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Art in the Style of Date: Oct.

30, 2017
Lesson Title:
Roy Henry Vickers

Name: Subject: Grade(s):

Erin, Cristin, Arts Education 4
John, Kelsey

Rationale: (lesson context and reasons why lesson matters)

Big Ideas:
Creative expression is a means to explore and share ones identity within a community.
Exploring works of art exposes us to diverse values, knowledge, and perspectives.
This lesson explores the art and stories of Roy Henry Vickers, making connections to
Indigenous ways of knowing (local/regional) and exploring how students can express their own
experiences using the style of art used by Roy Henry Vickers.

Curriculum Connections :

Curricular Competency:
Create artistic works collaboratively and as an individual using ideas inspired by
imagination, inquiry, experimentation, and purposeful play
Explore identity, place, culture, and belonging through arts experiences
Develop and refine ideas, processes, and technical skills in a variety of art forms to
improve the quality of artistic creations
Connect knowledge and skills from other areas of learning in planning, creating,
interpreting, and analyzing works for art
Adapt learned skills, understandings, and processes for use in new contexts and for
different purposes and audiences
Interpret and communicate ideas using symbolism to express meaning through the arts
Express, feelings, ideas, and experiences in creative ways
Describe and respond to works of art and explore artists intent

Visual arts: elements of design: value, line, shape, colour, form
Processes, materials, technologies, tools and techniques to support arts activities
Symbolism and metaphor create and represent meaning
Traditional and contemporary Aboriginal arts and arts-making processes
A variety of regional and national works of art and artistic traditions from diverse
cultures, communities, times, and places
Core Competency:
Communication - encompasses the set of abilities that students use to impart and
exchange information, experiences and ideas, to explore the world around them, and to
understand and effectively engage in the use of digital media.
Creative thinking - involves the generation of new ideas and concepts that have value to
the individual or others, and the development of these ideas and concepts from thought
to reality.

Learning Intentions Activity Assessment

I can describe how Roy Represent your favourite Create a landscape that
Henry Vickers uses place using the style of Roy demonstrates use of value and
colour (light to dark shades of a
Indigenous ways of knowing Henry Vickers
colour), and a variety of shapes
in his art and stories (silhouettes)
I can use value, shape and
colour in my artwork

Prerequisite Concepts and Skill :( for student success)

Colour blending and shading

Materials and Resources with References/Sources:

For Teacher For Students

Storybook - Raven Brings the Light Newsprint and pencils for rough sketch
Acrylic paints in a variety of colours, plus
white and black
Styrofoam meat trays for blending colours
Brushes and water
Black construction paper
White glue

Differentiated Instruction (DI): (accommodations)

For grade 2-3 use chalk pastels to draw favourite place, using layers of shading and colour
(storybook - Peace Dancer)
For grade 5-6 paint shades of colour on paper and then paint over top with black for shapes &
lines (Storyteller: The Art of Roy Henry Vickers)
For grade 7 use Google Draw, Photoshop, Microsoft Paint (any software students are familiar
with) to emulate silk screening process and design artwork in layers (Storyteller: The Art of Roy
Henry Vickers)
Organizational/Management Strategies: (anything special to consider?)
Pass out paper and pencils for rough sketch first
As students finish their sketches, they can collect brush, water and a styrofoam meat
tray with black, white and one or two colours for blending.
Hand out black construction paper for silhouette shapes

Possible Aboriginal Connections / First Peoples Principles of Learning and

Roy Henry Vickers is a very well-known BC and Canadian First Nations artist and storyteller.
See attached Prezi presentation for more information.
Lesson Activities:

Teacher Activities Student Activities Pacing

Introduction (hook/motivation/lesson

Read Raven Brings the Light to students Students listen 5 mins

Use Prezi presentation and video clips to Students listen 20 mins

introduce Roy Henry Vickers as an artist
(end of first days lesson)

Body (lesson flow/ management)

Ask students to close their eyes and imagine Students visualize 5 mins
their favourite place (could use ipads or bring in
a favourite picture if desired). Remind students
that Roy Henry Vickers creates art about the
west coast of BC in particular.

Ask students to sketch their favourite place to 10-15

determine how they are going to create their Students sketch mins
artwork (shades of colour and silhouette

Working from sketch, students can then blend Students paint 30 mins
their colours and paint their colour shades on
the paper. (end of 2nd days lesson)

Once paint is dry, students can cut out Students cut and glue 30 mins
silhouette shapes from black construction paper
to glue. (end of 3rd days lesson)

Closure ( connections within lesson or between Students discuss - think, pair, share 15 mins
lessons, sharing successes, summaries)

Discuss Roy Henry Vickers Indigenous ways of

knowing about interconnectedness and Mother
Earth, and what you can do to make the world
better for you, your family, your community, your
country and your world.
I wonder how your artwork shows

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