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NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Clinical Evaluation Process Nursing 3020


The Mid-Term Evaluation will be completed by students at the mid-point of the clinical placement to assist students to take
inventory of their current development and assist them to make plans for future clinical practice. The student will use a
reflective process to help assess progress in meeting established program, year, and course objectives. The student will submit
an electronic copy of the Mid-Term Evaluation document to the clinical instructor prior to the formal mid-term student
evaluation. Because the document is to be completed electronically, the student and instructor can take as much space as
they need to provide appropriate evidence and feedback.

After receiving the students Mid-Term Evaluation, the clinical instructor will complete the comment section providing
feedback and evaluation of the students progress. The clinical instructor will provide suggestions for improvement. The
instructor will place a check in the S column if progress is satisfactory, and in the U column if progress is unsatisfactory. If
a student demonstrates unsatisfactory progress at mid-term, the student and instructor will develop a Learning Plan outlining
strategies in which the student will engage, along with clear expectations that must be met for the successful completion of
the course. The course professor may be involved in developing the learning plan.

The student and instructor should save and print a copy of the mid-term evaluation. Printed copies must be submitted to the
course professor within a week of completion.

At the end of the rotation, students will complete a Final Evaluation. Students will use a new copy of the evaluation template
to archive their achievements and areas for future development. The student will submit an electronic copy of their final
evaluation to the instructor; this will help the instructor complete an assessment of the student.

In order to complete the final evaluation, the clinical instructor will provide additional evidence by completing the comment
section, providing feedback and evaluating the students progress. The clinical instructor will collect evidence in the form of
the student self-assessment, comments of the health care team members, patient input, student submissions (including
portfolios) and observations. A summary of achievement as well as implications for future learning should be included in this

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

document. The attendance section and record of completed hours is to be filled in completely. The completed document is to
be printed, shared with the student and signed. The signed copy must be returned to the TFSON within 10 days.

The Year Lead, lab instructor, and/or course professor will assess the completion of the Learning Center Component, if

Students and instructors will complete both the mid-term and final clinical evaluation
documents electronically. An electronic copy of the completed (student and instructor) final
evaluation should be submitted to the course professor within 48 hours of the final evaluation
delivery. A printed and signed copy should follow within 10 days of the evaluation meeting.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

NURS 3020H

Clinical Evaluation

Student Name: Michaela McRae

Clinical Instructor: Ashley Finnegan

Missed Clinical Hours: 0 Missed Lab Hours: 0

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Program Goals
Graduates are generalists entering a self-regulating profession in situations of health and illness.

Graduates are prepared to work with people of all ages and genders (individuals, families, groups, communities and populations) in a
variety of settings.
Graduates continuously use critical and scientific inquiry and other ways of knowing to develop and apply nursing knowledge in their
Graduates will demonstrate leadership in professional nursing practice in diverse health care contexts.

Graduates will contribute to a culture of safety by demonstrating safety in their own practice, and by identifying, and mitigating risk for
patients and other health care providers
Graduates will establish and maintain therapeutic, caring and culturally safe relationships with clients and health care team members based
upon relational boundaries and respect.
Graduates will be able to enact advocacy in their work based on the philosophy of social justice.

Graduates will effectively utilize communications and informational technologies to improve client outcomes.

Graduates will be prepared to provide nursing care that includes comprehensive, collaborative assessment, evidence-informed
interventions and outcome measures.

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

Objectives Developing Needs Does not meet
Indicators/Evidence as expected Improvement expectations
1 Prepared to provide When taking out an IV, I made sure I had
nursing care that includes
everything I needed. I made sure to hold onto
collaborative assessment, the needle while taking off the tape so that I
evidence-informed didnt pull out the needle accidently, then I told X
interventions and the patient I was taking it out and I took it out. I I would like to see
outcome measures. Michaela become
held pressure on the IV site with a 2 x 2 for about more independent
2 minutes to make sure it wouldnt bleed. with some critical
thinking, in that she
When checking the incision site of one of my needs to
patients I noticed it was bleeding a little bit, so I demonstrate and
verbalize what she
outlined the bleeding with a pen, when I came thinks she needs to
back I noticed that the bleeding increased over do rather just
the edges of my pen outline. I reinforced the always asking. It is
good that she seeks
wound with an abdominal pad and mefix tape. clarification and
When Checking for pedal pulses, I was struggling assistance as this is
safe practice but
to find the pedal pulses on one of my patients so she needs to take
I went and got a Doppler so I could hear the more initiative and
pulses verbalize a plan
rather than always
When changing a gown on one of my patients, I being given answer.
detached the IV, and when attaching it back to 2 examples being
a)pt with low
my patient I made sure I used an alcohol swab to oxygen saturation
sterilize the ends before reattaching it. day one worked
through low Sp02
together then same
thing happened on
day 2 and again she
requested and
asked what to do
rather than stating
I would like to do
this because. Do
NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

you think that this

is ok?
b) pt was to be
getting up with
physio and when
prompted to go an
assist did not think
necessary until told
importance of it

2 Establishes and maintains When I meet my patient I introduce myself and

therapeutic, caring and
write my name on the board in their room, I ask
culturally safe
relationships through questions about them to try to get to know them
effective communication. as well as tell them things about me, so they feel
more comfortable having me care for them. x
I make sure my patient is comfortable every time
I leave the room, and make sure they have fresh
water and ask if they need anything
When helping my patient to the bathroom or
performing morning care I ask if they need
assistance and if they dont I make sure to give
them privacy
3 Applies the four ways of During my First head to toe assessment on a
knowing and
patient who just had an Arthroplasty, I was not
technologies to exactly sure what I was suppose to look for in
effectively care for regards to a post-operative patient. I used
diverse, acutely ill personal knowing to reflect to perform one x
patients. specific to a patient who was upon my previous
assessments and then focused in on the surgical
site and used any other knowledge I had gained
from reading the post-operation booklet every
patient gets, as well as asking lots of questions
NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

before doing an assessment. Since this first

assessment I feel like I have learned and feel
comfortable performing a head to toe
assessment on a patient post-operative
I learned how to use a bladder scanner. My
patient had not voided yet and he was on second
day post-op so I used a bladder scanner. The
clinical instructor showed me how to use it. I
used Aesthetic knowing by learning something
new and asking questions
When a patient asked me if he could walk to the
bathroom, I used ethical knowing by looking on a
board in his room and in his chart to see if he
was able to ambulate yet and if he needed a two
person assist. I noticed my patient was a two
person assist so I went and got a second person
for safety as well as used a transfer belt.
I used knowledge I learned from lab when
cleaning an incisional site on a patient who had a
total left knee Arthroplasty
4 Adheres to professional I make sure to come to clinical with a clean
practice standards and
uniform and that I am wearing my clinical ID
organizational polices to
contribute to a culture of badge so people will know who I am
safety. When ambulating patients, I make sure to put
shoes or socks with grip on my patient so they x
dont slip and fall
When cleaning an incisional site for the first time
post-operative I make sure to keep a sterile field
I make sure I sanitize my hands when entering
NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

and leaving a patients room

5 Exercises leadership to I make sure to answers call bells when patients

enhance patient care, and
need help
support professionalism
in practice. When giving out medication I make sure I know
when they are supposed to receive their
medication so that they are given on time x
When a patient is in pain and rates high on the
pain scale and go to the nurse and let them
know so they can give the patient a pain
medication. I will also ask the patient if they
want ice for the pain.
I make sure to provide the patient with privacy
when performing morning care and head to toe

Clinical Instructor Comments (All areas marked as unsatisfactory must have a comment)

Michaela is progressing through her clinical placement as expected except needs to demonstrate better critical thinking skills. I
would like to see her take more of an initiative with plan of care as we move forward. Again she is practicing safely by seeking
assistance but needs to demonstrate more initiative moving forward. She notes she does well to answer call bells and help

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation

others and this is great as more exposure will help to enhance critical thinking skills as well. Written notes are improving each
week. Assessments are improving as well as ability to document interventions and reassess. She has not been absent from
clinical. Written work can improve and requires a bit more information ie. Reflection lacking insight, pre clinical needs expansion
on description of history and how relates to current admission.

Signature of Instructor___________________________________________________ Date _____________________________

Signature of Student_____________________________________________________ Date October 10th 2017

NURSING 3020 Clinical Evaluation