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Teradata IntelliCloud

Flexible Software as a Service Offering

Teradata IntelliCloud is the newest generation of Teradatas secure managed cloud offering. It provides infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS)
data and analytic software as a service (SaaS), where users can subscribe to Teradata Database, Aster IntelliCloud is a perfect option for businesses seeking a
Analytics, or Hadoop and receive complete setup and management of software and infrastructure blend of superior data and analytic SaaS.
empowering users to focus on business outcomes, rather than technology challenges.
Predictive maintenance and parts failure IntelliFlex and the appliance are both deployed and
monitoring allowed Siemens to be proactive with managed in Teradata data centers, while AWS infrastructure
enterprise use cases and workloads that are available
Key Benefits its assets, enabling their rolling stock to operate is initially available from AWS regions in the United States.
with Teradata on-premises systems, though with the
advantages of subscription pricing in a Software as a at 100 percent reliability. After initially being Deployment options will continue to expand in future
Teradata IntelliCloud is a comprehensive offering quarters to include international public cloud regions
Service (Saas) model. hesitant to a cloud or hybrid model, Siemens
blending superior data and analytic software as a service. from AWS and Azure, Teradata global data centers, and,
opted for the flexibility of Teradata Everywhere,
Common use cases for companies running their analytic including Teradatas Cloud Platform, allowing eventually, on-premises deployments.
Subscription Pricing ecosystem entirely in IntelliCloud are production, test and them to move at the speed of their rolling stock.
Flexible flat ratesubscription pricingprovides Flexible payment options include monthly, 1-year, and
development, and quality assurance. Hybrid cloud use
predictable and manageable costs aligned with your 3-year pricing models for subscriptions to Teradata
cases for IntelliCloud customers also employing a Teradata
operational budget. Database, Aster Analytics, and/or Hadoop software.
on-premises system come with cloud disaster recovery,
cloud bursting, and cloud data marts and data labs.
Launch in Minutes, not Months Safe and Secure
Start driving smart business decisions right away
with award-winning software in our secure service Included Features
The flexibility of cloud computing has enabled businesses
environment. to do so much more with their data, yet security concerns
Customers can control their IntelliCloud accounts with
still abound as data breaches and cybercrime continue to
an easy-to-use, web-based management console for
Comprehensive Services make headlines.
monitoring system utilization, scheduling back-ups,
Software and infrastructure services include onboarding
setting or modifying security parameters, spinning up
assistance, system monitoring, patch management, Security is top priority for Teradata IntelliCloud services,
additional cloud resources, and more. IntelliCloud service
software upgrades, and more. and thats whywe deliver across-the-board support for
features include:
every facet of cloud security, including physical security,
Security, Performance, Convenience Subscription to Teradata Database, Aster Analytics,
network security, data protection, monitoring, and
Enjoy enterprise-class security, Teradata IntelliFlex access controls.
and/or Hadoop software
performance, and integrated ecosystem applications.
High-performance infrastructure managed by Teradata Teradata has invested in rigorous third-party audits of
Secure and compliant environment audited for ISO its managed cloud offerings in order to demonstrate
Use Cases compliance with industry security regulations and
27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA
industry best practices, such as:
With IntelliCloud you can focus on business value Comprehensive infrastructure services:
and service utilization rather than managing software Onboarding assistance ISO/IEC 27001:2013
and infrastructure. IntelliCloud supports the same
Provisioning assistance SOC 1 Type 2
System monitoring SOC 2 Type 2
65 Brands System maintenance PCI DSS 3.2
Patch management HIPAA
4.8B Consumers
Software upgrades
1 Central Location Encryption of data in motion and at rest
With additional security features throughout, like access
control, a two-tiered security defense plan, ongoing data
security and monitoring, plus intrusion protection and
The Procter & Gamble Company depends on
Deployment and Pricing Options detection, you can be assured your data and analytics are
a Teradata SaaS model to manage all opt-in
safe with Teradata IntelliCloud.
consumer data, allowing them to focus on the Teradata IntelliCloud offers flexibility like never before.
customer journey, rather than the technology. Delivered with three infrastructure optionsTeradata
IntelliFlex, a Teradata appliance, and public cloud


About Teradata
Teradata IntelliCloud: Just
Teradata empowers companies to achieve high-impact
Bring Your Data and a DBA business outcomes through data and analytics. Our focus
on business solutions, coupled with our industry-leading
technology and architecture expertise, we are able to
unleash the potential of great companies.
Teradata Database
Aster Analytics Teradata is more than just a data warehousing company
Software Hadoop Software Services we are a data and analytics leader, focused on mapping
Onboarding the right path for our customers to yield high-impact
Provisioning business results through analytics at scale on an agile data
Teradata IntelliFlex Monitoring
foundation. To learn more, visit
Teradata Appliance Backups
Platform Web Services

Data Center Space

Power and Cooling
Network Bandwidth
Physical Physical Security

Figure 1: Focus on business value and service utilization rather than

managing software and infrastructure.

Why Cloud?
Teradatas many cloud options offer the means to gain the strength of Teradata, with the flexibility of a
cloud environment.

Get up and running in the shortest timeframe possible by utilizing IT infrastructure thats
ready when you are.

Add Capacity When Needed

Ramp up without going through internal capitalization processes; additional resources
are provided on a subscription basis.

Powered by the Worlds Most Powerful Database

Enjoy Teradata, the worlds most robust database engine, with sophisticated workload
management and unparalleled features, such as support for geospatial, temporal, and
columnar-based analytics.

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