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Membuat Ketupat Dari Pita Plastik

Disini aku akan mencoba menjelaskan cara membuat anyaman ketupat dari pita plastik, pada dasarnya
caranya sama dangan cara membuat anyaman ketupat dari daun kelapa, bagi ibu-ibu rumah tangga yang
ingin belajar silahkan ikuti petunjuk dibawah ini dan semoga bermanfaat untuk anda-anda semua.

Langkah-langkah :

1. Siapkan 2 rol pita plastik yang berbeda warna ukuran 2cm kemudian potong kedua pita sepanjang
1m, belah pita menjadi 2 bagian.

2. Lingkarkan sebanyak 3 kali lingkaran pada jari tangan kanan dan kiri dengan ujung pita yang
panjangnya berbeda.

3. Anyam lingkaran pita dengan cara memasukan pita mulai dari tangan kanan berselang-seling keatas
pita yang ada ditangan kiri.
4. Sampai terbentuk seperti gambar yang dibawah ini.

5. Ambil salah satu pita yang ujungnya panjang, masukan berselang-seling sebanyak 3 langkah.
6. Sampai seperti gambar yang dibawah ini.

7. Ambil ujung pita yang pendek dengan warna yang berbeda untuk mengunci anyaman sebanyak 2
8. Ulangi langkah 1-7 pada ujung pita yang belum di anyam sampai kedua ujung pita bertemu, ujung pita
yang pendek dengan yang pendek, yang panjang dengan yang panjang, lihat contoh gambar dibawah

1. Orientation : penjelasan awal, seperti pembukaan dari cerita

2. Complication : masalah yang terjadi dalam cerita tersebut
3. Solution : pemecahan masalah dalam cerita tersebut
4. Re-orientation : penutup dari cerita

Inti dari teks narrative seperti cerita dongeng yang kadang di

bagian akhirnya diberikan moral value dari cerita yang dapat
contoh teks narrative:
I Would Do It for Love
Once upon a time in a far away land, lived two families called the
Darlan family and the Meissner family. The Darlan family had a
daughter named Naya, while the Meissner family had a son named
Arman. Naya and Arman had been friends since childhood and had
lived in the country side for sixteen years of their life.
Unfortunately, one day, the Darlan family was called upon by the king
as the familys men were very fine blacksmiths. The Darlan family had
to move to the town because of the Kings demand. So Naya and Arman
for the first time said goodbye to each other. Secretly, Arman vowed to
work hard so that he could also work in town and finally meet Naya
Two years later, Arman had mastered some skills he thought he could
put in good use in the town. Fulfilling his promise, he traveled to town
and started to search for Naya. It was not a hard task, Nayas father
had been granted the title of Duke by the King! Hurriedly, he visited
Nayas own castle, but to his dismay, Naya did not want to meet him.
Maybe she is busy, he said to himself.
His determination to meet Naya did not waver, Arman found work as
a builder in town. Each day, after work he would visit Nayas castle,
but each day Naya refused to meet him. A few weeks passed by, Arman
became sick, sick because he could not meet the childhood friend he so
dearly loved. He had abandoned his work, making his friends he made
at the working place concerned.
Go and meet him once again Arman! Maybe this time you will be in
luck! said one.
No. Maybe I was putting too much hope for her to love me. After all,
we were just childhood friends.
His friends decided to visit Nayas castle themselves, to tell her that
Arman his childhood friend, who fell in love with her is in an ill state.
To their surprise, Naya agreed to meet them and heared that Arman
was sick.
Tell him to go to the forest and find a wooden house, said Naya.
And after that? What should he do my Lady? asked one of Armans
He will find the answer once he finds the house, answered Naya
The friends came back to Arman and told him about the happy news.
Arman suddenly stood up from his bed and felt refreshed as though
nothing has happened before.
The next day Arman journeyed to the forest and found the wooden
house Naya had mentioned. An old lady, with hideous boils on her
face, crooked body, and white tangled hair that was very filthy greeted
Excuse me, is Lady Naya here? She told me to come here, asked
No, Lady Naya is not here. But she left a message I must tell you,
said the old lady with a croaky voice.
What is it?
She said, if you really love her, you must prove it. And to prove it, you
must marry me!
Because of his love, the love he had felt since childhood for Naya,
Arman did not hesitate to answer.
If that is what she wants, I would do it. I would do it for love!
Suddenly, the old lady wailed and ran towards a small lake in front of
the house. She bathed her face with water and to Armans surprise, it
was Nayna staring back at him. She had cleaned the make up she was
wearing and pulled of the wig she also wore to disguise herself as an
old lady.
Arman, I was only testing you. And now I know what I must do. I will
share the rest of my life with you. Because, because I would do it for
Arman was very happy that Naya had the same feelings for him. And
so, they lived happily ever after.
Moral value: True love is very hard to find, to show it is even harder.

1. Orientation: Informasi pembuka yang dapat menjawab siapa,

kapan, dan dimana.
2. Series of Events: Urutan kejadian yang ditulis secara kronologis.
3. Reorientation: Penutup
Contoh teks recount:
My Adventure at Leang-Leang Cave
On Sunday, my parents, my best fruend Novi, and I visited a cave at
Maros called Leang-leang . It was my first time to visit the cave, better
yet, my best friend came to visit it with me!
The cave was famous for its primitive cave wall paintings which were
some hand prints and wild boar paintings. The cave and its
surroundings was turned into a national park, so it was taken care of.
My parents took a rest in a small hut for visitors of the park, while
Novi and I adventured around the cave with a guide. We had to climb
some metal stairs to get to the cave, because the cave was embedded
into a small mountain. Next stop was a place where some seashells
littered the ground and some were actually piled into a big mound!
The guide said that these piles of seashells are called
kjokkenmoddinger, or kitchen trash. The humans who lived here ate
the shells and dumped the left overs in their kitchen. The last place
was a small museum where they have skeletons of the humans who
lived in the caves. The skeletons along with some roughly made
jewelry and weapons were placed inside glass cases for display. The
walls of the museum were adorned with photographs taken when they
did an excavation there.
After a quick lunch with Novi and my parents, we decided it was time
to go back home. We really had the time of our lives!
Teks descriptive/description adalah teks yang mendeskripsikan
suatu benda, orang, atau tempat secara terperinci.
Struktur dari teks decriptive, yaitu:
1. Pengenalan subjek
2. Ciri-ciri subjek
Contoh teks descriptive:
Rafflesia Arnoldii
Rafflesia Arnoldii is a rare flower that is well known because of the size
of the flowers petals and the smell of rotten meat that it gives out.
This enormous and rare flower grows in the forest of Southeast Asia,
including the Phillipines. Its large flower can grow to 3 meters in
diameter and weigh up to 11 kilograms. It does not have any leaves,
stem, or roots and because of lacking clorophyls this plant can not
photosynthesize making it a parasite, living on other plants nutrition.
The flower has five petals red in colour and has white spots, which
surrounds the middle of the flower much like a hole. At the base of the
flower there is a part which has needles and contains the reproduction
parts of the flower.
Rafflesia Arnoldii reproduces with the help of flies that are attracted to
the flowers smell (which some observers say smells much like bad
meat and rotten eggs mixed). The flower only lasts for five to seven
days and then dies.
Teks procedure adalah teks yang menyampaikan tentang tata cara
melakukan sesuatu. Cara penulisannya pada umumnya dalam
bentuk poin per poin.
Struktur dari teks procedure, yaitu:

1. Tujuan kegiatan
2. Bahan-bahan
3. Langkah-langkah

Contoh teks procedure:

How to Make Orange Tea
Ingredients: 1 orange, sweet tea, soda drink (use uncoloured soda),
and ice.
Utensils: Jug, knife, spoon, and drinking glass.
1. Cut the orange into circle shapes, try to cut it thinly.
2. Put the cut orange and ice into jug.
3. Pour the soda drink into the jug.
4. Add the already prepared sweet tea.
5. Stir the ingredients in the jug well.
6. After pouring the orange tea in a glass, you can decorate the brim of
the glass with left over orange pieces.
Teks report adalah teks yang menyampaikan informasi tentang
sesuatu (objek, makhluk hidup, kejadian alam) secara apa adanya,
sebagai hasil pengamatan yang sistematis dan berdasarkan fakta.

Ciri yang membedakan teks report dan teks descriptive adalah cara
penulisannya. Teks report hanya menjelaskan topik teks secara
umum, sedangkan teks descriptive menceritakan topik teks secara
lebih terperinci.
Struktur teks report yaitu:

General statement: Pernyataan awal yang menyampaikan pada

pembaca mengenai topik teks secara umum
Description: Deskripsi secara umum dari topik teks

Contoh teks report:

Tyrannosaurus rex, sometimes just called T-rex, is believed to be the
largest and most fearsome predator on Earths land ever to have
existed. This dinosaur once roam the Earth in the Creataceous period
approximately 68 to 65 million years ago.
As a carnivorous dinosaur, this giant predator most likely ambushed
their prey, and devoured them with jaws full of white sharp teeth.
With its fast ability to run at an astonishing speed of 32 mph (50
kmh), a perfect slim and stiff tail that gave it an excellent balance and
allowed it to make quick turns, equipped this gigantic predator and
made it even more deadly, like a killing machine.