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One of the best singer-songwriters

in Peruvian history Gian Marco

Zignago is an outstanding singer-
songwriter born on August 17, 1970
in the city of Lima. He is the son of
well-known actress Regina Alcver
and singer of the 70's, Javier
Zignago, known as "Joe Danova",
whose success " Save this Rose,
my love "is still remembered in
Peru. Gian Marco has excelled as
an author of numerous musical
successes, receiving several
awards, among them the Latin
Grammy on three occasions. He began his artistic life, alongside his mother in musical
works and television programs, not only in Peru, but also in Argentina and Venezuela.
When he turns 18, he begins his solitary walk. He shows up at Barranco Station, a
bohemian and nearby place, then travels to study design in Santiago de Chile, where
he performs in bars and small concert halls. In 1989 Gianmarco began to reap its first
successes, when representing Peru in the Festival OTI of that year, something that
would repeat in the 1993 edition of the same festival. His first album, released in 1990,
was titled "Gian Marco" and contained a song that would become a resounding
success "Domitila". In the 90s he made the leap to television animation, presenting the
program of competitions, "Belling" of ATV. However, his passion has always been
music, and he did not stop writing songs and publishing new albums, including songs
of Creole music and Andean music. For 2004, Gian Marco already had great fame,
being the one chosen to compose and
interpret the main theme of the Copa
America that was carried out in Peru.
Three years later, Gian Marco Zignago
entered the literature, publishing an
inspiring book called "The wood of the
soul". And in 2009 he did the dubbing
of an animated film called "Up",
interpreting "Beta". One of the most
important presentations of the race of
Gian Marco was in the Library of
Congress of the United States, in the
homage to the great singer Carole