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Rubric Storytelling Competition


Criteria 4 yes 3 yes, but 2 no, but 1 no

Knows the story well; has obviously Knows the story pretty well; Knows some of the story; has not Does not know story; reads from
practiced telling the story; uses no some practice; may use notes; practiced; relies on notes; appears notes
Knows the Story
notes; speaks with confidence fairly confident uncomfortable

Always speaks loudly, slowly, and Usually speaks loudly, slowly, May speak too softly or too rapidly; Speaks too softly or too rapidly;
clearly. and clearly. mumbles occasionally. mumbles.
Voice Perfect pronunciation Correct pronunciation Incorrect pronunciation of some Incorrect pronunciation

Great use of gestures, facial Contained some facial Needed more facial expressions Contained little to no facial
expression, body movement the expression, gestures & body gestures & movement poor acting expression, gesture or movement
characters where truly embodied by movement good acting no acting. just reading
the story teller
Story lasts 5 to 7 minutes Story lasts less than 5 or more Story lasts less than 4 or more than Story lasts less than 3 or more
Duration than 7 minutes 8 minutes than 9 minutes

Storyteller looks at all the audience Storyteller looks at a few people Story told to only 1 to 2 people in the Storyteller does not look at
in the audience audience audience
Audience Contact

Outstanding use of props; props are Good use of props; props are Uses props some of the time; some Poor use of props; uses no props
Props appropriate appropriate props not appropriate or are or inappropriate props

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