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Open PhD position

Multimodal medical image quality assessment

Deadline: 30th of September 2017 ; Starting date: 1st of November

This PhD position is part of an EU project, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network project:
HiPerNav (High Performance soft-tissue Navigation). The scientific and clinical goal of
HiPerNav is to develop a navigation platform for management of liver cancer and metastases
treatment to improve the eligibility and prognosis for liver surgical procedures and ablation
treatment, enabling an integral management of surgical workflow: (1) pre-operative surgical
planning; (2) intra-operative resection navigation and ablation monitoring; (3) post-operative
quality control.

This PhD position will focus on the development of new methodologies to assess the quality
of multimodal medical images, such as stereoscopic data, US, Dyna-CT, and MRI. The interest of
these images is to improve the soft tissue navigation and surgical procedures. The diversity of the
information conveyed by the diagnostic imaging systems should be exploited to develop
image quality metrics consistent with the perceptual evaluation of doctors. The proposed
quality metrics should also take into account the different distortions that can affect the
processed data, such as noise and low-contrast. Moreover, the development of quality metrics
that aim at evaluating the performance of medical image processing methods, such as image
enhancement, image segmentation and denoising, will be also investigated.

This work will be part of the activities related to research and development of new medical
technology, applied cross-disciplinary research of novel tool development for medical
imaging/visualization and navigation technology, clinical evaluation, and scientific
dissemination of knowledge.

Host institution/department
Universit Paris 13, France. Laboratoire de Traitement et Transport de l'Information (L2TI).

This work will be done in collaboration with:
The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory is a research group within
the Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology at the Norwegian University
of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Gjvik, Norway.
Intervention centre at Oslo University Hospital (Oslo, Norway) .

Qualifications for applicant
Master of science in relevant fields (computer science, image processing, informatics,
medical imaging, mathematics) and strong academic record
Image/video processing, mathematics and statistics
Good programming skills (Matlab and C++)
Good oral and written communication skills (in particular English)
Good knowledge in medical imaging is advantageous
We emphasize collaborative skills, initiative, ability to accomplish tasks, practical
skills, and ability to create and establish new projects in collaboration with colleagues.
Mobility Rule: At the time of recruitment, the candidate must not has resided or
carried out its main activity (work, studies, etc.) in France for more than 12 months
in the 3 years immediately before the reference date. Compulsory national service
and/or short stays such as holidays are not taken into account.

Application procedure
Applications should be submitted online using the form available at:

The application should include:

A detailed Curriculum Vitae
A motivation letter explaining why the applicant believes to be suitable for the
position offered
University transcripts
One or two reference letters

Selected applicants for an interview will be contacted by email.

The successful candidate will be offered:
Environment: The Laboratoire de Traitement et Transport de l'Information
(L2TI) was founded at the university Paris 13 in 1998. Its main research focus is on
the development of applied and theoretical research on Data Processing and
Transmission. More specifically, the topics addressed by the L2TI are related to
multimedia content processing and analysis, and computer networking. To address
these topics, the L2TI employs a number of researchers with a broad competence
basis in fields such as image quality assessment, image processing, 3D processing,
medical imaging, and wireless sensor networks. The L2TI maintains an interactive
open environment with strong national and international collaborators both in
academia and industry.
Conditions: The L2TI infrastructure includes servers, grid and cluster computing
system. Moreover, a test room is also designed and used for subjective quality
assessment. This PhD will also offer to the potential candidate the advantage of
working within an European network of leading universities, hospitals and companies
in their specific fields of expertise.
Salary: Around 2250 euros/month (+500 euros/month for family allowance)

For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Mounir Kaaniche,
Associate professor at Universit Paris 13 (