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Task: Read the sentences below and put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (Past Simple).

Example: While we were having dinner, the phone ______rang____(ring).

1. Last night we went to a concert. The singer _____________(sing) beautifully.

2. Many ships ___________(sink) because of the tornado last week.
3. My grandfather never ___________(drink) coffee, he always preferred tea.
4. Last summer we _____________(swim) a lot in the sea in Antalya.
5. The lesson _____________(begin) 15 minutes ago.
6. Jenny _____________(run) home when she saw a stray dog.
7. My parents ___________(feed) birds last winter to help them survive the cold.
8. My best friend ___________(tell) me her secret and I promised to keep it.
9. The shop ____________(sell) clothes at very low prices during the sale.
10. Last year we ____________(read) the book called 'Great Expectations' with the 8th graders.
11. She ______________(hold) her head high when she walked into the room.
12. I was sorry because I ______________(upset) my parents.
13. Lucy ____________(think) her exam grade was very low but she did very well in the exam.
14. In the past schools ___________(teach) only English grammar to students.
15. He was so angry that he __________(shut) the door when he left.
16. Many years ago John _____________(quit) smoking for good.
17. My brother ____________(bring) a stray cat home and my parents let it stay.
18. In the past there was a forest here but people ____________(cut) all the trees down.
19. On holiday may father and I ___________(catch) a big fish. It was fun!
20. I couldn't believe my eyes. Bread ____________(cost) 5 dollars!
21. My kindergarten teacher ______________(teach) me to read and write.
22. My arm ____________(hurt) very much because it was broken.
23. At the beginning of the 20h century Turkey __________(fight) for its independence.
24. James was crying because his friend ____________(hit) him very hard.
25. In the morning we ____________(buy) a newspaper to read the latest news.