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types of backup in avamar

A-scheduled and on demand
backup groups have policyes
default groups
A-DTL ,Proxy group

What should be done to avoid backing up the same data multiple times within a
backup window?
seenagapeSeptember 3, 2013

An EMC customer has a three-node cluster with the Avamar Windows client installed.
Each node has the Avamar Exchange 2007 plug-in installed. What should be done to
avoid backing up the same data multiple times within a backup window?

Exclude virtual node file systems from the physical node dataset

Ensure the Quorum drive is backed up only once per week instead of nightly

Ensure both the physical and virtual nodes are in the same Avamar group

Verify that the Exchange database backup is not scheduled at the same time as the
file system
Answer: A

What caused this error?

A customer is successfully backing up 50 virtual machines (VMs) hosted on two ESX

hosts. There are two datastores and two proxy servers used for VADP-based backups.
They deploy anotherproxy server to backup 10 new VMs residing on a new datastore.
The backups for the new VMsfailed with the following error:
Event Code: 30931 Failed to initiate a backup or restore of a virtual machine
because no proxy was found to service the virtual machine. What caused this error?

Not enough space is allocated on the proxy server to mount VM snaps
Proxy server is not provisioned on the new datastore
Proxy host has not been given backup privilege in the vCenter
New datastore is not selected for the proxy server in Avamar Administrator

Question: 8 Which Avamar node is dedicated to providing internal Avamar server

processes and services? A. Spare B. Storage C. Utility
D. Accelerator Answer: C 8. 8 | P a g e

Question: 11 An Avamar customer has just deployed a VMware environment. The

customer wants to ensure they receive the highest level of deduplication within the
environment. Which type of backup should be performed?
A. Guest
B. VCB proxy host
D. ESX console
Answer: B

Question: 16 On an Avamar server using default settings, what is the maximum

allowable operating system capacity utilization after which HFS check will not run?
A. 65% B. 85% C. 90% D. 95%
Answer: C Explanation:

Question: 14 In an EMC NetWorker backup environment, where do the metadata and

backup policies reside?
A. Storage node
B. Backup server
C. Dedicated storage node
D. Backup client
Answer: B

What is the access mode of the EMC Avamar server during the garbage collect

A. Read/write throughout garbage collection

B. Read/write at the beginning and read-only at the end of garbage collection
C. Read-only at the beginning and read/write during garbage collection
D. Read-only throughout garbage collection

Answer : D

A customer uses EMC Avamar to backup 1000 servers. The servers have a combined raw
capacity of 90 TBs and 75 TBs useable. The Avamar grid is licensed for 25 TB
How would the Data Protection Advisor backup option be licensed?

A. 25 - 1 TB licenses
B. 50 client licenses
C. 75 - 1 TB licenses
D. 90 - 1 TB licenses

Answer : A

What is an Avamar checkpoint

A. An integrity hardware check of the Avamar grid
B. A read-only snapshot of the Avamar storage node(s) to synchronize with
replicated nodejs;
C. A full copy of backup data
D. A read-only snapshot of the Avamar server taken to enable server rollbacks

Answer : D

In an EMC Avamar backup, what is the role of sticky-byte factoring?

A. Determines which chunks are sent to the Avamar server

B. Consistently creates 24 KB chunks
C. Determines which files to chunk
D. Consistently produces the same chunk result on unchanged data

Answer : D
Explanation: The Avamar agent running on the backup client (avtar) traverses each
directory in the backup. For each file in the backup: 1. Avtar checks the client's
file cache to see if the file has been backed up before. Files that have been
previously backed up are skipped from processing. 2. If there is no match in the
file cache, sticky-byte factoring divides the file data into variable-sized chunks.
3. Each data chunk may be compressed. 4. Each compressed data chunk is hashed. The
hash created from a data chunk is referred to as an atomic hash. Atomic hashes are
combined to create Composites. The number of composites equals the depth of the
file system being backed up.

Which Avamar feature provides the benefit of less network traffic than traditional
backup applications?

A. Target-based deduplication
B. Source-based deduplication
C. Inline deduplication
D. Post-process deduplication

Answer : B
On the other side, Avamar utilizes source-based deduplication. Since Avamar is both
the backup software and backup-to-disk target, it can actually deduplicate the data
before it leaves the server. This means that files are broken apart and
deduplicated before any backup data is sent across the network. Only the changed
blocks are sent across the network to the backup-to-disk target. This results in a
reduction in network traffic, the amount of data stored on disk, and also the time
it takes you to backup.

When does the Avamar server run garbage collection?

seenagapeDecember 21, 2016

When does the Avamar server run garbage collection?

During the blackout window

During the maintenance window

During the morning and eveningcron jobs

During the morningcron job
Ans:-- A

What is the RAID level on an Avamar NDMP accelerator node?