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Sriracha Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant

Sriracha, Thailand
Sector of activity :
Cogeneration Plants, Combined-cycle
Power Plants
Client :
Sahacogen (Chonburi) Co., Ltd.
Year of completion :
Capacity :
122 MW

Sriracha Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant

Mandate : Services provided :

Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant Engineering
Sahacogen (Chonburi) Co., Ltd. Procurement
Sriracha, Thailand Construction
Startup and Testing
Operator Training
Description :
The Sahacogen (Chonburi) Co., Ltd.
combined cycle cogeneration project
produces 122 MW of net electrical
power. The project provides 90 MW
to EGAT under the SPP Program, and
up to 32 MW and 89,300 pph of steam
to the industrial park tenants at the
maximum load condition. The project
engineering and procurement was
performed by a SLCI led consortium
including Jurong Engineering
Limited. Construction,
commissioning and testing of the
project was performed by a Thai SLCI
led consortium including Thai Jurong
Engineering Limited.

Two IHI LM-6000PC Gas Turbines

Two Two-Pressure Heat Recovery
Steam Generators Producing 134
kpph of steam unfired (214 kpph
One ABB 38 MW Steam Turbine

WASH-0050-EN -2005