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Katie Kang

Curriculum vitae


May 2017 Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

University of Texas at Arlington


May 2016 Ronald McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Scholarship


February 2017 19th Annual Texas National McNair Research Conference

University of North Texas
F420H2:NADP+ oxidoreductase hydride transfer rates: kinetic
analysis of thr09 mutant

October 2017 University College Scholars Program Research Panel

University of Texas at Arlington
Experiences in Undergraduate Research

October 2017 Present Research Scientist Assistant under Dr. Joseph Boll,
University of Texas at Arlington
Setting up an antimicrobial peptide display in M. smegmatis to
screen for positive killing hits.

November 2016 Immunology undergraduate research under Dr. Jason

September 2017 Kubinak, University of Texas at Arlington
Sepsis in BALB B/D mouse models: Mice deficient in B1 or B2
cells were infected with Salmonella enterica. Following infection,
mice of each type were orally gavaged with healthy feces from a
wild type mouse. Once the animals were septic, bacteria levels in
tissue and serum were measured. The infection trends were
analyzed in Excel.

May 2016 - September 2016 Biochemistry undergraduate research under Dr. Kayunta
Johnson-Winters, University of Texas at Arlington
Enzyme kinetics of oxidoreductase: The oxidoreductase enzyme
was subjected to mutagenesis to alter the 9th amino acid residue,
threonine, to alanine. Mutant enzyme was grown in E. coli then
purified. Binding rates were analyzed in Excel.

Spring 2016 Spring 2017 Secretary, Mu Sigma Microbiology Society

University of Texas at Arlington
Worked with the scientific publication Cultures
Organized hospital and public health career shadowing
Organized American Society of Microbiology conference

Spring 2016 Spring 2017 President and Treasurer, SEEDS: Strategies for Ecology,
Education, Diversity, and Sustainability
University of Texas at Arlington
Introduced members to volunteering opportunities, scholarships,
and research prospects related to ecology
Headed fund raising campaigns and managed finances

Fall 2015 Fall 2016 Lead Lab Assistant, Microbiology Teaching Lab
University of Texas at Arlington
Planned weekly and monthly work agendas for lab assistants
Lead group productivity meetings
Trained lab assistants on laboratory equipment and protocols
Isolated, cultured, and created cold stocks of BLS 2 bacteria
Maintained chemical inventory and ordered lab supplies


June 2016 Bloodborne Pathogens for Laboratory Research Personnel

University of Texas at Arlington

June 2016 Biosafety Level 2

University of Texas at Arlington

August 2015 Hazard Communications and Waste Management

University of Texas at Arlington

Aseptic bacterial isolation and culturing, bacterial identification with selective and differential
media, DNA isolation from tissue and feces, DNA sequence alignment using EZBioEdit,
ELISA, flow cytometry, gel electrophoresis, Gibson cloning, infection trend data collection,
mouse aortic blood collection, mouse genotyping, PCR, protein purification, RNA isolation
from tissues, site directed mutagenesis, UV/VIS Spectrometry