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Nombre: Marisa Guadalupe Guerrero Becerra Matrcula: 2787482

Nombre del curso: Human Body Nombre del profesor: Felipe Jess
Care Ojeda Cmara
Mdulo: 3 Actividad: Activity 10
Fecha: Thursday November 2 , 2017

Drugs Chemical Structure Effects on Human Body Side effects Chronic


Alcohol Nausea and vomiting. Depression. Intense desire of

consume alcohol
Loss of bladder and Liver damage.
bowel control. Lack of control in
Cancer. the consume
Blackouts, in which a
drinker does not Depression of Memory issues
remember what the immune
happened while he or she system. Engaging in risky
was drinking. behavior after
Reduced sexual drinking
Temporary loss of performance.

Coma and death.

A "rush" which is a strong Nausea and Dependence

increase in euphoric vomiting.
Heroin C21H23NO5 feelings.
Grogginess. Tolerance
Feelings of being warm
and flushed during the Confusion.
"rush." Addiction
Dry mouth.
Heavy sensation in the
extremities. Itchy skin.

Reduced sensation of Miotic or

pain. constricted
Light sensitivity.
Lower than
Lethargy. normal body

Cocaine C17H21NO4 Tremors. Permanent

Feelings of restlessness. damage to blood
Muscle twitches vessels of heart
Irritability and anxiety. or tics. and brain

Panic. Paranoia. High blood

pressure, leading
Paranoia. Vertigo. to heart attacks,
strokes, and death
Loss of appetite Constricted
blood vessels. Liver, kidney and
Increased heart rate, lung damage
blood pressure, body Dilated pupils.
temperature Destruction of
Increased heart tissues in nose if
Contracted blood vessels rate. sniffed

Increased rate of Increased blood Respiratory failure

breathing pressure. if smoked

Dilated pupils Increased body Infectious diseases

temperature. and abscesses if
sexual function. Malnutrition,
weight loss
Nicotine C10H14N2 Signs of an
Addiction to nicotine and allergic reaction, Oral cancer and
exposure to dangerous which may gum recession
chemicals include hives,
breathing Gum disease
More breathing problems difficulties, or
Shortness of breath, swelling of the Tooth decay
phlegm, and a coarse lips, face,
cough tongue, or Nicotine addiction
Impaired lung growth and Increased
function Chest pain likelihood of
becoming a
Bad breath, yellow teeth, Uneven smoker.4
and stained fingers heartbeats

Foul-smelling clothes and Weakness

Severe rash or

amines C9H13N Dangerously high body Abdominal or Decreased interest
temperatures stomach in sexual
cramps intercourse
Cardiovascular system
failures dark-colored difficulty having a
urine bowel movement
Paranoia (stool)
Nausea faintness, or dry mouth
Headaches when getting up hives or welts,
suddenly from a itching, or skin
Palpitations lying or sitting rash
Tremors inability to have or
fainting keep an erection
muscle cramps loss in sexual
or spasms ability, desire,
drive, or

loss of appetite