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Ma'alam Al Reef Al Hadeetha

Date: 27.08.2017


M/s. Hay Al Rahbah Trading & cont. LLC

Attn.: Mr.Khazir Khan
Sultanate of Oman

Sub: Quotation for Gate making as addition work

in fencing area at Madinat Sultan Qaboos
Dear Sir,

We are pleased to submit our quotation for the above job as per details given below:-

Scope of work:

Gate making
Size 1000mmx2200mm
Total gate 5nos.

Our price for the above is RO.50.000 each.

Total amount RO.250.000(Rial Omani : two hundred fifty only.

The above rate including materials and labor.

Payment condition: Immediate after completion of works.

Thanking you.

For: Ma'alim Al Reef Al Hadeetha

GSM: 99476045

100 549 1090501 :

C.R.1050961, P.O.Box 345 P.C.100, Sultanate of Oman