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Note: This questionnaire will be used purely for academic research only. Information
provided will be kept confidential.
Name: __________________________________________________________
Age: ______ Gender: Male/Female Marital Status: Single/Married
Educational Qualification: ___________________
Present Designation: _____________________
Name of the Bank: __________________________________________________

1. How long you worked for this Bank?

6 Months-1years 1-3years
3-5years more than 5years

2. What was your salary at the time of Joining?

Below Rs.5000 Rs.5001-10,000

Rs.10,001-20,000 Above 20,000

3. What is your Present Salary?

Below Rs.5000 Rs.5001-10,000
Rs.10,001-20,000 Above 20,000

4. What is the attitude of Management in solving Employees problem?

Fast and in favour of worker Fast and in favour of worker

Postponed Refused

5. How do you view your Job?

Challenging Motivating

Secured Responsible
Rate the following things in 1 to 5

Survey Questions 1 2 3 4 5
1. working environment of the Bank
2. job location?
3. working hours
4. salary structure
5. work responsibilities
6. stress level
7. Superior subordinate relations
8. job security

9. present performance appraisal policy of the

10. recognition and rewards for your work and
11. Does your personal problem affect your
12. Are you able to maintain a healthy balance
between work and family life?
13. Do you feel that high job satisfaction helps
in high productivity?
14. leave policy (Sick leave, etc.) of the Bank
Are you satisfied with the employee
15. assistance policy (e.g. - lunch & transport
etc.) of the Bank?
Are you satisfied with long and short term
16. benefits (like promotion) & insurance
policies of the company?
17. Overall how satisfied are you as an
18 Any suggestions to improve your job