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Sr NoQUESTION_TEXT1Which of the following documents may be used for verifying the identity of a

person?2The information related to a person, which can be obtained from official records like name,
address, date of birth and so on, are referred to as _blank_ information.3Impersonation is when
one visits a enrolment centre in person. Is this statement True or False?4Only biometric parameter is
enough to establish unique identity of a person. Is this statement True or False?5If Rina pretends to
be Aditi then it is _blank_.6If Akash Sharma has been registered in the electoral role in two places,
i.e. in Mumbai and Pune then it is _blank_.7A _blank_ of India is one who is presently staying in
India.8Multiple agencies verifying the address and identity of a resident results in spending a lot of
time, money, and effort.9The Unique Identification Number is called _blank_.10Aadhaar is unique
because11Aadhaar is a 15-digit number.12Aadhaar will be used to prove citizenship. Is this
statement True or False?13Aadhaar is a _blank_ generated _blank_digit Unique Identification
Number.14Will Aadhaar be mandatory to obtain?15Aadhaar is based on demographic information
& biometric information. Is this statement True or False?16What is the full form of UIDAI ?17Easy
and quick authentication of identity is an important objective of UIDAI.18Aadhaar will cover all
residents of India.19Can a new Aadhaar be issued to the same person in two different
cities?20Enrolment of residents will be computerized.21The Enrolment Centre is within an
Enrolment Station. Is this statement true or false?22What is the process of capturing resident data
called?23Aadhaar number is a proof of _blank_.24Who will deliver Aadhaar letters to
residents?25_blank_ are appointed by the Registrar for enrolling residents.26Which agency will
directly interact with residents and enroll them?27Which section of eye has a unique
feature?28Which physical features can be used to determine a persons identity?29Which one is
NOT demographic information?30What are possible benefits of having a unique identity?31What is
the function of CIDR?32Registrars Office is the location where the enrolment happens33Which of
the following are NOT a part of the UIDAI eco-system?34What is the function of Contact Centre?35A
resident can use Aadhaar for identity verification.36The information related to the physical
attributes of a person like finger prints, facial features and iris are known as Demographic
information37Which of the following is NOT an Aadhaar number?38An Enrolment Centre can have
one or more than one enrolment stations.39Prashant has no identity document. Can he enroll
through the Introducer scheme?40Radha does not have an Aadhaar number. Meera confirms
Radhas identity and address for Aadhaar number. Who is Radha?41Rajan works at an Enrolment
Centre. He makes sure the stations are put up correctly, all the equipments are working properly and
the facilities are kept clean. Who is Rajan?42Ram interacts directly with the applicants when they
come to the Enrolment Agency. He also collects all their demographic information. Who is
Ram?43Aadhaar is a _blank_ digit number.44Aadhaar will only be provided once the following two
activities are completed. What are those activities ? Select the correct two answers45PDS stands
for:46If the PDS is the Registrar for a particular state then the pre-existing database available with
the Registrar will be the _blank_.47What has UIDAI setup for residents who have
queries/grievances?48Examples of appropriate location for setting up an enrolment centre49If a
Registrar already has the demographic data of its Residents / beneficiaries in a digitized form /
database, it can be imported into the AADHAAR enrolment client in a CSV
format. This data is called _blank_.50If a Resident approaches the Enrolment Station and his/her
name/details are not available in the Registrars pre-enrolment data, the Resident can still be
enrolled for Aadhaar.51If the Enrolment Operator sees inaccuracies in the pre-enrolment data (like
males have been recorded as females) it can be corrected.52In every Enrolment Centre, the number
of certified Operators should be more than the number of Stations.53Enrolment Agency will ensure
Enrolment Centre is setup as per the checklist provided by _blank_.54Registrars Supervisor verifies
the Enrolment setup and sign-off for the checklist.55If the pre-enrolment database of the Resident is
not available at the Enrolment Agency, the Resident must fill-up the _blank_ form.56The Residents
have to fill up the Enrolment Form with basic information known as Know Your Resident
information.57The Registrar has the right to add more sections to the Enrolment Form for capturing
KYR+ fields.58Residents have to provide address & identity Verification Document at the Enrolment
Centre.59Who is supposed to verify the Residents documents at the Enrolment Centre?60The
Enrolment Operator enters the verified demographic resident data into the Enrolment software
from the Enrolment Form.61If the Resident is less than 5 years old, details of parents/guardian will
be required.62While enrolling the child below 5 years, the operator will use whose enrolment
number in the childs form.63Enrolment Agency Operator checks if the Resident has any biometric
exceptions like a missing eye or finger.64Enrolment Agency Operator captures biometrics in the
form of blank_.65Enrolment Operator will ensure the following for biometric data capture:66For
any biometric exceptions case, the Enrolment Operator has to get whose confirmation for the data
captured ?67Transfer of demographic and biometric data to the CIDR is also known as First Mile
Logistics.68If the data in the memory stick is found to be correct, the CIDR Database will be
updated.69As soon as CIDR verifies that it has got the correct and complete data from the Enrolment
Agency, then it deletes all the data from ?70CIDR checks the enrolment data for any duplicate
entries on the basis of biometric data. What is this called?71The resident whose data have been
successfully cleared the de-duplication process are issued a letter by CIDR about which
number?72Process of issuance of Aadhaar number is also known as:73Who is responsible to
organise camps at local level in co-ordination with Enrolment Agencies to enroll the
Introducers?74_blank_ sets up the Enrolment Centre75Enrolment Agency captures Residents
_blank_ and _blank_ data76Enrolment Agency sends data to _blank_ for de-duplication and
quality monitoring purpose77Memory Stick is78A Manifest is a79What is Pre-enrolment Residents
data?80_blank_ provides content to the Registrar for awareness and publicity81_blank_ helps
Registrar in creating awareness among Residents in the area where Enrollment is taking
place82_blank_ ensures availability of certified Operators and Supervisors83Which of the following
people will NOT be employed by an Enrolment Agency?84_blank_ audits enrolment centre
readiness85The full form of KYR is _blank_86The images of _blank_ fingers are to be
captured87Iris and fingerprint scans are compulsory for Residents above _blank_ years of
age88Among the following, whose finger prints are needed to sign-off the data capture?89_blank_
takes backup of enrollment data90The full form of PoI is _blank_91The full form of PoA is
_blank_92If the Resident cannot read or is blind, the text data on the review screen is read out by
the _blank_93_blank_ provides demographic and biometric information to enroll
them94Registrars can be95An Enrolment Station comprises of96Who will provide pre-enrolled
residents data to the Enrolment Agency?97 Enrolment Agency will ensure that the Enrolment
Centre is setup as per the checklist provided for setting up the Enrolment Centre.98Introducer is
supposed to sign the consent form and enroll for becoming an introducer99If the PDS is the
Registrar for a particular state, then the pre-existing database available with the Registrar will be the
Ration Card number and the associated details (like name, address, age etc.) of the Resident. This
database can be used as _blank_.100At the Enrolment Centre, who provides the necessary support
for handling technical issues101How will the Registrar and Enrollment Agency reach remote areas
where adeqaute facilities are not available?102Data Capture means103An Audit is a process
where104First Mile Logistics involves105Data De-Duplication is106In case of a person having missing
eyes, what does the Operator need to do ?107The fingerprints must be captured in the sequence of
slaps of four fingers of left hand, right hand, followed by the two thumbs.108Rajus data on de-
duplication has been found to be duplicate. What does this mean?109Ram successfully completes
the enrolment procedure of Shyam. Which slip/document will Ram hand over to Shyam?110In
situations where Residents are unable to provide proof of identity or proof of address, a previously
designated _blank_ can introduce them for an Aadhaar number?111The KYR+ fields are the
requirement of _blank_ agency112The supporting document for verifying PoI113The supporting
document for verifying PoA114The supporting document for proof of DoB115Aadhar numbers are
given to the individuals on the basis of:116UID number consists of _blank_ number of
digits.117 _blank_ is appointed by the Registrar for collection of the demographic and biometric
data in a geographical area.118_blank_ shares the content for awareness and publicity with the
Registrar.119The Enrolment Agency will be allowed to change or remove the material provided by
Registrars/ UIDAI.120Select the correct option121For retrieving the Pre-enrolment Data, Enrolment
Operator needs to import the _blank_ file in the Enrolment Client Application.122During the
Enrollment, _blank_ should be used for the purpose of capturing the facial image.123During the
Enrollment process, which group of people should be especially cared for in each Enrollment
centre124Backup of the data of each Enrolment Station has to be be taken125While ensuring
readiness as per the checklist provided by UIDAI, the Supervisor has to126Enrolment station must
have extra monitor for residents to verify their data.127It is a requirement to have banner for
Enrolment Centre placed at entrance128Bubble packed water resistant envelopes must be kept in
the Enrolment Centre for:129Power Generator should be kept sufficently _blank_ from the
enrollment stations130Each enrolment centre must have131Laptop/Desktop is a _blank_
requirement in the enrolment station132The laptop/desktop should have _blank_ Operating
System133Which are the mandatory requirements for an enrolment station?134It is desirable to
have a separate enclosure to enroll purdah-nasheen women in the enrolment centre135It is
desired to have a ramp for aged and handicapped people in the Enrolment centre136The registrars
are given _blank_ digit code137Enrolment Agency code is of _blank_ digits138_blank_ consists of
information related to all users139In Aadhaar Enrolment Client application, DOB should be in what
format?140At the end of every enrolment, a unique _blank_ is generated.141It is mandatory for
the Enrolment agency to hold a valid agreement with Registrar to conduct enrolment
activities142What type of information is Age, Gender and Address?143An Audit of an Enrollment
Centre is a process where one or more persons verify144You are an Enrolment Operator. You have
finished the KYR data capture using Aadhaar Enrolment Client of the Resident. You now want to shift
to KYR+ application. What would you do?145You are an Enrolment Operator. You have to retrieve
the pre-enrollment data. What would you do?146You are the Registrar and you need the content for
awareness and publicity. Where would you get that from?147The Biometric devices procured by the
Enrolment Agency should be certified by agency of _blank_148You are the representative of
Enrolment Agency. On what basis would you decide on the number of Enrolment Centres?149You
are the registrar. What format would you use to share the Pre-Enrolment Data?150You are a
representative of an enroling agency. You want to set up an enrolment centre. What arrangements
are you required to make for setting up an enrolment centre?151You are an enrolment agent. You
have received the pre-enrolment data of an individual from the registrar. Would you still ask
individual to provide the verified PoI, PoA documents?152What login would be used to enroll
Residents?153What address display format would you select for the Aadhaar client application for
rural area?15412/20/1984 is the correct format for entering the Date of Birth155The Enrolment
agency is responsible for156As a representative of Enrolment agency, how would you ensure that
the process of enrolment does not halt at any stage157You have been asked to install Aadhar
Enrolment Client. What minimum systems requirement would you check for?158Windows updates
are performed automatically by connecting to internet and selecting live windows update.159The
Aadhar Enrolment Client installation setup contains installer / folders for the following:160It is
mandatory to create a separate Windows User Account for each user who is supposed to use the
Enrolment Client.161The user who will install the Enrolment Client need not have administrative
privileges.162 _blank_ Operating System has the higher version of .Net framework 3.5 SP1
installed.163Which of the following is/are minimum system requirement/s for using the enrolment
client164Which of the following installation pre-requisites are available with Aadhaar Enrolment
Client Software165Google IME is a Local Language IME166The client is expected to get registered
with the server after the actual enrolment process starts167CSV format for pre enrollment data is an
abbreviation of168The Aadhar application uses _blank_ IME for Language Transliteration.169One
of the system prerequisites for installing the Aadhaar Enrolment Client is minimum _blank_ GB of
RAM170One of the installation prerequisites for installing the Aadhaar Enrolment Client is
_blank_171Can the Station Number be kept blank in the system configuration screen?172Why is it
not required to enter the registrar name in the system if one enters registrar ID?173You are in the
process of installing Aadhaar Enrolment Client. You find that the Windows Installer 4.5 and Microsoft
.Net Framework 3.5 SP1 are already installed. What would you do?174While installing the Aadhar
Enrolment Client, you find that the QSS SDK Setup is already installed. What would you do?175You
have been asked to install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Setup. What would you
do?176After logging into the Aadhaar Enrolment Client, the operator will not find which one icon at
the left hand bottom corner177After logging into the Aadhaar Enrolment Client, if the operator see a
red cross on the icon for the iris scanner, what would he conclude?178As an administrator, you have
been asked to integrate the pre-enrolment data file with the Aadhaar Enrolment Client application.
What would you ensure?179What Contact (address) display format needs to selected for the
Aadhaar client application in case of enrolment in urban areas?180On what basis would the admin
person select Local Language for the Aadhaar application?181 _blank_ is an effort by the
Government of India to provide a Unique Identification Number to the residents of India.182UIDAI
will issue Aadhaar numbers to all the Indian residents. Is this statement True or False?183UIDAI will
be issuing what number to all the Indian residents?184Aadhaar avoids errors and duplicates by
linking an individuals identity to biometric information which is unique to the individual. Such
biometric information includes:185Aadhaar uses three types of an individuals biometrics to
establish identity beyond reasonable doubt.186Biometric Devices are used to capture biometric
details such as:187Slap Scanner is used to capture the image of the _blank_ of a person.188The
different types of Biometric Devices used in an Aadhaar Enrolment Centre are?189The lines that you
see along each of your fingers, which are caused by raised areas of the skin can leave their
impressions on certain types of surfaces. Such an impression is called as190The appearance of a
persons fingerprint depends upon the following factors:191Fingerprints of a person may change as
a person grows old. Is this statement True or False?192Fingerprints are captured through digital
_blank_ Fingerprint Scanner.193The fingers of the Resident are always placed on the areas
indicated on the platen of the Fingerprint Scanner. Is this statement True or False?194Slap
Fingerprint Scanner can capture all the four fingers of one hand at a time. Is this statement True or
False?195Iris is the colored and most visible part of human eye which surrounds the Pupil.196Most
of the modern Iris Capturing Devices use _blank_ light, which is not visible to the human eye and
also doesnt cause any harm to the eyes.197The accuracy of the Iris Capturing Device can be
affected by198A _blank_ camera is used to capture facial features in a digital format.199 _blank_
is used to ensure balanced illumination during residents photgraph capture.200Some of the non-
biometric devices in an Enrolment Centre are:201The client enrolment software is installed in the
computer for collecting the _blank_ and _blank_ data.202The document to be printed in an
enrolment centre after enrollment are203A memory stick is used to physically transfer the
enrolment data from the Enrolment Center to the _blank_.204A laptop includes printer and
scanner.205An advantage of laptop is that it consumes less energy than desktop computers, gets
power from a built-in battery and can be used for some time even in the absence of external power
source.206A device connected to a computer that is used to convert a document from electronic
form to a hard copy (permanent readable text and graphics)?207Printer is powered from which
power source?208Barcode Reader is a hand-held or stationery device used to capture and read
information contained in a bar code.209UPS stands for?210In case there is a power failure what do
you use to provide an instant backup power source to the computer system ?211Which device
expands a single port into several ports so that more devices are connected to the computer?212At
remote locations there may be frequent failures in the supply of electricity at the Enrolment Centre.
Hence it is a must to have:213Documents that can be used as supporting material for obtaining
Aadhaar number are214An individuals identity can be verified by biometric information. Some of
these biometric information are215The hardware devices required for the resident enrollment
process is classified into :216Iris is the most unique and always available proof for verification for
most individuals over their lifetime, because217The Iris Capturing Device has a USB port which
connects it to the computer and it gets it power from the computer and does not need external
power source for operation218Photos of face are quite commonly used in various types of Identity
Cards219Resolution of a photo depends upon the number of :220Non-biometric devices at an
Enrolment centre are Computers, Printers and Storage Devices like CD, DVD, and Pen Drive.Is this
statement True or False?221One type of computer that could be used in an enrolment centre is222A
Laptop includes223A laptop functions like a desktop computer224What is printed on the printer on
successfully completing the enrolment of a resident?225CD stands for :226DVD stands for Digital
Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disk.227DVD can store much more data than CD228The storage
capacity of normal DVD is :229An example of a data storage device with a USB interface is230We
can copy files to and from the pen drive just like copying to a hard disk drive231Which UPS avoids
the momentary power lapses by constantly providing power from its own batteries, even when the
power line is functioning properly232What are the storage devices that could be used to transfer
Enrolment data to CIDR?233In what way may Aadhaar benefit residents of India?234During Iris
scanning clear Spectacles and clear Contact Lenses rarely affect the quality of image
capture.235Based on make and model Iris Capturing devices can be Hand-held and Tripod
mounted.Is this statement True or False?236In laptops LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is used as display
device.237How can you protect your computer from Virus?238During the process of enrolment at
the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre we would need Biometric and Non-Biometric Devices. Is this
statement True or False?239While capturing the fingerprints of a Resident, it should be ensured that
resident240The salient features of the Iris pattern are241In case of a power failure and you are
using a laptop for Enrolment, can the biometric devices function?242At the Enrolment Centre, after
all enrollments for the day are complete, the Residents data must be transferred to CIDR. This is
done using243Digital Camera is used to capture the _blank_ features of a person.244Fingerprints
are captured through digital _blank_ scanner.245If the fingers of the residents are not placed
properly on the areas indicated on the platen of the fingerprint scanner, what will be the
outcome?246Enrolment operator must ensure that the enrollees face is uniformly _blank_ before
capturing the facial image.247Since laptops and desktops have limited USB ports they often need
the support of which device to get connected to other devices248For taking the printout of
Acknowledgement and Consent Slip, you will connect the printer to249Biometric data will be
captured through biometric devices using software other than Aadhaar Enrolment Client
software.250Aadhaar numbers would help one prove his/her identity in:251Height of a person can
be used for de-duplication process.252Biometric data is used to253Biometric data are254Biometric
devices used to capture biometric data of the Residents for Aadhaar enrolment are255The Operator
has to click a button in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client application software to capture the facial
image.256Facial image capturing in Aadhaar Enrolment Client Application software is257Operator
should ensure that output of the facial image is:258If the enrollee is wearing a turban, Enroller has
to adjust the position to get the full coverage of his face.259If there is lady resident then lady
volunteer should help the Resident wherever necessary260Neutral expression include:261While
capturing image, Enrolment Operator must ensure that there is some shadow on face or eyes of the
enrolee.262Eye glasses of enrollees should be clear and transparent so that Iris is clearly
visible263While capturing facial image, eye patches accessories worn due to _blank_ are
allowed.264While capturing facial image, Turban is allowed due to:265What is true about Iris image
capture?266Steps of Iris capturing include267dow268Platen in a fingerprint scanner is269_blank_
of the Residents are used
as the basis for de-duplication270Iris is a part of271No separate power supply is required to run the
camera connected with the computer.272The camera used for capturing the facial image consists of
an auto-focus lens.273The device for capturing the facial image is enabled with auto focus
technology.274Two types of Iris Capturing Device are 275Bright light at the backdrop can cause
inconvenience while capturing facial image276Eyes glasses of the enrollee should be277The shape
of the iris is _blank_278What is unique about the iris?279Iris image acquisition is done280Iris
capture process is sensitive to281While capturing iris image, no direct or artificial light reflect off
enrollees eyes282If the fingerprint is not getting captured automatically, what would you do as an
Operator?283_blank_ information cannot be same for two people.284What is the cause of the
blurred facial image?285What is a backdrop in case of facial image capture?286The camera used for
capturing the facial image consists of an auto-focus lens. What does it mean?287No separate power
supply is required to run the Iris capturing device connected with the computer.288Enrollee should
not have neutral expression during Facial Image capture.289While capturing facial image, use of
accessories that covers any region of the face is290You are an Enrolment Operator. In what
sequence would you capture the fingerprints?291You are an Enrolment Operator taking facial image
of the resident. How would you ensure having the right focus of camera?292As an Operator, you
would ensure that there is no shadow on enrollees face.293You are the Enrolment Operator. What
would you do if the Enrollee is wearing glasses for capturing facial image (photograph)?294You are
the Enrolment Operator. What would you ensure when the Enrollee is wearing glasses for Iris
capture?295As an Operator, you would ensure that the facial image is:296As an Operator you would
put the light source to capture the facial image properly297What would you do if the enrollee has
squint/disoriented eye?298As an Operator, would you capture Iris of a blind person?299As an
operator, what would you do if the enrollee is unable to flatten his/her fingers?300If the image of
fingerprints for an Enrollee is not proper in spite of repeated attempts, what would you do as an
Operator?301What device is used to capture Facial Image?302_blank_ are commonly used in
various types of identification cards and it is widely accepted as a biometric identifier.303Enrolment
operator should take the image of the iris for the _blank_304How would one connect the digital
camera with the computer?305Aadhaar Enrolment Client application software is306How can the
operator capture facial image?307It is preferable to place the backdrop
against _blank_308How would one connect the iris capturing device with the
computer?309Enrolment operator should prefer bright light at the backdrop.310What are the
preferences of the Enrolment Operator for placing the backdrop?311Which type of accessories are
allowed while capturing facial images312If enrollee is unable to open the eye then the operator
should313In slap fingerprint scanner all the four fingers of each hand are captured at a
time314Fingerprints of thumbs are captured315While capturing the finger print, operator should
ensure that enrollee is316Does Enrolment Operator require to click any button on the device while
capturing good fingerprints317Should an operator demonstrate the way to place the fingers on the
platen to enrollee318Portion of the finger should touch the edge of the platen319Is the enrolment
operator required to set the focus of the iris capture device?320The application software
automatically captures the fingerprint when the fingers are placed on the platen321After logging
into the Aadhaar Enrolment Client software, you need to capture Residents demographic data and
different biometric data like322After completion of data capture, the application generates
Acknowledgement Slip and Consent-for-Enrolment Slip.323The Aadhaar Enrolment Client software
has the capability to allow users (Enrolment Agency Operator, Supervisor, Administrator etc.) to
login into the client application after verifying _blank_ and _blank_324What is conversion of the
demographic data captured in English (dominant language of Aadhaar client) to any Indian official
Indian languages (such as Hindi, Tamil, Telegu etc.) called325_blank_ supports the Client with
master data file so that the mapping from the PIN code to the state, district and village/town/city is
correctly done326The data about the Resident that is related to name, address, gender, date of
birth, mobile number, email, etc is demographic data327The data about the Resident that is related
to face (photo), Iris and fingerprints is called 328Demographic data is captured either by the
process of pre-registration based on data collected from the Registrars or collected during the
process of enrolment329KYR stands for330The name field is a mandatory field in the demographic
details331In all the cases it is necessary that the Residents data is verified on the basis of the
documents produced or through the332As per KYR standards, resident must provide the exact date
of birth333As per KYR standards, the mobile number & e-mail address are mandatory for the
demographic data334For infants below 5 years, father/ mother/ guardians name (at least one) and
Aadhaar is mandatory for the demographic data335The Enrolment Agency, with help of Registrars
Supervisor should verify the proof of identity documents produced by the individual before
recording the name.336If two documentary proofs produced by the enrollee have variation in the
same name (i.e., with initials and full name), the enrollees preferred name should be
recorded.337The date of birth of Resident in the order of DAY(2 digits), Month(2 digits), Year(4
digits) is used in Client Application Software338Gender has to be recorded by the Enrolment Agency
as declared by the enrollee in the box provided by recording Male, Female or Transgender
respectively339In case of children below the age of 5 years one of the parents or guardians
name is recorded and Aadhaar or Enrolment Number is mandatory.340For a child below 5 years, if
the childs father /mother / guardian has /have have not enrolled and / or do / does not possess an
Aadhaar number, the enrolment of that child can be done.341When the enrollee depends on
Introducer for proof of verification, the Aadhaar of the Introducer is not mandatory342In finger print
capture, both the thumbs are captured together343In Finger prints capture, both the index fingers
are captured separately as well344The first step in the process of capturing Resident data is to login
to the Aadhaar Enrolment Client. How will you launch the Aadhaar Enrolment Client ?345To logon
to the Aadhaar software one has to use a login ID & password346The pre-enrolment data file has to
be imported multiple times by the enrolment operator before starting the Resident
enrolments.347The Aadhaar Enrolment Client application will automatically transliterate the data
from English to the official language of the state in the corresponding fields.348In case of manual
entry, you need to press which button to get the transliterated version349Enrolment operators
need knowledge of English and the local language.350PoI stands for351PoA stands for352While
capturing Residents demographic data The name must NOT contain salutations, titles, or others.
For instance Mr. / Mrs. / Miss / Dr / Major / are not a part of the name, neither Retd. or D.Lit.
etc353You can enter more than 3 digits in the Age field354Enter the dates using _blank_
format355Incorrect PIN code makes the State and District fields blank356Correct PIN code does not
auto-populates the State, District fields357With the pin code, the application can auto-suggest
Village/Town/City fields358You can enter more than 10 numeric digits in the Mobile field359Use 0
or +91 before the mobile number360To specify any biometric exceptions, click the _blank_ button
on the Demographic data screen.361If the Resident has extra finger/s362The Operator must press
which button to capture the image363In Iris and Finger scan devices, what feature makes data
capture easy?364In case the auto capture fails, or does not happen for an unacceptably long period
of time, the operator must revert to _blank_365Face capture is mandatory for all residents
including infants366Iris capture is mandatory for all Residents above _blank_ years367Fingerprint
capture is mandatory for all Residents above _blank_ years368What colors indication would an
Operator see at the top bar of the screen to indicate incompleteness of the data capturing or errors
(or other data validation or data quality) ?369What colors would an Operator see next to the screen-
names at the top bar of the screen to indicate the completeness of the data capturing process
?370Supervisor confirmation is required for any biometric exception371What is the purpose of PoI
documents?372What happens on clicking Generate Report button in Import Pre-Enrolment Data
screen?373What is the functionality of the Biometric Exception Capture button on the
Demographic data screen?374How can the Aadhaar Enrolment Client automatically fill the available
Residents demographic data from the pre-enrolment data file?375What is the maximum digit-
length of the AGE field?376What are the types of Contact Details in the Application?377Which
Contact Details field is mandatory?378What is the maximum character-length of the MOBILE
field?379What is the functionality of PoI and PoA field?380What are the available options present
inParent/Spouse/Guardian field?381If a Resident has an extra finger, then what is the operator to
do?382Which screen comes after the Demographic Data Capture screen?383Which screen comes
after the Photograph screen?384Which screen comes after the Iris Scan screen?385Which
screen comes after the Fingerprints screen?386What is the use of the Capture Exception button
in the Photographs screen?387What is the significance of Red colour indicator next to the screen-
names at the top bar of the screen?388What is the significance of Green colour indicator next to the
screen-names at the top bar of the screen?389What is the significance of Grey colour next to the
screen-names at the top bar of the screen?390What is the duty of Operator at the time of Review
and Confirmation of Captured Data, if the Resident cant read?391What is the function of
Operators Confirmation section on Review screen?392Is the Aadhaar number of the Introducer
required in case of Introducer based verification.393State True or False Aadhaar Enrolment Client
can verify leap years automatically at the time of entering the date of birth394State True or False
The DATE OF BIRTH field will not accept 30/02/2005, since February 2005 has only 28 days395State
True or False The DATE OF BIRTH field will not accept 29/02/2005, since 2005 is not a leap year and
February would have only 28 days396State True or False A Simple Contact form may be used in
more remote/rural places where information like street name, etc. are not available.397State True
or False The Extended Contact form may be used when information like street name, etc are
available.398State True or False Entry of correct PIN code auto-populates the State, District
fields399State True or False If Enrolment Operator enters incorrect PIN code in the Pin Code
field, then the State and District fields will not be auto-populated400State True or False At the
time of entering Mobile Number in the MOBILE field +91 or 0 should be used before the
number.401Whether capturing the Relationship To Resident data is compulsory or not?402State
True or False If any biometric exceptions have been specified in the Demographic screen, then it is
required to capture them as photographs on the Photograph screen.403State True or False For
fingerprint data only thumbs are captured404Is it mandatory for Operator to give her/his own
fingerprint after collecting data from every Resident?405State True or False Biometric exceptions
captured by the Operator have to be verified by the Supervisor by providing her/his thumb
impression.406What is the functionality of Start Export button?407Which button is to be clicked
to import pre-enrolment data ?408Which data file is to be selected to import data ?409Which menu
option is used to get the pre-enrolment data into the Enrolment client application?410What is the
functionality of Start Import button?411Which one of the following statements is
correct.412State True or False Consecutive dots (.) can be used in the NAME field413State True or
False Consecutive spaces in NAME field can not be used.414State True/ False In DATE OF BIRTH
field, a future date can be entered415After entering the name of the resident, how is the
transliteration of data from English to the regional language started?416How can the Enrolment
operator move from Photographs screen to Iris Scan screen?417How can the Enrolment
operator go back from Fingerprints screen to Iris Scan screen, if required?418At the time of Iris
capture, if automatic capture does not happen even after few attempts, what should the Enrolment
operator do?419At the time of fingerprint capture, if automatic capture does not happen even after
few attempts, what should the Enrolment operator do?420What is the step after Demographic and
Biometric data capture has been completed?421After successful enrolment, what is the step to
generate Enrolment ID ?422How to print Acknowledgement Slip and Consent-for-Enrolment
Slip?423What does an operator need to do with Acknowledgement Slip?424At the end of an
enollment, a consent slip is generated. What does an operator need to do with Consent
Slip?425Which menu option is used to export Resident data files to a Memory Stick?426What is the
frequency for Data Backup at enrolment centre ?427An Exception in the Aadhaar Enrolment
process is related to428Biometric Exceptions are verified by the Operator and then confirmed in the
Aadhaar Enrolment Client429Biometric Exceptions are verified by the Supervisor and then
confirmed in the Aadhaar Enrolment Client430One must specify biometric exceptions by clicking on
the Biometric Exception Capture Button431For a resident with an extra finger, the extra finger will
be captured as a Biometric exception432Resident can enquire about the status of her / his
enrolment withContact centre. To track the status,Contact centre will require the Residents433The
hand of a person with a missing finger should be photographed with the palm facing the
camera434In case of Queries or Grievances,Registrar can call the Contact centre435Kannada,
Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil are languages supported by the contact centre436English language is not
supported by the contact center437The contact center would be functioning 6 days a week.438The
working hours of contact center would be from439The contact center would be closed only
on_blank_ National Holidays and remain open on other public holidays.440Exceptions in the
Aadhaar Enrolment process could be441Missing finger/fingers can be considered as an
exception442Missing eye can be considered as an exception443Amputation of an arm cannot be
considered as an exception444Mehendi on the hands can affect the quality of the
fingerprint445Rough fingers/calloused hands can affect the quality of the fingerprint446Rural India
has many people who have worn out fingerprints because of physical labour447If the capture of
both eyes at a time is not possible, the single eye iris scan device may be used448A female residents
enrolment could not be completed as there was Mehendi on her hands which prevented figerprint
capture. Resident was upset and called the contact centre. This should be handled as a
_blank_449The Enrolment centre did not have a special enclosed booth for Purdah Nasheen
women. This should be handled as a _blank_450For the Contact centre, residents sending emails is
an inbound channel451For the Contact centre, sending replies to emails from residents, is an
inbound channel452For the Contact centre, Residents posting queries/issues on Website portal is an
inbound channel453For the Contact centre, sending response through Fax is an outbound
channel454A person calls the Contact centre with regards to rude behaviour by the Enrolment
Centre Supervisor, it is a455A person calls the Contact centre and says that the enrolment process
took about 25 minutes at a particular Enrolment Centre, it is a456A person sends an email to the
Contact centre asking about the date on which he will receive his Aadhaar number, it is a457Shanti
has burnt her fingers during cooking, can she be considered as a biometric exception ?458Bhakti has
an amputed index finger, she cannot be considered as a biometric exception459A person paralyzed
from waist down will be classified under biometric exceptions460Shantilal has an extra finger.
Would the fingerprint of this extra finger also be captured?461The Aadhaar Enrolment Client has an
option for specifying the type of Biometric Exception. To access this option the operator uses462If
the Resident is unable to open her / his eyes properly to enable a successful iris capture, the
operator should immediately mark this as an Exception463A woman wearing a burquah is
considered to be an Exception464While capturing the hand of a person with a missing finger, only
the hand should be very clearly displayed ( the face and the other hand could remain out of the
photograph)465For a person with squint eyes, the iris capture process would be466Which of these is
a critical skill to overcome communication barriers?467An Operator or Supervisor who is a good
communicator does not do which of the following?468Most of the time communication fails due
to469Effective listening is to470What are the benefits of effective communication with
enrollees?471Face to face conversation is a form of472The role of a operator does not require much
communication skills473Shamu the operator had an habit of winking his eyes every time any task
was complete or done well. Instead of telling the enrollee that the capture was complete, he would
just give wink expecting the person to understand. If you are the Operator, what do you think is
right.474Which of these is a critical factor in quality data capture during enrollment?475Effective
crowd management at enrollment centre is about476What steps should be taken to ensure
correctness of data captured?477When should the operator instruct and communicate with the
enrollee?478What should you ask the resident in order to check if the resident wants financial
inclusion (banking otion) ?479Ramswaroop has just finished with his Enrollment for UID (Aadhaar)
data capture, when a friend comes up to him and they start talking. The operator tries to draw
Ramswaroops attention to check the details entered, without success. The long queue of waiting
people starts shouting at the operator to finish fast. What should the operator do?480Sarita Shah
has just finished her facial image capture and has come to the fingerprint scanner. Her fingerprints
were not legible, so the operator put excessive pressure on her hand, without sharing with her the
purpose to do so.Sarita was offended and screamed that the operator was getting friendly, and
touching without having any permissions. What would have been the right course of action for the
operator?481Financial Inclusion as envisaged by UIDAI implies _blank_482Under Financial Inclusion
a residents existing bank account can be483To help residents in remote areas avail of banking
services, the banks will deploy _blank_484Pranav already has a bank account with State Bank of
India. He wants to opt for Financial Inclusion. The EA Operator will
(Two options need to be selected)485One of the benefits of Financial Inclusion is486An Aadhaar
enabled bank account cant be used for pre-paid mobile service topup.487Buddhiman brings his
bank-passbook to the Enrolment Centre and provides it as proof to the EA Operator because488The
EA Operator selects the option for creating a new bank account for the resident in the Aadhaar
Enrolment Client because489The full form of the IFSC code is490The details of the residents existing
bank account is entered by the EA operator,491In the Aadhaar Enrolment client, how is the IFSC
code field populated?492Financial Inclusion will be very useful for493Munna is a 7 year old. Is he
eligible for an Aadhaar enabled bank account?494Madhav is a rich man and has several bank
accounts. But he does not want to link any of his accounts to Aadhaar. Is he allowed to do
this?495Banwari is employed under MNREGA. She does not want her wages to be paid in cash. How
will Aadhaar help her?496IFSC code is printed in _blank_

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