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Training Course on MicroSoft Office 2010

Word, Excel and Powerpoint for DA, Region V

Course Outline

Day 1 - MS Word
Basic MS Word Usage and Text tools
MS Word Screen Anatomy
Creating new blank documents
Saving, closing and opening Documents
Inserting Dummy text using Lorem or Rand Function
Understanding non-printing characters
Selection techniques (keyboard + mouse)
Navigating documents/Using Find/Replace
Using Find/Replace
Spell Check, Thesaurus

MS Word Exercise 1: DA Region V Newsletter

Associating graphics on your document
Changing Font, Font Style and Font Size
Using Format Painter
Applying text borders and shadings
Introducing Drop Caps on your paragraph
Converting your documents to multiple columns

MS Word Exercise 2: Mail Merge using MS Excel as Data Source

The Mail Merge Helper
Identifying the Document & choosing a Data Source
Inserting the Merge Fields and Merging the Document
Filtering Merge Records
Data Source design pointers

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Day 2 - MS Excel
Introduction to MS Excel
MS Excel Screen anatomy
Starting and Quitting Excel
MS Excel Menus and Toolbar
Creating a Customized Toolbar
MS Excel File Management
Creating , Opening, Saving & Closing a Workbook
Moving around a Worksheet
Using the Mouse (Copying, Moving, Autofilling)
Creating a Custom List
Working with Worksheets
Inserting & Deleting Sheets
Moving & Copying Sheets/Cells
Renaming Sheets
Selecting Cells/Range/Region/Sheets
Entering Data (Text, Numbers, Formulas)
Arithmetic Operations (Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation)
Law of Precedence (MDAS rule)
Merging Cells Across Columns
Changing Column Width and Row Height
Text Aligning (Horizontal & Vertical)
Using Autofill
Applying Borders and Patterns
Common Keyboard Shortcuts/Computing Tips
Converting Numbers to Roman numerals
Concatenation Technique

MS Excel Exercise 1: Functions

Selecting the Region (Ctrl-Shift*) and Autosum (Alt=)
Using Average, Maximum, Minimum, Median and Mode
Inserting Columns/Rows
Use of IF Functions and Nested Ifs
Applying Conditional Formatting
Using Relative and Absolute Addressing

MS Excel Exercise 2: VLookUp

Inserting a New Worksheet
Naming Ranges
Getting Values from a Lookup Table using VLookUp Function

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Day 3 - MS Excel
MS Excel Exercise 3: Charts
Creating Charts using Chart Wizard
Applying Graphics to Charts Background
Presenting your Chart and Table using MS Powerpoint
Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

MS Excel Exercise 4: Database

Sorting/Filtering/Generating Sub-Total
Extracting Unique Records from an MS Excel Database
Naming Ranges/ Creating Name Ranges from Selection
Use of SUMIF & COUNTIF Functions

Day 4 - MS Excel
MS Excel Exercise 5: Worksheet Linking
Selecting Multiple Worksheets
Linking Multiple Worksheets
Applying Input Validation & Validation Text
Applying Cells/Worksheet Protection

MS Excel Exercise 6: Scenario

Using Scenario Manager
Creating/Running/Editing a Scenario
MS Excel Macro Automation
Recording and Running Macros
Assigning Macros to Quick Access Toolbar
Assigning Macros to MS Excel Ribbon
Assigning Macros to VBA Command Buttons
Intro to Visual Basic Application (VBA)
Displaying Values using Autoshapes
Applying Shadow to your Table

Other Spreadsheet
& Replacing Text
Spelling Check
Importing/Converting other Spreadsheets

Printing Previewing the Spreadsheet

Header & Footer
Printing Options

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Day 5 - MS Powerpoint
Intro to MS PowerPoint
User interface overview Ribbons, Tri Pane View (Normal)
File Tab and usage
Navigation Pane
The PowerPoint views and how to access them
The Normal View/Slide Sorter View
The Notes Pages View/Slide Show View
The Reading view
The Slide Show View
Creating/Formatting Presentations
Animate and Present

MS Powerpoint Exercise 1: Success is doing, not wishing

Using Graphics as Slide Background
Applying Text Effects
Running the Presentation
Producing an Information Kiosk
Converting your presentation to a Video File

MS Powerpoint Exercise 2: Presentation Snippet

Combining Animated Graphics and Sound in your slide
Applying Custom Animation
Producing Presentation Hand outs

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