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Nancy Velasquez

Professor Szybisty

Tracking my challenges in writing project

10 November 2017


A paper consists of many parts. The organization of the paper is essential because when

you put all the parts, it will come together to form the paper. If you mess up the order of the

paper then it will not be an exceptional paper. When organizing a paper, the following parts

should always be included: an into, a thesis statement, the body, and then last but not least, a


Within the intro, you should always give the reader a preview about what your paper will

be about and this is where you will provide background info based on your topic. You will do

this in order to provide your reader information for what the rest of your paper will be about.

Then within the intro, you will include the thesis. The thesis should direct the rest of the paper.

Then afterwards, comes the body. The body is the whole paper, this is where you will make your

points of argument, and also where you will be dealing with alternative arguments. Within the

body, each paragraph support providence evidence whether it be quotes or statistics. There

should also be a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Lastly, the paper should have a conclusion. The

conclusion should restate the thesis and it reiterates what the paper was about.

To properly organize your paper, you should organize your thoughts, do an outline of

your argument, and be very specific with each paragraph to make it easier to do the paper.

When writing the conclusion paragraph, you are to restate the main idea of your paper

and summarize your paper within the paragraph limit. To write an effective conclusion

paragraph, you should also leave an impact on the reader. The example that Purdue OWL

Engagement uses is:

Getting a better job is a goal that I would really like to accomplish in the next few years.

Finishing school will take me a long way to meeting this goal. To meet my goal, I will also

prepare my rsum and search for jobs. My goal may not be an easy one to achieve, but things

that are worth doing are often not easy (Purdue OWL)

The first sentence restates the thesis while the second and third sentences summarize.

Lastly, the fourth sentence is what leaves an impression on the reader.


It is essential to have good paragraphs within a paper, because that is what makes the

body of the essay. In order for a paragraph to be considered good, it has to have only one

controlling idea, meaning one paragraph should be focused on one topic only. Secondly, there

should smooth transitions within the paragraphs and the paper. When coming up with what you

want to write about specifically, you need to make sure that everything you will talk about

throughout your paper will be unified, is related to the argument/ research problem, is coherent

and also well-developed. Some ways that you can organize a paragraph is by narrative,

descriptive, process, classification, an illustrative.

Thesis statement
A thesis statement comes at the very end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis

statement states what specifically you will be talking about in your paper. Some tips and

questions that The Center for Writing Studies suggests considering when writing your thesis

statement are, Where is your thesis statement?, Is your thesis statement specific?, Is your

thesis statement too general?, Is your thesis statement clear?, Does your thesis include a

comment about your position on the issue at hand?, and lastly, Is your thesis statement

original? All of these questions will help you write an effective thesis statement.

Reading comprehension

Some tips that the Academic Success Center of Oregon State University provides on

reading comprehension are, scheduling time to read, picking a good location to read, choose and

use a specific reading strategy, monitoring your comprehension frequently, and taking notes. All

of these things will help you comprehend what you are reading. Including when writing a paper

to make sure that the paper flows smoothly.

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