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Years Five and Six Work Plan Gantt Chart (October 2017 to June 2019)

Target Oct 2017 -June 2019

Activit Indicator Type (MSF/
y Code Custom) Number Districts Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun
Description y y

Component I Activities
Task A: Stake holder analysis in target districts
Mapping and Ground Assessment (GA) for Schools
1.1 120 school CMP Districts Schools 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Consolidation and Merging
Provide Support to CMP Schools in Implementation of
1.2 60 schools CMP Districts Schools
Consolidation and Merging
CMP Districts/
Orientation of DEOs, DOs, TEOs and Supervisors on
GOS Policy of Consolidation, Merging and Upgradation 16 Events one workshop Workshop 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2
MSF- Number of administrators of Schools ** Provincial-
and officials who complete Karachi
professional development
activities with USG assistance
1.3 CMP Districts/
Orientation of DEOs, DOs, TEOs and Supervisors on
GOS Policy of Consolidation, Merging and Upgradation 1 Events one workshop Workshop 1
of Schools ** Provincial-

Organize Groundbreaking Ceremonies of

Jacobabad and
1.4 Reconstruction Schools in Jacobabad and Kashmore 2 Events Ceremonies 1 1
1.5 Pre-construction meeting for Package I, II and III schools 5 Meetings Jacobabad, Meetings 1 1 1 1 1
MSF- Number of parent teacher Kashmore
associations (PTAs) or
community-based school Organize MOU Signing Ceremonies between SMCs, Karachi,
1.6 governance structures engaged Community, and Architecture and Engineering A/E 27 Events Kashmore, Ceremonies 7 6 5 4 5
in primary or secondary Construction Contractors Jacobabad
education supported with USG
assistance Inauguration ceremonies of new reconstructed SBEP
24 Events 4 6 5 5 4
schools in CMP Districts
1.7 Inauguration
Opening ceremonies new reconstructed SBEP schools
97 Events CMP Districts and Opening 13 15 12 19 19 19
along with school based activities in CMP Districts
Task B: Develop and implement social mobilization work structure
Custom- Percent of community
based social mobilization plans
1.8 Update Social Mobilization Plans (SMP) 409 Schools CMP Districts SMPs 50 100 150 109
developed having
implemented at least one item

Total Budget Component I

Component II Activities
Task A: Diagnose SMCs to assess functionality and girls' access

MSF- Number of out-of-school

children newly enrolled or re- Data Collection on New Enrollment and Review with
2.1 409 CMP Districts Schools
enrolled in education system Baseline Enrollment Trends
with USG assistance

MSF- Number of parent teacher

associations (PTAs) or
community-based school
2.2 governance structures engaged Improve visibility of CMP targeted Schools 303 CMP Districts Schools 100 100 103
in primary or secondary
education supported with USG
Task B: Activate/reactivate SMCs and their activities
MSF- Number of parent
teacher associations (PTAs) Three Days Training of School Management
2.3 409 CMP Districts Training 109 100 50 100 50
or community-based school Committees (Executive Committees)
governance structures
engaged in primary or
2.4 Refresher of Field Teams on Social Mobilization 1 CMP Districts Training 1
secondary education
supported with USG
MSF- Number of parent
teacher associations (PTAs)
or community-based school
governance structures
engaged in primary or
secondary education
2.5 supported with USG One day refresher for SMCs Executive comiittees 409 CMP Districts Training 100 100 109 100
2.6 assistance SMCs executive and general body meetings 409 CMP Districts Meeting
MSF- Number of school
improvement plans
2.7 Develop and update school improvement plans (SIPs) 409 (Update) CMP Districts SIPs 50 109 100 100
developed through USG
Number of learners enrolled Organize Taleemi Mela for students at school level
2.8 32 CMP Districts Fairs 8 8 8 8
in primary, elementary and (Thematic)
secondary USG assisted
Provide continuous mentorship and support to students
2.9 schools or equivalent USG 8 Districts CMP Districts Sessons
for Taleemi Mela at district level
assisted non-school based
2.10 settings- (MSF Ref. 4-c) Organize Taleemi Mela for students at district level 8 CMP Districts Fairs 2 2 2 2

2.11 Custom- Percent of Organize School Days 200 CMP Districts Events 50 50 100
community based social
2.12 mobilization plans Organize winter and summer camps at cluster level 24 CMP Districts Events 6 6 6 6
developed having
2.13 Community Recognition Days 67 CMP Districts Events 8 8 8 8 6 5 8 8 8
implemented at least one
item Facilitating SMCs and Community to organize need
2.14 48 CMP Districts Events 24 24
based Enrollment Campaigns at Cluster Level
Custom- Number of Inter District SMC Exchange Visits at District Levels for
2.15 24 CMP Districts Visits 8 8 8
community exchange visits SBEP Construction schools
Task C: Mobilize active district education governance linked with communities
MSF- Number of administrators
Inter District Exchange Visits for DOEs at District
and officials who complete
2.16 professional development
Levels for SBEP Construction schools for EMO & 24 CMP Districts Visits 8 8 8
activities with USG assistance Consolidation Reforms
MSF- Number of administrators
and officials who complete Joint- Progress Review & Planning Meetings with Line
2.17 32 CMP Districts Meetings 4 4 4 8 4 8
professional development departments (Education, Health and Administration)
activities with USG assistance
Task D: Award small grants to schools (not identified for construction)
2.18 Grants vetting meeting at school level 272 All CMP Districts Meeting 30 30 31 30 30 31 30 30 30
Grant to be disbursed and completed (First round 300) 75 All CMP Districts Grant 25 25 25
2.19 Custom- Number of Small
Grant to be disbursed and completed (Second round
Grants disseminated to SMCs of 197 All CMP Districts Grant 23 23 23 23 23 13 23 23 23
non-Construction Schools
2- visits/grant
2.20 Progress verifications and Grants close out visits 544 All CMP Districts
(272 X 2)

Total Budget Component II

Component III Activities Meeting will be

Task A: Collect baseline data of children's nutrition level held on
biannually basis
with DOH, ELD,
Percent of focus schools
District Level Networking and Coordination with PPHI, NGOs, /
3.1 implementing activities for 32 All CMP Districts 4 4 4 8 4 8
Relevant Department CBOs, UN
improved hygiene practices
working on
Task B: Research reasons for poor nutritional levels of children and design innovative approaches to improve childrens
Health nutrition.
All district (four Nutrition
Post KAP Survey and PAR for Identifying Current
3.2 1 schools in each Survey
Nutritional practices in Children and Households
Custom- Number of community district)
memgbers trained to
demonstrate awareness on Karachi, Adult women
nutrition and hygiene Kashmore, and men of
3.3 Formative action research for media messages 5
Dadu, Jacobabad selected
and Sukkur communities

Task C: Design approach and implement activities to improve children's nutrition in targeted areas
Sub-Task C.1: Conduct health screening in schools Approximately
CMP field team
Student of 1-5
and SHNCs will
classes in 249
3.4 Annual Nutrition Screenings conducted in target schools All CMP Districts conduct
Schools (Re-
screening of 5 to
10 year children
25000 New
10000) Database (NIS)
Database (NIS) or Record Maintenance of Identified will developed
3.5 1 All CMP Districts
Cases by MIS
Custom- Number of children targeted
districts reached by USAID supported
nutrition programs
Custom- Number of children targeted
districts reached by USAID supported
nutrition programs CMP field team
and SHNCs will
issue the referral
Identified slip to
Issuance of Referral Slip/voucher for Medical Aid under
3.6 malnourished All CMP Districts malnourishes
Referral Mechanism
cases children after
screening in
targeted CMP

Sub-Task C.2: Provide health and nutrition education

Sukkur, Larkana,
Shahdakot, School children
3.7 Poster Development 8
Dadu, aged 5-10 years
Kashmore and
Custom- Number of field Karachi
team member trained on
Nutrition & Hygiene Khairpur,
Sukkur, Larkana,
Shahdakot, CMP teams from
3.8 Refresher training 1 1
Dadu, each District
Kashmore and

Custom- Percent of trained Cluster based

community members that training of
Training of SHNCs on Nutrition, Anthropometry, Health
3.9 demonstrate increased 85 All CMP Districts approximately 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 9 9
knowledge of hygiene and 2800 SHNCs
nutrition members

Sub-Task C.3: Establish safe and supportive environments in schools:

Custom- Number of children

targeted districts reached by
3.10 Establishing a Voucher Distribution System malnourished All CMP Districts All CMP Schools
USAID supported nutrition
programs cases only

3.11 Custom- Number of Nutrition Component Quarterly Meetings 7 All CMP Districts Research study 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
community memgbers
trained to demonstrate 12 Themese
awareness on nutrition and Development and printing of Posters and Key Messages for posters and 12
hygiene for Awareness radio
3.12 messages
Health Awareness Campaign through mass media, like;
3.12 12 2 2 2 2 2 2
3.13 End line Survey 1

Total Budget Component III

Component IV Activities
Task A: Support GOS policy on EMOs

Provide technical assistance to GOS in formulating and

4.1 innovating policies / systems / frameworks / procedures
in outsourcing public schools to EMOs

Organize Consultative sessions / Roundtables / Consultative

Workshops / Dialogues / Roadshows on EMOs/PPP Karachi / Other Workshops/Roun
4.2 MSF- Number of USG 6 Events 1 1 1 1 1 1
reforms implementation and suggested innovations in CMP Districts dtables/Dialogue
assisted CSOs working to policies, strategies and processes s
improve education quality
and access
MSF- Number of USG
assisted CSOs working to
improve education quality
and access Meetings /
Organize Consultative Meetings focused on EMOs at Sessions with
4.3 9 Events All CMP Districts 2 2 2 1 2
District/UC/Taluka Level relevant

Provide technical assistance/support and facilitation to Technical

4.4 relevant departments of GOS for budgetary financial Assitance and
allocations in favor of EMOs and SBEP targeted schools Support

EMOs Reform Management: Provide support to GOS Support and

10 contracted
4.5 and Contracted EMOs for ground level implementation guidance to GoS
of EMOs Reform and EMOs
Task B - Outsource school management including community mobilization efforts to NGOs and private sector partners

Provide Legal Assistance to GOS in outsourcing public

4.6 Legal Assistance
schools to EMOs

MSF- Number of USG

assisted CSOs working to
improve education quality
and access Pre-bid meetings
/ Consultative
Pre-bid meetings / Consultative sessions on RFPs / Bid
4.7 6 Events Karachi sessions on RFPs 1 1 1 1 1 1
review sessions for procurement process of EMOs
/ Bid review
83 schools in
Technical legal assistance for EMOs procurement All CMP Districts,
4.8 83 Schools Packages,
packages except Khairpur
starting with
Strategic, In-
Solicit in-kind and strategic resource support for
Custom- Number of private Kind resouce
targeted schools from private sector organizations, 80 Schools (32
4.9 sector partners (PPP) project All CMP Districts PPPs and local 8 8 8 8
corporate sector, local businesses, communities and Events)
established. Contributions in
philanthropists, foundations, and NGOs
80 schools

Task C - Provide assistanec to GOS in establishment of PPP node and form Project Advisory Group (PAG)
MSF- Number of USG
assisted CSOs working to Meetings of Project Advisory Group (PAG) / GOS
4.10 7 1 1 1 1 1 2
improve education quality Technical and Financial Evaluation Committee (TFEC)
and access

Total Budget Component IV

Cross Cutting Activities

Gender Mainstreaming
Task A : Capacity building

MSF- Number of parent

teacher associations (PTAs)
or community-based school
governance structures Session with women on women rights, communication
5.1.1 40 all distrcits sessions 5 5
engaged in primary or and participation skills
secondary education
supported with USG
6 6 6 6 6

MSF- Number of parent

teacher associations (PTAs)
or community-based school
All SMC Sukkur
governance structures
5.1.2 Sessions with SMC Executive body and community Executive body (Integrated with Trainings
engaged in primary or
(120) Component 2)
secondary education
supported with USG
21 21 21 21 21 15
MSF- Number of
administrators and officials 16 session with
Sessions linked
5.1.3 who complete professional Gender sensitization of DEO staf all DEOs and All districts 2 2 2 2
with Activity 1.3
development activities with TEOs.
USG assistance 2 1 1 2 2

MSF- Number of parent

teacher associations (PTAs)
or community-based school
governance structures Gender and Education Experts sharing and learning Karachi and
5.1.4 3 Session
engaged in primary or sessions with CMP staf Sukkur
secondary education
supported with USG
1 1 1

5.1.5 Seminar with the change agents 8 Sukkur Seminars

MSF: Number of PTA or
similar "school governance"
structures supported
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Awareness raising material for gender mainstreaming 1 video, 5
5.1.6 posters, video IEC
and visibility of CMP. posters
clips, stories etc
Task B: Women participation
MSF- Number of parent teacher
associations (PTAs) or In all remaining
5.1.7 community-based school
Community dialogue to address the girls dropout 30 Cluster level Dialogue 3 3 3 3 3 2 4 4 5
CMP villages
governance structures engaged
in primary or secondary Meeting for the restructuring of SMC Executive body meetings
5.1.8 10 all districts
education supported with USG and women membership ongoing 2 2 2 2 2
Task C: Policy Reforms

MSF- Number of parent teacher

associations (PTAs) or Policy reforms work with RSU on Provincial, Directorate
community-based school
and District Level for women inclusion in SMCs
5.1.9 governance structures engaged Provincial Level Ongoing
in primary or secondary restructuring, female teachers, mix schools policy, girls
education supported with USG scholar ship.

MSF- Number of parent

teacher associations (PTAs)
or community-based school
governance structures Reformation of harressment committee to include
engaged in primary or grivencies
secondary education
supported with USG

Task D: Program input as cross cutting

Developed guidelines and checklist for the integration
5.1.11 MSF- Number of parent teacher 1 All CMP Districts Guidelines
associations (PTAs) or of gender in all CMP activities.
community-based school Gender mainstreaming input incorporate in all
All CMP Program
5.1.12 governance structures engaged components planning level, concept note, training Ongoing
in primary or secondary manual and strategy.
education supported with USG Representation
5.1.13 assistance Gender Audit 1 Karachi/Sukkur
of all CLINs 1
Task E: Joint effort of PPP and gender to address the needs of girls students

MSF- Number of administrators

and officials who complete Meetings with diferent stakeholders to get support for Ongoing / need
5.1.14 professional development
All CMP Districts ongoing
girls students at school level. based
activities with USG assistance
5.1.15 MSF- Number of USG assisted Develop and provide guidelines for gender 2
CSOs working to improve mainstreaming with EMO,s staf on school mangment
education quality and access

1 1
5.1.16 Review of RFPs and KPIs with PPP team All districts ongoing
WATSAN Activities
Task A:
Task B:
400 (IRC=200
Custom- Number of community
5.2.1 memgbers trained to demonstrate Health & Hygiene sessions (IRC and HANDS) All CMP Districts sessions
awareness on nutrition and hygiene
Disaster Risk Reduction
5.3.1 MSF: Number of PTA or similar Publication of DRR Messages 1 All CMP Districts Publication
"school governance" structures
5.3.2 supported DRR in Small Grants

Total Budget Cross Cutting


Communications and Outreach

Support program, enhance visibility and increase awareness
2000 copies of a
6.1 Publication of Success Stories Book 2 All CMP districts
32 pages book ###
1.Project video
All CMP districts/ 2. EMOs, 3.
6.2 Production of video documentaries 4 1 2
activities Grants 4.
Nutrition 1
Visits by
6.3 Media visits 4 electronic 1
newspapers 1 1 1
4 rounds, each
round of 2
Development and dissemination of key messages for CMP Targeted
6.4 3 weeks and cover 1
radio campaign for CMP activities districts
all CMP target
districts 1 1
Development of social media content for SBEP and FB/twitter posts
6.5 Ongoing activities/district
Blumont/IRD Facebook/twitter with visuals
Preparation of visibility material for events and banners,
6.6 workshops (groundbreaking, inaugurations, handing Need based All CMP districts standees etc., as
over ceremonies) and when
6.7 Production of Giveaways TBD All CMP districts Dairies, USB,
Key Chain etc.

Provide support for Monthly, Quarterly Reports and will provide
6.8 20 CMP
Annual Report support to
reporting section
3 rounds in each
6.9 Outreach enhancement theater 3 All CMP districts 1 1
district. 1

One workshop of
two day on
reporting (will
be done by
spilting group in
Documentation and photography workshop for field
6.10 2 All CMP districts two to manage
participants) and
one on
photography as
per same
1 1
In line with
overall SBEP,
Support PMIU, USAID COMMS and Partners in joint All project communications
6.11 On-going
communications activities districts/sites Strategy, CMP
will provide
support for joint
Total Budget
Communication & Outreach

Monitoring and Evaluation Activities

Task A: M&E Plan
Update and submit M&E Plan (If SBEP M&E Plan
7.1 1 CMP M&E Plan
incorporate changes)
Task B: Performance Indicators
7.2 Indicators Data Collection, Review and Consolidation 20 CMP Indicators
Twice Data
7.3 New Enrolment Data Collection 2 CMP
7.4 Original MOVs archiving against performance indicators 20 CMP Indicators MOVs
7.5 Internal DQA of CMP 3 CMP Assessment
Task C: Monitoring Visits
Process Monitoring visits during implementation of
7.6 100 All districts Visits
7.7 Data verification and validation visits 100 All districts Visits
Task D: Reporting
7.8 Weekly Report 80 CMP Reports
7.9 PMIU-SBEP Monthly Bulletin 20 CMP Reports
7.10 Monthly Report 13 CMP Reports
Quarterly Reports and Data uploading on Pak Info and
7.11 7 CMP Reports
SBEP web portals
7.12 Data uploading on TriNet 1 CMP Report
Task E: Capacity building and Learning
Refresher Session on Data collection, Management, Sukkur and
7.13 4 Sessions 1 1
Reporting and Learning Karachi 1 1
Task G: Facilitation and Support to External Stakeholders
Facilitate and support PMIU and SCDP Joint monitoring
7.14 7 All districts Visits
Third Party
7.15 Facilitate and support Midterm Evaluation 1 CMP
7.16 Facilitate and support External DQA 1 CMP Assessment
7.17 Facilitate and support Impact Assessment 1 CMP Assessment
7.18 Facilitate and support End-line 1 CMP Endline

Total Budget M&E

Total Budget for Year 05 &


[i] By the end of Year 4, 228 grants will be completed, to achieve the target of 500, 272 grants will be completed in year V and VI.
** Gender Advisor will link mainstreaming sessions (one day) alongwith orientation workshops