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1 Creating the questionnaires and Oct 16 - Send out the questions to Amanda and The idea feedback for each question
brainstorming the solutions with Jessica for them to consider before the should be more than two or three points. I
peers. meeting. am waiting for their feedback in regards of
1: Any distractions during - Amanda was fine with taking a look of whether those questions covered any
communication? Any duplicated those questions. issues we have encountered and the
work has been done due to Jessica is away for a business trip. I will be applicability.
ineffective communication? Do contacting with her via Whats App. She was
we have support? very happy to involve in my project.
2: Any actions that we could
attack the concerns?
3: potential impact (short run
and long run) of the action
which might impact our
resources, policies or assets.
4: Make a list of what we need
to do and identify the

Oct 17 - Asking them whether they have reviewed I am very hesitated if we could gather the
questions useful thoughts before the deadline for us
- Would like to gather some thoughts to start the meeting. It seems everybody is
before next Monday. very busy.
I have found one of our staff members who
worked closely with us would like to If our previous staff member could give us
contribute some suggestions. some feedback, the concerns will be more
Oct 18 Issues happened today at office, two staff The issue needs to be address as soon as
members were arguing due to the mistakes possible and open talk between peers
happened during the work. This is the needs to establish.
typical issue of lack of communication.
Peers did not pay much attention on listen
to others which might cause
misinterpretation and misunderstanding.
Oct 19 Amanda has gotten back to me, and she I indeed agreed with Amanda about her
shared some concerns with me in regards concern. I feel that we are isolated and
to office communication efficiency. lack of enough support.
She feels that: Sometimes information shared to the
- Information is not shared correctly public is not entirely correct which might
- Lack of weekly meetings causes team confuse.
member can only work on him/herself.
- Senior team support is not sufficient However, sometimes people are just afraid
of voice up.
Short-term impact:
- Confusion with no standard answers
to our clients
- Time consuming and inefficient
Long-term impact
- Companys image and reputation will
turn down.

She suggests that we shall have:

- Weekly summary in our department
- Weekly meeting shall include all the
staff members
Initiator: Office manager
Decision maker: department Principal
Participants: staff members
2 Literacy review and internet Oct 1: Effective Communication Between The on-line resources clearly
resources 23rd- Workplace Peers demonstrated the solutions and
-Whether provide resolution? suggestions to attack the problem.
- Whether the suggestions applied Oct 30th
communication-between-workplace-peers- The review is posted on the blog.
to actual cases?
Any solutions fit the best?
2: 7 Ways to Communicate Better with
Your Coworkers
3: How can I Communicate Better at the
4: Organizational Communication:
Challenges for the New Century by
Elizabeth Jones, Bernadette Watson, John
Gardner, Cindy Gallois
5: 4 Types of Communication Challenges in
Multicultural Organizations by Shina Neo,
July 22, 2015
6: Communication Skills for Workplace
Success by Alison Doyle, Aug 24th, 2017
7: Effective Communication:
Communication Skills written by team
FME, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-62620-962-6
8: Youtube Video by Dr.Lani Nelson-Zlupko:
Effective Communication in the Workplace
Oct Meet with Amanda and Jessica again: The meeting went really well. We have
25th We identified that we have to improve discussed some solutions and I will
our communication skills to make our combine with my reference and
work more efficient. Our job involved a sources review to make an appropriate
lot of customer service and suggestion memo.
conversations between the clients and
us and between us that other
department staff members.

- Sometimes is not very professional

when we communicate over the phone.
(replies to the clients by saying I dont

- Not proactive, waiting for others

request instead of actively searching for
the possible solutions.

- The message has been delivered

wrongfully to the clients and did not fix
-address the mistakes
- searching for some possible training
- Telephone manner
-Be proactive and do not avoid the
request. Searching for possible solutions
3 Discuss the possible solutions with Oct 27th Discussed with one of our previous I do believe that lack of
peers in the office and SRL colleague and she identified some of communication would cause a huge
classmates via multiplemedia
(skype, twitter, Linkedin, blog) current issue for me. negative impact to workplace.
Definitely information has to be
-Lack of communication, as it can shared. However, I believe as an
reduce efficiency. i.e any changes in individual who works in the office, we
the admission process/department have our responsibilities to be
protocols should be communicated to proactive and ask questions if there
everyone not just only the affected are any concerns. We also have to
department. increase of personal communication
skills and know how and what to say.
Stream line the communication
process between parents and Training opportunity has to be initiated
admission offices: i.e ensure by the Manager. It is very hard for staff
efficient way/ or process to member to initiate and identify the
share information to the needs.
parents. For instances, during
renewal time, many parents Team spirit can be build up by
provided with their Hotmail events/parties /seminars. We also can
addresses, however, due to IT gather together to build the team
issues the emails were not able spirit in some informal occasions. E.G
to deliver any communications house warming parties and pot luck
that were addressed to hotmail parties.

Digitalized process: students

should able to upload
documents along with entering
mandatory details and can
make online form fee payment
using credit card. It would
speed up the overall admission
process. Appropriate staffs
should be provided access to
down load the submitted

Lack of training regarding

protocols/guideline. It is
significant; people involved in
admission process are well
trained with the admission
protocols to improve the
efficiency of a department.
2) possible solutions
Clarity of roles and
Build the team sprit
Appropriate Training
Use effective/or appropriate
form of communications
Provide effective feedback

Ensuring assigned tasks are

In consistent communication
Handling clientele

Be proactive
Be positive

Nov 6th Classmates input: I think their suggestions are very useful
because the informal laid-back
to choose laid-back meetings meeting will provide the relaxing
Katie suggests: environment. Especially
the communication will be largely communication is a two-way face to
successful based on the tone you took. face interaction between staff
For example, if it was laid-back and members.
relaxed, individuals may have attended
more frequently because they felt as
though it was less of a meeting and
more of a chat time.
having some snacks
Magda suggests that:
Little things to show the care about the
team members can go a long way.
4 Personal overall review including Nov 7th My project went very well. I have met with some of my team members
communication channel, peer and one former colleague who now work for another department to
support and identify any areas have
to be pay more attention in the discuss some concerns and issues we found out regarding
future. communication. We identified that we need to arrange a group meeting
every Friday to update our working progress. I believe that we are more
confident to handle our work by sharing the information and individuals
working progress since we start to arrange the small team meetings.
Misunderstanding and miscommunication towards organization practices
and policies had dropped dramatically. Two of my team members are very
supportive and willing to share their feedback and their experiences after
we had a chat. In the meantime, I have actively search from several
sources to identify some possible solutions to improve my
communication skills. Several sources suggestions I found instrumental
are using Body Language, being open-minded and willing to change, to
think and ask questions before the talk, and to be honest and direct.
Currently, I am trying to follow the suggestions from the sources and
focusing on shifting my communication skill from passive to proactive.

I am struggling to gather all team members together on every Friday since

everybody has different schedules. To fix the problem, I usually send out
a reminder through email including the meeting plan and a Memo after
the meeting to keep everyone on the same page.
My confidant and self-satisfaction have been increased throughout this
project. Achieving those proximate goals step by step increased my self-
efficacy and motivation. Further, I had used the communication skills and
knowledge I gathered from the learning zone to apply to my performing
zone. I will keep monitoring the efficiency of my communication skills as
well as the communication effectiveness among my team members and
keep posting the most updated news on my blog.