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Menulis Motivation Letter

JULY 21, 2013 / TIA

Menurutku motivation letter merupakan salah satu aspek yang super penting untuk
melamar suatu beasiswa. Biasanya motivation letter ini diminta sebagai salah satu
prasyarat untuk melanjutkan studi di jenjang pendidikan yang lebih tinggi ataupun
syarat melamar beasiswa (S2, S3, dst..).

Ok, to the point saja (karena baru kembali menulis jadinya kemampuan warming
up rada kacau :p), kali ini aku mau sharing sedikit tips untuk menulis motivation
letter. Jujur saja, pengalaman menulis motivation letter baru sekali. Alhamdulillah
bisa membawa aplikasiku lolos beasiswa Erasmus Mundus untuk exchange ke
Italy bulan September depan, mohon doanya teman-teman

First of all..

Buat kerangka atau point-point apa saja yang akan dituliskan di

motivation letter.
Biasanya sih pihak yang mengadakan program (misal pemberi beasiswa) nentuin
apa-apa saja yang harus ditulis. For example : Motivation letter (maximum one
page): why are you applying, your particular skills and abilities, your academic
interests or your work experience, preferred start date and duration of the mobility,
students: whether you are interested in an exchange or full degree program, your
commitment to return to your country, how the mobility will benefit you and your
Kalau udah ditentuin kayak gitu ya mau gak mau nulis sesuai yang ditentukan.
Memudahkan kita juga sebenernya, kalau bingung mau nulis apa kan tinggal jawab
pertanyaan-pertanyaan tadi.

And then..

Usahakan menulis motivation letter yang singkat, padat, dan

Singkat dan padat karena ngapain juga panjang lebar, hehe, yang ngelamar
beasiswa kan banyak, jadi usahakan to the point yang penting well defined dan
well structured. Terus harus menjual karena menurutku motivation letter ibarat
tiket sakti yang lewat situlah pemberi beasiswa mengenal siapa kita. Lagian
bayangin aja mana ada yang mau ngasih beasiswa (yang biasanya jumlahnya besar)
ke orang yang ga dikenal. Jadi pilih kata-kata yang agak wow gitu tapi jangan
terkesan sombong.
Cari contoh motivation letter yang sukses.
Bukan buat di-plagiat lho ya.. Its a BIG no no! Gak ada salahnya kita baca-baca
motivation letter punya orang lain yang sudah sukses sebagai gambaran. Lagian,
kalau mencermati apa-apa saja yang harus dituliskan, setiap orang pasti punya hal-
hal yang berbeda buat dituliskan. Dulu aku juga baca-baca motivation letter para
senior yang dishare disini. Disitu dikasih juga tips-tips gimana menulis motivation
letter yang baik.
Minta orang lain (teman) untuk mengoreksi? Thats a good idea!
Ga ada salahnya lho minta pendapat orang. Apalagi kalau orangnya baik hati mau
mengoreksi kekurangan-kekurangan di tulisan kita dan ngasih masukan. Kalau
yang jarang nulis pakai bahasa Inggris juga, jangan lupa minta temen yang lebih
expert berbahasa Inggris untuk mengoreksi tulisan kita, kali aja banyak salah
grammar (pengalaman pribadi :p).

Oke, sekian dulu yang bisa aku share. Goodluck untuk motivation letternya!

Ini contoh motivation letterku buat student exchange (sekalian buat penyemangat
dan pengingat buat penulisnya juga udah nulis apaan disitu, haha) :

Letter of Motivation

My name is Septia Rani. Now, I am studying Computer Science (master degree) at

XXX. I am applying for the Scholarship Program of Erasmus Mundus YYY at
ZZZ, because I would like to experience the academic atmosphere in Europe which
has a high standard in research and innovation. I have a big dream to become an
expert in Computer Science, so I need to enrich my academic background, deepen
my understanding of the subject I am interested in, and also broaden my
knowledge in another subjects. Joining the course of Computer Engineering is an
excellent step to reach my dream. I also enjoy doing cultural exchanges such as
learning new languages, making friends, and other activities that will improve
myself both personally and professionally. So, from the reasons above, I am giving
a try to myself to be part of this program.

Growing up in a culturally diverse country makes me respect to diversity. I used to

interact and cooperate with different kinds of people. Moreover, I have been living
in several cities in my country. It always becomes an interesting challenge for me
to adapt with new environments and I am ready to learn all the positive things in
order to adapt to the new cultures. I also have ability to transfer my knowledge.
When I was in college, I tried to explore deeper in many Computer Engineering
subjects by myself. Finally, because of my excellent academic record, I was
entrusted to become a lecture assistant in Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. I
always think that it is also a good thing if we have something in which we are
skillful and we share it with other people to enrich what we already have in our self.

Since I was in Senior High School, I have a big interest in informatics and
computer. At that time, I was so curious how computer can provide us a lot of
useful tools. From this point, I started to learn about programming. I was focus to
deepen my understanding of Algorithm. Finally in 2010, I got opportunity to
participate in programming competition with my team at Asia Regional Contest.
We got honorable mention in this contest. I was so excited because I could
experience an international atmosphere and meet many students from many other
countries which had remarkable talent in programming. For my final project
(bachelor degree), I did research about Gender Classification Based on Face
Images. I chose this topic due to my interest in Artificial Intelligence and
Computer Vision, which are now playing important roles in developing computer
based technology. In the future, I plan to work my thesis in the field of Computer
Vision, about XXX.

I would like to apply for the Erasmus Mundus YYY, at ZZZ for Master in
Computer Engineering program. The program of Student Exchange, for 6 months,
starting on XXX is perfectly suitable for me.

After I finish the Student Exchange program, I will return to my country and finish
my master degree. After that, I would like to devote myself in education field,
become researcher or lecturer in my country. I am sure by participating in the
program of Student Exchange, I will earn more knowledge and valuable
experiences and in the same time will share it to other people in my environment.
So there will be more people who can benefit from Computer Science/Engineering
and moreover they can develop computer based technology.