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CLO2: Planning for Learning

Lesson Plan Template

Story ( The Small Bun)
Date & Duration of lesson Number of students Class / Grade

25 10 - 2017 21 students 1-C

Personal Aims

1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to work on (Goal)
2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal (Strategies Used)
3. Describe how you can tell if youre achieving your goal (Evidence)

1- To develop my strategy and use many means and focused in the characters.
2- Writing notes and questions.
3- MST feedback and students pictures and worksheet from students work.

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC K-5 curriculum document)

*Mastered: recognize to label the pictures by *Sticks

using words. *Animals
*Developing: recognized and circle the correct *Box
characters. *Pictures
*Emerging: Match each word with correct

Lesson Introduction

Whole group activity: Time_______ Question (Blooms Taxonomy):

Warm Up/Introduction: 1-Good morning C1 girls today we will read

Yesterday we learned, Today Im going to teach you funny story about The Small Bun.
Active Engagement:
2-I will view story page in front the girls by
PowerPoint in cover page I will choose
Now you give it a try
different students to tell me what they see
Link: in cover page? Then I will bring one big box
Today, while youre at your learning centers, you need to inside this box I pot the characters and
remember some animals. I will tell students to close
their eyes and imagine what will be inside
the box? I choose different student to tell
me. If student answer correct I give them
the characters to hold it when we read the
story by pictures sticks and some animals.

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2 Learning Center3 Learning Center 4

*Pictures *Puzzle words *Pictures *Pictures

*Words card *Pictures *Words *Numbers
*A3 paper * A3 paper *A3 paper *A3 paper

Small Group Learning Centers: Time___15___

Learning Center 1 (Mastery): Learning Center 2: (Developing)

Students will work individual and they have Students will work by pairs they have
6 different pictures of characters they puzzle words they should to match with
should order the story with card words. correct pictures.
Learning Center 3 (Emerging): Learning Center 4: (Other)

Students will match each words that express the Students will order numbers the pictures (1-7) to
image. match the story.

Closing activity: Time: ______

Who would like to share what they learned in their learning center today?

Remember that. (restate outcome using kid friendly language)

Tr: the timer is ring each students should be done.

Tr: tell students in each groups to show us in front of the class their activities.
Ss: will come from different groups.
Tr: ready 1,2,3 show me.
Tr: will checked the activities for each groups with whole class.
Assessment for Learning:
General Comments
Students in high groups was confidence and have excellent.
The middle students they ask questions and they are focused.
The emerging students they are slowly to do their works but they understand.

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

Appropriate language and do more actions and using more pictures.
AAWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY lesson taught)

Today the lesson about reading funny story The Small Bun students
wills what happen in the story step by step.
The lesson will represent to grade 1-C girls and took place in the carpet
to be close to the board and to me also to be more attention.
Students will learn characters in the story and new words that I will
explain it for them also identify story events and what happen in the
Firstly students will understand the story by read with them and explain
the events then they will have in their groups different activities when
they will have in their activity they will show us.
I think they will be enthusiastic of what happen in the story and when
they did they work they did correctly to show us.
I study and understand the ideas for each events in the story by pot the
questions. And I will make Students engage because I did for them nice
characters and animals they hold it until we finish.
Next time I will work with each group and give him more activities
about story to identify for me write order in the story.
During I read for students story two students not being attention they
ask they want to go to the bathroom many time and I give hem
worming then they be quit.
Finally, yes may lesson teaching goals because I prepare the story with
teacher and we discover all main things in the story and we planning
activities for each levels of students.
Next time I will translate for them in activities to have both language
English and Arabic.
Explain with them activities and red instruction for them.