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October, 3rd 2017



My name is Nurul Fuadi Pratiwi, just call me Wiwik. I live in Bekasi, Bekasi Regency
exactly. My neighbourhood living which is a residential area is so strategic. Along the way no homes
are not used as commercial land. There are fotocopy and stationery shops, food vendors, tailors, pulse
seller, minimarket, etc. It really helps me when I have to get home from work in second shift. The
voice of singer was so audible, so I think it is quite safe for the nomads like me. Its because I live in
Public Housing which is very close to the all kind of schools.

My neighbourhood is good enough and religious. Why did I say so? It cause in religious
terms, every Sunday morning , the sound of shalawat and prayers sounded clear through my room.
The sound of shalawat whether those from a direct voice from udztaz and udztazah or just recording
sound are so much beautifully. It happened from 9 am until 11 am. Not only that, every Thursday
night, after Isya prayers any of religious lectures and recitation of the holy Al-Quran also feels mild
to be heard. For activities in my own neighbourhood, I dont know clearly, because I work with a shift
system. But, throuh by the megatron of mosque, I have also heard a mutual work to clean our living,
even though i didnt participate. I am grateful to live in this place, besides a strategic living, the
people were friendly so that was add comfort in residence.