year self will be a much more
networking with other students worthwhile comparison to make. Briana Woody

class projects

group meetings

study sessions

debate & open forums

or as a retreat from academia!!

Carter G. Carter G., is short for the Carter G. Woodson Institute, located
in Minor Hall. Since its inception, the Institute has promoted interdiscipli-
nary and collaborative research and interpretation of the African and Afri-

6 31
21 Tips for Success for 2021 can-American experience in a global context. The Woodson Institute ad-
ministers the undergraduate major/minor degree in African-American
Advice from fellow Wahoos and African Studies (AAS). They also offer a Distinguished Majors Pro-
gram (DMP) for fourth-year students who wish to conduct intensive re-
1. Go to class, or have a reliable person take notes for you. search culminating in a thesis, and sponsor limited opportunities for study
Bryanna Miller abroad in Africa. The program's minor in African Studies (AS) was initiat-
2. Utilize the OAAA office and deans as much as possible. The advice and ed in 2007.
assistance they can offer is priceless. -Yehoshua Kinlaw Preston Preston Ave. is one of the most popular sites for Black parties.
3. Research your professors. The Course Forum is a good tool to do so. It If your homework is done, and you find yourself asking whats the
shows the grade distributions as well as the average GPA for a course, move?, then check here for all the moves on a Friday night.
so youll be able to estimate your final grade. -Edward Alexander BAW (Black Alumni Weekend) - BAW is held every other year and is
4. Try to get a solid GPA from the very beginning, because it can hard to celebrated time for Black alumni to descend upon Grounds. Great oppor-
get back up. Jenn Nurse tunity for networking and to gain wisdom from older Hoos.

5. Go to office hours. Professors will almost always give you an extra Black Culture WeekNormally held in September and sponsored by the
boost for your final grade if they like/know you. Letters of recommen- BSA, Black Culture Week is a way to enjoy different facets of black life
dation will also be very easy to attain. Lauren Horne through art, music, dance, and food.

6. When you get to U.Va, just continue to be yourself. -Jeffery Allgood BlackoutBlackout is held in May and is a sendoff for graduating Fourth
Years. Come out to the cookout and enjoy good food, fellowship, and an
7. Dont make too many extracurricular commitments early on. You awesome Step show!
wont be able to dedicate attention to all of them as classes progress.
Kayla Holston Spring FlingIn April, prospective Black students come to the University
for tours and overnight stays. Make sure to signup to host a student and
8. Dont be ashamed to use CAPS if you need it. - Soy show them what U.Va is all about.
9. Dont take every piece of advice given to you just because its from an Black BallThis is a great event created to celebrate the accomplish-
upperclassman, get out and network for yourself. Nikki Mason ments of Black students at the University (Image Awards) and look good
10. Take advantage of everything that comes with being a first year, be- while doing so (make sure to get your hair did and come looking sharp)!
cause this will be the best and most exciting year of college. Destiny
11. Dont think that just going to U.Va will earn you an internship. Your
GPA and other credentials are imperative to seeking internships early
on. Michael Scott

12. Know your limits when out partying. Brett Harrell

13. Dont wait too long to ask for help if you feel even the slightest bit
overwhelmed or confused. Toksie Goncalves

14. Having a genuine interest in your classes will yield a higher grade than
30 7
OAAA Staff Directory Entertainment
Office of African-American Affairs
Movie Theaters
Dr. Maurice Apprey The Paramount Theater of Charlottesville - Downtown Mall

Dr. Maurice Apprey, a professor of psychiatric medicine and the School of Stonefield Stadium 14 & IMAX
Medicine's former associate dean for diversity, was appointed on July 31,
2006 as interim dean of the Office of African-American Affairs, and then
dean in June 2007. Dr. Apprey, who joined the University in 1980 and has Jump CVille
been involved in the successful recruitment and retention of minority stu-
Carters Mountain
dents in the Medical School, taught both undergraduate and medical stu-
dents, residents in psychiatry and psychology, and hospital chaplains, among IX Art Park
others. Humpback Rock

Shenandoah National Park

Associate Deans City Market Downtown
Kimberley Bassett
Dr. Bassett joined the staff of the Office of African-American Affairs as an
Assistant Dean in the spring of 2007. Her primary responsibility was to ad- 1. Mel's Cafe -W. Main StreetSoul Food at its Best.
vise and support undergraduate students interested in pursuing degrees in 2. Citizen Burger Bar - Downtown MallBest Burgers in Town.
the natural and health sciences, and later she added Interim Director of the
3. Lemongrass - The CornerThai.
nationally recognized, Peer Advisor Program. The goals of the Peer Advisor
Program are to: provide students with a caring, supportive environment, 4. Splendoras - Downtown MallAwesome Gelato
promote academic excellence, inform students of the services and resources
5. Wings Over Charlottesville - Ivy RdBest wings of your life, Order Up.
available at the University of Virginia, encourage student involvement in
University organizations and activities, foster University "ownership" and 6. Basil - The CornerMediterranean, Ask your parents to take you.
pride, and increase retention. Dr. Bassett is also a member of the University's 7. Christians Pizza - The CornerGreat for late nights.
Crisis Management Team.
8. Little Johns - The CornerBest Sandwiches on the Corner

9. Wayside Chicken - JPA Get it delivered from Order Up.

Patrice Preston Grimes
10. The Virginian - The Corner Treat yo self.
Dr. Grimes is Associate Dean in Office of African-American Affairs (OAAA)
and an Associate Professor in the Curry School of Education at University of 11. The Villa - Emmett Street Great breakfast .
Virginia. At OAAA, her responsibilities include coordinating the Faculty- 12. Take It Away The Corner Quick and tasty sandwiches.
Student Mentoring Program and implementing the GRAD-STAR Program to

8 29
Places of Worship promote students' academic excellence and leadership development. In these
roles, Dr. Grimes coordinates academic support and tutorial services, as well
as advises students who pursue pre-professional and post-graduate degree
First Baptist Church -Choir on #Fleek, Trolley Accessible. Sunday 10:30 programs.

Michael Gerard Mason

University Baptist Church Jubilate Student Choir. Sunday 11:00 am Dr. Michael Gerard Mason joined the staff of African American Affairs in the
Spring of 2015. He serves as an Assistant Dean and as the Director of the
Luther Porter Jackson Black Cultural Center. As the director of LPJBCC, Dr.
Bethel Church of God in Christ - Sunday 10:30 am Mason is responsible for creating opportunities to link Black culture and
identity development to the whole Black student experience. Dr. Mason is
assigned to the fourth year class and is available to help each student in this
Wesley Memorial United Methodist - Right across from Memorial Gym, 45
class as they make the transition from college life to life beyond grounds. Dr.
minute services. Sunday 11:00 am
Mason is also a member of the University's Crisis Management Team.

Cavalier Christian Fellowship, through Grace Community Church (services

Office Manager/Program Coordinator
held on Grounds; contact Michael Lusk for location -
Angela Ragland Comfort

Portico ChurchPick ups from the AFC for 9:00 am and 11:00 am ser-
Administrative and Office Specialist

Westminster Presbyterian Church Next to Beta Bridge. Sunday 8:30 am Deanna D. Carter
or 11:00 am

Saint Pauls Memorial Church 10:00 am and 5:30 Holy Communion on


Thomas Jefferson Memorial ChurchUnitarian Universalist. Church on

Rugby Road . Sunday 9:15 am and 11:15 am.

Saint Thomas Aquinas University ParishLots of Mass times. 9:00 pm

mass on Sundays in the UVA Chapel.

28 9
All-Star Black Faculty & Staff Community Resources
Deborah E. McDowell, Director of Carter G. Woodson Institute Cultural & Art Centers
African-American Literature; Women's Literature; American Literature,
City Center for Contemporary Arts: Home to the LiveArts Theater Group
Theories of Race and Emotion and the Second Street Gallery
CVille Coffee - Downtown Great Open Mic Nights
Nijelle Hamilton, Assistant Professor (AAS/English)

Anglophone and Francophone Carribbean Literature, African Diaspora Jefferson School City Center opened in January 2013
Literature, Carribbean Popular Music, Trauma and Narration Black Love Movie as Charlottesville's premier intergenerational com- Marathons & Pow- munity center. This restored city landmark, the
erful photo exhib- heart of the city's African American community for
Claudrena Harold, Assistant Professor (AAS/History) generations, is anchored by a new Jefferson School
20th Century U.S.; African-American History African American Heritage Center and an expanded Carver Recrea- tion Center.

LaTasha Levy, Woodson Fellow Hair Care

Getting a Piece of the Action: The Challenges of Black Republican Politics Barbershops Hair Salons Beauty Supply
from Nixon to Reagan
Mels Barber- LLC Hair Design Paynes Beauty
shop and Barber Sup-
(804) 519-8389
Theresa M. Davis, Associate Professor (Drama) (434) 202-1139
Cherry Ave.
Cross Cultural Performance (434) 295-2660
Downtown Appointments are quick
Cherry Ave.
and flawless! See Leslie
Dr. Marcus L. Martin, Chair, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, VP of Diversi- R.
ty and Equity
Cavalier Barbers Natreal Hair Design Ulta Beauty
(434) 295-7720 (434) 984-6893 (434) 293-4958
Ms. Mama Kathy, Fresh Food Company (Newcomb) Downtown Mall West Main Barracks

Mr. Emmanuel, Runk Dining Hall Kitty for Braids

Serves the best steak you can get for 5 plus dollars! JJs Barbershop Moxie Hair Lounge Sallys
(434) 202-1261 (434) 979-5556 (434)973-9183

Barracks Road Downtown Rio Hill Center

Fielding does amazing

DevaCuts for Curly Girls

10 27
Safety Tips Academic Resources

Compiled from resources provided by the Vice President of Student

Recommended Courses
Affairs Office and The University Police Department FRTR 2584 - Topics in French Cinema: This class does not require any
knowledge of the French language, just interest in the French culture. Stu-
Transportation dents will learn about criticisms, commentary, and history as it relates to
French films.
UTS Bus Service (434-924-7711): Weekdays, UTS service runs from 6 a.m.
to 12:30 a.m.; Weekends, service runs from noon to 12:30 a.m. ALSO ON SLAV 2360 - Dracula: One of the University's most popular classes, Slav
WEEKENDS (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights) the Northline and 2360 teaches students about the origins and Slavic folklore of vampires. It
Outer Loop run until 2:30 a.m.. examines film, literature, and religious adaptations of vampirism and its
role in Slavic culture.
Safe Ride (434-242-1122) Weekdays, Safe Ride runs Sunday through
Wednesday from midnight to 7 a.m. Weekends (Thursday, Friday, and AMST 2753 - Arts and Cultures of the Slave South: Covering the Ameri-
Saturday nights) Safe Ride operates from 2:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. One Safe Ride can South to the Civil War, this class focuses on the visual arts as it relates
van picks up passengers near the Alderman/Clemons Library every half to slavery. It teaches about how paintings, architecture, food, and also mu-
sic and literature have molded Southern identities.
hour during operating hours, Sunday through Thursday mornings. See ANTH 2440 - Language and Cinema: This class will teach students about
the transition from silent to sound films and the role of accent, dialect, and
Reporting Crimes
speech. It will take a look at how language in film has shaped gender, ra-
TipSoft: This University Police reporting tool allows you to submit tips cial, ethnic, and national identities. And there is no requirement for film
and photos if you see suspicious behavior or if something "just doesnt studies or linguistics knowledge
feel right." You can be anonymous if you want. Send a text to 274637 or ASL 1010 - Elementary American Sign Language I: One of the often for-
"CRIMES or submit on the UPD website. gotten languages offered, ASL is a lot more rigorous than it might seem,
Use Just Report It if you or someone you know is the victim of sexual as- but a worthwhile experience. ASL will introduce students to the basics of
American Sign Language and plan a lot of events for them to socialize with
sault, bias, or hazing:
other ASL students and practice signing.
Alcohol & Parties
PHIL 1740: Issues of Life and Death : This is a great philosophy course
1. Make a plan for how you and your friends are getting home. Establish to take if you're just looking to try out philosophy, because it's fascinating
a No one gets left behind policy. and extremely relevant. The course goes through several different philo-
sophical and culturally relevant issues surrounding life and death, includ-
2. If you choose to drink,: pace yourself, drink lots of water, eat before ing abortion, doctor-assisted suicide and world hunger. Plus, Professor
drinking, and avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs. Avoid punches, Rebecca Stangl is awesome: sassy, intelligent and great at explaining such
open drinks, and drinks that you did not make yourself. complex topics.
3. Never leave a drunken friend alone! Use PUBS as a guide to help you RELC 3056: In Defense of Sin: This religion seminar is one of the most
recognize alcohol overdose Puking while passing out , Unresponsive thought-provoking classes that U.Va has to offer. The course examines
to stimulation, Breathing is slow or shallow, Skin is blue, cold, or Western perceptions of sin, both historically and theoretically, as well as
clammy. If you witness ANY of these signs, call 911 immediately. examining each of the seven deadly sins in depth. The readings are fasci-
nating and provocative.

26 11
ECON 2020 (Macroeconomics) Besides being a pre-requisite for quite a
How to Get Around as a First Year
few of the majors at UVA, this class is a continuation of Econ 2010 you
probably took at some point during your first year. Taught by Lee Cop- 1. Take UTS Buses: Download the Transloc or Transloc Rider app.
pock, itll give you at least a basic idea of economics, which is useful re- This will show you the bus routes, which ones are running., and what
gardless of whether or not youre headed for an Econ degree or the time theyll be at your stop. Most important routes: North Line, Inner
CommSchool. Or, if youre just looking for a way to justify your unjustifia- Loop and Outer Loop. These will get you basically everywhere as a
ble spending at Trinity to your father, take this class to demonstrate your first year. If you dont know when to get on/off, ask the driver, most
fiscal responsibility. of them are students.
ASTR 1270- (Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe)- You know its a 2. Take CAT Buses: With your student ID, you can get on any city bus for
good class when the professor starts off the semester with a discussion free. Download the CAT app. This shows routes, and gives the best
about the potential existence of UFOs. This astronomy class looks at the directions. Most important routes: Trolley (Classes, Downtown) , 7 to
reasoning behind phenomena such as black holes and the origin of life and Barracks and the Mall, 5 to Walmart, 8 to Stonefield.
also includes a more hands-on approach to astronomy through constella-
3. Yellow Cab: (434-295-4131). Pro: Yellow Cab will charge rides to
tion labs. So if youre looking for a way to expand your knowledge of as-
your UVA account if you dont have $ on you. Con: Can be unreliable
tronomy past simply the phases of the moon, this is the class for you.
at night. Other cab services operate in CVille. If you can, befriend a
PLAP 1010- (Intro to American Politics)- Take this class if only for the cab driver to make sure you always have a ride.
reason that the person who teaches it is Larry Sabato, UVAs resident po-
4. UBER: Download the Uber app, first ride is free. Pro: Will always
litical expert. In this class you will learn everything youve probably for-
show up. Con: The rates can be really high especially on weekends or
gotten from AP Gov as well as some interesting facts about the inner work-
late night so ride with friends and split the tab.
ings of the American political system. There are some amazing guest
speakers as well; last spring, all the candidates from the Virginia guberna- 5. Zipcar UVA: Zipcar stations are all over Grounds.
torial race spoke to our class. This class is a must for all those even re- 6. Hoos driving? Hoos riding? FB Group: Want to go to DC (or any-
motely interested in politics! where else) for the weekend? Ask if another Hoo is going . Usually all
PHYS 1060- (How Things Work)- This is the science class for those of us you have to do is chip in for gas.
who stand firm in the belief that microwaving our popcorn is pretty much
7. Amtrak & Greyhound: Word for the wise, reserve your tickets EARLY
the only science that is necessary in everyday life. Take it to get rid of a
for school holidays. Tickets are usually under $35 to DC or Richmond
science requirement, take it because Lou Bloomfield teaches it and he is
wonderful, or take it to learn about why hot air balloons actually work. if you follow this advice.
Just take it. 8. Walk: Google Maps is surprisingly accurate for figuring out where
your classes are on Grounds and provides accurate time estimates.
Tutoring Resources Also the app Campus Maps helps if you ever get lost.
9. Make friends with an Upperclassmen: Exchange your unlimited meal
The Director of Graduate Studies assists with Anthropology tutors. Contact
swipes for rides to Walmart etc.
the Departmental Secretary at 434-924-7044.
10. Bicycle: Usually faster than walking and convenient if you are run-
ning late. Con: You may have walk you bike up the stairs or use an
A current list of tutors can be found on the Department of Chemistry Web
elevator if your classes are on high grounds.

12 25
National Pan-Hellenic Council at UVA site. The list of tutors is updated each semester. All tutors must have a GPA
of at least 2.7 and not have failed any chemistry courses.
The National Pan-Hellenic Council at the University of Virginia is the um- Economics (for Fee)
brella organization of the 9 historically Black Greek-lettered organiza- A list of graduate students who to tutor undergraduate economics is avail-
tions. able on the Department of Economics Web site.

The mission of the National Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote the ideals The University of Virginia Writing Center tutors in several locations. The
and standards upon which our respective organizations were founded. We main one is in Bryan Hall, but tutors are also located in the John Paul Jones
carry out this mission through joint action and programming of events Arena, in the McCue Center, in Clemons Library, and in Thornton Hall.
such as community service projects, forums and step shows within the
Great for that grade-deciding research paper that must be perfect.
University and Charlottesville communities.
Attending the NPHC Meet the Greeks Discussion Series is a great way of The French Department staffs a tutoring service with regular hours of op-
finding out more information and meeting some of the members of our eration through the last week of classes.
individual organizations.
French (for Fee)
A list of students who are available for hire as tutors is available through
the Department of French Language & Literature.
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.Iota Beta Chapter
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.Theta Kappa Chapter
The Math Tutoring Center offers tutoring sessions to all U.Va, students.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Kappa Rho Chapter Session times are available online.
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Lambda Zeta Chapter Neuroscience
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.Eta Sigma Chapter Email for information regarding tutoring services.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.Zeta Eta Chapter Nursing

Tutoring referral is available through the Office of Admissions and Student
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.Tau Theta Chapter Services 434-924-0141.
Sigma Gama Rho Sorority, Inc.Theta Lambda Chapter Physics
Students may come to Jesse Beams Laboratory, 382 McCormick Rd, Room
101, Phone 434-924-3781 for a list of graduate student tutors.
Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) Spanish & Italian (for Fee)
Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.Pi Chapter A list of student tutors is available on the Department of Spanish, Italian &
Portuguese Web site.
Our mission is to promote leadership, multiculturalism, and self improve-
ment through academic excellence, involvement in and service to the cam- Statistics
pus and community, as well as being living examples of sisterhood across A list of graduate students who are will to tutor can be found on the Depart-
different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles. ment of Statistics Web site.

24 13
Raising the Bar, Held on Sundays sponsored by OAAA (Office of African-
American Affairs) Their fall and spring
ReMix A Capella concerts are always
Other Academic Resources on point.
UVAs only Hip Hop and R&B A Capella group!
Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students supports student learning and interper-
sonal growth that creates engaged citizen leaders. On the second floor of
Peabody Hall, students will find a team that is available to assist students
in navigating and developing a unique student experience, grounded in the Student Organization of Caribbean Awareness
history and traditions of one of the finest higher education institutions in (SOCA)
the world.
The Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness is a student run or-
Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE)
ganization which is committed to promoting Caribbean Awareness within
The Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) cultivates intellectual and the University of Virginia and Charlottesville communities.
civic development by encouraging students to pursue opportunities that
support scholarly inquiry, engaged citizens, and creativity. The CUE is cur-
rently home to:
The African Studies Initiative at Consider registering
National Scholarships and Fellowships
the University of Virginia (ASI) for UVAs African
Undergraduate Research Studies Minor.
Select UVa postgraduate programs The African Studies Initiative (ASI) was formed
for the promotion of the study and dialogue of the African continent
Monroe Hall
at the University of Virginia. We hold forums and discussions related to
This is where association deans are located for students in the College. To the continent, and hope to get more enrollment in the AS minor.
facilitate academic advising, every student is placed in an advising
"Association." Your Association Dean's primary responsibility is to advise
United Sisters
you on academic matters and refer you to the various agencies and offices
the University has established to assist you. Do not hesitate to call on your Great topical
Dean. With the exception of Echols Scholars, Students Athletes and Trans- discussions United Sisters (US) is a group of women committed to
fer Students, whose Dean is determined by their affiliation in one of these and weekly uplifting young females to prepare them to take on lead-
groups, your Dean is determined by your first-year housing assignment. Scandal ership roles in the Charlotteville & UVA community. On-
The College deans and staff are located in Monroe Hall. Each of the Associ- grounds, US will have weekly interactive discussion and
ation Deans schedules office hours in Monroe Hall, and the College staff events.
will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. Below, you can learn
more about your Association Dean.

University Career Services (UCS)

UCS is located in Bryan Hall (Attached to Scott Stadium), and they are here
to help you with every step from choosing your major to developing your

14 23
resume to interviewing with recruiters from top compa-
nies. Appointments can be set up with personal counselors at: (434) 924-
National Society of Black Engineers Great way to net- 8900. On certain days of the week, they also have pre-health and pre-law
(NSBE) work with fellow advising in Monroe Hall for your convenience.
The Ethiopian Student Union will strive to achieve Black engineers!
Center for Diversity School of Engineering
but will not be limited to the following objective: -
Foster a sense of service toward pressing issues regarding the Ethio- Our office's primary purpose is to increase the recruitment and retention
pian community both locally and globally. of students from underrepresented populations in science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pursuing degrees in engineering
OneWay Intervarsity Christian Fellow- and applied sciences at all academic stages. Historically, women of all
backgrounds, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Ameri-
Best worship ship
music on cans are underrepresented in STEM and are thus our target groups to sup-
OneWay InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is committed port; however, our doors are always open to students of all genders, back-
to seeing students grow in love for God, God's Word, grounds, and identities who seek our guidance and support. We believe
God's people, and God's purposes in the world! that the varied perspectives brought by students, researchers and teach-
ers of different backgrounds encourage creativity and innovation in prob-
You have to go to lem definition and design solutions essential to the field of engineering.
Africa Day! A food,
Organization of African Students performance, & fash-
The Organization of African Students welcomes ion extravaganza.
EVERYONE who has an interest in or love for Afri-
ca. We strive to promote cultural diversity around Grounds while
educating the University community about African culture.

Perfect Praise Dance Ministries

performances. Perfect Praise Dance Ministries is a Christian dance
group whose purpose is to minister under the gift and
anointing of praise dance to the University and greater
Charlottesville area.

Paul Robeson Players

The Paul Robeson Players is an independent student-run Revolutionary
Theatre Organization, open to anyone, but grounded in the roots of Afri-
can and African-American theater traditions. Our goal is to cultivate artis-
tic diversity in the realm of theatre.

22 15
Student Health Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Honor Society
(DHW) Produces a must-
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) The mission of the Daniel Hale Williams Pre-
CAPS offers free brief individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, have pre-med
Medical Honor Society (DHW) is to increase the
psychiatric medication services, 24-hour crisis consultation, outreach and guide every year.
number of culturally capable and sensitive minori-
programming, and referral services to U.Va. students. ty physicians, by furthering their academic and
400 Brandon Ave clinical success as premedical students.
Charlottesville, VA 22908
(434)243-5150 Daytime phone number Ethiopian Student Union (ESU)
(434)972-7004 After-hours emergency phone number The Ethiopian Student Union will strive to achieve but
Has great will not be limited to the following objective: - Foster a
sense of service toward pressing issues regarding the
Maxine Platzer Lynn Womens Center food at their
Ethiopian community both locally and globally.
The Womens Center provides free individual, couples, and group counsel- events!
ing services to University of Virginia students, faculty and staff, as well as
to members of the Charlottesville community, in addition to outreach, pre- Sign up to be a
vention, and leadership programs. Please call for an appointment. Fashion For a Cause (FFC) model or work
1400 University Avenue Fashion For A Cause works to promote community backstage!
Charlottesville, VA 22903 outreach & service and cultural exchange through
(434)982-2361 artistic expression, with a strong emphasis on Fashion.

The Center for Clinical Psychology Services- Sheila C. Johnson Center Get on the Street (GOTS)
The Center for Clinical Psychology Services housed in the Sheila C. Johnson
Center offers therapy and psychological assessment services to U.Va. stu- Get on the Street is an organization dedicated to increasing exposure of
dents and to the Charlottesville community on a sliding fee scale or
minority students to companies in the financial services industry. Through
through health insurance based on service type.
workshops, info sessions, and company visits, students learn the proper
417 Emmet Street South tools to help advance their career s.
P.O. Box 400270
Charlottesville, VA 22904
(434)924-7034 National Association for the Advancement
of Colored People at UVa (NAACPUVA)
Mary D. Ainsworth Psychological Clinic
The Ainsworth Clinic offers free therapy services to U.Va. students and to The mission of the NAACP at the University of Virginia
the Charlottesville community. Interfaces with shall be to inform youth of the problems affecting Afri-
the CVille com- can Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities,
108 Gilmer Hall
P.O. Box 400400 munity on a va- and to advance the economic, education, social and
Charlottesville, VA 22904 riety of issues. political status of African Americans.

16 21
Black Leadership Institute (BLI) Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA)
The Black Leadership Institute convenes Black stu- We serve residents of Charlottesville and Albemarle, Nelson, Louisa,
Fall and Spring dents interested in historical and current leadership
Leadership Work- Fluvanna and Greene Counties, Virginia who have experienced any kind of
throughout the Black community for the purposes of
sexual assault including rape, adult sexual assault, child sexual assault,
shop Series community development and leadership training. As
such, the mission of the BLI is to provide resources sexual molestation, incest, trafficking, stalking, sexual harassment or un-
that sustain communication, solidarity, and cultural wanted touching.
consciousness among Black students at the University of Virginia.
Services are provided free to all survivors, regardless of race, gender, sex-
ual orientation, gender expression or identity, age, economic status, edu-
Black Male Initiative (BMI) cation, parenthood, physical and/or mental abilities, national origin or
Established in 2011, the Luther Porter Jackson Black any other status. SARA is fully accredited through the Virginia Sexual and
Male Initiative (BMI) was created for the expressed pur- Great group Domestic Violence Action Alliance, the only such sexual assault crisis
pose of increasing the academic and social success of for men to get agency in this service area, and has been providing services to the com-
Black male students through increasing interaction and
involved with. munity for over 33 years.
dialogue between Black male students, faculty, staff and
alumni. (434) 977-7273 (24 Hour Hotline)

Brothers United Celebrating Knowledge & Suc-

cess (B.U.C.K.S.) Elson Student Health Center
Brothers United Celebrating Knowledge and Success acquired its name on
The Elson Student Health Center is a fully accredited health care facility
Friday, May 9th, 1997. What began as a group of friends celebrating the
that provides you with high quality, confidential health care. Our goals are
end of the 1996-1997 academic year at the University of Virginia has ma-
to help you maintain your health through education and prevention and to
tured into an organized cadre of black males and females concerned about
restore your health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury, or
the well being of the Black community in today's Society. stress.

Collegiate 100 Society of Virginia 400 Brandon Ave

Black College Charlottesville, VA 22908
men encourag-
(434) 924-5362
ing Black H.S. The mission of the Collegiate 100 Society of Virginia is
men. to serve the University of Virginia community and sup-
port the 100 Black Men of Central Virginia in their ef-
forts to nurture and enhance the growth, develop-
ment & opportunities for young black males One of the
best fashion
Creative, Raw, And Very Edgy CIOs on
(C.R.A.V.E.) grounds.

The purpose of CRAVE is to organize and host an annual fashion

show that raises money for the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville. We
bring current & prospective students together in the interest of fashion.

20 17
Financial Advice Black Student Organizations
Budgeting: College is expensive! (In more ways than one) so its good to Great for help
Black Commerce Student Network at
keep track of your spending. Download a budget sheet online or use an with getting McIntire (BCSN)
app like Mint to manage your finances. into Comm! The Black Commerce Student Network at McIntire pro-
vides Black pre-commerce and commerce students with
Below is a list of hidden expenses that you should be prepared for.
the necessary support and resources to strengthen their community
Printing: Some professors will require you to print out all of your and ensure success at the McIntire School of Commerce.
readings. Printing at the libraries is .10 for BW, .20 for Color.
Black Expression Awareness and Great Open Mic
Parties cost money! The average tickets range from 5 to 10 dollars
depending on the occasion and how early you buy them.
Thought Society (BEATS) Night s. Open to
all creatives.
The focus of the Black Expression Awareness and
Order Up
Thought Society is to create an environment where the student
Laundry = 3 dollars per load. body and Charlottesville community can come together and openly
Also, dont forget to budget for regular hair- express their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions through various artistic me-
cuts/trims/relaxers/installs. diums.
If you need a last
Working: f you are looking for Federal Work minute WS Job,
Annual Black Re- Black Oasis for Learning and Devel-
Study Jobs or other jobs, search CavLink, the search Forum
apply for America
opment (BOLD)
Universitys job site. If you dont have a re- Reads Tutoring.
sume or need help updating your existing re- The mission of BOLD is to create and sustain an intel-
sume, we highly recommend going to the University Ca- lectual space that enables UVa students of African descent to pursue
reer Center. academic research, and encourages all students at the University to be-
come more intellectually engaged with Afrocentric scholarship.
Buying Textbooks:

Chegg.comHas a lot of rentals and e-books. Sig,Events: The

Black Student Alliance (BSA)
The Black Student Alliance was founded on the Source, Black Cul-
BookFinder.comEnter the title/author of the book your looking for and
Grounds of the University of Virginia in 1969 to ture Week, Black
itll show you the cheapest places to buy or rent the book.
stimulate cultural and educational awareness, Ball, BSA Mondays,
Amazon.comIf you need to get the books fast, sign up for a free Amazon represent the social and political concerns of the Emerging Leaders
Student Subscription to get free 2 day shipping. Black student body, and to establish a more per- Retreat & more!
fect union between various components of the
UVA Student to Student Textbooks FB groupBuy a book from a fel- Black community, multicultural community, and
low Hoo! Great if you dont want to wait for shipping. the University community.

If UVA sends you a return from your financial aid, you can use that Black Voices Gospel Choir (BV)
money to buy textbooks. You can also charge your books to your UVA Black Voices at the University of Virginia is a choir that specializes in mu-
account at the Bookstore. Finally, SFS offers an interest free Loan up sic of the African American culture, which includes contemporary gospel
to $500 to cover the cost of books. as well as spirituals, hymns and anthems.

18 19