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From 9/11 Caribbean

to Humpty faces a
Dumpty slow road
to recovery

Roger Cohen Tourism could take years

to bounce back from
Hurricane Irma damage
I watched my president perorate at the
Pentagon and all I could think as he The pace is frantic. Residents with shov-
held forth about heroism on the 16th els clean the streets. Dump trucks laden
anniversary of 9/11 was how did we end with the stumps of storm-ravaged trees
up with Humpty Dumpty. rumble back and forth along narrow
It was Humpty Dumpty, of course, streets. Construction crews clear
who declared: When I use a word, it downed telephone poles and debris
means just what I choose it to mean from houses and businesses in a race to
neither more nor less. At least restore the lifeblood of this small Carib-
Humpty Dumpty said it without that bean island tourism.
repetitive thumb-to-stubby-forefinger Those who live on St. Barthlemy
gesture of our esteemed leader. working in the islands restaurants,
Words cascade from that pinched building its homes, fishing its seas
mouth and they mean nothing, be- know there is nothing without it. And
cause when a Hurricane Irma, which plowed through
For Americas man of moral this part of the Caribbean, killing more
emptiness tries than two dozen people and seriously
attackers, the to exhort a na- damaging or destroying the majority of
biggest success tion to moral structures on some islands, also struck a
has been the greatness the devastating blow to the industry so
injection of only thing com- many rely on.
municated is We dont have a choice, said Jordan
fear into pitiful, almost Laplace, a fisherman whose family has
the national comical, hypocri- Nasser, a taxi driver who has been sober for three years, serving tea at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Tehran. Alcohol has been banned in Iran since the 1979 revolution. lived on the island for generations.
psyche. sy. Tourism is the only way to live. We
Between a dont have anything else.

Iran admits to alcohol problem

hero and a huck- The storm leveled hotels, eroded
ster, between speaking and mouthing, beaches and turned marinas into grave-
the distance is great. Watching the yards for scuttled yachts. Islands that
esteemed leaders head turning jerkily, were hit are still trying to assess the hur-
like an old electric fan, from ricanes economic impact, wondering
teleprompter to teleprompter, I almost how and even if they will be able to re-
felt pity. His is the Age of Indecency. United States. store the islands to the former tourist
President Trump seems lonely in his The relaxing of prohibition has al- magnets they were before Irma.
evident unfitness. Between him and his lowed addicts like Mehdi to emerge Theres a lot at stake. Travel and tour-
wife Melania I imagine what John from the shadows and embrace a new ism account for a higher share of the Ca-
Lanchester once described as one of Drinking is still a crime, circle of friends recovering alcoholics ribbean regions gross domestic product
those silences which can only be incu- who greeted him as he entered a West than they do in any other region in the
bated by at least two decades of attri-
but private and public Tehran apartment one recent evening. world, according to the World Travel &
tional intimacy. Well, theyve known rehab clinics are opening Ive given up the bottle for 12 days now, Tourism Council, supporting more than
each other for 19 years. said Mehdi, a tall computer specialist 2.3 million jobs.
Weve had a big fall. For the perpe- BY THOMAS ERDBRINK who requested anonymity because of The areas of greatest concern, indus-
trators of the attack on America, the the stigma still attached to alcoholism in try officials said, included Anguilla, the
biggest success has been the injection For most of his life, alcohol rehab for Iran. To cheers and hoots, he added, British and United States Virgin Islands,
of fear into the national psyche. Not Mehdi consisted of regular stretches in This is a big step for someone who was and St. Martin, all of which have robust
even they could imagine how social prison and lashings that left dark marks drunk most of the time. tourism economies and suffered exten-
media could turn fear into contagion on his back. Now, at 36, he has prema- The government is even running pub- sive damage.
and how the politics of fear would help turely gray hair, but with the help of an lic campaigns warning Iranians not to It will be a long road for some, even
propel a buffoon with feral instincts to Alcoholics Anonymous group, he drink and drive, something it never years. An estimated 95 percent of the
the White House. swears he has finally stopped drinking. would have done in the past. CARIBBEAN, PAGE 5
Looking back over the years since In recent years, Iran, where alcohol Along roads leading to the Caspian
the attack that bright September has been illegal since the 1979 revolution Sea, a favorite holiday destination, bill- IN DEFENSE OF A CLIMATE DISCUSSION
morning it was my daughter Adeles and is taboo for devout Muslims, has boards showing bottles of whiskey and The American E.P.A. chief said talk of
4th birthday and she had just recov- taken the first step and admitted that, crashed cars surprised many drivers. global warming after hurricanes is
ered from an infection so serious I had like most other nations, it has an alcohol The Iranian police still organize media insensitive. Experts say its not. PAGE 5
to hold her little body while doctors problem. events where bulldozers squash thou- Reza Konjedi often brings his son to the rehab meetings he runs in Tehran. He said Iran
performed a spinal tap I am re- Since 2015, when the Health Ministry sands of bottles and cans confiscated is no longer treating alcoholics as criminals, but as patients who need treatment. THE MONSTER SURGE THAT WASNT
minded of lines from Hemingways ordered addiction treatment centers to from smugglers. But in contrast to the A bit of meteorological luck meant that
The Sun Also Rises. care for alcoholics, dozens of private past, when the official line was that Irmas flooding was not as bad as
How did you go bankrupt? Bill clinics and government institutions there was no drinking problem because ogy. The decision to open more alcohol The change in attitude by those in forecast on Floridas Gulf Coast. PAGE 5
asked. have opened help desks and special no one drank, they now provide officers treatment clinics came from the Health power is driven by changing realities in
Two ways, Mike said. Gradually wards for alcoholics. The government with breathalyzers. Ministry, and reflects the way many so- Iranian society. Official statistics show SEEING A DARK SIDE TO AN ASSIST
and then suddenly. has also allowed a large and growing President Hassan Rouhani, who came cial changes are introduced in Iran: qui- that at least 10 percent of the population Tesla extended the driving range for
First, there was the downward glide: network of Alcoholics Anonymous to power in 2013, has been trying to in- etly ordered and carried out by local uses alcohol in the Islamic country. For vehicles in the storm zone. Not all
COHEN, PAGE 15 groups, modeled after those in the sert realism into Irans often strict ideol- governments under the radar. IRAN, PAGE 6 customers were pleased. PAGE 8

Belgian soccer a magnet for foreign cash

Belgian second division season, and
many of them are housed in one of only
two permanent grandstands. Occasion-
ally, a train will rattle past on the tracks
Overseas investors grab that run behind the field. Conversations
pause for it to pass, then resume.
second division teams This is what small-town, small-time
from Tubize to Leuven soccer has always looked like, not only
here but in thousands of similar places
BY RORY SMITH across Europe: low-key games between
low-key teams in low-key leagues.
There is something incongruous about But beneath the surface of this sleepy
the pregame razzmatazz at the Stade commuter town south of Brussels, and
Leburton, about Michael Buffers catch- in a dozen or so other small towns and
phrase Lets get ready to rumble! minor cities across Belgium, something
crackling out of the loudspeakers, and has changed.
the pulsing, earsplitting techno sound- There has been, and continues to be, a
track that follows. seismic shift in the landscape of Euro-
Tubizes greatest claim to fame in soc- pean soccer. Longstanding, independ-
cer is as the hometown of Eden Hazard ent clubs are being subsumed into conti-
the star of the English club Chelsea nentwide networks, used as vehicles for
grew up just a few streets away and the ambitions of wealthy foreign invest-
its second is as the site of the Belgian ors, or hijacked by agents looking for an
soccer federations training base. Its 64- edge in the transfer market, when play-
year-old club, A.F.C. Tubize, ranks a dis- ers change clubs.
tant third. ILVY NJIOKIKTJIEN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Here, in Tubize, one can see the fault
There are only a thousand or so fans Opening day at the Stade Leburton in Tubize, Belgium. Tubize is one of six teams out lines between the simple past and the
here today, for the opening game of the of eight total in the Belgian second division that are owned by foreign investors. BELGIUM, PAGE 12


Y(1J85IC*KKNMKS( +@!"!$!%!_
Greece 2.50 Kazakhstan US$ 3.50 Norway Nkr 30 Senegal CFA 2600 The Netherlands 3.20 No. 41,835
Germany 3.20 Latvia 3.90 Oman OMR 1.250 Serbia Din 280 Tunisia Din 4.800
Andorra 3.60 Cameroon CFA 2600 Egypt EGP 20.00 Hungary HUF 880 Lebanon LBP 5,000 Poland Zl 14 Slovakia 3.50 Turkey TL 9
Antilles 3.90 Canada CAN$ 5.50 Estonia 3.50 Israel NIS 13.50 Lithuania 5.20 Portugal 3.20 Slovenia 3.00 U.A.E. AED 12.00
Austria 3.20 Croatia KN 22.00 Finland 3.20 Israel / Eilat NIS 11.50 Luxembourg 3.20 Qatar QR 10.00 Spain 3.20 United States $ 4.00
Bahrain BD 1.20 Cyprus 2.90 France 3.20 Italy 3.20 Malta 3.20 Republic of Ireland 3.20 Sweden Skr 30 United States Military
Belgium 3.20 Czech Rep CZK 110 Gabon CFA 2600 Ivory Coast CFA 2600 Montenegro 3.00 Reunion 3.50 Switzerland CHF 4.50 (Europe) $ 1.90
Bos. & Herz. KM 5.50 Denmark Dkr 28 Great Britain 2.00 Jordan JD 2.00 Morocco MAD 30 Saudi Arabia SR 13.00 Syria US$ 3.00

page two

Debate swirls over Macaus identity

MACAU JOURNAL Some architects say demolishing
the hotel would be fine because
they do not see much artistic or
Fate of 60s hotel raises historic value in the structure.
question of what sites
represent regions history
heritage they argue is obscured by the
BY MIKE IVES attention the government pays to Ma-
caus colonial past.
What will become of Lady Luck? But the Estoril is not universally ad-
In 2015, officials in Macau announced mired. A local teachers union, for exam-
that they planned to redevelop the 1962 ple, has criticized the mosaic in which
Hotel Estoril, the former Portuguese co- Fortunas midriff and pelvic area are ob-
lonys first modern-style casino resort, scured, respectively, by a red shawl and
which features a mosaic on its concrete a green leaf as lewd.
facade depicting Fortuna, the Roman Alexis Tam, Macaus secretary for so-
goddess of chance. cial affairs and culture, told reporters in
But the redevelopment plan has been 2015 that, after meeting with educators
stalled for two years, mostly because of and civic groups, he felt it would be in-
opposition from young activists. And the appropriate to retain the mosaic if the
fate of the hotel has prompted an unusu- government carried out a plan to re-
ally acrimonious debate over which place the hotel with a youth recreation
sites best represent Macaus history and center and performance spaces.
identity and which are worth preserv- The Estoril has also been criticized by
ing amid a recent flurry of urban re- Docomomo Macau, a nonprofit organi-
development projects. zation that presses for the preservation
Theres a general sentiment that Ma- of some of the citys Modernist struc-
cau has changed too fast in the past 10, 15 tures. Rui Leo, an architect and the
years, a period in which the construc- groups chairman, called the Estoril a
tion of several enormous casino resorts huge mess, partly because it sits awk-
has transformed the citys skyline and wardly in a crowded lot and is visually
character, said Sulu Sou, 26, the vice unappealing.
president of the New Macau Associa- The government initially planned to
tion, one of the civic groups that is fight- hire lvaro Siza, a renowned Por-
ing to save the Estoril and its mosaic. tuguese architect, to design the replace-
The Estoril and other unprotected ment for the Estoril. Mr. Leo, who sup-
sites that face redevelopment in Macau ported that plan, said this would have
were very important in our childhood, raised the citys architectural profile.
Mr. Sou added. And thats why a lot of But officials appeared to suspend the
young people feel a sense of urgency project after Root Planning, a Macau or-
about them being lost. ganization devoted to heritage preser-
The Estoril was built for Stanley Ho, vation, petitioned them to reconsider.
the tycoon who helped make Macau, a Hoi Ian Lei, 34, an urban planner and
city on the southern coast of China, into a co-founder of Root Planning, said her
the worlds largest gambling market. group did not ask the government to
Neither the building nor its mosaic is preserve the building per se, but merely
among Macaus 22 officially recognized to conduct a full heritage assessment of
historic sites. it as a matter of procedural justice.
Some prominent architects say de- We are extremely concerned about
molishing the hotel would be just fine the preservation policies for modern ar-
because they do not see much artistic or chitecture in Macau, she said.
historic value in the structure, which People involved in the debate over the
has been abandoned since the 1990s, and PHOTOGRAPHS BY LAM YIK FEI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Estoril say it is now unclear whether the
has weeds and wildflowers growing in The Hotel Estoril, which was built in 1962, marked a transition in Macau from opium-filled gambling dens to casino resorts that were aimed at a wider public. government will demolish or just re-
its mildewed crevices. model the hotel, and whether it will pre-
The hotel was designed by a Macau- serve the mosaic. A spokeswoman for
born Portuguese architect, Alfredo Vic- Macaus Department of Cultural Her-
tor Jorge lvares. The mosaic, which itage declined to comment.
overlooks Tap Seac Square and Macaus Last year, the president of the New
historic center, was designed by Oseo Macau Association, Scott Chiang, was
Acconci, a builder and sculptor from Ita- arrested after he draped a black banner
ly who moved to the city in the 1940s. Mr. over the mosaic that accused Mr. Tam,
Acconcis work is emblematic of Italian the citys cultural secretary, of being a
Futurism, an artistic movement that heritage killer.
emphasized geometric abstraction. A lo- Giulio Acconci, one of the mosaic
cal magazine described his rendering of sculptors 15 children, said that while he
Fortuna as Macaus Futurist Woman. did not consider the mosaic a master-
The Estoril site, which included piece, he still would love to see it pre-
restaurants and a municipal swimming served as a facade for whatever new
pool, marked a transition in Macau from building replaces the hotel, or perhaps
opium-filled gambling dens to the kind even as a floor for the adjacent swim-
of integrated casino resorts that are ming pool. People in Macau are senti-
common now, said Melody Lu, a sociolo- mental thats our characteristic, he
gy professor at the University of Macau said, adding that he remembered play-
who studies gambling in Asia. ing in Tap Seac Square as a child. This
Ms. Lu said some Macau residents felt is a sentimental thing.
an emotional connection to the Estoril Alex Lei, 17, said he firmly opposed
because it was the first touch of moder- demolition, even if he considered the
nity they experienced after arriving mosaic only so-so.
from the Chinese mainland in the years But Mona Chu, 50, said she would like
after the 1949 Communist revolution. to see the Estoril replaced with a com-
Some younger residents have seized munity center. Asked about the mosaic,
on the Estoril, she added, as an expres- Sulu Sou, vice president of the New Macau Association, one of the civic groups that is Buildings in Macau. The Estoril redevelopment plan has been stalled for two years, she grimaced slightly.
sion of the Chinese experience here a fighting to save the Estoril and its mosaic. mostly because of opposition from young activists. Its not so special, she said.

Influential rock experimenter with the German band Can

that the music creates a certain sort of studio Inner Space. bum of tape loops that presaged the am-
vision; it has a visual character. We didnt build up a control room, so bient work of artists like Brian Eno. His
On albums like Monster Movie that the studio was more of a temple, like next solo album, Movies, came out in
(1969), Tago Mago (1971) and Ege a church, Mr. Czukay said in the EST in- 1980; across more than a dozen later al-
BY GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO Bamyasi (1972), the result was an elec- terview. Everything that happened bums, he incorporated elements like
trified postmodern squall that cast a dis- there was recorded straight, and edited found sounds, half-spoken vocals and
Holger Czukay, a guiding force in the tant line to avant-garde jazz, West Afri- later. It was the beginning of sampling, sundry percussion. Rome Remains
German experimental rock group Can, can drumming and contemporary Ger- you can say. Rome (1987) was a highlight.
one of the most influential bands of the man classical music. One of the first things Can recorded at Mr. Czukay continued working in the
1970s, has died at his home studio in A leading ensemble in Germanys Inner Space was Spoon, a television Inner Space building after leaving Can,
Weilerswist, Germany. He was 79. Krautrock movement, Can also drew theme song that reached No. 1 in Ger- recording various projects there. He
Mr. Czukay died Sept. 5. Irmin upon the cyclical sounds of American many. On that recording Mr. Czukay worked often with the bassist Jah Wob-
Schmidt, a fellow member of Can, con- minimalism but had no time for its medi- used a Farfisa rhythm machine, which ble, of Public Image Ltd, and Mr. Eno, on
firmed the death. He did not give a tative ambitions. And though rampant provided stock drumbeats usually whose albums he sometimes played
cause. with provocation, Can lacked the self- meant to accompany bar pianists, in bass.
As Cans bassist, Mr. Czukay was aus- conscious guile of much Western experi- teasing partnership with Mr. Liebezeits Information on Mr. Czukays sur-
tere: His lines often consisted of just one mentalism. Its gestures had follow- live drumming. vivors was not available. His wife, Ursu-
or two notes, locked into a merciless through and blind abandon, laying la Kloss, an artist known as U-She, died
drone with the drummer Jaki Liebezeit. groundwork for such gritty, confronta- in July.
But Mr. Czukay was also the groups ma- tional bands as Einstrzende We didnt build up Mr. Czukay was born Holger Schring
jor sound architect, responsible for engi- Neubauten and Public Image Ltd, and a control room, so on March 24, 1938, to German parents
neering and producing its recordings the bristling post-punk of Talking Heads that the studio was more living in the Free City of Danzig, which
and thickening them with innovative and Sonic Youth. would later become part of Poland and is
electronics. Can began as a partnership between
of a temple, like a church. now known as Gdansk. He changed his
He used everything from shortwave Mr. Czukay and Mr. Schmidt, a key- name to Czukay, an approximation of KEYSTONE/GETTY IMAGES

radios and tapes to early drum ma- boardist, both of whom had studied with Holger was able to create in the most the Polish word for search, because Holger Czukay, left, with Can in the early 1970s. As the groups chief sound architect, Mr.
chines in service of a sound that was the avant-garde German composer and improvisational way, to edit forms Stockhausen had often called him a Czukay used everything from shortwave radios and tapes to early drum machines.
raw, recombinant and woozy, even as electronic music pioneer Karlheinz which didnt exist before, Mr. Schmidt searcher. In 1945, as World War II drew
Mr. Liebezeit pounded out a metronom- Stockhausen. They soon joined up with said. to a close, his family fled to Berlin.
ic pulse. Mr. Liebezeit, the guitarist Michael After a string of artistic triumphs, Can As a teenager he worked at a radio re- clanging churn betrayed the influence of bum, Soon Over Babaluma. It was a
Can tended to begin recordings with a Karoli, the vocalist Malcolm Mooney signed in 1975 with the British label Vir- pair shop, dissecting small stereos and John Cale of the Velvet Underground. testament to the bands improvisational
clean slate, improvising on tape for and, briefly, the flutist David C. Johnson. gin Records, which gave them bigger developing an affinity for the sonic qual- But the group had its own distinctive ethic that no singer ever comman-
hours and building what Mr. Liebezeit Mr. Liebezeit said the bands name stood budgets and access to a broader audi- ities of broadcasts. He briefly played traits. The album begins with a chirrup- deered its identity.
who died in January called a geome- for communism, anarchism and nihil- ence. It began using multitrack mixers bass in jazz bands, then spent three ing synthesizer from Mr. Czukay; on the Mr. Czukay told EST in 1994 that the
try of people. Mr. Czukay, who doubled ism. a move that Mr. Czukay would call years studying with Stockhausen. final track, You Doo Right, the group returns from his records allowed him to
on bass and live electronics, would then Can was one of the first bands to over- the beginning of the end, because it led In 1968 he began teaching at a high maunders through a 20-minute jam. live comfortably. Creating music that
splice together the most potent parts of see all aspects of its own recording the band away from its signature open- school in Switzerland, where students Mr. Mooney left the band soon after was ahead of its time, he said, had given
the recordings. process, a practice guided by Mr. ended improvisations. Can scored an- introduced him to music by the Beatles, the album was recorded and was re- him a kind of speculative financial secu-
Films are made like that: You shoot Czukay. Its first studio and rehearsal other hit with I Want More, from the Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix; he placed by Damo Suzuki, a Japanese vo- rity.
the scenes, and shoot it several times, space was in a castle outside Cologne, album Flow Motion, but Mr. Czukay, struck up a close connection with one calist whom Mr. Czukay discovered I dont need expensive insurances,
and later you put it together by these dif- but in 1971 the group relocated to the frustrated with the groups changing student, Mr. Karoli, who became a char- busking on the street in Munich. When he said. If I make a good album and the
ferent takes, Mr. Czukay told EST mag- nearby village of Weilerswist, where identity, left in 1976. ter member of Can. Mr. Suzuki departed in 1973, the group people understand it more in 10 years or
azine in 1994. This is the way I make my they converted an abandoned movie He resumed a solo career that had be- A few months later, Can recorded its kept on course without a lead vocalist 20 years than now, this is my life insur-
music. And suddenly, I found out as well house into a sonic lab. They called the gun quietly in 1969 with Canaxis, an al- debut album, Monster Movie, whose and quickly released another strong al- ance.

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London fire survivors outrage mother lived in Grenfell Tower and sur- Team, a group of local and regional gov- the North Kensington area. The apart-
vived the fire and whose sister is still ernment representatives. ments were bright and spacious, with
missing. If all the residents had been Asma Kazmi flinched on a recent high ceilings and a modern finish. But
rich, this would have been sorted by evening here as she walked out of the one of the greatest challenges, accord-
Many are in housing limbo now. community center meeting and came ing to one councilor, is finding enough
In another recent meeting with coun- face to face with the charred remains of good quality properties in proximity to
as officials say process cil representatives, a chair was flung to the Grenfell tower. The reality stung: one another.
could take up to a year the floor, dozens of people stormed out She was homeless. We are dealing with a very closely
and one woman started hyperventilat- Turning her back to the building, she knit community, and they do not want to
BY CEYLAN YEGINSU ing in what she said was the start of a described her final moments in her be split up, especially now in the after-
panic attack. apartment on June 14, when she was math of this trauma, the councilor said.
It has been almost three months since Why, many fumed, was the local gov- mixing batter and rolling pastries with They want to be close to their schools,
the inferno that tore through Grenfell erning body, the 50-member council rep- her three children as they prepared for friends, community centers and
Tower, a public housing complex, killing resenting the Royal Borough of Kens- the pre-dawn Ramadan meal. thats tough when there are so many
at least 80 people and leaving hundreds ington and Chelsea one of the wealthi- Then her neighbors fridge exploded, people.
more homeless. Yet, in that time, only 24 est in the country unable to to provide setting off the ferocious blaze that This explanation rubs some former
households out of 158 have been placed even a firm time frame for when they ripped through the 24-story building, Grenfell residents the wrong way. At a
in permanent housing. would be rehoused? filling the corridors and apartments recent council meeting, one shouted at
The survivors frustration at the slow The responsible authorities, whether with thick black smoke and trapping the councilors, saying there were plenty
pace, building through meeting after in- with the local council or the national dozens of people inside. of properties close together listed at lo-
conclusive meeting of the local govern- government, say they are doing every- The kitchen was the heart of our cal real estate agents. Just cough up the
ing council, boiled over late last month. thing they can, working at a pace set by ANDREW TESTA FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES household, and thats what I miss the money and do it privately, he said.
Traumatized by the loss of family mem- the individual families, trying to identify Almost three months after the fire at the Grenfell Tower that killed at least 80 people, most, Ms. Kazmi, 38, said as she walked The council says it is doing all that and
bers and neighbors, they told the offi- all their needs so that they can be as- only 24 households out of 158 have been placed in permanent housing. away from the devastated building. more, searching for properties with lo-
cials at a meeting they were looking for signed top quality housing that matches Now, I dont even own a spoon. We lost cal agents as well as developers, land-
help rebuilding their lives but finding lit- their needs. everything, every single thing that we lords and housing associations.
tle or none. Many Grenfell families have turned plained at the meeting last month. The house all the families unacceptable and built. Back in her hotel room, Ms. Kazmi
Where is the support? one man down housing offers because the prop- next in the order of priority are those have started to look for properties on Since the fire, Ms. Kazmi, her hus- had put her children to bed. She asked
shouted, pointing his finger at the leader erties are either too far from their local who have got disabilities, whether they their own. band and children have been living in a me to whisper so I didnt wake them, and
of the local council. When will we get community or because they are too trau- are mental or physical. The next will be Other survivors and community double room at a four-star hotel on a joked that we could go and speak in the
our lives back? matized to go back to go living in a high- families with children. members are angry at how much money busy street in northwest London. The bathroom, the only other room in her
The outrage grew, finally becoming so rise building. The initial emergency response to the the council is spending on hotels. So far, room is made up of two double beds, a new house.
fierce that the councilors just fell silent, Some survivors are still so distraught fire was handled so poorly by the council the Kensington and Chelsea Council has single bed, a desk, television, mini- For the first month they cried every
staring at their feet. by the deaths of their loved ones that that the national government had to spent more than $5 million on hotel ex- fridge, kettle and a large bathroom. In night and couldnt sleep, she explained.
Recently, government officials com- they have not been able to submit their take over in an effort to contain an out- penses. the corner of the room was a large pile of They are children; they dont under-
mitted around $90 million to finding and preferences for a new home. pouring of public outrage. Its such a waste of money for a com- donations, including clothes, pots, pans stand what is going on. All they want to
buying properties to meet the needs of Elizabeth Campbell, the council Much of the anger was directed munity that really needs help, said Ms. and toiletries. do is go home.
survivors, but said the whole allocation leader who in past meetings had been against the inequality in a borough that Laytons husband, Adam, a local resi- What do I do with all this stuff? Ms. Ms. Kazmis husband, Ceramah, said
process could take up to a year. called on to resign, after providing what encompasses some of the wealthiest dent and social housing activist. There Kazmi asked on a recent evening. I his eldest daughter, 10, had started to
Meanwhile, hundreds of survivors re- residents said were unsatisfactory or in- and the poorest sections of the city. That are so many risky towers like Grenfell dont have a kitchen, I cant cook. Every come to terms with what had happened,
main in limbo in 49 hotels scattered complete answers to their questions and economic disparity was brought into that need urgent attention. The whole day we eat junk outside, she said. I but his sons, 8 and 5, ask every day when
across London, and tempers already concerns explained that housing was sharp focus after it became clear that social housing system could use that dont want my children to get used to they are going to go home.
roused by smoldering class resent- being allocated through a priority sys- cheap flammable cladding and insula- money. this. I dont want to dress my children in Yesterday, for the first time, I told
ments have grown short. tem that put survivors who lost family tion had been used on the exterior of the The council has offered residents tem- other peoples clothes. I dont want to do them the truth. I said, Were not. We will
They say they will listen to our members first. building as a cost-saving measure dur- porary accommodations in the area, but my washing in the sink. I just want my find a new home. I think only Alihan, my
needs, take us into consideration, give All of them have seen houses now ing a recent renovation. most survivors have said that they home and dignity back. older son, understood. He hasnt spoken
us what we want. But each week we and have had the opportunity to go in Many residents who have attended would rather not move twice and are On Thursday members of the council to me since.
come back from these meetings with and say, This is what I want; this is the council meetings week after week choosing to stay in the hotels, said a took survivor families on a tour of the
nothing, said Rachel Layton, whose what I dont want, Ms. Campbell ex- have called the one-year time frame to spokesman for the Grenfell Response latest properties they had acquired in Iliana Magra contributed reporting.

Indonesia gets assertive against Chinas sea claims

reference to China.
Although several countries take issue
with Chinas territorial claims in the
BY JOE COCHRANE South China Sea, few do so publicly, and
the administration of President Trump
When Indonesia recently and quite has recently sent mixed signals about
publicly renamed the northernmost how willing it is to challenge China on its
waters of its exclusive economic zone in claims. That has made the Indonesian
the South China Sea despite Chinas pushback more intriguing.
claims to the area, Beijing quickly dis- Frega Ferdinand Wenas Inkiriwang,
missed the move as meaningless. a lecturer at the Indonesian Defense
It is proving to be anything but. University, said Indonesias public nam-
Indonesias increasingly aggressive ing of the North Natuna Sea means that
posture in the region including a mili- Indonesia indirectly becomes a claim-
tary buildup in its Natuna Islands and ant state in the area.
the planned deployment of naval war- Its in the vicinity of the Natunas, he
ships comes as other nations are be- said, and the Natunas contain natural
ing more accommodating to Chinas resources which are inherited and will
broad territorial claims in the South be beneficial for Indonesias develop-
China Sea. ment.
The two countries had three maritime Analysts say the Indonesian Navy
skirmishes in 2016 involving warning would be no match for the Chinese Navy
shots, including one in which Indone- in a fight, although the first of last years
sian warships seized a Chinese fishing clashes involved only a Chinese Coast
boat and its crew. Guard ship and an Indonesian maritime
Indonesia is challenging China, one of ministry patrol boat. It is unlikely that
its biggest investors and trading part- the two countries navies would clash
ners, as it seeks to assert control over a within Indonesias economic zone, ac-
waterway that has abundant resources, cording to analysts.
particularly oil and natural gas reserves Members of the 10-state Association
and fish stocks. of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean,
The pushback from Indonesia takes have repeatedly expressed concern
direct aim at claims within the nine- about Chinas aggressive posture in the
dash line, which on Chinese maps delin- South China Sea. Asean members have
eates the vast area that Beijing claims in pointed to Chinas land reclamation
the South China Sea. It also adds a new projects in disputed areas and the sta-
player to a volatile situation that has tioning of military personnel and sur-
seen the United States Navy challeng- face-to-air missiles in the Paracel Is-
ing Chinas claims with naval maneu- lands which are controlled by China
vers. but are also claimed by Taiwan and Viet-
Indonesia is already a party to the nam.
disputes and the sooner it acknowl- Indonesia, the groupings largest
edges this reality the better, said Ian J. member and de facto leader, had in the
Storey, a senior fellow at the Institute of past remained on the sidelines of the
Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, various South China Sea disputes and
where he researches South China Sea is- offered to help mediate between Asean
sues. Hong
Hong Kong
300 Miles
members and Beijing.
The dispute largely centers on the Given that China is among Indo-
Natuna Sea, a resource-rich waterway nesias biggest investors and trade part-
north of Indonesia that lies close to Viet- South China Sea Pacific Ocean
ners, some analysts say Jakarta will go
nams exclusive economic zone. only so far in challenging Chinas territo-
Before naming part of the contested PHILIPPINES rial claims, at least publicly.
waterway the North Natuna Sea to VIETNAM It doesnt make Indonesia a claimant
The Nine-Dash Line
make it sound more Indonesian, Mr. Chinas historical state, said Aaron Connelly, a research
Storey said, Indonesia last year began territorial claim
fellow at the Lowy Institute for Interna-
beefing up its military presence in the tional Policy in Sydney, Australia, who
Natunas. That included expanding its follows the South China Sea disputes.
port on the main island to handle bigger Theyve never accepted the legitimacy
ships and lengthening the runway at its YSIA
of the nine-dash line, which is why they
air force base there to accommodate say theres no overlap with its exclu-
tuna Celebes Sea
larger aircraft. Islands
slands sive economic zone.
Indonesias official policy has for dec- SINGAPORE China says it has traditional fishing
ades been that it is not a party to any ter- rights, but Indonesia is doing things in a
ritorial disputes with China in the South Celebes legalistic way right now, Mr. Connelly
China Sea, unlike its neighbors Brunei, said. This is a more effective way of
Indian Ocean
Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. INDONESIA challenging it.
Last year, however, Indonesia and China Jaka
akar Evan A. Laksmana, a senior re-
had the three maritime skirmishes PHOTOGRAPHS BY ULET IFANSASTI/GETTY IMAGES searcher on security affairs at the Cen-
within Indonesias 200-nautical-mile ex- Top, Susi Pudjiastuti, minister of Indonesias Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, waving to a crowd on the Natuna Islands. Above right, patrolling the seas around the Natunas. ter for Strategic and International Stud-
clusive economic zone off the Natuna Is- ies in Jakarta, agreed that the naming of
lands, which lie northwest of Borneo. 2014 include transforming his country val skirmish a move analysts viewed nesia had concluded agreements in 2015. security for the lucrative fishing the North Natuna Sea was not specifi-
After the third skirmish, in June 2016, into a maritime power, has ordered the as a show of resolve to Beijing. Arif Havas Oegroseno, a deputy min- grounds and offshore oil and gas pro- cally done to trigger a dispute with
Chinas Ministry of Foreign Affairs is- authorities to blow up hundreds of for- In July, Indonesias Ministry of Mari- ister at Indonesias Coordinating Min- duction and exploration activities China.
sued a statement in which it claimed for eign fishing vessels seized while ille- time Affairs and Fisheries held a con- istry of Maritime Affairs, told journal- within the countrys exclusive economic But the international legal basis un-
the first time that its nine-dash line in- gally fishing in Indonesian waters. spicuously high-profile news confer- ists that the new Indonesian map of- zone near the Natunas. derpinning Indonesias new map is
cluded traditional fishing grounds Mr. Joko, during a visit to Japan in ence to release its first national territori- fered clarity on natural resources ex- Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo, the com- clear, he said.
within Indonesias exclusive economic 2015, said in a newspaper interview that al map since 2005, which included the ploration areas. mander of the armed forces, said at the We do not recognize Chinas claims
zone. Chinas nine-dash line had no basis in in- unveiling of the newly named North That same day, the Indonesian Na- time that offshore energy exploration in the Natuna waters we dont feel like
The administration of the Indonesian ternational law. He also presided over a Natuna Sea. The map also included new tional Armed Forces and the Ministry of and production activities have often we should negotiate our map with Bei-
president, Joko Widodo, whose top pri- cabinet meeting on a warship off the maritime boundaries with Singapore Energy and Mineral Resources signed a been disturbed by foreign-flagged ves- jing or ask their consent, Mr. Laksmana
orities since taking office in October Natunas days after last years third na- and the Philippines, with which Indo- memorandum for warships to provide sels which some analysts took as a said.


Scientists defend climate discussion after storms

sensitive as talking about gun control in tal Studies at Florida Atlantic Univer- Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma
the wake of a mass shooting. sity who rode out Hurricane Irma in his has provided. People, they note, are fi-
To have any kind of focus on the home in Boca Raton, Fla., said policy nally paying attention.
cause and effect of the storm versus makers have an obligation to talk about We know that as humans, we are all
E.P.A. chief called timing helping people, or actually facing the ef- it if they hope to protect citizens from in- too good at pretending like a risk, even
fect of the storm, is misplaced, Mr. creasingly powerful storms going for- one we know is real, doesnt matter to
insensitive, but experts Pruitt said to CNN in an interview ahead ward. us, Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric
say time to talk is now of Hurricane Irma, echoing similar sen- Immediately afterward weve got to scientist at Texas Tech University, wrote
timents he made when Hurricane Har- say Come on guys, lets really see if this in an email as Harvey lashed the Texas
BY LISA FRIEDMAN vey made landfall in Texas two weeks is a harbinger of the future. And it coast.
earlier. To use time and effort to ad- clearly is to those of us who have looked When we try to warn people about
Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the En- dress it at this point is very, very insensi- even generally at the issue, he said. the risks, theres no news hook. No one
vironmental Protection Agency, says it tive to the people in Florida, he added. One should be sensitive, but not wants to listen. Thats why the time to
is insensitive to discuss climate change Ben Kirtman, a professor of atmos- stupid. talk about it is now, Dr. Hayhoe said.
in the midst of deadly storms. pheric science at the University of Mi- Dr. Kirtman and Dr. Berry are among The most pernicious and dangerous
Toms Regalado, the Republican amis Rosenstiel School of Marine and a group of Florida scientists who con- myth weve bought into when it comes
mayor of Miami whose citizens raced to Atmospheric Science, said he believes fronted Governor Rick Scott in recent to climate change is not the myth that it
evacuate before Hurricane Irma, says if failing to discuss climate change hurts years for his refusal to acknowledge that isnt real or humans arent responsible.
not now, when? Florida and the entire country. human-made greenhouse gases are Its the myth that it doesnt matter to me.
This is the time to talk about climate Its precisely the conversation that driving climate change. Last year they And that is exactly the myth that Har-
change. This is the time that the presi- we should be having right now. Im not wrote a letter to then-candidate Donald vey shatters.
dent and the E.P.A. and whoever makes sure whats insensitive about that, said J. Trump asking for a meeting to discuss Its unclear whether powerful storms
decisions needs to talk about climate Dr. Kirtman, who evacuated from Flor- the consequences of climate change in will change minds. A 2015 study pub-
change, Mr. Regalado told the Miami ida on Wednesday. Its really important Florida. They said the Trump campaign lished in the journal Climatic Change
Herald. If this isnt climate change, I to direct resources and funds to the cri- never responded. AL DRAGO FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES found Americans experiencing extreme
dont know what is. This is a truly, truly sis on the ground at the moment, of President Trump has derided climate Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, said, To have any weather events are not necessarily
poster child for what is to come. course. But I dont see why whats caus- change as a hoax. Mr. Pruitt has de- kind of focus on the cause and effect of the storm versus helping people is misplaced. more concerned about climate change.
For scientists, drawing links between ing these storms and whats contribut- clared that carbon dioxide emissions Last week E&E News interviewed sev-
warming global temperatures and the ing to making it worse is necessarily from cars, power plants and other eral Republican lawmakers whose con-
ferocity of hurricanes is about as contro- mutually exclusive. sources are not the primary contributor In Florida, scientists say, Gov. Scotts anywhere, Dr. Kirtman said. You stituents were hit by Hurricane Harvey
versial as talking about geology after an To be sure, people nailing plywood to to global warming, despite overwhelm- aversion to even the words climate spend an awful lot of effort word-search- and most said they had not considered
earthquake. But in Washington, where their windows or stuffing emergency ing scientific evidence to the contrary. change have prompted scientists to ing your document for the words cli- the issue of climate change.
science is increasingly political, the fact provisions into a suitcase are not in a po- The E.P.A. has removed many mentions self-censor their work. mate and change. Its silliness. Dr. Hayhoe said that scientists have to
that oceans and atmosphere are warm- sition to dwell on the causes behind the of climate change from its website and is If you write a proposal and it talks That is one reason many scientists keep communicating the risks. We
ing and that the heat is propelling storms. But Leonard Berry, the former rolling back regulations aimed at curb- about fixing some infrastructure be- maintain that it is critical to use the need to understand whats at stake, be-
storms into superstorms has become as director of the Center for Environmen- ing carbon dioxide emissions. cause of climate change, its not going megaphone that the dual devastation of cause if not, we wont act, she said.

Caribbean tourism faces

a slow road to recovery
CARIBBEAN, FROM PAGE 1 plant, where it employs 145 workers and
structures on the island of Barbuda is the main economic driver.
were seriously damaged or destroyed. Theresa Lewis, 50, who has worked as
Entire stretches of St. Martin and An- a security guard at the plant for more
guilla are practically uninhabitable, not than a decade, fled Inagua last week
only because of the roofs peeled back with her entire family and holed up in a
like tin cans and porches smashed to shelter in Nassau. She fears she may be
splinters, but because of shortages of out of work for months.
food and water. If things are closed down for long, I
An estimated 90 percent of the St. will have to depend on what I can make
Martin economy depends either directly from the little arts and crafts that I sell
or indirectly on tourism, said Jnovfa bags, jewelry, slippers until the
Eche, who works in the St. Martin tour- plant reopens, Ms. Lewis said. I just
ism office in Paris. The destruction, she finished building my house a couple of
said, is estimated at $1.43 billion. months ago and I have no idea what I
This will take months, years before will meet when I get there or when I will
we are at all close to our normal appear- work again.
ance, she said. Frank J. Comito, chief executive offi-
But before the rebuilding of the tour- cer of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism
ism industry could begin, officials said, Association, said the region will need
there were many immediate emergen- sustained participation by both the
cies to attend to, like restoring telephone public and private sector to ensure a
and electricity service, providing safe complete recovery. His group has part-
drinking water and medical treatment, nered with Tourism Cares, a nonprofit,
and reopening the port and the airport. to raise relief and rebuilding assistance
Barbuda, with about 100 hotel rooms, from the hotel chains, credit card com-
has been a small contributor to the re- panies and any other enterprises in-
gions overall tourism economy. But the volved in the Caribbean tourism indus-
businesspeople and workers who have try.
depended on that trickle of tourists now The well-being of employees whose
face an uncertain future. livelihoods are now threatened is of par-
All the hotels have been damaged ticular concern.
significantly, Trevor Walker, a former How do we get our tourism product
member of Parliament, said Monday. back up and running? he said. How do
This is going to take years. We have to we make sure our employees get in-
rebuild an island, rebuild an economy. volved in the industry again and get em-
In Cuba, the long-term implications ployed?
could be even worse. The hardest hit Giles Cadman, a businessman who di-
parts of the islands contain a significant vides his time between Canada and the
share of its tourist infrastructure and British Virgin Islands, said people were
JOHNNY MILANO FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES bring in precious foreign currency for doing what they could to bring aid to the
Floodwaters below Interstate 95 on Monday in Jacksonville, on Floridas east coast. Though Irma hit some places hard, the state was largely spared a devastating storm surge. the communist nation. Without that, the affected communities in Tortola, the
country loses one of its primary sources largest island in the British territory.
of income to purchase items on the While the islands are known as play-

The monster surge that wasnt

global market, including the construc- grounds for the wealthy, he said, there
tion materials it will need to repair the are many residents who survive there
damaged infrastructure. on modest incomes from cleaning boats,
The storm badly damaged dozens of serving food and working in shops.
the storms winds were weakening, and intact, with what damage there was heavy rains have swamped the central hotels on Cayo Coco and Cayo Romero, In St. Barthlemy, there is an ambi-
the resulting surge was not nearly as coming largely from wind, not water. business district and swelled the nearby small islands off the north coast of Cuba. tious plan, shared by nearly everyone
strong as feared. And in East Naples neighborhoods, St. Johns River. The airport that served these islands on the island: restore the hotels, shops
That weakening was readily apparent where inundation maps suggested as Sea-level rise caused by climate was destroyed. and restaurants fast enough to catch at
Hurricane Irmas flooding in Fort Myers. When it passed over the much as nine feet of water, at most change also worsened the storm surge On Monday, President Ral Castro least part of the winter high season.
city at about 7:15 p.m., the center of the homes there was little more than a foot that did occur in many areas. In Miami, recognized the importance of resorts to Bruno Magras, the president of the lo-
was lower than expected storm, rather than being a well-formed or two, shallow enough to only lap at the sea levels have risen roughly 10 to 12 the Cuban economy, and promised they cal government, said the largest impact
on Floridas Gulf Coast eye, was a jumbled mass of thinner front steps. inches in the past century. would be rebuilt before the start of the was on private homes and public infra-
clouds. This suggested that the hurri- Tampa and St. Petersburg saw just That may not sound like a big deal, peak season, which runs from Decem- structure, like the fire station and gov-
BY HENRY FOUNTAIN canes cyclonic structure was beginning two to three feet of storm surge, accord- but when combined with a four-foot ber to April. ernment offices. Hotel capacity also has
AND BRAD PLUMER to come apart. ing to data from Hal Needham, a storm surge, it can mean the inundation of The target is ambitious, but with Ven- been hit.
Some parts of Fort Myers and Naples surge expert and founder of the private thousands of more buildings, Dr. Need- ezuela, the islands main economic part- Obviously that will have an eco-
Across coastal Florida, the dreaded saw sea levels surge four to five feet firm Marine Weather & Climate. ham said. ner, racked by its own crises, Cuba cant nomic impact, he said. Tourism is ev-
storm surge from Hurricane Irma above normal levels a damaging That initial draining of water acted Still, the damage could have been far afford to miss it. The Cuban government erything to us. Its the only economic ac-
caused when ferocious winds pile up flood, but less than early warnings had as a crucial buffer, said Rick Luettich, worse. Chuck Watson, a disaster mod- announced on Monday that 10 people tivity we have. We import everything
ocean water and push it onshore was suggested. director of the University of North Car- eler for Enki Research in Savannah, Ga., had died as a result of the storm, bring- and export nothing.
not as bad as forecast. While some areas When Peter Falisi, his father and olinas Institute of Marine Sciences and had initially predicted total damage as ing the death toll in the Caribbean to at
were hard hit, notably the Florida Keys other family members went to check on high as $150 billion to $200 billion, which least 37. Azam Ahmed reported from Gustavia
and Marco Island, residents of neigh- the restaurant they were renovating would have made Irma the costliest The hurricanes impact was felt and Kirk Semple from Mexico City. Alissa
borhoods north to Fort Myers, Sarasota Monday, they were not sure what they Irmas turn inland kept damage storm in United States history. broadly across all economic sectors. J. Rubin and Aurelien Breeden contribut-
and Tampa Bay were expressing relief. would find. low in several cities. But sea-level But once the storm shifted inland, Mr. While the Bahamas generally avoided ed reporting from Paris, Ed Augustin
That bit of good fortune was the prod- The neighborhood, near the Naples rise caused by climate change Watson downgraded those initial esti- the worst of the destruction, the Morton from Havana, Cuba, Erica Wells from
uct of some meteorological luck. airport, had been forecast to get a storm mates to around $50 billion, which Salt company, on Great Inagua, suffered Nassau, Bahamas, and Carl Joseph from
Because a hurricanes winds blow surge of up to six feet above ground.
worsened the storm surge that would still make Irma one of the five significant damage to its production St. Johns, Antigua.
counterclockwise, the precise path of That would potentially cause cata- did occur in many areas. costliest hurricanes on record in the
the storm matters greatly for determin- strophic flooding at the business, Two country. While high winds and heavy
ing storm surge. Had Irma lingered far Guys Kitchen and Catering, which they rainfall were still expected to cause ma-
enough off Floridas Gulf Coast, its east- hoped to open in a month. an expert on storm surge. By the time jor damage to buildings, the reduced
ern wall, where the strongest winds oc- When they arrived, there was little the back side of Irma hit, the storm was storm surge made a big difference.
cur, could have shoved six to nine feet of sign of any flooding. Although there was further inland and not quite as strong. Theres always a lot of uncertainty
water into parts of Fort Myers and Na- some water in the building, it was not Yet because Irma was so unusually with storms that run south to north, Mr.
ples, while swamping Tampa Bay and from the surging ocean: Irmas winds large, its fierce winds also extended all Watson said. If the storm shifts just 50
St. Petersburg as well. had peeled off paneling from a roof over- the way to the east coast of Florida, miles east or west, that can make a huge
At the last minute, Irma unexpectedly hang and broken a water pipe. pushing water inland there. Dr. Need- difference in terms of damage.
veered inland right before it got to Na- The only water we have inside is ham estimated that salt water levels Experts also warn that Floridas west
ples, taking its eastern wall safely away from the broken sprinkler system, Mr. rose four feet above normal in Miami coast should not get too complacent af-
from the ocean. That meant that as the Falisi said. the 10th highest level seen since 1880. ter this bout of relative good fortune. If a
storm tracked north over Naples, Fort Along the southwest Florida coast, That produced a river of water pour- major hurricane were to travel from the
Myers and Tampa Bay, the winds at the only Marco Island, south of Naples, ap- ing into downtown Miami and Brickell, Gulf of Mexico and barrel northeast di-
head of the storm were moving west and peared to have suffered from significant the citys financial district. rectly into Tampa Bay, that could
actually pulling water away from the flooding. Police officers on Monday The surge also caused flooding in the produce surges of 15 feet or more.
shoreline. In Tampa, water levels went door to door on the island, check- enclaves of Coral Gables and Palmetto The west coast of Florida still has
dropped five feet below normal, and be- ing on residents who stayed behind to Bay. plenty of disasters that are waiting to
wildered spectators walked out to see ride out the storm. No deaths or serious As Irma, now a tropical storm, trav- happen, Mr. Luettich said. This was re-
beaches sucked dry. In Sarasota, a man- injuries were reported. eled farther north Monday, its eastern ally a best-case scenario, from a track
atee became stranded. In Fort Myers early Monday morning, winds continued to push water up into perspective, for a storm this strong.
Then, once the eye of the hurricane there were few signs of flood damage. the coasts of eastern Florida and Geor-
had passed through those areas, the Across the Caloosahatchee River in gia, with parts of the region facing seven Lizette Alvarez contributed reporting
back side of the storm hit, pulling water North Fort Myers, residents returned to feet of storm surge. from Miami and Christine Hauser from DESMOND BOYLAN/ASSOCIATED PRESS

east toward the coast. But by this point, mobile home parks to find them dry and In Jacksonville, coastal surges and Marco Island, Fla. A man surveying damage in his collapsed apartment building in Havana on Monday.


Pakistan Rohingya angry

over violence in Myanmar
jobs, our children cant apply for admis-
sion in high schools and we cant access
government hospitals, said Mr. Arkani,
of the Rohingya Solidarity Organization.
From squalid urban slums, In the slum of Burmi Colony, many
residents spoke of being forbidden by
calls for global pressure the police to leave to go fishing. Moham-
and an end to local abuse mad Younis, a fisherman in his 30s, said
he had not worked for half a year and his
BY MEHREEN ZAHRA-MALIK monthly salary of around $600 had
shrunk to less than $60.
It was happening again, but worse than When I try and take my nets and go
ever: Hundreds of thousands of ethnic out, I get stopped by police who ask for
Rohingya Muslims were fleeing Myan- my ID, said Mr. Younis, whose docu-
mar while under attack by the security ments expired six months ago. I show
forces, and the deaths kept mounting. them documents to prove I am trying to
Everybody in the vast Arkanabad renew my ID card, but they dont even
slum of Karachi has family members let me leave the colony.
who were affected by the government He added, We will die, trapped here
raids that started last month. without access to our means of liveli-
Outside Myanmar, and perhaps now hood.
Bangladesh, Pakistan is home to the Residents described arrests of people
highest concentration of Rohingya in without ID cards who were then held ei-
the world, from a previous exodus of Ro- ther on impossible bail or until they paid
hingya in the 1970s and 80s. A vast ma- a bribe directly to officers.
jority live in neighborhoods that are dis- Malik Ishfaque, the station house
tressingly impoverished even by Kara- master at the police station under whose
chis standards. jurisdiction many of the Rohingya-ma-
Now they are angry that Pakistan is jority slums fall, said that the police
not doing more to stop the killing in were required to crack down on anyone
Myanmar, no less to improve the condi- who did not possess valid documents.
tion of the estimated 500,000 Rohingya And while he acknowledged that the
who live in this country. Burma Cell within the police used to ex-
The government needs to do more: ist, he said it had been dismantled.
Send them more aid, send them food, When asked about instances of har-
and break ties with Myanmar com- assment and intimidation by the police
pletely! said Noor Hussain Arkani, that were described by the Rohingya
who leads the Pakistan chapter of a community, Mr. Ishfaque said: We act
PHOTOGRAPHS BY ARASH KHAMOOSHI FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES charity in the Rohingya community, the
Talking after an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The government is running campaigns warning Iranians not to drink and drive, something it never would have done in the past. Rohingya Solidarity Organization. We
need world pressure behind us to end We need world pressure behind
this violence, this hell. Just issuing us to end this violence, this hell.

Iran admits to an alcohol problem

statements isnt enough. Just issuing statements isnt
Pakistan was among the earliest and
most strident in condemning the Myan-
mar government for its offensive, which
started after Rohingya militants killed against these people because they are a
IRAN, FROM PAGE 1 est year for which official statistics are members of the security forces. group of thieves, complaining that
some among the countrys urban middle available. But even as politicians and civil soci- crimes from pick-pocketing to robbery
classes, drinking has become as normal In July, after three people died and ety in Pakistan are up in arms over how in the surrounding area are mostly com-
as it is in the West. The Iranian news me- dozens were poisoned in the city of Sir- the Buddhist majority in Myanmar is mitted by the Rohingya.
dia have reported that those Iranians jan, a former police chief went so far as abusing the Muslim Rohingyas there, Though they have little, the Rohingya
who do drink tend to do so more heavily to publish an open letter calling for an hundreds of thousands of Rohingya mi- here have been trying to directly help
than people even in heavy-drinking end to the taboo on alcohol. grants here continue to live in despera- their people back in Myanmar.
countries like Russia and Germany. Mehdi was brought into the group by tion. Mr. Arkani said the community had
One reason is that alcohol is relatively Mr. Konjedi, after nearly a decade of Across the Arkanabad slum named raised money to send meat from 30 cows
easy to procure. There are alcohol sup- run-ins with the law. He said he drank to after the old designation for Myanmars for the new wave of refugees in Bangla-
pliers anyone can call, and they will de- forget. Money problems, he said. The present-day Rakhine State decrepit desh, as no new refugees were being al-
liver whatever you want to your economy is not good here. Whenever I shanties with temporary walls, often lowed into Pakistan. The Rohingya Soli-
doorstep. Dealers receive their goods would feel pressure, I would get a bottle with no doors and windows and un- darity Organization had also set up a
through a vast illegal distribution net- and drink it. steady corrugated roofs, serve as glass donation box, but it was almost
work that serves millions with alcohol Mr. Konjedis wife, Samin they met homes to more than 100,000 Rohingya. empty.
brought in from neighboring Iraq. through A.A. said she needed at least The men mostly work as fishermen, We are so poor already, but even then
To some extent, the sheer availability two meetings a day to prevent her from while a small number weave carpets or we try to raise whatever little money we
of alcohol is driving the changes in offi- taking up the bottle. Its like chemo- are employed in garment factories. Mal- can among ourselves, he said. But we
cial attitudes. therapy, she said. I constantly need a nutrition and diarrhea are common need more help from Pakistani people
These days there is so much alcohol dose to cure my disease. among children who have little access to who are rich, who have resources.
available, simply punishing everybody A.A. and another group, Aware Anon- schools and spend their days playing in Though they feel strongly about their
and using force is no longer working, ymous, sponsor groups across the coun- rivers of garbage. people, many who live here cannot even
said Reza Konjedi, 36, a former alcoholic try, Mr. Konjedi said, adding that there Residents said that up to 30 families officially identify themselves as Rohing-
who runs several Alcoholics Anony- were dozens in Tehran alone and over a Leaving an A.A. meeting. Official statistics show 10 percent of Iranians drink alcohol. shared a single tap of water. But even ya. To avoid persecution and be ac-
mous support groups in Tehran. Drink- thousand nationwide. where running water is available, it of- cepted as naturalized citizens, many
ing and bootlegging used to be viewed A week earlier we met around 7 a.m. ten flows for fewer than four hours a day. pretended to be Bengalis who migrated
as equal crimes, and people would be at a regular A.A. meeting in a municipal drug addiction have. That is because the Mr. Konjedi said that he had seen the There are no hospitals in these slums, from East Pakistan before the 1971 war of
lashed for being abusers. Now, security building in the western part of town. Quran mentions the evils of wine but has number of people with alcohol problems and at least six Rohingya women spoke independence, after which it became
officials, the municipality, they all view Next to the room, which was provided nothing to say about drugs. increase over the years, from a decade of having a relative die giving birth be- Bangladesh.
alcoholics not as criminals, but as pa- rent-free, were a kindergarten and a In fact, some Iranians, especially in ago when he himself was homeless and cause she had been denied admission to You ask if we have enough to eat or
tients who need treatment. room for Quran classes. Inside were 15 larger cities, view alcohol as something drinking hard. We need more bill- government hospitals. drink, but I ask you: What is our condi-
Before the revolution, Irans national men and women who nearly every day completely normal. On a recent mid- boards, more groups, to help them, he Still, what people complained of the tion when we cannot even say we are
spirit was aragh sagi, or dog spirit, would meet to help one another stay so- week evening, eight Iranians met on a said. most in interviews last week was rou- Burmese? said Noor Jabbar, a commu-
which was distilled from raisins and ber. rooftop, where the red wine, vodka and He did not want to comment on tine harassment by the police. Many nity elder whose ID card expired three
contained 65 percent ethanol. It remains Local governments across the coun- aragh sagi flowed freely. whether the nearly 40-year prohibition spoke grimly of a Burma Cell, a special months ago but who has not been suc-
popular and is typically sold in four-gal- try are asking for our help, and facilitat- One guest said he had been arrested was the best way to prevent people from police division responsible for cracking cessful in renewing it.
lon jerrycans. ing our groups, because they are seeing for drunken driving and was now await- drinking. down on Rohingya migrants. (Burma They wont let me be a citizen, be-
Bootlegging is also a major problem; that our work is effective, Mr. Konjedi ing lashings. Another said he, like many At least our officials are now taking was the former name of Myanmar.) cause then they have to give me rights,
dozens of people die from alcohol poi- said. others, had developed liver problems the right steps to deal with those who Many Rohingya have carried Paki- and they wont call me a refugee be-
soning every year after consuming low- The only thing lacking is an official because of regular drinking. Some peo- are suffering, Mr. Konjedi said. We stani national ID cards for years. but cause then they have to give me aid,
quality moonshine 135 in 2013, the lat- permit, something even groups fighting ple joked that they were alcoholics. should be happy with that. since the authorities started cracking said Khalid Saifullah, a 70-year-old who
down on fake ID cards in 2014, many in migrated to Pakistan from Myanmar
the community have found it hard to get four decades ago and showed the high
their cards renewed. And the second school diploma he had received from a

She aided a disabled Afghan. He shot her.

generation is being denied cards alto- school in Karachi. I am not a citizen or a
gether, they said. refugee. I am an illegal alien. I am noth-
Without cards, we are blocked out of ing.

the quality and warmth in the work I do

is essential and one of my most impor-
tant virtues, she wrote on her LinkedIn
Polio patient had gotten Her vision seemed to match that of Al-
berto Cairo, a local icon of sorts who
19 years of treatment leads the orthopedic service in Afghani-
at Red Cross facility stan and was one of the earlier Interna-
tional Red Cross staff members to come
BY MUJIB MASHAL here. He arrived in 1989 and has stayed
in the country since. Last May, around
He was a polio patient, for 19 of his 21 the time Ms. Enebral arrived in Afghani-
years receiving treatment at an ortho- stan, she shared a 2014 profile of Mr.
pedic center in northern Afghanistan Cairo on her Facebook page.
run by the International Committee of People losing a leg, a limb some-
the Red Cross. The organizations seven times they lose much more than that,
rehabilitation centers around the coun- Mr. Cairo said. They lose this self-es-
try are often the last hope for a new leg teem, they dont consider themselves
or arm for the thousands who have lost complete person anymore. Thats some-
legs and arms to the long war. thing we have to work very hard for. Its
She was an experienced physiothera- essential. You can give a leg, you can
pist with more than a decade of humani- give an arm, but if you cannot put to-
tarian work, on her first mission in the NANA MEDIA/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY gether heart and mind and dignity, the
country. Her specialty: the patient work The Red Cross center in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, where the physiotherapist was job is not done.
of helping crippled children, men and shot. Her specialty was helping crippled children, men and women learn how to walk. The Red Cross is one of the longest-
women with disabilities learn how to serving medical aid organizations in Af-
walk again. ghanistan, for more than three decades
Shortly after 10 Monday morning, he ring to the capital city of Balkh Province. was 2 years old, General Qaderi said. making sure lifesaving services reach AKHTAR SOOMRO/REUTERS

arrived in a wheelchair, supposedly for Today, our hearts are broken. He was always coming to the hospital areas few dare to go. The seven rehabili- Hoor Bahar, 60, lives in the Arkanabad slum in Karachi, one of the estimated 500,000
another therapy session. Instead he Ms. Zanarelli added: The violent and had visited the day before as well. tation centers around the country pro- ethnic Rohingya in Pakistan from an exodus in the 1970s and 80s.
pulled out a Russian pistol and fired one fluctuations of life seem particularly The episode was as brief as it was vide more than 19,000 artificial legs,
shot. The physiotherapist was struck in cruel today. deadly. arms and other devices every year. In
the chest a fatal wound. By the end of Monday, only the most He fired only one bullet, General 2016, about 136,000 patients received CORRECTIONS
In an emotional statement, the Red basic sketch of the gunman, identified Qaderi said. After the first bullet, peo- physical rehabilitation at the centers.
Cross identified the therapist as Lorena by the police as Mohammed Nasim, 21, ple and the guards tackled him and did- As Afghanistan has turned more vio- An article on Sept. 5 about the singer Pieter Bruegel the Elder not by his
Enebral Prez, 38, of Spain. She had had emerged, but little of his motives. nt allow him to fire more. lent in recent years, space has shrunk Taylor Swift, who previewed a new son Jan Brueghel the Elder.
been in Afghanistan for more than a None of the militant groups in Afghan- Rais Abdul Khaliq, a member of the for aid work, with movement restricted song, Ready for It?, during the broad-
year, shuttling between the organiza- istan, neither the Taliban nor the Islamic Balkh provincial council, said a second and staff members often singled out. In cast of the Alabama-Florida State col- A caption with an article Monday
tions different centers in the north and State, claimed responsibility. man, a patient of 12 years, had been ar- February, six Red Cross staff members lege football game, misidentified the about a collection of art owned by
west. Now she has become the latest re- Gen. Abdul Razaq Qaderi, the deputy rested as an accomplice. Both had polio were killed in the north and two were ab- television network that showed the Claude Monet described imprecisely
minder of the risks to aid workers in Af- police chief of Balkh Province, said Mr. and were paralyzed, Mr. Khaliq said. ducted. They were released last week af- game. It is ABC, not ESPN. the status of Still Life With Milk Jug
ghanistan as the violence in the country Nasim, who was arrested, came from They defamed the name of Afghans. ter more than six months of captivity. and Fruit by Paul Czanne. Though the
intensifies. neighboring Baghlan Province, from the This is a terrorist attack. Our staff are humanitarian workers The 36 Hours column in the Aug. 26-27 National Gallery of Art in Washington,
Energetic and full of laughter, Lore- restive Dand-e-Ghori area, which is Before arriving in Afghanistan in May who seek only to improve the lives of editions, about Brussels, misidentified which now owns the painting, has indi-
na was the heart of our office in Mazar, largely controlled by the Taliban. 2016, Ms. Enebral had helped patients victims of war, the Red Cross statement the painter of The Fall of the Rebel An- cated that it once belonged to Monet, the
said the Red Crosss head of delegation He was a polio victim and he was un- with disabilities for years in Malawi, announcing Ms. Enebrals death said. gels, which is on display at the Old Mas- Muse Marmottan in Paris said its re-
in Afghanistan, Monica Zanarelli, refer- der treatment in the hospital since he Ethiopia and Tanzania. I believe that We are #NotATarget. ters Museum there. The work is by cent research suggested that it did not.

Examining the cost
of cancer drugs
the company was developing to receive
Development expense F.D.A. approval. The companys re-
search and development costs for their
is not as high as previously four drugs were $388 million, the com-
thought, according to study panys S.E.C. filings indicated.
After it was approved, Janssen
BY GINA KOLATA Biotech acquired the drug for $21 billion.
That is a 50-fold difference between
What does it really cost to bring a drug revenue post-approval and cost to de-
to market? velop, Dr. Prasad said.
The question is central to the debate Accurate figures on drug develop-
over rising health care costs and appro- ment are difficult to find and often dis-
priate drug pricing. President Trump puted. Although it is widely cited, the
campaigned on promises to lower the Tufts study also was fiercely criticized.
costs of drugs. One objection was that the re-
But numbers have been hard to come searchers, led by Joseph A. DiMasi, did
by. For years, the standard figure has not disclose the companies data on de-
been supplied by researchers at the velopment costs. The study involved 10
Tufts Center for the Study of Drug De- large companies, which were not
velopment: $2.7 billion each, in 2017 dol- named, and 106 investigational drugs,
lars. also not named.
Yet a new study looking at 10 cancer But Dr. DiMasi found the new study
medications, among the most expensive irredeemably flawed at a fundamental
of new drugs, has arrived at a much level.
lower figure: a median cost of $757 mil- The sample consists of relatively
lion per drug. (Half cost less, and half small companies that have gotten only
more.) one drug approved, with few other
Following approval, the 10 drugs to- drugs of any type in development, he
gether brought in $67 billion, the re- said. The result is substantial selection
searchers also concluded a return of bias, meaning that the estimates do not
more than sevenfold on investment. accurately reflect the industry as a
Nine out of 10 companies made money, whole.
but revenues varied enormously. One Ninety-five percent of cancer drugs
drug had not yet earned back its devel- that enter clinical trials fail, said Mr.
opment costs. Seaton, of the biotech industry group.
The study, published Monday in The small handful of successful drugs
NICOLAS ASFOURI/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE GETTY IMAGES JAMA Internal Medicine, relied on com- those looked at by this paper must
Construction workers at a building site in Beijing. Chinas economic data suggest growth is steady, if less rapid than it was two years ago. Its stock market is rising again. pany filings with the Securities and Ex- be profitable enough to finance all of the
change Commission to determine re- many failures this analysis leaves unex-
search and development costs. amined.

Optimism over China

It seems like they have done a When the rare event occurs that a
thoughtful and rigorous job, said Dr. company does win approval, he added,
Aaron Kesselheim, director of the pro- the reward must be commensurate
gram on regulation, therapeutics and
the law at Brigham and Womens Hospi-
It provides at least something of a re-
ernments own confidence, it eliminated money can be sent abroad and has the value of its currency, it allows the ality check, he added.
two policies over the weekend that clamped down on what a growing num- renminbi to move up or down by a cer- The figures were met with swift criti-
made it more expensive for investors to ber of the countrys leaders considered tain amount in its local currency market. cism, however, by other experts and by
bet that the renminbi would weaken, wasteful corporate purchases. The gov- After falling to almost 7 to the dollar at representatives of the biotech industry,
Problems havent faded, measures adopted after money began to ernment has even resorted to strategies the end of last year, the renminbi has re- who said that the research did not ad-
leave the country two years ago. like face recognition software at auto- bounded. On Monday morning, Chinas equately take into account the costs of
but investors are finding Maybe China is the black swan and mated teller machines in Macau, a Chi- central bank set the currency slightly the many experimental drugs that fail.
reasons for reassurance everything we know does not apply to nese-controlled territory and gambling stronger than 6.5 to the dollar for the Its a bit like saying its a good busi-
China, said Zhu Ning, a Tsinghua Uni- mecca that has its own, more readily first time since May 2016. ness to go out and buy winning lottery JIM WILSON/THE NEW YORK TIMES

BY KEITH BRADSHER versity economist who published a book convertible, currency and that has long The market has turned around sig- tickets, Daniel Seaton, a spokesman for A researcher at Pharmacyclics in Sunny-
last year critical of how the government had a reputation for money laundering. nificantly its bearish view on the Chi- the Biotechnology Innovation Organiza- vale, Calif., which developed a cancer
For those who worry about the state of has managed rising bank debt. The government has also kept lend- nese currency, said Zhou Hao, an econo- tion, said in an email. drug that was sold for $21 billion.
the world economy, China has long been In terms of his earlier worries about ing from sources it trusts, like the coun- mist in the Singapore office of Com- Dr. Jerry Avorn, chief of the division of
a major reason to lose sleep. Its financial Chinas debt, he added, Im having trys state-run banks. The push has been merzbank. pharmacoepidemiology and pharma-
system labors under a mountain of doubts about what I believed as well. strong enough to maintain growth, even The currencys rally is partly political. coeconomics at Brigham and Womens with taking on the multiple levels of risk
loans, while weaker growth has The currency, which is one of the main as officials have cracked down on other China is preparing for a twice-a-decade Hospital, predicted that the paper would not seen in any other industry if drug de-
prompted many Chinese people and ways the government controls the econ- types of lending that they see as poten- Communist Party Congress to begin in help fuel the debate over the prices of velopment is to remain economically vi-
companies to move their money over- omy, is a gauge of the countrys health tially disruptive. The stock market has Beijing on Oct. 18. President Xi Jinping cancer drugs, which have soared so high able for prospective investors.
seas in recent years. and a source of tension for the United begun to recover from its rout two years has made clear that he wants stability that we are getting into areas that are Cancer drugs remain among the most
China still faces hefty debt and slow- States and other trading partners. As ago as rising real estate prices reassure until then in practically every aspect of almost unimaginable economically, he expensive medications, with prices
ing growth. But even some vocal the economy boomed, the renminbi investors about the health of Chinas de- the countrys life, including the econ- said. reaching the hundreds of thousands of
naysayers say the country has found largely strengthened. When growth fal- velopers, and resilient economic growth omy. A leukemia treatment approved re- dollars per patient.
ways to contain its problems at least tered in recent years, money flooded out suggests that corporate profits may Other currency moves particularly cently by the Food and Drug Adminis- Although the new study was small, its
for now. of the country, putting pressure on the rise. the United States dollar are contribut- tration, for example, will cost $475,000 estimates are so much lower than previ-
That improving outlook is, in part, re- currency. Charlene Chu, a China analyst at Au- ing to the renminbis strength. The dol- for a single treatment. It is the first of a ous figures, and the return on invest-
flected in Chinas currency. The ren- The currencys ups and downs play to tonomous Research, a global company lar has weakened as the Federal Re- wave of gene therapy treatments likely ment so great, that experts say they
minbi has surged in value in recent the debt concerns. advising hedge funds and other interna- serve has been slow to raise rates be- to carry staggering price tags. raise questions about whether soaring
weeks, helped by growing confidence in China relied on a huge wave of lending tional money managers, has long wor- cause the American economy has grown This is an important brick in the wall drug prices really are needed to encour-
the countrys economic prospects and to power its economy after the global fi- ried that Chinas debt accumulation was a little less vigorously than anticipated of this developing concern, he said. age investment.
by a political push for stability. nancial crisis nearly a decade ago. While becoming unsustainable. Now, she said, and as inflation in particular has fallen Dr. Vinay Prasad, an oncologist at Or- The new study has limitations, noted
On Monday, Beijing set the currencys the strategy worked, it pushed China to Beijing has the ability to postpone its short of expectations. egon Health and Science University, and Patricia Danzon, an economist at the
value at its strongest level in nearly a debt levels similar, relative to the size of problems. In Europe, which is finally recovering Dr. Sham Mailankody, of Memorial University of Pennsylvanias Wharton
year and a half. While China keeps a its economy, to those of the United What I appreciate now is there are from the global economic crisis, the euro Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, arrived School.
firm grip on its value, investor interest States and other developed countries. just no independent actors here, Ms. has staged a powerful rally against the at their figures after reviewing data on It involved just 10 small biotech com-
in the renminbi helps strengthen it. It did so in an extremely short amount Chu said. There is no bank that is going dollar over the past year. So while the 10 companies that brought a cancer drug panies whose cancer drugs were aimed
Other signs point to Chinas steadying of time, ringing alarm bells in Wall to say in November that our economic renminbi has strengthened against the to market in the past decade. at limited groups of patients with less
its course after a stock market crash and Street and elsewhere. As recently as outlook is not good were going to con- dollar, it has weakened against the euro. Since the companies also were devel- common diseases.
surprise currency devaluation two May, Moodys Investors Service, a rat- tract our loan book. They can muddle on That blunts the impact of a stronger cur- oping other drugs that did not receive For such drugs, the F.D.A. often per-
years ago shook the financial world and ings firm, lowered its credit rating on the for a while. rency in Chinese factories when they ex- approval from the F.D.A., the re- mits clinical trials to be very small and
brought the countrys long-term prob- countrys debt, saying Chinas spending But Ms. Chu and others see Beijings port goods, as a strong currency makes searchers were able to include the com- sometimes without control groups.
lems to the fore. Chinas economic data spree would hurt long-term growth. The efforts as stopgaps: If it does not ad- them less competitive. panies total spending on research and Therefore development costs may have
suggest growth is continuing at a currency devaluation and market crash dress its debt, China risks a long period China can win some political gains development, not just what they spent been lower for this group than for drugs
steady, if less heady, pace. Its stock mar- in 2015 also reduced confidence in Bei- of low growth, as in Japan. Some eco- from its stronger currency. President on the drugs that succeeded. that require longer and larger studies.
ket is rising again. jing. nomic indicators suggest that Chinas Trump, who has long criticized Chinas One striking example was ibrutinib, But, Dr. Danzon said, most new can-
China has not solved its problems. But Since then, the authorities have taken growth will begin to slow in the second economic policies, has accused Beijing made by Pharmacyclics. It was ap- cer drugs today are developed this way:
investors and economists say its efforts a number of steps that appear to be half of this year. of keeping its currency artificially weak proved in 2013 for patients with certain by small companies and for small
to keep the economy under control have keeping the short-term problems at bay, But Chinas surging currency sug- an accusation that was true once but blood cancers who did not respond to groups of patients. The companies often
restored some faith in the countrys eco- though doing little for the longer term. gests investors are not as worried as be- is not today. It could also ease its limit on conventional therapy. license or sell successful drugs to the
nomic stewardship. In a sign of the gov- Beijing has strictly limited how much fore. While China keeps a tight grip on money outflows, if it chooses. Ibrutinib was the only drug out of four larger companies.

ASilicon Valley effort to thwart Trump Publication Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Court-appointed Receiver for Stanford International Bank,
Ltd. (SIB) and related entities (Stanford Entities), and certain Plaintiffs, have reached an
agreement to settle all claims asserted or that could have been asserted against Hunton &
Trumps opponents. But how effective a Williams LLP relating to or in any way concerning SIB (the Settlement Agreement). As part of
Silicon Valley approach to political the Settlement Agreement, the Receiver and Plaintiffs have requested orders that permanently
change can be is a question and Mr. enjoin, among others, all Interested Parties, including Stanford Investors (i.e., customers of SIB,
who, as of February 16, 2009, had funds on deposit at SIB and/or were holding certificates of
Hoffman has run into stumbling blocks
Founder of LinkedIn before.
deposit issued by SIB), from bringing any legal proceeding or cause of action arising from or
relating to the Stanford Entities against Hunton & Williams, LLP or the Hunton Released Parties.
In 2014, he invested personally in
using start-up tactics, an online petition start-up. Complete copies of the Settlement Agreement, the proposed bar orders, and settlement

as shield against agenda Last fall, the company laid off more than
documents are available on the Receivers website
All capitalized terms not defined in this Notice are defined in the Settlement Agreement.
a third of its employees after burning
Interested Parties may file written objections with the United States District Court for the Northern
BY KATIE BENNER through more than $40 million in ven- District of Texas on or before November 7, 2017.
ture capital. Years of mismanagement,
Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn Mr. Hoffman said, had essentially atro-
and a billionaire Silicon Valley venture phied the start-up and it was always
capitalist, has made a half-dozen or so running a deficit.
investments in recent months with a In the spring, Mr. Hoffman pumped
specific aim: to counteract the influence almost $30 million in new financing into
of President Trump. and installed new board The world's most
The venture-style investments in- members, to try again.
clude starting a new group, Win the Fu- Im optimistic about where we can
trusted perspective.
ture, whose self-described goal is to get to, he said, but it doesnt mean its
make the Democratic Party relevant not a bumpy road.
again. He also invested $1 million in Cor- Debra Cleaver, a former
tico, a start-up that encourages online

Reid Hoffman has increased his political investments since President Trumps election employee who now runs, said it Get unlimited digital access
discourse between people with oppos- was important to pursue innovative
ing political views. And he invested hun-
in an effort to counteract the presidents policies.
ways for achieving change. But, she to The New York Times.
dreds of thousands of dollars in Vote- added, politically driven investments
.org, which has a goal of getting all eligi- the Silicon Valley approach, Mr. Hoff- spread his cash this year by financing can be more successful when they are Save 50%.
ble Americans to vote; Higher Ground man, 50, said in an interview. Find and groups that want to restore dialogue and treated with the same level of account-
Labs, a start-up for progressive poli- back powerful entrepreneurs. inclusion to politics. The moves put him ability as traditional venture capital in-
ticians; and the Center on Rural Innova- Mr. Hoffman has emerged as Silicon at the vanguard of a political awakening vestments.
tion, which is working for economic im- Valleys prime behind-the-scenes poli- of technology leaders, who are emerg- Mr. Hoffman is motivated by a sense
provements in rural areas. tical influencer. A Democrat with a net ing as a potential West Coast power cen- that people are morally obliged to par-
My approach to political investing is worth of more than $3 billion, he has ter that could help invigorate Mr. HOFFMAN, PAGE 8


the Silicon
Valley way
ticipate in civic society, said Peter Thiel,
the Silicon Valley investor and a founder
of the digital payments company Pay-
Pal. Mr. Thiel, a supporter of Mr. Trump,
has known Mr. Hoffman since both at-
tended Stanford University in the 1980s.
I would describe Reid as left of cen-
ter, with a very strong sense of empathy
for those who are less fortunate, Mr.
Thiel wrote in an email. Its more of a
character trait than an ideological posi-
Unlike many of his tech peers, who
are only now becoming more politicized,
Mr. Hoffman has long been interested in
government. A native of Palo Alto, Calif.,
he attended boarding school in Vermont
and graduated from Stanford, where he
was an ultraliberal member of the Stu-
dent Senate alongside his conservative
classmate Mr. Thiel. He later attended
Oxford University on a Marshall Schol-
In 2000, he joined Mr. Thiel as an exec-
utive at PayPal, a stint that made Mr.
Hoffman a millionaire. He founded
LinkedIn, the career-oriented social net-
work, in 2003, spurred by trying to con-
nect people and the openness of online
While continuing to lead LinkedIn as
chairman, he joined the venture capital
firm Greylock Partners in 2009 to invest
in start-ups. LinkedIn went public two
years later, making Mr. Hoffman a bil-
lionaire. He added to his fortune last
year when Microsoft bought LinkedIn
for $26.2 billion.
By then, he had become involved in
policy. During President Barack Oba- Empty shelves at a supermarket in Florida. Supplies went quickly as Hurricane Irma approached, and more than 8,000 complaints of price gouging were lodged with the authorities through the weekend.
mas administration, Mr. Hoffman nur-
tured ties with the White House and

Price gouging: Really a good thing?

Democratic politicians like Senator
Cory Booker of New Jersey.
Reid was among the top leaders in
Silicon Valley to whom we looked for
good counsel on issues like immigra-
tion, said Valerie Jarrett, a former senior disaster, feels outrageous. Indeed, 34 end. Meanwhile, he suggested, You make sense in the most theoretical right-wing think tank.
adviser to Mr. Obama. states have anti-gouging laws meant to discourage conservation of needed context, but when it comes to trying to One idea that has gained currency in
Mr. Hoffman was involved with Hilla- protect consumers. goods at exactly the time they are in protect the poorest among us, who this camp would be to create surge-
ry Clintons presidential campaign and However, in a small slice of the high demand. cant afford the most basic of goods, pricing vouchers backed by the gov-
spoke out against Mr. Trump. At one world of economists and businesses, He added, In a classic case of unin- they seem like an inhumane affront to ernment.
point, he offered to donate up to $5 mil- there is a fascinating debate about the tended consequences, the law harms our sensibilities. Prior to a natural disaster, Mr.
lion to veterans groups if Mr. Trump topic with many arguing that price the very people whom lawmakers Still, Tyler Cowen, an economics Carter wrote in a blog post last week,
would release a copy of his tax returns.
Mrs. Clintons defeat forced Mr. Hoff-
Andrew Ross Sorkin gouging is actually a good thing.
Yes, you heard that correctly.
intend to help.
Consider this scenario, as described
professor at George Mason University,
believes that something even more
individuals and families could apply
to receive government-provided
man to recalibrate in various ways es- This is surely heartless, and may by Matt Zwolinski, the director of the insidious can happen during national vouchers that would cover the cost
pecially in his view of social media. Red- offend our sense of decency. But sev- Center for Ethics, Economics, and emergencies: a sort of black market, difference between the normal price
dit, Facebook and Twitter had given Mr. eral respected economists from the Public Policy at the University of San made worse by anti-gouging laws and and the emergency surge price for a
Trump and his supporters vast plat- Milton Friedman school of free-market Diego: If a hotel that normally charges businesses that fear a viral outcry if specific basket of essential goods and
forms, and tech companies like Face- theory take it seriously. They contend $50 per room were allowed to double they increase prices. services.
book had given mass distribution to mis- When a devastating hurricane like that anti-gouging measures, by effec- the price to $100 a night during an If the store doesnt raise prices, Businesses would be reimbursed the
information campaigns. Irma or Harvey arrives, stories about tively enacting price controls during emergency, a family that might have attentive customers may buy up the difference in price by the government
Mr. Hoffman decided the tech indus- price gouging inevitably spread emergencies, remove the incentive for chosen to rent separate rooms for whole stock, resell it during the emer- by submitting the voucher.
try had to confront the challenges creat- quickly. Last week, a one-way coach consumers to conserve essential sup- parents and children at $50 per night gency and price gouge themselves, he That might seem like a sensible idea
ed by social networks, including their flight from Miami to Phoenix jumped plies. They also say that the incentive will be more likely to rent only one wrote last week. Or store employees at first blush, but it gets complicated
potential to undermine democracy. He in price from $547.50 to $3,258.50, for suppliers to bring goods to danger- room at the higher price, and a family may funnel the scarce goods to their quickly: Will the poor and elderly
said the industry would at some point prompting immediate outrage. In ous areas or keep extra stock on- whose home was damaged but in friends and relatives. Dont think the really go through the hurdles of getting
need to regulate itself with a standards Houston, a picture of a case of water hand before disasters becomes livable condition might choose to tough alternative to corporate price gouging vouchers in advance of a storm? Thats
body like the Motion Picture Associa- being sold for $42.96 at Best Buy did distorted in ways that hurt people. it out if the cost of a hotel room is $100 is necessarily a fairer outcome, but hard to believe. More ominously, there
tion of America. the same. (Best Buy apologized and Price caps discourage extraordi- rather than $50. that subtle point doesnt always trans- could emerge a black market for the
Mr. Trump also embodied a specific said it was a big mistake by a few nary supply efforts that would help The result, he contended in a paper late well to social media. vouchers.
cause of anxiety for Mr. Hoffman. employees.) bring goods in high demand into the titled The Ethics of Price Gouging, is That may or not be true. But the fact Maybe theres something to be
Mr. Hoffman has since used his cash Over all, more than 8,000 complaints affected area, Michael Giberson, an that allowing higher prices increases remains that there is a gaping hole in learned in this thought experiment, but
and connections to shape the organiza- of price gouging on items like gas, food instructor with the Center for Energy the available supply as a result of the price-gouging-is-good argument: national emergencies are the ultimate
tions and start-ups that support the is- and ice were lodged with the Florida Commerce in the Rawls College of consumers economizing behavior, how to make resources available to distortion in daily economic activity
sues where he wants to exert the most attorney generals office through the Business at Texas Tech University, more hotel rooms are available to poor individuals and families, many of and, as appealing as the free market
influence. He has also tried to persuade weekend. wrote in an opinion piece from several individuals and families who need whom may barely be able to afford may be in certain circumstances, it will
the tech industry to take responsibility On its face, the very idea of price years ago that was widely circulated them most. normal prices, said Joe Carter, a sen- likely make economic distortions dur-
for the way its products are used. gouging, especially during a natural around parts of Wall Street this week- Of course, these arguments may ior editor at the Acton Institute, a ing a disaster worse, not better.

International Funds
For information please contact Roxane Spencer
Customers see dark side to Tesla assist
e-mail: He said he was impressed with Teslas
For online listings and past performance visit: Company effort to aid initiative, especially given that the com-
pany is ramping up production of its
in evacuations raises Model 3 mass-market vehicle.
questions on its oversight I was totally blown away. It was su-
per awesome of them to do that, Mr.
BY TIFFANY HSU Forman said of the software upgrade.
Tesla is always thinking outside the
Tesla drivers in Florida got an unexpect- box.
995 GUTZWILLER FONDS MANAGEMENT AG ed assist over the weekend as they Tesla owners said lines for the compa- scrambled to evade Hurricane Irma. nys roadside Supercharger charging
Tel.: +41 61 205 70 00 Owners of certain Model S sedans and network were uncommon over the
d Gutzwiller One $ 340.00 Model X S.U.V.s noticed that the battery weekend. Drivers said they were wor-
m Gutzwiller Two (CHF) CHF 104.30 capacity of their electric cars had in- ried about reliability of the Florida elec-
m Gutzwiller Two (USD) $ 153.10 creased, giving them as much as 40 ex- trical grid during the hurricane.
tra miles of range to outrun the deluge. But at least they could avoid gas sta-
Range anxiety the fear that an elec- tions, which ran out of fuel quickly.
tric vehicle will run out of charge before Tesla, which sent emails to affected
m Global Emerging Markets K1(31/12/10) $ 124.64
reaching its destination can be mag- customers citing the exceptional cir-
m Global Opportunity K1(31/12/10) $ 106.30
nified in emergency situations. cumstances, joined many other compa-
Tesla confirmed that it had remotely nies trying to help Irma evacuees. Wire-
enabled a free software upgrade for ve- less carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile
hicles in the path of the storm, motivat- and Verizon waived overage charges for
m Haussman Holdings Class C 2217.30
ed by one customer who requested the data customers in Florida. Nearly 200
m Haussmann Hldgs N.V. $ 2566.03
change while making evacuation plans. Airbnb hosts opened their homes to
The free upgrade will expire on Satur- evacuees for free.
$ - US Dollars; - Euros; CHF - Swiss Francs
day. But some critics said Teslas upgrade
Many Tesla owners cheered the tem- was less about good will than it was
The marginal Symbols indicate the frequency of
quotations supplied: (d) - daily; (w) - weekly; (b) -
porary enhancement ahead of Irma, about greed. And even as Irma weak-
bi-monthly; (f) - fortnightly; (r) - regularly; (t) - twice
which made landfall in Florida on Sun- ened, customers worried about Teslas
weekly; (m) - monthly; (i) - twice monthly. day. ability to alter their vehicles on its own
Some, though, said the company was A Tesla approaching a nonfunctioning traffic light in Miami. Tesla enabled a free software upgrade for vehicles before the storm. from afar.
The data in the list above is the n.a.v. supplied by
kneecapping vehicle range under nor- That has raised security concerns. As
the fund groups to MORNINGSTAR. It is collated and
mal circumstances in pursuit of profit. cars become more connected, the ability
reformatted into the list before being transmitted to the
Others were concerned that the mag- Its an efficient method: Wirelessly began producing cars this way to instead of a 75-kilowatt-hour version of criminals to remotely hack into them
NYT International Edition. The NYT receives payment from
nanimous move overshadowed the trou- communicating improvements to a dig- streamline manufacturing; it could was enough to persuade him to spend has also improved.
fund groups to publish this information. MORNINGSTAR
bling extent to which Tesla can com- itally equipped vehicle means that produce the same type of battery but roughly $70,000 on his Model S in No- The Irma upgrade was the first wire-
and the NYT do not warrant the quality or accuracy of
mand customers cars. customers dont have to come in for ev- provide different price points, charging vember. less enhancement that Tesla conducted
the list, the data of the performance fides of the Fund Most other auto manufacturers sell ery small tuneup. But some updates, customers up to $9,500 for an upgrade to I never thought I was paying for a for a particular event, said Colin Rusch,
Groups and will not be liable for the list, the data of vehicles that are incapable of learning like a strict speed cap that Tesla rolled full capacity. car that was neutered I was paying a managing director at Oppenheimer,
Fund Group to any extent. The list is not and shall not and improving and are highly vulnera- back this year, also raise concerns about Tesla has since stopped offering the less to get less range, he said. the investment bank. More may come.
be deemed to be an offer by the NYT or MORNINGSTAR ble to obsolescence, Adam Jonas, an consumer privacy and control. software-limited batteries. Mr. Forman, who lives in Broward Youre bringing a consumer elec-
to sell securities or investments of any kind. Investments analyst at Morgan Stanley, wrote in July. Starting in 2016, Tesla produced a run A spokeswoman for Tesla declined to County, Fla., had flown to St. Louis for tronics mentality to a durable-goods
can fall as well as rise. Past performance does not But not Tesla, which has become an in- of Model S and X cars equipped with bat- comment and did not specify how many work on Friday when he checked his product, Mr. Rusch said. Adding incre-
guarantee future success. dustry leader in whats known as over- tery packs built to have 75 kilowatt- Tesla owners had benefited from the up- Tesla app and saw that his car, plugged mental functionality is an ongoing
It is advisable to seek advice from a qualified the-air vehicle upgrades the ability to hours of capacity but constrained by grade. in at home, had reached 242 miles of process for Tesla. Well see them contin-
independent advisor before investing. make instant fixes without being any- software to have access to only 60 to 70 For Chris Forman, a pilot, the $6,000 range and was still charging. He had ue to participate in that over-the-air
where near the car. kilowatt-hours of power. The company discount for a 60-kilowatt-hour battery never seen the vehicle exceed 215 miles. market.

New regions
Lessons for hurricane survivors face hazard
Those in the first group tended to
have few resources to start with and lost
them all. Its a cumulative vulnerabil-
ity, in which for instance the family
of infection
Young adults afflicted
by storm 12 years ago
struggled before the storm, then could
not get out, and the child lost the fragile
supports he or she had, said Dr.
by mosquito
agree on need for anchor Fothergill, a professor at the University
of Vermont. Global Health
BY BENEDICT CAREY Dr. Peek, a professor at the University
of Colorado, said that those children who
The children upended by Hurricane Ka- adapted fastest typically had family and
trina have no psychological playbook networks with resources that held to-
for the youngsters displaced by Harvey gether through Katrina, or acquired
or those in the path of Irma, the hurri- strong allies along the way: teachers,
cane plowing into Florida. pastors, shelter workers who fought for A mounting number of citations on a
In the aftermath of Harvey, more than help on the childs behalf. popular disease-tracking website
160 public school districts and 30 charter The third group fluctuating equi- suggests that mosquitoes may be
schools have closed in the sprawling librium, the sociologists called it usu- moving into new ecological niches with
Houston metropolitan area. Families ally had lost virtually everything but greater frequency.
have scrambled to higher ground, some had one solid anchor: a mother, a father, The website, ProMED mail, has
to other cities like Dallas or San Antonio, a teacher, an older sibling. carried more than a dozen such re-
others into shelters. Thousands of chil- Dr. Fothergill and Dr. Peek published ports since June, all involving mos-
dren will have to adjust on the fly, bused a book laying out their thinking, Chil- quito species known to transmit hu-
for hours to new schools from makeshift dren of Katrina, told through the lives of man diseases.
housing. Texas officials are scrambling several children. Most reports have concerned the
to coordinate mental health support; Five years later, as those children United States, where, for example,
the states psychology board is issuing have moved into young adulthood, its Aedes aegypti the yellow fever
temporary licenses for out-of-state ther- clear that trajectories are not always mosquito, which also spreads Zika,
apists. smooth lines. Jordan Bridges, 29, evacu- dengue and chikungunya has been
In a series of interviews in New Or- ated with his mother and siblings ahead turning up in counties in California and
leans, 12 years after Katrinas devastat- of Katrina to a friends place near Wash- Nevada where it had never, or only
ing floods, young survivors, now in their PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANNIE FLANAGAN FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES ington, D.C. His father stayed behind to rarely, been seen.
early 20s, agreed only that overcoming Craig Jones, who grew up in New Orleans, was in 5th grade when Hurricane Katrina forced him and his family out. He returned after work. Mr. Bridges life in Washington Other reports have noted mosquito
the mental strain of displacement is like high school, in 2013. I got here and it was the same place but not the same, if you feel what Im saying, he said. was a fire-shower of emotion. species found for the first time on
escaping the rising water itself a mat- My mom was overwhelmed. I had to certain South Pacific islands or in parts
ter of finding something to hold onto, get my little brother to school every of Europe where harsh winters previ-
one safe place or reliable person, each day; it was like every day I woke up and ously kept them at bay.
time you move. had to forget everything that had hap- ProMED, the Program for Monitor-
Everything else is up for grabs, in- pened the day before, said Mr. Bridges, ing Emerging Diseases, is overseen by
cluding the meaning of home itself. I who now works for a New Orleans social the International
was so homesick, I moved back here justice nonprofit, and sings in a band, Society for Infec-
soon as I could, right after graduating Melomania. Homework forget it. From Southern tious Diseases.
high school, Craig Jones, 22, a freelance Nothing. California Its moderators
graphic designer and musician, said in Although trauma can mean many to the South disseminate
an interview near Pigeon Town, the things and is generally considered de-
working class neighborhood of modest structive its demands can force people
Pacific, reports alerts coming in
from members,
homes, diners and shaded porches to learn what their abilities are and of infestation news media,
where he grew up. I got here and it was which are most useful when all seems by nonnative government
the same place but not the same, if you lost. Studies by Roxane Cohen Silver, a species are releases and
feel what Im saying. psychology professor at the University increasing. other sources,
A 5th-grader when Katrina hit, he of California, Irvine, and others have with notes that
spent the intervening years on the found that adults who report having tak- put these reports
move, living in hotel rooms and finally en no serious hits like, say, the death in context and
settling in Houston with his family. of friend, a serious illness, a natural dis- separate the truly alarming from the
When he moved back to New Orleans in aster generally do not score as highly merely alarmist.
his late teens, the streets of his child- on measures of well-being as people Over the years, the site has chroni-
hood had a new mix of people and an un- who have survived traumatic events. cled Public Health Englands hard-
dercurrent of menace he couldnt place. People who have been through at least fought battle to keep a new invader,
He became anxious; then began having two traumas, and fewer than six, score Aedes albopictus, the Asian tiger mos-
panic attacks, seemingly at random. He highest. quito, out of the scepterd isle that
was home-sick, as well as homesick. After returning to Louisiana, Mr. Shakespeare in Richard II called
I was walking around with my eyes Bridges said he got blindsided again, this fortress built by Nature for her-
bugged out, he said. They wanted to this time in Baton Rouge, where he got a self against infection.
put me on Xanax, but I wanted no part of degree in biology from Louisiana State Aedes albopictus established itself in
that. He moved away for a time and the University. He and his brother tried to Italy and southern France, where it
anxiety subsided. stop a fight, he said, but they never got has spread chikungunya a painful
Therapists and social scientists have the chance. The police arrived and beat fever known as bending up disease.
been trying to characterize the effects of them both, he said, and shattered his The British health authorities now
all variety of traumas for more than a jaw. He spent months in the hospital have more than 30 surveillance sta-
century. They have found no equations, Jordan Bridges, now 29, left with his mother and siblings before the storm but now works for a New Orleans social justice nonprofit, with his jaw wired shut. tions at ports, airports and truck stops,
no way to predict who will be laid low, and sings in a band. Going through those things, I know nothing can put my light out, he said. I honestly believe that having been on guard against the mosquito.
who will adjust or who will become through Katrina helped me get through In August, The Daily Express news-
stronger. that, he said. Im an optimist, he add- paper said officials had blitzed a
But they do recognize some distinc- criminate much by race or income. about my family, Ms. Laurence said. I Peek, made regular trips to New Or- ed. Going through those things, I know clutch of notorious tiger mosquitoes
tive effects of hurricanes. Unlike an Our reading of that is that the stress- was getting into fights; real fights, vio- leans, interviewing hundreds of people nothing can put my light out. suspected to have made their way into
earthquake or a fire, flooding from a ors were so severe they overwhelmed lent ones. That was something I never who had been hit hard and tracking their This city still bears visible scars of Ka- Britain through the Eurotunnel.
storm like Katrina or Harvey leaves the coping skills of most kids, said Kate did before, ever. But you lose everything lives over time, checking in repeatedly. trina, buildings that stand empty, crip- In 2014, ProMED noted, Public
many houses and buildings still physi- McLaughlin, director of the Stress and and you dont know how to deal with it After seven years, the pair identified a pled monuments to the flooding. But the Health England debunked false alarms
cally standing but uninhabitable, simul- Development Lab at the University of no one prepares you for that. rough pattern among displaced chil- young men and women interviewed for that the mosquito had landed. In 2016,
taneously familiar and strange, like a Washington, who led the research team. She finished school and now teaches dren: some had not regained their foot- this story had one thing in common. officials acknowledged finding 37
loved one sinking into dementia. Sur- Lacey Laurence, now 22, escaped Ka- young children precisely those skills: ing, losing years of schooling and later They all came back. Aedes albopictus eggs at a truck stop
veys done in the first seven years after trinas waters on an air mattress, as po- how to stay safe; how to manage emo- sinking into unemployment; others They returned not home, but to a per- in Kent.
Katrina found that the rate of diagnos- lice officers shoved away bodies with tions; how to stay focused on what they adapted, even thrived; and there was a mutation of it, one with an existential Also in August, ProMED reported
able mental health problems in the New oars. can control, and adjust to what they can- third group, of young people who were uncertainty that is no abstraction. that Aedes albopictus appeared to
Orleans area jumped by 9 percent a I was at this new school, my friends not. keeping themselves upright but un- You look over your shoulder here, have established itself in Gibraltar, a
sharper spike than after other natural were gone, and kids would be saying In the years after Katrina, a pair of so- steadily, managing lingering effects, they said, literally and mentally. And British territory on the southern edge
disasters and the effects did not dis- things about my old neighborhood, ciologists, Alice Fothergill and Lori like depression or anxiety. you watch the weather forecast. of Spain.

Cassini flies toward fiery death on Saturn

probe, built by the European Space tion on Saturns pristine and now very
Out There Agency to explore Saturns largest interesting moons, should the space-
moon, Titan. The names were a testa- craft hit them. So it had to go, and
ment to a golden age of European anyway there was still more to be
Renaissance astronomy. learned by crashing it into Saturn.
Giovanni Domenico Cassini was a On Monday, Cassini was to get one
sharp-eyed 17th century astronomer more goodbye kiss from Titan, a last
who first discerned a dark gap in Sat- fatal gravitational nudge directing the
The Cassini spacecraft that has orbited urns enigmatic rings and then discov- spacecraft into Saturn itself.
Saturn for the last 13 years would ered four moons. Christiaan Huygens The cameras will turn off on Thurs-
weigh 4,685 pounds on Earth and, at 22 discovered Titan and recognized Sat- day, after one final look around the
feet high, is somewhat longer and urns rings for what they are. environs Cassini has called home for
wider than a small moving van tipped The orbiter and lander arrived in the last 13 years. But most of the space-
on its rear. Bristling with cameras, July 2004 like wide-eyed tourists at crafts instruments will keep working,
antennas and other sensors, it is one of Saturn, the realm of mystery and gathering and analyzing samples of
the most complex and sophisticated rings. Shortly thereafter, in December the planets atmosphere as the space-
spy robots ever set loose in interplan- 2004, Huygens departed the mother craft blazes into the clouds, which
etary space. ship and made the first landing on an should tell us something about how the
On Friday morning, the whole world alien moon, touching down in the giant planet formed and evolved. Have
will hear it die. hydrocarbon slushes of Titan three the rings always been there, or are
At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in weeks later. they a more recent addition?
California, the scientists of the Cassini Cassini was just settling in for a long Scientists and the news media, in all
mission will figuratively ride their stay, circling Saturn like a pesky inter- its social media glory, will assemble at
creation down into oblivion in the planetary paparazzo. the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to wit-
clouds of Saturn. They will be col- A list of its greatest hits would in- NASA/JPL/SPACE SCIENCE INSTITUTE NASA/JPL/SPACE SCIENCE INSTITUTE ness the demise of Cassini, estimated
lecting data on the makeup of the clude movies of the six-sided storm Among the images Cassini has sent back are a view of a wave structure in Saturns rings, left, and a view of the moon Enceladus. to happen Friday about 7:54 a.m. East-
planets butterscotch clouds until the that hugs the planets north pole; ern Daylight Time. Last week Cassini
last bitter moment, when the space- detailed views of Saturns spidery sent back what Carolyn Porco, of the
craft succumbs to the heat and pres- golden rings, woven into warps, braids the Italian Space Agency, and another Quite Know It could be based on some space on those plumes, free for the Space Science Institute in Boulder,
sure of atmospheric entry and be- and knots by the gravity of tiny moon- $1.4 billion to run them for 20 years in liquid other than water a possibility taking by a spacecraft designed to Colo., and imaging team leader on the
comes a meteor. lets; the discovery of plumes that look flight. suggested by Steven Benner, a bio- detect them. Which Cassini was not. project, called one of our last best
So will end a decades-long journey of like snow-making machines shooting Like other great scientific endeav- chemist at the Foundation for Applied Nevertheless, Cassini flew right looks at Enceladus...that small moon at
discovery and wonder. from the surface of the moon Ence- ors, Cassini raised as many questions Molecular Evolution in Florida Titan through one of the plumes in October Saturn with the big possibilities.
The Cassini-Huygens mission, as it ladus. Not to mention postcards of as it answered. What, for example, is has the potential to be Exhibit Number 2015 and found evidence that chemical Brace yourselves, she added in an
is officially known, was hatched in the lakes and seas on Titan. going on in those oceans on Titan and One. In recent years, proposals have and thermal reactions deep in the email. The end is near.
1980s partly to strengthen ties between NASA, not shy about sharing its Enceladus? been floated to send balloons, boats ocean were producing energy in the The news for all those gathered will
NASA and the European Space Agency accomplishments, recently released a Titan, the only moon in the solar and even a submarine to Titan to check form of hydrogen gas. Similar envi- arrive as a sudden silence. Cassini will
and partly because, well, where else in blizzard of numbers summarizing the system to have a thick atmosphere out whatever chemistry might be ronments on Earth, like deep-sea break up and burn like a meteor into a
the solar system would you want to mission: 4.9 billion miles traveled, 294 even thicker than the Earths is now going on in its frigid wastes. vents, are hotbeds of microbial activity. wisp of stray atoms lost in the clouds.
go? With mysterious, mesmerizing orbits of Saturn completed, 2.5 million the only body in the universe known to Other astronomers have seized on Thanks to Cassini, then, the far Dr. Porco said that the entry point
rings and a panoply of strange moons commands executed, 635 gigabytes of have liquid on its surface. That liquid is Enceladus as the most likely place to worlds of Saturn have leapt to the top would be visible from Earth and that
(62 and counting), Saturn was the last science data collected, 453,048 images not water, but methane and ethane find extraterrestrial critters. The of the lists of alien-life hunters. Re- some amateur astronomers were
outpost of the known planets before taken, 3,948 science papers published, hydrocarbons. The air on Titan is plumes erupting from its southern cently NASA circulated a call for pro- hoping to see some sign of Cassinis
the discoveries of Uranus, Neptune 27 nations participating and two almost pure nitrogen. In addition, there region suggest that there is a warm posals for future missions out there. entry.
and Pluto. oceans discovered. may be an ocean of water or some salty ocean beneath the ice. Where But nothing lasts forever. The scien- But the odds are against them. And
As launched in 1997, the spacecraft To which must be added: $2.5 billion other liquid substance deep under the there is water, so the mantra goes, tists could have left Cassini for dead so Cassini will wave goodbye with a
consisted of two parts: an orbiter, built to build and launch Cassini and Huy- surface. there may be life. when its time came, a derelict in space. flash of unearthly light that no hu-
by NASA, and a lander, the Huygens gens, split among NASA, E.S.A. and If you think that Life As We Dont Microbes might be hitching a ride to But that would have risked contamina- mans, at least, may ever see.

I knew that if
we could get technology
to work for women,
it would have a huge
impact on the world.
Ida Tin, Co-Founder of Clue, Germany

While travelling, Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin became aware of the health issues
faced by women across the world. She decided to build an app called Clue to help women
understand their bodies and take control of their health. Androids flexible open-source
nature enabled Clue to continuously innovate and reach 5 million users in just 3 years.

Watch the mini-documentary about

the app that is breaking a taboo:

Belgian clubs a magnet for foreign money
BELGIUM, FROM PAGE 1 Louvaniste fan group, but even he ad- played but not been able to make it as
complex present, between what soccer mits to hopes that King Power can do professionals, and brought them here.
has always been and what it threatens to the same as they did at Leicester. Sixteen episodes aired on KBS, Koreas
become. Tubize is now owned by a South King Power is merely the latest for- national broadcaster.
Korean marketing firm. Its visitor on eign investor to decide a Belgian second Millions tuned in to watch; two years
opening day, K.S.V. Roeselare, is backed division team is the must-have acces- later, Tubizes Korean Facebook page
by Chinese money. Of their six rivals in sory, following in the footsteps of Sporti- still has more than 10,000 followers.
the Belgian second division, four are the zen (the South Korean owner of Tubize), Tubize still has four South Korean play-
playthings of foreign investors: the Thai Wadi Degla (Egypt, Lierse), Xiu Li ers for them to track.
owners of Leicester City, an English Hawken (China, Roeselare), Monacos
club; the Russian billionaire who has owner Dmitri Rybolovlev (Russia, Cer- AN AGENT IN CHARGE
bankrolled A.S. Monaco, a French team; cle Brugge) and Jrgen Baatzsch (Ger- Perhaps the most cautionary tale,
a German entrepreneur; and a wealthy many, Royal Union St.-Gilloise). In the though, is at first division Mouscron. Of-
Egyptian who now backs three separate Jupiler League, there is the Aspire ficially, since 2015, the club has been
clubs in Africa and Europe. Academy (Qatar, KAS Eupen), Vincent owned by two Maltese companies: Gol
In Belgiums top division, the Jupiler Tan (Malaysia, K.V. Kortrijk) and the Football Limited, which paid 8.5 mil-
League, there are clubs owned by repre- case of Zahavi, and a couple of Maltese lion to rescue the club from bankruptcy
sentatives of Qatar and Malaysia, and companies, at Royal Excel Mouscron. in 2015, and Latimer International Lim-
another with close links to Pini Zahavi, There is one common thread for why ited, which bought it a year later for
one of the most powerful agents in the the foreign investors have come: Bel- 10. Both companies are connected to
game. All of them are now invested, to gium, perhaps unknowingly, offers the Zahavi, an Israeli agent, and his son and
varying degrees, in Belgian soccer. perfect climate to nurture a vision of nephew, Gil and Adar, sit on the
It has all left many here asking one what soccers future might look like. Mouscron board.
question: Why? Take Lierse, as one example. Since Zahavi together with a busi-
Matthias Hendrix can still reel through ness associate, the Germany-based
FOREIGN EXCHANGE the names of Lierses team from 20 agent Fali Ramadani became in-
A couple of hours after Roeselares years ago: Bob Peeters and Eric Van volved at Mouscron, eight players have
match at Tubize, on the other side of Meir and Stanley Menzo. To Hendrix, a arrived on loan from Apollon Limassol
Brussels, the clouds burst over the lifelong fan, that 1997 squad was special: of Cyprus, another club where Zahavi
pretty university town of Leuven. The It was the team, largely homegrown, al- has strong connections.
downpour lasts only a few minutes, but most entirely unheralded, that last That has triggered concerns that the
it is intense enough to drench almost ev- made Lierse the champion of Belgium. club is not being run for its own benefit,
erybody at Den Dreef, Leuvens home By 2007, though, the club was in dire but for that of Zahavi, Ramadani and
stadium, and it means that for the first straits. A European Court of Justice rul- their clients, a place where they can
half-hour of Leuvens game with Lierse, ing that let players freely leave at the showcase players in the hope of earning
the ball spends much of its time coming end of their contracts had broken up that Forward Lee Jae-gun, center, is one of four South Korean players on the roster of A.F.C. Tubize. The Belgian second-division clubs a move, or a base from which they can
to rest in puddles. team long before then, and denied Li- Korean Facebook page has more than 10,000 followers. loan them out to other clubs each time
It is hard not to feel sorry for John erse the chance to collect fat fees for for a fee in a bid to circumvent FIFA
Ledwidge, Leicester Citys grounds- their transfers. A match-fixing scandal rules on agents owning the economic
keeper, and his team. They have spent uncovered in 2006 plunged the team place for African players, in particular. the media suite at the Stade Leburton. rights of players.
much of the summer making sure the deeper into chaos. Belgium, perhaps unknowingly, And finally, there are the low costs. In First is Brussels, but after that it is Everyone knows what is going on at
field is in pristine condition, and now That year, the Egyptian businessman offers the perfect climate to the Netherlands, any team planning on Tubize, and that is all thanks to the TV Mouscron, one former club employee
one storm has undone much of their Maged Samy was looking for a Euro- nurture a vision of what soccers registering a non-E.U. player must pay show. said. Gil Zahavi, an instructor in Modern
hard work. pean club to buy. He had considered For- him at least 300,000 euros a year, over Shim, through his company Sporti- Hebrew at Oxford University, did not re-
Ledwidges expertise is just one of the tuna Sittard, across the border in the
future might look like. $360,000. In Belgium, it is just 80,000 zen, bought Tubize three years ago; he spond to a request for comment. Pini Za-
benefits provided to Leuven by its new Netherlands, and Royal Antwerp, but or 90,000, including bonuses, Franois serves as the clubs chairman and chief havi could not be reached.
owners, the King Power group of Thai- Lierses desperation made it an appetiz- team in recent years, and the strong rep- said. There are the tax breaks, too: executive. His aim when he arrived, he Franois acknowledged that his orga-
land. Also the owners of Leicester, King ing prospect. Belgian clubs are quite utation the country has for youth devel- Franois pointed out that when a club is said, was to build a bridge between Eu- nization had to be careful to avoid an-
Power confirmed in May that it had cheap, Hendrix said. Lierse was in opment. This is a place where larger, sold, the profit is not taxed under Bel- rope and Asia: His club would give other situation like Mouscron, which
completed a deal to take control of Leu- trouble. It was an easy target. richer clubs from England, Germany gian law. young Korean, Japanese and Chinese has been forced to make changes to its
ven, and it has taken a hands-on ap- That so many smaller Belgian clubs and France habitually shop for players. All of that, though, only answers part prospects a platform on which to per- structure to obtain a license to compete
proach, setting out not just to improve are available for comparatively small Then there is the fact that there are of the question. It might explain why form in Europe. In return, South Korean in the Belgian league. Other league
the quality of the playing field but also sums is only one of the reasons that out- very few restrictions on players, Belgium is so attractive, but it does not soccer would benefit from the methods, rules are being rewritten to ensure that
the team (a flurry of new players ar- side investors have flocked here. Pierre Franois said. Only eight players on clarify the motivations of the countrys particularly in marketing, he found in the ultimate beneficiary of a club is not
rived this summer) and the stadium it- Franois, the general director of the or- each team of 25 has to be homegrown, new investors. Europe. an agent, Franois said, no matter how
self (now known as the King Power at ganization that oversees Belgiums do- meaning teams can import huge num- And he hoped to advertise his plan many companies are set up to obscure
Den Dreef ). The plan, initially, is to win mestic competitions, the Pro League, bers of foreigners. Even more enticingly, REALITY SHOW through a television show. ownership.
promotion to the top tier of Belgian soc- can offer three others off the top of his for players from outside the European In South Korea, Tubize is the second- In 2015, we made a show, similar to Under the new rules, he said,
cer. We will have to wait and see, said head. First, there is the good image Union, Belgium offers a fast track to Eu- best-known city in Belgium, Shim Americas Got Talent, Shim said. I Mouscron would not receive its li-
Marc Van Eylen, the chairman of the created by the success of the national ropean citizenship, making it an ideal Chan-koo said proudly, staring out from collected many former players, who had cense.



SUDOKU No. 1309

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column 3x3 box Fill the grids with digits so as not Across 34 Corrida cheers 66 Wine may leave one 13 14 15 16

and shaded 3x3 to repeat a digit in any row or 1 Hairdressers 37 Start of a selecting 67 Blackthorn fruit
box contains column, and so that the digits challenges rhyme
17 18 19
within each heavily outlined box 68 Org. certifying albums
each of the 5 On-screen word in a 40 *Repeated lyric in La as gold or platinum
numbers will produce the target number Batman episode Bamba
20 21 22

1 to 9 exactly shown, by using addition, 69 When said three

8 Brilliance 43 Less feral times, blah blah blah
once. subtraction, multiplication or 23 24 25 26

division, as indicated in the box. 13 Cynical rejoinder 44 Like cat videos, 70 Massachusetts Cape
typically 27 28 29
For solving tips A 4x4 grid will use the digits 14 Shades ___
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5 Golden ratio symbol 58 59 60 61
26 ___ Plaines, Ill. 60 Boating hazard
Answers to Previous Puzzles 6 Unconscious
62 Theyre what really 62 63 64 65
27 Title for Gandhi 7 It provides
count, so its said
28 Book after or a hint to the more loft than a 9-iron 66 67 68
II Chronicles multilingual answers 8 Name in A Christmas
30 Vivacity to the starred clues Carol 69 70 71

Solution to September 12 Puzzle 9 French vineyard

10 The Cha Cha Slide, for PUZZLE BY DANIEL MAUER
H I P S E N D O W S H A H one 29 Paper purchase 39 Listen here! 56 Ancient region
11 Skyfall singer, 2012 30 Good-news-to-bad- 41 Fizzy citrus beverage where the style of an
news transition
E N T U S S E S P I E D 12 Robert Byrd served 42 ___ warfare architectural column
L A U D S C I S T E R N S nearly nine of these in 31 Genetic stuff 47 Poet Whitman originated
the Senate 32 OMG, my parents
49 Encourage 57 Justice who joined
B E T E P R O D R A N A T 15 Prefix with final or are gonna ground me
L I F E L I N E S formal forever! 50 ___-totsy the bench in 2010
S P A S M T E A R S L I M 18 Pro shop purchases 33 Volkswagen 51 Zubin formerly 61 Aspiring D.A.s exam
A R T H O A R C R E E P O competitor of the New York
19 TVs ___ the Virgin 63 Hat, informally
35 End of a freshmans Philharmonic
24 McDonalds founder 64 Time it takes for paint
new email address 53 Shares of profits
G Y N T D I V E R S I O N S Ray
36 Assail 54 Very, in slang to dry, seemingly
E T T E G L A D E T R E K 25 State flower of New
D O O R E L L I S D E S I Hampshire 38 XXX divided by X 55 Avoid, as work 65 X

Stumbling toward a nuclear holocaust
President Jeffrey Bader
Trump and Jonathan D. Pollack
Kim Jong-un
are engaged
in an For the first time in a generation, there
is widespread anxiety about the possi-
increasingly bility of nuclear war, stimulated by the
dangerous extreme tensions between North Ko-
showdown. rea and the United States. Secretary of
State Rex Tillerson has advised Ameri-
New rules cans that they can sleep safely at
are needed night, a reassurance that most people
to prevent probably wish they did not need to
nuclear war. Mr. Tillerson offered his soothing
counsel to deflate media hype about
recent threats and counterthreats
exchanged between Pyongyang and
Washington. His words also reflect
profound unease about the tempera-
ment and judgment of the two leaders
who could trigger inadvertent war:
President Trump and Kim Jong-un.
Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim appear to
believe that bombast serves their
domestic needs. Both seem to think
that they can dominate and intimidate
through the direst of threats. However,
words can easily have consequences
that neither leader seems to grasp.
Should we be living in a world where
two leaders can stumble into a nuclear
holocaust? North Koreas accelerated
pursuit of nuclear weapons clearly
requires a much-enhanced contain-
ment and deter-
rence policy by
Congress can the United States
prevent and its allies to
hair-trigger prevent Mr. Kim
from undertak-
responses to ing ever-riskier
provocation. options. But
what can be done
to constrain the
actions of an American president
whose stability is now openly ques-
tioned, even by the Republican chair-
man of the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee, Bob Corker of Tennessee?
To limit the possibilities of an almost
unimaginable conflict, there is a need
to pursue a long overdue legislative
Under Article I of the Constitution,
only Congress can declare war. Yet
during Americas numerous wars since
World War II, presidents have never
sought such authorization. The major
reason? Nuclear weapons. There was
widespread agreement that the presi-
dent needed maximum flexibility to
respond to a Soviet attack and that
involving Congress would cause undue
delays in a moment of crisis. As a
result, the president has had essen-
tially unchecked power to wage war,
including launching a nuclear strike.
However, strategic planners under-
stood the risks of enabling a single
officer in a silo in North Dakota, per-
haps under the most stressful condi-
tions imaginable, to initiate a nuclear
strike. The nuclear command-and- ADAM MAIDA

control system therefore entailed a

two key system requiring simulta- diminish its ability to respond to a small group of officials, possibly in- could be problematic and precedent talk about the resort to nuclear weap-
neous actions by two officers to acti- nuclear or conventional attack by cluding the vice president, the secre- setting. ons.
vate a launch. North Korea against United States tary of defense, the chairman of the If so, confining the veto power to the This is not to suggest that President
The time is long overdue to intro- territory or the territory of an ally. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the four lead- congressional leadership might be a Trump nurses some secret desire to
duce comparable checks at the highest However, we should put in place a ers of the House and Senate, to give preferable alternative. launch a nuclear attack. However, the
levels of the executive branch. The system of constraints to ensure that a unanimous consent to any such nucle- Even during the Cold War, there was United States needs to act very pru-
strategic circumstances faced by the preventive or pre-emptive nuclear ar strike. It would ensure that multiple great risk in ceding to one person the dently in dealing with an isolated and
United States today are altogether strike by the United States must be sets of eyes, equipped with stable ability to kill millions in a flash. There uniquely adversarial state. For its part,
different from those during the Cold evaluated through a careful, delibera- emotions and sound brains, would be is no good reason to enable an Ameri- Congress has the power to prevent
War. Despite heightened tensions tive process. able to prevent such a nuclear strike can president to retain absolute au- hair-trigger responses or impulsive
triggered by Russian revanchism in Congress should therefore amend undertaken without appropriate delib- thority in circumstances completely actions that could lead to nuclear war.
Ukraine and elsewhere in Central and the War Powers Act to cover the possi- eration. unlike those faced during the Cold War.
Eastern Europe, the real risk of nucle- bility of preventive or pre-emptive This proposal would raise difficult Assurances that nuclear weapons JEFFREY BADER was a senior adviser to
ar war emanates from a rogue actor, nuclear strikes. This would ensure that constitutional questions. All presiden- remain an option of absolute last re- President Barack Obama on Asia from
and North Korea heads the list. Almost the president could not simply provide tial administrations have deemed the sort, to be considered only after the 2009 to 2011. JONATHAN D. POLLACK is a
casual presidential invocations of fire the codes to his military aide carrying War Powers Act to be unconstitutional. concurrence of leaders from the execu- senior fellow at the Brookings Institu-
and fury have rendered circumstances the nuclear football and launch such Giving officers appointed by the presi- tive branch and from the Congress, tion, specializing in Korea and China,
far more dangerous. an attack on his own authority. dent and subject to his direction formal would also calm the nerves of United and was a professor at the United
The United States should in no way Legislation should provide for a veto power over military decisions States allies deeply troubled by loose States Naval War College.

Equifaxs maddening unaccountability

explain why cybersecurity is so weak, Some number of unexpected errors great for the industry as well as con- to combat adversity when it strikes.
I dont doubt Zeynep Tufekci but the underlying reason is political, bugs are unavoidable in computer sumers. The software industry should Yet the reality is the opposite.
the company Contributing Writer and its pretty simple: Big corporations programs. It would be unreasonable to be no different. Along with news of the breach came
have poured large amounts of money allow a consumer to sue a software Perhaps the most maddening part of reports that three Equifax executives
regrets what into our political system, helping to company every time a program suf- the Equifax breach is that the credit- sold $2 million worth of stock shortly
happened. create a regulatory environment in fered a glitch. rating industry is itself unforgiving in after the breach was discovered in
But I dont which consumers shoulder more and But the situation was different when its approach to even the smallest error. July. In their defense, Equifax said that
Last week, Americans woke up to more of the risk, and companies less the industry was younger and wasnt Im still dealing with the damage to my
think it news of yet another mass breach of the executives were not aware of the
and less. rolling in billions credit rating that resulted when I breach and that the amount was
cares that their personal data. The consumer This is a general feature of our lop- of dollars, as it is forgot to return a library book and a only a small percentage of their
much either.
credit reporting agency Equifax re- sided world, but software businesses The Equifax now. Most soft- collection agency was called in (for a
vealed that as many as 143 million Equifax shares. Its almost as if the
(and the technology sides of other executives who ware failures and paltry sum). The Equifax executives
company is saying: Come on, would
Americans Social Security numbers, companies) have acquired perhaps the data breaches who let my data be stolen will probably
dates of birth, names and addresses let my data we engage in insider trading for a
greatest degree of impunity. Informa- arent inevitable; suffer fewer consequences than I will
may have been stolen from its files tion technology arrived on the scene be stolen they are a result for an overdue library book. Even if mere $2 million?
just the kind of information that allows only recently, so it has faced fewer of will probably of neglect and they do get fired, it is likely that they As long as impunity for corporations
for identity theft and other cyber- the kinds of regulations that con- suffer fewer underinvestment will be sent off with millions of dollars and their executives is the norm, data
crimes. sumers and citizens, in more progres- in product reli- in severance, which is common prac- breaches will continue to happen.
I dont know about you, but Ive lost
consequences What should you do? Its easy: Just
sive eras, managed to impose on other ability and secu- tice for executives. (I would like to
count of the number of times in recent industries.
than I will for rity. note that I am available for such pun- make sure to change your name, Social
years that Ive been informed by a Today, almost every piece of soft- an overdue No software ishment any time.) Security number and home address
corporation of such a breach. We ware comes with a disclaimer on its library book. system can be Ive taught at a wide range of uni- regularly and dont go crying if you
regret to inform you . . . . I dont doubt user license that basically says that free from bugs versities. Ive found that institutions neglect to do that and suffer the conse-
that companies regret these things, the product may not work as intended (or intruders), serving less-advantaged students tend quences of your actions. Its not as if
but I dont think they care that much and that its maker may stop support- and users must to have less-forgiving policies for late youre are a rich executive.
either. To them it means just a few ing it at any time, and thats the users be mindful of the risks. But the inher- papers, missed exams, casual drug use
days of bad press and at most a fine problem. Its a wonder companies ent lack of perfect automotive safety and so forth, whereas more elite insti- ZEYNEP TUFEKCI, an associate professor
that amounts to a minuscule portion of dont insert nyah nyah nyah nyah doesnt mean we dont try to make tutions tend to be more forgiving. All at the School of Information and Li-
their profits. With penalties like that, into the tiny-print legalese. cars safer. Obviously, people should young people deserve compassion, brary Science at the University of North
why would companies bother to make Dont get me wrong: Im a former drive more carefully, but seatbelts, second chances and flexibility but Carolina, is the author of Twitter and
things better? programmer; Im not unsympathetic airbags and better car design reduce the poorer ones even more so, since Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of
There are technical factors that to the needs of software developers. injury enormously, and that has been they have fewer resources with which Networked Protest.


Why Shaw had a crush on Stalin

one bracing imperative: the duty to be a crowds crying, Hail, Shaw! An enor- This hope was not as fanciful as it may
ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER JR., Publisher A.G. SULZBERGER, Deputy Publisher Fintan OToole skeptic. He challenged his readers and mous banquet was held to celebrate now seem: In the late 19th century,
DEAN BAQUET, Executive Editor MARK THOMPSON, Chief Executive Officer
audiences to burst bubbles of conven- Shaws 75th birthday. And Stalin himself when Shaws political and artistic con-
JOSEPH KAHN, Managing Editor STEPHEN DUNBAR-JOHNSON, President, International
tional wisdom on almost every issue granted Shaw a two-hour-long private sciousness was being formed, Russian
TOM BODKIN, Creative Director PHILIPPE MONTJOLIN, Senior V.P., International Operations
imaginable, from the rightful place of audience at which his guest found the music, drama and literature were at the
JEAN-CHRISTOPHE DEMARTA, Senior V.P., Global Advertising DUBLIN Shortly after midnight on Nov. women to the pretensions of empires, dictator in charmingly good-humored leading edge of modern Western cul-
SUZANNE DALEY, Associate Editor
2, 1950, when the Cold War was well from the glory of war to the treatment of mood. ture. As he later wrote to Maxim Gorky,
ACHILLES TSALTAS, V.P., International Conferences
JAMES BENNET, Editorial Page Editor underway, all the illuminated signs on animals, from homosexuality to chil- In part, too, Shaws insistence on I myself am as strongly susceptible as
CHANTAL BONETTI, V.P., International Human Resources
JAMES DAO, Deputy Editorial Page Editor Broadway and Times Square were drens rights, from religious doctrine to seeing the Soviet Union as the harbin- anyone to the fascination of the Russian
CHARLOTTE GORDON, V.P., International Consumer Marketing
dimmed in salute to the most prominent the treatment of the poor. When Shaws ger of the great socialist utopia can be character as expressed by its art and
KATHLEEN KINGSBURY, Deputy Editorial Page Editor HELEN KONSTANTOPOULOS, V.P., International Circulation
Western admirer of Stalin. The Irish demolitions of received ideas provoked explained by the disappointments of personally by its artists.
HELENA PHUA, Executive V.P., Asia-Pacific
dramatist George Bernard Shaw had outrage and obloquy, he courageously democracy. He had fought for decades The creation of G.B.S. owes almost as
SUZANNE YVERNS, International Chief Financial Officer
just died, and the tribute reflected the defended his intellectual independence. to establish universal adult suffrage, much to Russia as it does to Ireland or
fame of plays such as Pygmalion, He abhorred cruelty and made mince- especially for women and the working England. He learned much of his poli-
Man and Superman and Saint Joan. meat of propaganda. class. Like many tical style from anti-czarist exiles in
But Shaws plays were nothing if not And yet, he was devoted to one of the radical intellectu- London, especially the anarchist Peter
cruelest figures in the bloody annals of The radical als, he was dis- Kropotkin and the nihilist Sergius Step-
political, and few of his American admir-
WANT TO MAKE A DEAL, MR. TRUMP? ers could have been in doubt that his
tyranny, and he was a willing dupe of the playwright mayed to find niak. Arguably Shaws greatest play,
propaganda that projected the Soviet George that many of Heartbreak House, is subtitled A
politics included support for Commu-
Was President Trumps bipartisan hurricane relief/debt Union as a workers paradise. The great these new voters Fantasia in the Russian Manner on
If President
nism in general and for Stalin in particu-
skeptic allowed all his skepticism to Bernard Shaw preferred king- English Themes and was greatly influ-
ceiling/government funding deal last week simply a lar. That he was nonetheless honored in imagined a
Trump melt away when he looked at the picture and-country enced by Chekhov.
bipartisan moment, as the House speaker, Paul Ryan, the United States is a reminder that the
of Stalin he kept by his mantelpiece. utopia ruled by conservatism to Above all, Shaw was caught up in the
continues to put it? Probably, given this presidents pattern of poor great divide of the Cold War was never His support was unwavering. Neither a great leader the socialism great wave of enthusiasm for Tolstoy
as simple as it seemed. Beneath Shaws
work with impulse control and of reverting to base politics. But its
infatuation with Stalin, moreover, was a
the Great Purge nor the Ukrainian
who embodied they were sup- that broke over the English-speaking
famine, nor even the pact between posed to support. world in the mid-1880s when War and
Democratic tempting nevertheless to imagine what Mr. Trump force that is still with us: a desire to see Stalin and Hitler, seem to have troubled Russias soul. Especially as the Peace, Anna Karenina and most of his
leaders, what might achieve if he could see beyond momentary, tacti- in Russia all the qualities that the West- his faith in the genius and historic recti- Great Depression other works appeared in translation.
cal wins. Hints of bipartisan consensus are popping up ern democracies lack.
other deals tude of the Soviet dictator. To under- took hold, parlia- Shaw called Tolstoy the master. His
in Congress around enough significant issues to suggest On the face of it, Shaws idolization of stand this contradiction, we have to ments and political parties seemed own insistence on the didactic purpose
might be Stalin is a great puzzle. The man known remember the power of wish fulfillment utterly ineffectual. Stalins apparent of art and his forging of a sage-like
possible? that a determined, strategically minded president around the world by his initials G.B.S. and the way Russia became for many ability to move mountains and trans- persona are pure Tolstoy.
yes, we know, but bear with us could strike a number was not just a great playwright; he was Westerners not a place but an idea, not a form society with triumphant five-year This was not just a matter of artistic
of important deals. arguably the single most influential mere reality but a fantasy. plans offered an antidote to his impa- influence. Russia became, for Shaw, a
The legislation Mr. Trump signed on Friday provides public intellectual of the first half of the In part, Shaws inability to challenge tience with the frustrations of democra- kind of alternate universe, an imagina-
20th century. At Shaws death, Jawahar- the myth of Stalin as a great friend of cy. tive field in which grandiosities that he
$15 billion for hurricane and flooding victims and in-
lal Nehru, the first prime minister of humanity can be explained by flattery. But underlying all of this, there was would otherwise have delighted in
cludes measures to keep the government funded until independent India, said, He was not When he visited the Soviet Union in 1931 an even stronger impulse: the fantasy puncturing were given free rein. He
Dec. 8, instead of Sept. 30, and to extend the nations only one of the greatest figures of his (accompanied by the American-born of Russia itself. Long before the Bolshe- would have made devastating fun of
borrowing authority. The extension delays the type of age, but one who influenced the thought Conservative member of Parliament vik Revolution gave the dream a very anyone writing about the Irish soul, or
Tea Party-led showdown over spending and debt that of vast numbers of human beings during Nancy Astor), he was greeted in Mos- particular political content, Shaw was the English soul, but he was happy to
two generations. cow by a military guard of honor, ban- primed to expect a global spiritual write without irony of the soul of the
has shut down the government before, but it also forces That influence could be summed up in ners emblazoned with his portrait and resurrection that would begin in Russia. Russian people. When Kropotkins
Republicans to engage in this politically damaging fight daughter told him that the Russians
on the eve of an election year. would give the world back its lost soul,
Mr. Trump struck this bargain under the disapprov- Shaw did not scoff. Rather, as he wrote
to Gorky, I quite understand that; it is
ing noses of his partys own leaders, Mr. Ryan and the
not at all ridiculous to me.
Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, in an Oval It was, of course, Marx who wrote
Office meeting with his new pals Chuck and Nancy: that everything in history happens
the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, and the twice, the first time as tragedy, the
second time as farce. There is some-
House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. Gleeful at media
thing tragic in Shaws journey from
coverage of his shockingly bipartisan move, Mr. Trump Tolstoy to Stalin, from seeing Russia as
called Mr. Schumer last week to talk about keeping up the place to give the world back its lost
the good work. So how could these unlikely allies actu- soul to his eventual embrace of the
Soviet project as the only hope of the
ally make headway? Here are a few areas where capital
world. But perhaps this same impulse
insiders believe progress is possible: is now with us in full-on farcical mode.
Vladimir Putin is no Stalin, and the
NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM This seasons devastat- white nationalists around Donald
ing hurricanes in two states that voted for Mr. Trump Trump are certainly no Shaws. But
make this an obvious prospect. Last weeks deal some of the same impulse is still at
work: the tendency to fantasize about
granted an extension until December of this inefficient,
Russia as the vigorous counterweight to
heavily indebted program, which was set to lapse on a supposedly decadent West. There is
Sept. 30. Given that Florida and Texas will require bil- the same impatience with the messiness
lions in payouts, this is a ripe moment for Congress and and inefficiency of democracy, and it
leads to the same crush on the strong-
Mr. Trump to get behind an overhaul of an outmoded
man leader who can cut through the
program that does nothing to discourage people from irrelevant natterings of parliaments and
building, and rebuilding, in areas prone to catastrophic parties.
flooding. They could take steps to put the program on Shaws infatuation with Russia be-
firmer financial footing by better tying premiums to came a full-on love affair with a Soviet
autocrat, whereas the Trump bromance
risk, buying out homes susceptible to repeated cata- with President Putin appears uncon-
strophic flooding, updating mapping to reflect current summated. But they share a fatal attrac-
climate and flooding patterns, and helping policyhold- tion that both preceded and survived
ers finance improvements, like raising their homes, that the Soviet Union: the allure of a faraway
place where the great leader is obeyed
would reduce payouts later. because he embodies a peoples soul.
HEALTH CARE Congress must vote by Sept. 30 to extend
FINTAN OTOOLE is a columnist for The
the Childrens Health Insurance Program, which pro- Irish Times and the author, most re-
vides coverage for nine million low-income children. cently, of Judging Shaw.
Democrats see the legislation as a vehicle for an
amendment to extend for a year Affordable Care Act This is an essay in the series Red Cen-
subsidies that reduce deductibles and co-pays for lower- ASSOCIATED PRESS
tury, about the history and legacy of
income enrollees. Conservatives would normally have Communism 100 years after the Rus-
little interest in this, but state governors of both parties George Bernard Shaw at home, on his death bed. Among the framed pictures on the mantelpiece is a portrait of Joseph Stalin. sian Revolution.
are demanding that Congress extend the A.C.A. subsi-
dies now. Insurers must sign Obamacare participation
contracts by Sept. 27, and action before then would
encourage insurers to re-up, and help stabilize rates.
Senator Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate Com-
mittee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, fa-
vors extending the subsidies. Instead of following
through on his threat to blow up Obamacare by with-
The South doesnt own slavery
holding them, Mr. Trump could sign on, and choke off a continually unearthing an ugly truth: county seats. The Detroit journalist Bill perhaps more dangerous because we
Tiya Miles American slavery had no bounds. It McGraw began a catalog of these names cannot see it upon a first glance. In
pointless partisan fight on an issue hes already lost. penetrated every corner of this country, in his 2012 article Slavery Is Detroits Detroit and across the country, slave-
materially, economically and ideolog- Big, Bad Secret Macomb, Campau, holder names plastered about com-
DREAM ACT Mr. Trumps announcement last week that he ically, and the unjust campaign to pre- Beaubien, McDougall, Abbott, Brush, memorate a social order in which elite
intends to rescind President Barack Obamas Deferred ANN ARBOR, MICH. The violent furor that serve it is embedded in our built envi- Cass, Hamtramck, Gouin, Meldrum, white people exerted inexorable power
Action for Childhood Arrivals order, protecting 800,000 erupted this summer over the removal ronments, North and South, East and Dequindre, Beaufait, Groesbeck, Liver- over black and indigenous bodies and
young undocumented immigrants brought to the United of Confederate monuments in several West. Detroit is a surprising case in nois, Rivard. And thats just a start. lives. Places named after slaveholders
cities was a stark reminder that Ameri- point. Belle Isle, for instance, was named for who sold people, raped people, chained
States as children from deportation, was widely unpop- cans remain trapped in the residue of Detroits legacy is one of a free city, Isabelle Cass, a daughter of Lewis Cass, people, beat people and orchestrated
ular. The DACA program will now expire in six months, slavery and racial violence. In con- a final stop on the Underground Rail- a Detroit politician and governor of sexual pairings to further their financial
plunging these immigrants into limbo, and so far, Con- fronting this difficult truth, our attention road before Canada, known by the code Michigan in the early 1800s. Lewis Cass, ends slip off our tongues without pause
gress has done nothing but talk about helping them. is naturally drawn to the South. And word Midnight. Yet its early history is a supporter of slavery, negotiated the or forethought.
rightfully so: The South was the hotbed mired in a slave past. Near the start of sale of a woman he had enslaved named Yet these memory maps make up
Democrats see some hope in Mr. Trumps seeming lack of race-based labor and sexual exploita- the Revolutionary War, William and Sally to a member of the Macomb family what the University of Michigan histori-
of commitment to his own draconian edict last week, tion before and after the Civil War, and Alexander Macomb, Scots-Irish traders in 1818, according an Matthew Countryman has called
Nancy persuaded him to tweet reassurance to those the caldron of a white supremacist from New York, illegally purchased to his biographer, moral maps of the places that we
affected. Its a slim reed, but they hope he will pressure ideology that sought to draw an inviola- Grosse Isle from the Potawatomi peo- Rooting out Willard Carl inhabit together.
Republicans to act on the Dream Act, a 16-year-old
ble line between whiteness and black- ple. William Macomb was the largest racial injustice Klunder. The It is our duty to confront our ugly
ness, purity and contagion, precious slaveholder in Detroit in the late 1700s. only in former Cass family name history in whole cloth. Confederate
proposal to resolve these immigrants legal status per- lives and throwaway lives. He owned at least 26 black men, women is attached to a monuments in the South, in all of their
manently. Republicans, no doubt aware how it would As the author of three histories on and children. He kept slaves on his Confederate county in Michi- artistic barbarity and weighty symbol-
look to subject 800,000 young people to deportation in a slavery and race in the South, I agree Detroit River islands, which included States ignores gan as well as one ism, are but one kind of commemoration
congressional election year, say theyre working on it,
that removing Confederate iconogra- Belle Isle (the current city park) and Americas true of Detroits best of slavery and white power among
phy from cities like New Orleans, Balti- Grosse Isle, and right in the heart of the history. public schools, many that shape our everyday envi-
but on Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee post- more and Charlottesville, Va., is neces- city, not far from where the Interna- Cass Tech. De- ronments, influence our collective
poned a hearing on the issue. Congress is deeply divid- sary and urgent. tional Underground Railroad Memorial troiters and identities and silently signal what our
ed over immigration policy, but the DACA deadline However, in our national discourse on now rises above the river view. When visitors alike national culture validates.
slaverys legacy and racisms persistent Macomb died, his wife, Sarah, and their speak and elevate the names of these While the past does not change, our
should stir decisive action. grip, we have overlooked a crucial fact: sons inherited the family fortune, later slaveholders whenever they trace their interpretations of it as we gain new
Our history of human bondage and becoming along with other Detroit fingers across a map or walk the streets evidence and insight can and should.
Mr. Trump and his new Democratic friends could white supremacy is not restricted to the slaveholding families among the first in search of the nearest Starbucks. Collectively determining what we val-
work on more. They could agree that a wall on the South. trustees of the University of Michigan. Detroit is just one example of the orize in the public square is the respon-
Mexican border is a dumb idea. By turning the South into an island of The Macomb surname and those of hidden historical maps that silently sibility of the people who live in these
historical injustice separate from the numerous Detroit slave sellers, slave- shape our sense of place and communi- stained places now.
Given the continuing Russia investigations, biparti- rest of the United States, we misunder- holders and indigenous-land thieves ty. Place names, submerged below our We can and must recover them.
san bitterness, the limitations of the legislative calendar stand the longstanding nationwide cover the regions map. Men who com- immediate awareness, may make us
and Mr. Trump himself, we have no real reason to ex- collusion that has produced white su- mitted crimes against humanity in their feel that slavery and racial oppression TIYA MILES is a professor of American
pect his bipartisan impulse to harden into practice. But premacist organizers in Fargo, N.D., fur trade shops and private homes, on have faded into the backdrops of cities, culture and history at the University of
and a president from New York City who their farms, islands and Great Lakes and our history. Yet they do their cultur- Michigan and the author of the forth-
we still hope that the president who has said making
thinks further research is needed to trading vessels, are memorialized al and political work. coming book The Dawn of Detroit: A
deals is how I get my kicks might want to turn last determine the aims of the Ku Klux Klan. throughout the metropolis, on street The embedded racism of our Chronicle of Slavery and Freedom in the
weeks one-off into a streak. Historians of the United States are signs, school buildings, town halls and streetscapes and landscapes is made City of the Straits.


Fixing the person you love

roles: either making us feel loved and
Eli J. Finkel valued for the person we currently are
or making us feel motivated to grow
into the person we can potentially
At the heart of the American ideal of Perhaps well conclude that we
marriage lurks a potential conflict. We would rather have a comfortable life
expect our spouse to make us feel than an ambitious one, or vice versa,
loved and valued, while also expecting and we can look to our spouse to help
him or her to help us discover and us achieve that type of life. Or perhaps
actualize our best self to spur us to well decide that we want a life of both
become, as Tom Cruises titular charac- comfort and ambition, but that well
ter in Jerry Maguire puts it, the me look to different people to help us
Id always wanted to be. achieve each of those goals. Maybe our
The problem is that what helps us MARION FAYOLLE spouse will make us feel loved and
achieve one of these goals is often safe, but well count on a close friend to
incompatible with what helps us and yearning. The path from the actual help ensure that we never get so com-
achieve the other. To make us feel to the ideal self passes through anxiety, fortable that we stop striving. Such a
loved and valued, our spouse must frustration and humiliation. Its no distribution of responsibility is sensi-
convey appreciation for the person we different when our spouses are helping ble, because the skill set that makes
currently are. To help us grow, he or us get there. somebody effective at nurturing us is
she must emphasize the discrepancy Consider the married couple Katinka often quite different from the skill set
between that person and the person Hosszu and Shane Tusup. Ms. Hosszu, that makes somebody effective at
we can ideally become, typically by an elite Hungarian swimmer, under- motivating us.
casting a sober, critical eye on our performed in the 2012 Olympics, going The second option is to go all in on

Harvey, Irma, Jose . . . and Noah

home without a medal. Soon thereafter, the spouse-as-everything model, but to
Americans didnt always ask so Mr. Tusup, then her boyfriend, became do so with eyes open. This option
much of their spouse. Until around her coach. He was ferocious and un- requires that the couple continually
1850, the primary consideration for a compromising, possibly even inappro- recalibrate their behavior, adopting
lently and badly. But there was one Once again, the rabbis are critical of successful marriage was practical: priately so. He would publicly upbraid tenderness or tough love as the situa-
righteous man, Noah. God tells Noah Noahs passivity. One doesnt need running a household that kept its her for subpar performances, some- tion requires. In Jerry Maguire,
to build an ark because He is going to permission to go build the world. You residents fed and safe. Love was a times throwing objects or kicking a Dorothy follows up her admonition
wipe out the rest of humanity with a just do it. If I had been there I would luxury. After 1850, as urbanization wall to underscore his disappointment. that Jerry not make a joke of his life
great deluge. have smashed down [the doors of] the afforded young people the freedom to In the 2016 with a warmhearted reminder of his
What does Noah say when he hears ark and taken myself out, said the make their own decisions, love increas- Its hard to make Olympics, she core values and encouragement that
this? Nothing. Abraham protested to second-century scholar Rabbi Judah ingly became a necessity for a success- won three golds
our spouses feel he can live up to them. Such sensitive
David Brooks God when the city of Sodom was under bar Ilai. ful marriage. Today, we expect our
valued and and a silver. She support requires not only strong com-
threat of destruction. Moses protested Now God gives Noah a covenant. spouse not only to make us feel loved, largely credits
but also to be a kind of life coach. accepted while his demanding
patibility but also significant attention
when God was going to harm the Moral laws are handed down, and and sensitivity. And with expectations
Israelites. But Noah is silent. He does- Noah is told to go off and recreate. Is this a flawed ideal or the mir- pushing them tactics for her
acle of matrimony? to be the best so lofty, the risk of disappointment is
nt try to save his neighbors or argue Noah seems to flee from this responsi- success.
The answer is: It depends. The good they can be. Ms. Hosszu high.
with his God. bility. Perhaps he has survivors guilt.
Is there anything we can learn from news is that some marriages can do it and Mr. Tusup As such, the second option isnt for
Rabbis and scholars have often He gets drunk. His sons find him lying
hurricanes, storms and floods? judged Noah harshly for this. He is naked and passed out. all. My collaborators and I have found are an extreme the weak of will. Indeed, the spouse-as-
People have been asking that ques- incurious, he does not know and does Noah is a good man, but his story is that affectionate partners can indeed case. But their dynamic points to a everything ideal is almost certainly
tion for thousands of years, and telling not care what happens to others, a lesson in the dangers of blind obedi- play a critical role in determining each general truth: Helping a loved one one reason the average marriage has
stories that try to make sense of natu- Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg writes. He ence. The God of the Hebrew Bible others success in reaching their goals. achieve his or her goals can require been getting a bit less satisfying in
ral disasters. These flood myths are suffers from the wants respect for authority and defer- The bad news is that receiving such criticism rather than warmth, harsh- recent decades. But building this sort
remarkably similar to one another. incapacity to ence to law. But He doesnt want pas- support can be brutal. As the psycholo- ness rather than comfort. Its difficult of marriage places within reach a level
A researcher named John D. Morris What the floods speak meaning- sive surrender. gists Nickola Overall and James Mc- to give complacency-shattering feed- of conjugal fulfillment that was largely
collected more than 200 of them, from teach about fully to God or to Rabbi Sacks writes, One of the Nulty have shown, spouses who use back while simultaneously making unavailable in earlier eras. For those
ancient China, India, Native American ourselves and his fellow human strangest features of biblical Hebrew is oppositional, even aggressive methods someone feel valued, loved and sexy. couples who can pull it off, something
cultures and beyond. He calculates our world. beings. that despite the fact that the Torah to inspire each others pursuit of goals When Rene Zellwegers character extraordinary awaits.
that in 88 percent of the tales there is a Noah was contains 613 commands there is no can increase their partners effort and Dorothy Boyd pushes Jerry Maguire to
favored family. In 70 percent, they righteous but not word for obey. Instead the verb the success in the long run, but such meth- excel, she doesnt mince words: Dont ELI J. FINKEL,
a professor of psychology at
survive the flood in a boat. In 67 per- a leader, Rabbi Torah uses is shema/lishmoa, to lis- ods cause distress in the short run. make a joke of your life. Northwestern University and the Kel-
cent, the animals are also saved in the Jonathan Sacks observes. A leader ten, hear, attend, understand, internal- This shouldnt come as a surprise. In the face of this truth that the logg School of Management, is the
boat. In 66 percent, the flood is due to takes responsibility for those around ize, respond. So distinctive is this word Achieving personal growth is an ardu- modern ideal of marriage is, though author of the forthcoming book The
the wickedness of man, and in 57 per- him and at least tries to save the that, in effect, the King James Bible ous process. A life characterized by the alluring, highly demanding we have All-Or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best
cent the boat comes to rest on a moun- world, even if people are too wicked to had to invent an English equivalent, pursuit of self-actualization trades two options. The first is that we ask Marriages Work, from which this
tain top. actually listen. Moral integrity de- the word, hearken. satiation and contentment for hunger our partner to play only one of the two article is adapted.
The authors of these myths are mands positive action against evil. Today we live amid many floods.
trying to make sense of vast and pow- Noah, by contrast, opts to withdraw Some, like Harvey or Irma, are natural.
erful forces. They are trying to figure from the corrupt world, in order to Others are man-made.
out what sort of world they live in. Is it remain untainted. People are still good at acting indi-
a capricious world, where cities are Noah and his family get on the ark vidually to tackle problems. Look at
destroyed for no reason? Or perhaps and Noah gently cares for the animals. how many Houstonians leapt forth to
its a just but merciless world, where Then the rain stops and it is time to go care for their neighbors. But we have
civilizations are wiped out for their out and remake the earth. trouble with collective action, with
iniquity? What does Noah do now? Once building new institutions, or reviving
The most famous story, of course, is again, Noah is silent. He does nothing. old ones, that are big enough to deal
the biblical story of Noah. As the story He sits in the ark for another seven with the biggest challenges.
begins, the human race is living with- days twiddling his thumbs. He is wait- Thats because we have trouble
out law, and as a result is living vio- ing for Gods permission to disembark. thinking about authority. Everybody
seems to have an outsider mentality.
Social distrust is at record highs. Many
seem to swerve between cheap, anties-
tablishment cynicism, on the one hand,
and a lemming-like partisan obedience
on the other.
The answer is the hearken mental-
ity that Sacks describes. This is where
Abraham succeeds and Noah fails.
Abraham listens deeply to God and
derives everything from his identity on
down from Him, but pushes out ahead
of the shepherd.
To hearken is to be faithful but also
responsible, to defer to just authority
but also to answer the call of individual
conscience, to work within the system
but as a courageous, creative force.
Floods are invitations to recreate the
world. That only happens successfully
when strong individuals are willing to
yoke themselves to collective institu-

From 9/11 to Humpty Dumpty

COHEN, FROM PAGE 1 the leader deploys as needed. sapped Americas confidence, wove
the misbegotten war, the soldiers and In The Sun Also Rises, He- fear into the nations fabric, and in-
shoppers, financial implosion, impunity mingway wrote something else: It is spired a metastasizing form of jihadi
for the mighty, recession, anxiety and awfully easy to be hard-boiled about fanaticism that continues to terrorize
polarization. Then Americans, and not everything in the daytime, but at night the West in the crazed pursuit of a
only Americans, decided it was better it is another thing. restored caliphate.
to blow things up than have more of Its hard to shrug off the darkening And Humpty Dumpty wants to build
the same. Thats when things precipi- skies. The worst of 9/11, almost a gen- a wall he can sit on to contemplate
tated. eration on, is the feeling that the per- xenophobia and Islamophobia.
The esteemed leader won even petrators won. They didnt buckle I broke down a couple of days after
though Americans know he makes Western freedom and democracy, but 9/11 when I saw an image of a womans
stuff up and wants a victorious small- they injured them. They disoriented ultrasound stuck on a subway wall at
to-medium-sized war that will allow the West. They 42nd Street with the words: Looking
him to proclaim American greatness sucked some of for the father of this child. Perhaps, in
restored. People do crazy things. They The president the promise out retrospect, my sobs were for all the
invade Russia, for example. Just look wants to build of a new century. innocence lost that day, the dreams
at history. Trump might think bombing a wall he can The assassins unborn.
Iran is his ticket in 2020. sit on to of Abraham Adele was very brave through the
What is all the fear about? Its the contemplate Lincoln and spinal tap. Today shes a brave young
loss of sanctuary. Menace could be xenophobia and Mahatma Gandhi woman. They are out there: the brave,
anywhere since it came out of a clear and John F. the stoical, the imaginative and the
blue sky. Its the loss of victory. There
Islamophobia. Kennedy and decent. Despite everything, they will
is none to be had. Its the loss of confi- Martin Luther have their day.
dence. Americas power is greater than King took the
its ability to use it. Its the loss of com- lives of great men but did not destroy
munity. Technology is a great connec- their ideas. Perhaps they reinforced
tor but also a great isolator. Its the loss the immortality of those ideas. The CORRECTION
of self-worth. Life in the Facebook age assassin of Yitzhak Rabin and the
can become an endless invitation to mass murderers of 9/11 dispatched by An article on Sept. 11 about Indias Su-
feel inferior or unloved. Osama bin Laden were, however, more preme Court ruling on privacy mis-
All of this has fed a tissue of fear and successful. stated the dates of two court rulings in-
disquiet easily exploited by the es- Yigal Amir, Rabins killer, uprooted volving an Indian law that criminalized
teemed leader, whose instincts are the Oslo seeds of peace by assuring same-sex relations. The law was an-
above all for human weakness. that Israeli Messianic-nationalist reli- nulled by the Delhi High Court in 2009,
Hence Muslims and Mexicans and gious ideologues got the upper hand not 2012, and the Supreme Court over-
Mullahs and trade manipulators and over secular pragmatists. They have ruled that decision in 2013, not a few
all the other menaces to America that never relinquished it. Bin Laden months later.

with history

One of the weirdest things about watch-

ing fashion shows on 9/11 a juxtaposi-
tion that might in itself seem inappropri-
ate but unavoidable, and has been since
the twin towers fell 16 years ago, crush-
ing the collections along with so much
else is how few designers acknowl-
edge the date. The tragedy changed
their world in multiple ways both macro
and micro, but they largely seem in deni-
al about the conjunction. In an industry
predicated on looking forward, its as if
they are terrified to look back.
As if the past is simply a grab bag of
looks and silhouettes to be pilfered at
will (the 90s continue to be popular this
season), as opposed to a factor to be
reckoned with. This has long been true,
but it opens a chasm between the world
outside and the world of the runway that
reinforces the worst stereotypes of the
Yet its possible designers may not be
as willfully abstruse to the moment as
they seem. On Monday in many shows,
New York itself its power structures OS CA R D E L A R E N TA HE L M U T L A N G
and institutions and still-glorious land-
marks took center stage.
It began with The Row, where Mary- shoulder and belted to blouse, like a nue, itself one of the first modernist sky- As it happens, Mrs. Herrera was also tive way than Shayne Oliver, the de-
Kate and Ashley Olsen were hosts of a gown, at the back; halter jumpsuits tied scrapers, where masters of the universe one of the few designers to acknowledge signer in residence at Helmut Lang, ap-
breakfast show in the deep-plush tea- in a rope bow on one shoulder with a pa- traditionally lunch. Here, Derek Lam re- the date, noting a donation had been pointed by the editor in residence
room of The Carlyle, the hotel synony- lazzo width (and no waist); space-age turned to the catwalk after a few sea- made to the Fire Department of New (this house is getting a little crowded
mous with a certain classic uptown suiting made from white paper, and cro- sons away with a polished ode to his sig- York in homage to its service. Oscar de with residents) Isabella Burley to pro-
swish. cheted chain mail evening hoodies nature Americana: the mythology of the la Renta was another. In a show held at vide a one-season spin on the brand
It proved a fortuitous frame for their poured over silk. 70s and the Western frontier. Sothebys, the auction house on the far whose eminently cool minimalism de-
collection, as attenuated of line and se- From there, it moved on to the Pool, This outing was no exception, though East Side, the designers Fernando Gar- fined the 1990s.
rene of shade as always, but with a cer- the restaurant designed by Ludwig befitting its frame, it had polish built into cia and Laura Kim put a note on every Mr. Oliver, who became famous for his
tain new generosity of proportion and Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson the seams: the jeans tailored, the seat in honor of the those who died, and former brand Hood by Air, a post-gen-
nod to modernity: coats pulled off the in the Seagram Building on Park Ave- leather silver-studded, a strapless those who worked so hard to make der post-porn sartorial position paper
evening jumpsuit bandanna-wrapped N.Y.C. great again. that subverted pretty much every sa-
twice at the torso (a nice pun on the idea But then, Mr. Garcia and Ms. Kim are cred style cow, dipped into the Lang tai-
of black tie). Mr. Lams clothes are so in only their second season at a house loring archive, no question, as well as
quietly assured they have often been they inherited not long after the the palette of black and white, shell pink
easy to overlook, but now that they are founders death, and the past and its re- and cerulean.
back, its clear how much we missed lationship to their present is much on But they were just the straight men to
them. their mind. his now-familiar aesthetic tricks: puz-
And then it segued to the Sculpture You could see it on the runway, where zle-strap-pasties that became capes at
Garden at the Museum of Modern Art, they mixed attempts to loose the moor- the back; trousers transformed into
where Carolina Herrera staged the first ings of the brand and give it a bit more chaps to reveal the undies beneath; gi-
fashion show ever held in the space. I currency in the form of silver-splashed ant leather bras that could be worn as
have been asking to come here for denim and bead-splattered white cotton shoulder bags, lots of see-through and
years, she said backstage before the with traditional Oscarisms in a series of harness straps.
show. They finally said yes. tulle princess party gowns. The two Once upon a time these kinds of not-
Wisely, she refrained from deciding to strains did not always mesh, and a se- entirely-clothes shocked New York out
have a de Kooning moment, instead opt- ries of faux-arty tulle cover-ups collaged of its fashion stupor, but now they just
ing to focus on color The only way with laser-cut leather atop bathing suits looked familiar in part because, a ter-
you can put art and fashion together is were just plain weird. But a new logo, rific stiffly-oversize anorak and a little
through color, she said from daffodil made to mimic the founders flowing pink dress aside, Mr. Oliver did not re-
yellow to faded blue to marigold, dusty cursive signature, that squiggled over ally seize the opportunity to make his id
lavender and peach, worked and re- fur and fabric gave an abstractly per- wrestle with a Langian belief in the in-
worked in small-waisted, mid-calf sonal edge to the clothes that connected delible effects of refusal.
mostly dresses and skirts, the sleeves what was with what they want to be. The result was easy to forget, instead
CA RO L I NA puffed just enough to suggest power At least Mr. Garcia and Ms. Kim were of imbued with the power of remem-
DE R E K L A M proportions. wrestling with legacy in a more substan- brance.

At de la Renta,
ideas for the larger picture.
LK We sometimes resketch each others
sketches to our own liking, too. Its a

keeping his touch

very long back and forth, back and forth.
FG And then eventually we have a board
of all of our ideas, and we filter down and
pick the favorites and build that group
BY VANESSA FRIEDMAN further and expand it to the max. And
then thats how we give the team some
In the latest installment of our series direction. When it comes to design, we
that goes inside the private working do not have a particular division of re-
worlds of designers, Fernando Garcia sponsibilities. I think that in other facets
and Laura Kim, co-creative directors of of the company we do divide and con-
Oscar de la Renta, talk about taking over quer.
the corner office, their arguments over
waists, and how Hillary Clinton helped Explain, please.
them at an emotional time. And thats LK Im more experienced in managing
what didnt make it into the video. This teams, so I do that a bit more than Fer-
interview has been edited and con- nando. I do the calendar part, the fi-
densed. nance part, merchandising part.
FG I focus on marketing and the P.R. and
Where are we? the visuals that are put out for the com-
FERNANDO GARCIA We are in the offices of pany how we have cohesiveness and
Oscar de la Renta in Times Square. We universality so that a rack in a store in
inherited Oscars office, which is a little Dubai is the same exact feeling you get
bittersweet but still amazing. Sixty per- from one in Bergdorf. Thats what I like.
cent of our time is spent outside of this LK I think we are the opposite, person-
particular office, working with our team ality-wise. Fernandos more outgoing,
and having fittings. The other 40 per- and I like to be more alone. Whatever
cent we spend here, researching or hav- CRAIG DEAN DEVINE Im lacking, I know Fernando has.
ing private meetings and things of that Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia returned as creative directors at Oscar de la Renta, where they had worked for a dozen years. Hes a more fun person, so I just know
sort. there are days Im like, O.K., this is not
LAURA KIM Arguing. Privately. going anywhere, these dresses are look-
his heir, resigned. Did you change kinds of clothes? shock even though we did see him going ing really boring, let me call up Fer-
You have a complicated history with much when you moved in? through chemo and all that. But right be- nando and make it more fun.
the brand. You both worked here for FG No. Were not the fanciest people Are there other major stories atta- fore Oscar passed, he asked us to help
more than a decade, left to start youll meet, so we just have our basic ched to this office? Peter with his first collection. So we kept What did you finally agree on for the
Monse just before Oscar died, and necessities: my phone, my music, the FG We resigned in this office, actually. our word and helped Peter with that col- upcoming collection?
returned a year later after Peter screen with Pinterest or whatever. Alex [Bolen], the C.E.O., and Oscar lection, and then we left. FG I think the clothes have to feel much
Copping, whom he had chosen to be LK I have my gym clothes so I can run to thought we were lying. They didnt be- When we were about to start on more relaxed than they used to. Were
the gym after work. lieve that we were doing our own thing; Monse, we consulted with a couple of making evening separates, as the sales
they just thought we were going to go companies to help strengthen Monse, team calls it. That category didnt even
All of Oscars pictures are still on the work for someone else. So they got very which is a very young company and exist before.
walls, and his books are on the mad. But the same day, Hillary Clinton needs all the help it can get. After Alex LK We introduced denim and T-shirts for
shelves. It wasnt uncomfortable was coming to the office, and we had to saw that we could handle doing a couple resort. Im wearing Oscar jeans today.
being surrounded by constant re- cut our departure meeting short. Laura of things at a time, he stepped in and Theres going to be a little surprise in the
minders of Oscar? was crying, so I was just taking her over said, Why dont you guys come back, spring runway; I hope it goes well.
FG We worked together for 12 years. Pro- to the showroom so Hillary wouldnt be and Ill help you run things that design- There are going to be parts that are not
fessionally speaking, we grew up in this bothered. But lo and behold, Oscar ers are not trained to run. classic, clean, elegant Oscar. We sent a
company. I think I actually spent more dragged Hillary over to the spot where After a couple of months in negotia- classic tweed suit to a denim factory in
time with Oscar than with my dad. we were hiding. tions, we came up with a good agree- L.A. to get distressed.
Theres a story behind everything here LK He told us, Dont tell anybody that ment, and we came back to the place FG I was very touched to see some writ-
with us, so thats why it doesnt feel like you resigned. But then he screamed, that taught us everything. But it was ings and notes that Oscar had left
were invading Oscars office. Its team- These people just resigned! strange to come back to the same office around, and it inspired us to update the
work I see on the walls. Like, this is a FG Yeah, Hillary unfortunately didnt where Oscar was working. I need a shot logo by making it look more relaxed by
picture of a white dress styled by Grace know how to react. She was just trying of tequila now. using his actual signature. He would
Coddington with Lady Gaga. That was to hug us and console us, but I remem- handwrite it at the end of his notes, and
my first resort collection here, so I re- ber Huma [Abedin] in back going like: How do you share the workload? that led to a scribble technique that
member that dress very fondly. We should not be here. This is not the FG We toss ideas in the air. We both have were using for this collection so his
GUCCI LK And the picture with Kate Moss with right time to come into the office. to like it to push it forward. notes are written on every garment.
the feathered cape is actually one of the LK A lot of text messaging. We send each And there are dresses that have his sig-
ONLINE: THANKS, INTERNET RAGE first Oscar images I remember as a Not long after that, Oscar passed other pictures and . . . nature everywhere as a print. Its sort of
With Guccis support, the Harlem designer known as Dapper teenager. I was thinking: Wow, this is away, right? FG We sketch separately, and we just like a cool way of showing his touch on
Dan is reopening his studio. pretty amazing. Who makes those FG Yes, from cancer, and it was a bit of a make sure that were both focusing our everything.

A lyrical response to a world askew
U2s coming album,
Songs of Experience,
presents joy as defiance

Back in March 2016, U2 was in Killiney, a

luxurious seaside suburb of Dublin, im-
mersed in sessions for the follow-up to
its 2014 album, Songs of Innocence.
The band had rented a white Victorian
mansion and outfitted it as a recording
studio, with equipment set up in the bay-
windowed parlor so the band Bono,
the Edge on guitar, Adam Clayton on
bass and Larry Mullen Jr. on drums
could jam together.
Mr. Mullen had a second kit temporar-
ily nested in a stairwell with a roaring
echo a recording technique learned
from Led Zeppelin lore that had already
paid off. The day before I visited, he and
the Edge had adapted a bass line from a
song by Haim into a stomping, start-
stop guitar riff, and Bono had immedi-
ately roughed out some lyrics.
When I arrived, U2 and one of its
producers, Jolyon Thomas, gathered to
play back the brand-new song, along
with half a dozen others destined for the
album. There was live recording to be
done, too. Bono, perpetually energetic,
announced that he had woken up at 5
a.m. with an entirely new chorus lyric
for a song. I dreamed it, so it could be
awful, he warned.
With the backup track cranked up
loud in the parlor no earphones or vo-
cal booth for Bono he sang the new
lyrics, take after quick take. A brief si-
lence, and then Bono asked those in the
room for opinions. It feels like a more
believable thing, the Edge said, and
there were nods of approval. Things
seemed to be moving along fast.
But that was more than a year ago,
and those lyrics wouldnt make the al-
bums final cut. The other songs I heard SAM JONES

that day would also go through many Above from left, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Bono and the Edge went back to work on Songs of Experience after the British and American elections. Below, the group performing at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris.
metamorphoses before the album was
done: changes of structure, tempo, son-
ics. who wants to be in a very good band at snippet is part of a full-length song core of Innocence to me is a lyric from
And then, just as the album was all but this point? Whatever you think of our about America and its history of wel- our second album, which says, I cant
complete, British and American elec- oeuvre, or whatever you think of the U2 coming immigrants. change the world, but I can change the
tions shook up the world, delaying the group, were still attempting to get be- The new songs rove from U2s arena world in me. The core of Experience is
album again and eventually bringing a yond ourselves. anthems to celestial ambient hymns, and this is cheeky! I can change
darker, more directly political cast to When U2 released Songs of Inno- echoes of 1950s rock, and glimpses of the world, but I cant change the world in
some of the lyrics. We needed some dis- cence, it immediately promised a fol- disco and new wave. All our best work me. And so you realize that the biggest
tance from it, Bono said. The world low-up with the title readers of William has that pull between experimental on obstacle in the way is yourself. There are
had changed. We needed to put things Blake would expect: Songs of Experi- one hand and pop clarity on the other, things to rail against, and there are
on pause to take in the scale of the ence. But Songs of Experience isnt Bono said. things that deserve your rage, and you
change. The album, Songs of Experi- exactly a sequel. Songs of Innocence For Songs of Experience, U2s self- must plot and conspire to overthrow
ence, is now scheduled to arrive Dec. 1. was as explicitly autobiographical as U2 imposed agenda was a commitment to them. But the most wily and fearsome of
It appears at a moment when popular had ever been, including one song the fine art of songwriting, Bono said. your enemies is going to turn out to be
culture is gathering its spirit of right- named after Bonos mother, Iris, and He and the Edge both spoke about hear- yourself. And thats experience.
eousness and resistance a moment another citing the street where he grew ing more innovation outside rock than Songs of Innocence was released as
that could well be suited to U2, whose up, Cedarwood Road. In contrast, within it: in R&B, hip-hop and pop. See- a free album that suddenly appeared in
pealing guitars and martial beats have, Songs of Experience returns to the ing the demise of a certain kind of song- the libraries of iTunes users worldwide,
through the years, become rocks sonic broader strokes that fill U2s catalog: writing, particularly in rock, it made the only to be greeted by many people not as
signature of idealism. Songs of Experi- love, fear, mortality, responsibility and band determined to go there, Bono a gift but as an invasion of their private
ence merges personal reflections with STEPHANE CARDINALE/CORBIS, VIA GETTY IMAGES hope. said. Crafting songs, melodies and music collections an exercise in hu-
tidings from the wider world, and it calls Many of the songs, Bono said, are like modulations, and lyrics that people bris rather than generosity. Yet band
for compassion, empathy and rectitude. bits of wood and creating these human ambitions are high-minded and grandly letters addressed to specific recipients: could follow. Sunday Bloody Sunday members believe that in the end, the
The wickedness in the world, we just flotillas to escape from what is still a war scaled; its attitude remains earnest, pa- his family, his friends, the audience, thats a big melody, and declarative, and giveaway introduced U2 to the newer,
let it perforate the album, Bono said. across the way. I wanted to write about tient and craftsmanlike. America. Above all, the new album pos- not trying to be cool. The problem with younger fans they see in their recent
But it still had to be a very personal al- that. We still really believe that we can its joy as an act of defiance, Bono said. rock now is that its trying to be cool. But concert audiences.
bum, not a polemic. U2 released The Blackout as a per- make a great record, the Edge said last Thats the heart of rock n roll, thats its clear thoughts and big melodies if Songs of Experience is being
He added, The elections were a formance video at the end of August. Its month by telephone from Dublin, where life force. they come from a true place, they not presented as a more old-school album,
shock to the system personally and a a buzzing, thumping rocker that begins, he was pondering the final sequence of As usual, U2 worked on and worked only capture the instant, they become released through standard channels
shock to the system politically, not just Dinosaur wonders why it still walks the Songs of Experience and working on over the album with multiple eternal in a way. with plenty of notice. U2 has been play-
in America but in Europe. This is my earth and later wonders, Is this an ex- guitar sounds for the next U2 tour, built producers from various spheres and The Edge offered a simpler criterion: ing one of its songs, The Little Things
lyrical response to both of those shocks. tinction event; it also observes, Stat- around this album. (The bands current styles. Mr. Thomas has worked with the On this record, we went, Is it going to That Give You Away, on its Joshua
I leaned more on the personal than the ues fall/Democracy is flat on its back. worldwide stadium tour celebrating the rawboned rock duo Royal Blood; other be played by people in a bar in 25 Tree tour, and it just released the al-
political, but the political is there to put In writing and rewriting the song, Bono 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree producers included Ryan Tedder from years? bums first studio single, Youre the
the personal songs in the context of said, I made it about democracy, not an runs through October). Which is a very OneRepublic, Jacknife Lee and one of After decades in the public eye, U2 is Best Thing About Me. Its as straight-
time, of history. aging rock star. different motivation to go in to make an the bands career-long collaborators, thoroughly self-conscious. Bono, who forward a love song as anything in U2s
Bono was on the phone from the south U2 refuses to rush its albums. Ever album than thinking, Well, weve got to Steve Lillywhite. The band also sent has leveraged his rock-star renown to- repertory inspired, band members
of France, about a week and a half ago. more aware of its singular status as a whip one out for the fans. some works in progress to Kendrick ward global initiatives that include bat- said, by vintage Motown songs, though
As I look out the window, at the Medi- rock band that has started its fifth dec- Its a sentiment Bono would echo. Its Lamar, hoping to get a guest rap from tling HIV and AIDS and reducing ex- it ended up sounding far different.
terranean Sea that is so tranquil today, ade with its original lineup and is still almost impossible to be great, he said. him as a kindred socially conscious mu- treme poverty, constantly analyzes his Youre putting out a song about your
he said, I see young families splashing selling out arenas and stadiums the Thats why we call it great. And thats sician. Instead, Mr. Lamar used a vocal own efforts. girlfriend when the world is on fire?
about. And just across, hardly a distance group constantly weighs both its past our drug of choice. Very good is the ene- line from Bono for XXX on his Whats the difference between Inno- Bono asked, anticipating one reaction.
at all, are people tacking their lives to and its determination to move ahead. Its my of great theres lots of that. But DAMN. album. On U2s album, the cence and Experience? he said. The Yes. Joy is an act of defiance.

This time shes a bad mother

discussed bad parenting and the thrill Being a mother for a lot of women is After all this time away do you still
After Downton Abbey, of being back on Broadway. These are such a huge part of their estimation of feel American?
edited excerpts from the conversation. themselves, and yet nobody teaches When Im in England, I feel like I have
Elizabeth McGovern is you how to do it. Its just something hay coming out of my ears all the time.
playing a Briton onstage What can you tell me about Mrs. that happens to you, and then youre I will always be the American, no
Conway? supposed to just get on with it and do matter what. But when I come here I
BY ALEXIS SOLOSKI Im just so blatantly loving being this the best you can. Seeing somebody try feel quite British. Always the foreigner,
woman. Shes not somebody who is her hardest and just get it wrong, Im I guess.
On a rainy morning, Elizabeth McGov- very emotionally intelligent or devel- really interested in that.
ern, late of Downton Abbey, arrived oped or mature. Shes not really grown Does that mean that its still a trick to
at a rehearsal space in New York up herself, so shes an absolutely terri- Its been more than 20 years since do an English accent?
dressed in a pink cardigan, white capri ble mother. And you see the damage youve done a play in New York. Is it I wish I could say that its not, but even
pants and slip-on shoes that would that she wreaks on her children, all good to be back? though I have played many English
appall a dowager countess. A film and done in the most unconscious fashion, I am loving it. Im really in a state of parts, theres still something about the
stage actress who ditched Hollywood never meaning to tear them down, to constant buzz. Im surprised by how musculature of it, the placement of
for London more than two decades break them apart. much energy is generated by theater muscles. I do have to think about it,
ago, she found midcareer fame playing in New York right now. Really, theres a unfortunately.
Cora Crawley, the American wife of an So the opposite of Cora? hunger for it that I dont remember. I
English lord and a woman who can Who was the perfect mother always? can only surmise that as screens have Early in your career, you played a lot
really wear a tiara. Yes. gotten smaller and people walk around of girlfriends. Now youre playing a
Rumors of a Downton Abbey film watching every TV show, every movie lot of mothers. Does that fact bother
continue to swirl. In the meantime, Would she and Cora get along? on their iPhones, we really need that you?
most actresses might feel relieved to Yes, because Mrs. Conway is fun. I human face-to-face contact the real What can you do? I had reconciled
have shucked off that finery. Not Ms. think they would have a blast. They body, the real voice. myself to it, to feeling very grateful for
McGovern. Having recently wrapped a both enjoy a party. the profession and the amount of suc-
new Julian Fellowes project, an adap- Theater aside, is this a strange time cess Ive enjoyed, but also quite un-
tation of The Chaperone, shes back Has the play made you think about to be back in America? challenged and bored. Not that I
to starring as an Edwardian matriarch. your own experience as a mother? Its very, very disconcerting, but I wanted to complain. I was happy
She plays Mrs. Conway in Time and Im kind of shocked at how easily Im comfort myself with the thought that enough to make a living. Last year, I
the Conways, a 1937 J. B. Priestley understanding this character. The need weve been through the dark times thought, Im just one of those people
drama that begins performances on to be attractive, the need to be the before and got through them. And the who is always going to be the wife, the
Broadway on Thursday. Im still center of attention, the need to be the message of The Conways is that life mother, the girlfriend. And then sud-
wearing the same dress, she joked. star, despite the fact that youre sup- is about darkness and light, hope and denly, this year, without even kind of
With a small smile and an accent posed to be passing all that onto your despair. What you walk away with is: really expecting it, I find myself doing
stranded between London and her children, I can definitely relate. Im AARON RICHTER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES This too shall pass. Thats my take- work that Im really, really loving. Go
native Illinois, Ms. McGovern, 56, sure my children would agree. Elizabeth McGovern, though a longtime Londoner, was born in Illinois. away. figure.


Modernist men
rians of the period, he had an abiding design from 1934 that was utopian and
interest in architecture and design. He commercial at once. Against steel- and
gobbled up the publications of the linen-covered walls of Johnsons de-
Bauhaus, Walter Gropiuss pioneering sign, the show held up industrial ob-
The International Style design school, and in 1928 he made his jects as art in itself, and praised their
pilgrimage to Dessau, Germany, where unadorned beauty over the Art Deco
came to America by way of he met Gropius, Paul Klee and Lszl housewares more popular at the time,
two visionary curators Moholy-Nagy and also slavered which Johnson derided as insuffi-
over their apartments spare, industri- ciently modern and too French. (This
BY JASON FARAGO al furnishings. was just the start of MoMAs pesky
The museum Barr envisioned would, habit of treating Germany as the locus
Partners in Design: Alfred H. Barr Jr. like the Bauhaus, have multiple depart- of European modernity, and putting
and Philip Johnson, at the Grey Art ments for artistic disciplines. To direct France in the shade.) Cake pans, coffee
Gallery in New York, is the story of the pioneering architecture and design pots, cash registers, and a white Elec-
two men and a whole country. The men division, he picked his friend Philip troChef stove appeared amid scientific
are men of the Museum of Modern Art Johnson, then 23 and with yet no archi- instruments such as steel calipers and
the first museum with a curatorial tectural training, whom he sent off to a brass plumb bob. Five glass boiling
department dedicated to architecture Europe with a list of modern buildings flasks may put you in mind of high
and design, which preached the gospel to see. The Bauhaus was top of the list, school chemistry, but Johnson reported
of the International Style both in New and Johnson, too, fell hard for from Dessau that Anni and Josef Al-
York and via touring exhibitions. The Gropiuss unadorned facades and bers used them as wine decanters.
country is the United States to industrial fenestration. I regard it as Soon enough, Barr was doing the
which they imported, wholesale, a the most beautiful building we have same.
European industrial aesthetic meant to seen, of the larger than house variety, The show steps gingerly around the
wash away Prairie Style organicism Johnson wrote to Barr in October 1929. question of how much Johnsons design
and Art Deco ornament. A model for the Bauhaus is at the Grey, PHOTOGRAPHS BY JAKE NAUGHTON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES tastes fed into his embrace of fascism
That they succeeded beyond any- along with publications designed by Above, a shelving unit by Marcel Breuer, left; table and chairs by Donald Deskey; and an armchair by Philip Johnson with Alfred of the 1930s (he later apologized for his
ones imagination is proved by a thou- Gropius and Moholy-Nagy. Other Clauss. Below left, a webbed side chair by Jens Risom, and right, Ball Wall Clock by George Nelson Associates. youthful politics). He had already
sand StreetEasy listings, promising buildings Johnson saw on his Euro- gushed over all those blond boys in
contemporary apartments with pean trips included Moscow apartment black leather at a Hitler rally, and
furnishings nearly a century old. If blocks and the functionalist pavilions architect, to strip down his apartment, after Machine Art Johnson resigned
youre reading this while seated on a and restaurants of the 1930 Stockholm and to kit it out with a rosewood chest, from MoMA and designed gray shirts
simple, unadorned sofa or chair, these Exhibition, modernisms breakthrough a spare tea table, and a camel-colored for an imagined fascist party he
are the men you should thank. in Sweden. Barcelona chair. (All of those pieces wanted Huey Long to lead. He soon
Partners in Design plots Barrs One of the Museum of Modern Arts are here, while the design of the bed- returned to Europe and filed anti-
and Johnsons infatuation with Euro- most important early exhibitions, room was recreated at MoMA last year Semitic dispatches for Father Cough-
pean (principally German) modern presented in 1932, was Modern Archi- in its exhibition How Should We lins newspaper, with such headlines as
design, their advocacy of it in America, tecture: International Exhibition, for Live?) Jews Dominate Polish Scene. Barr
their support of exiled Bauhaus de- which Johnson and his fellow curator Barr, less wealthy, settled for knock- deplored it all. Yet despite Johnsons
signers, and their influence on postwar Henry-Russell Hitchcock showcased offs. He ordered up a suite of tables Nazi infatuation, he and Barr too
industrial design and museum pro- mostly European buildings, with a and chairs, made with steel tubular helped several Bauhauslers come to
gramming. The show initially ap- heavy emphasis on rectilinear forms; armatures and a plastic laminate sur- America after the schools closure in
peared at the Montreal Museum of surfaces stripped of decoration; and face, from a furniture catalog from 1933. Johnson would eventually be-
Fine Arts and at the Davis Museum at glass and steel, with reinforced con- Ypsilanti, Mich. the Design Within come their student: He enrolled at
Wellesley College, though in New York crete construction. Modern apartment Reach of his day. Next to Johnsons Harvard in 1940, where the exiled
it has been shrunk to apartment size. blocks in Germany were contrasted Mies originals, Barrs cheaper furni- Gropius and Breuer were his teachers.
But the objects assembled lounge with slum photography from the Lower ture, made by the industrial designer There is a biting irony to the history
chairs and side tables, steak knives East Side of New York. Johnson Donald Deskey, more than holds its lesson of Partners in Design: how
and chrome toasters are unfailingly wanted one model at least for each of was still years away and would Barrs and Johnsons professional own. These men were modernist apos- contemporary and covetable it all
seductive, and, for better or worse, the architects included: Le Corbusier eventually tour across America, ac- activities and personal lives. The tles who lived their own teachings. looks. Barr and Johnson were obsessed
they still look as la mode as they submitted one of his Villa Savoye, in companied by a catalog in which shows central gallery conjures the two Barr embraced modernism as a with the design of their time, but what
were in Herbert Hoovers day. the suburbs of Paris, and Ludwig Mies Hitchcock and Johnson came up with a mens apartments, one above the other series of intellectual principles, pro- about us, who furnish our apartments
They were just kids, at the origin. van der Rohe was represented by the new brand: the International Style. at the Southgate complex on East 52nd pounded like a science in pedagogical now with the exact same daybeds and
Barr was 27, teaching the nations first Villa Tugendhat, in Brno. Modern Why did they call it a style, and Street; the two ate together several charts. Johnson treated it above all as housewares? One wonders if theres
college course on modern art at Architecture was the last show staged what does it mean to treat function as nights a week, and were constantly in an aesthetic though Barr had no anything you could put in your house
Wellesley, when he got the call to be- in MoMAs original home in the a fashion? Thats the central question and out of each others flats. Johnson, problem with pretty things either. A today that would express the same
come MoMAs first director in the chteau-like Heckscher Building at 730 of Partners in Design, and it answers who had family money, hired Mies and case in point was MoMAs fetishistic forward drive that Barr and Johnson
summer of 1929. Unlike many art histo- Fifth Avenue a dedicated building best through a frisky intermingling of his wife, Lilly Reich, a designer and Machine Art, a show of everyday embraced.

The art of war

ration was to list the names just as they backdrop to a sculpture of falling domi-
died, day by day. In the process she noes. Her instructors suggested she
turned what could easily have been a remove it, freeing the work of the
A RIFT IN THE EARTH: ART, MEMORY, telephone directory into a vast and hokey symbolism that afflicted most of
AND THE FIGHT FOR A VIETNAM WAR tragic timeline, which you experience the other 1,420 projects, many of which
MEMORIAL in bodily terms as you make the gentle Reston illustrates, surely to the cha-
By James Reston Jr.. Illustrated. 267 pp. descent to the center, where the roster grin of their authors. The great revela-
Arcade. $24.99. of names begins and ends, fittingly, at a tion here is the memorials early his-
point of repose. tory. In 1979 Jan Scruggs, a Vietnam
BY MICHAEL J. LEWIS None of this was apparent in Lins veteran, watched The Deer Hunter
bafflingly elusive drawings. Many and relived his own horrific wounding.
If you are under 40 you know the veterans regarded the design as an He began a personal quest to build a
Vietnam Veterans Memorial as an anti-monument, violating the competi- memorial, and the first artist he con-
indispensable part of the National tion requirement that the memorial be sulted was none other than Frederick
Mall, as iconic as the Lincoln Memori- nonpolitical. One compared it to a Hart, then carving a sculpture for the
al, and just as cherished. That it was great privy, an outside urinal of Ger- Washington National Cathedral. Far
ever controversial seems laughable. man beer garden design. They were from being the unwelcome gate-
But it was, and to the point of white- indignant that there were no Vietnam crasher to Lins party, as he is invari-
hot fury. Its design and construction veterans among the eight jurors. (The ably depicted, Hart was actually there
sparked what may have been the first, only one with actual combat experience from the start.
and arguably the angriest, of Americas was the architect Pietro Belluschi A personal epilogue recalls Restons
art wars even including todays who served in the Italian Army in own service during the war. Although
bitter disputes over Confederate war World War I.) When Ross Perot, an he was not sent to Vietnam, his best
memorials. Curiously, it was also the early donor to the memorial, offered to friend from military intelligence
only one to leave a more united coun- fund a new competition, to be judged by school, Ronald E. Ray, was. There he
try in its wake. Such are the lessons of Vietnam veterans, a hasty compromise died (and rather heroically) in the Tet
A Rift in the Earth, James Reston Jr.s was struck. The abstract granite wall offensive. Reston hardly needs to spell
definitive history of the memorial. would be offset by a work of traditional it out for us: When he looks at the
The broad outlines of the story are sculpture, Fredericks Harts The black granite wall, he knows that it is
familiar. Five years after the United Three Soldiers. To Lin, Harts additions only for the luck of the draw that Rays
States withdrawal from Vietnam, de- were a mustache on the Mona Lisa, name is there and not his. Here one
signs were solicited for a memorial to but Reston argues convincingly that understands the emotional undertow
the 58,000 American dead and missing without Harts realistic figures, her that runs through every page of this
of the war. Maya Lin, a Yale undergrad- memorial would never have been built. superb and unexpectedly affecting
uate of Chinese-American extraction, There are a great many surprises book.
won the competition with a project of here. Reston shows how Lins su-
staggering simplicity a graceful premely minimalist design did not Michael J. Lewis is the Faison-Pierson-
hollow in the earth, a stone retaining come to her in a flash, and that her Stoddard professor of art at Williams
wall and nothing else. Her great inspi- black granite wall was originally a College.


The designer, Maya Lin, during the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., in 1982.


Unesco picks arent without controversy Making

a layover

Newest Heritage sites

include Palestinian city IN TRANSIT: TRAVEL TIPS
and capital of Eritrea
Many fliers view layovers as an incon-
Unesco annually expands its list of venience, but for Jaclyn Sienna India,
World Heritage sites, and this years the owner of the New York City travel
class of inductees, announced in July, of- company Sienna Charles, theyre an op-
fers both stimulation for travelers, with portunity to explore. I try to make the
a rich and varied group of intriguing place where I have to change planes a
sites, and a reminder, especially with its part of my vacation, she said. Often,
remote and more vulnerable picks, that these side trips end up being as exciting
the list itself is not about tourism. as my final destination.
The World Heritage program aims to Here, Ms. Indias advice on how to
identify and protect cultural and natural have a memorable layover:
sites around the world that demonstrate
outstanding value to humanity, ac- PLAN LAYOVERS STRATEGICALLY Have a
cording to its website. more diverse vacation by choosing a
Those spots sometimes constitute the stop that is in contrast to the locale
most sought-after destinations for youre headed to. If youre en route to a
global travel: the Great Wall of China, beach getaway in the Maldives, for ex-
the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the ample, consider a stop in Dubai to fit in
Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Oth- an urban escape.
ers, though, are more obscure or hard to
reach or both, including three members RETURN TO YOUR FAVORITE DESTINATIONS
of the class of 2017: Okinoshima, a sa- Ms. India suggested that travelers ar-
cred island in Japan; Dauria, a wild range layovers in destinations they en-
landscape shared by Mongolia and Rus- joy visiting and give their trip that spe-
sia; and Asmara, the capital of Eritrea in cial touch by participating in a specific
East Africa. experience there. It could be a meal at a
Okinoshima, for example, is off limits favorite restaurant in Paris or an art
to women, per ancient practice. But it is show in London. Personally, Ms. India
the inclusion of Asmara, cited by Unesco said, she loves stopping in Reykjavik on
for its modernist architecture dating to her way to Europe for some relaxation
its era as an Italian colony, that is per- at the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa.
haps the most controversial choice. Eri-
trea is the subject of a U.S. State Depart- REI ADVENTURES A SHORTER LAYOVER WORKS, TOO If you
ment travel warning noting that the gov- The Lake District of northwestern England is a Unesco World Heritage site. have between eight hours and less than
ernment restricts travel of foreigners to a day to kill between flights, you can still
Asmara. The United Nations has ac- have a fantastic layover, Ms. India said.
cused Eritreas government of crimes decision as delusional. ager for REI, which runs a nine-day Annie Lucas, the vice president of Mir The Valongo Wharf in Rio tells a Possibilities for activities on short lay-
against humanity, including enslave- Many more of the 21 new inductees, walking trip, May to October, that in- Corporation, which guides trips in Iran. story thats powerful, said Jonny overs include a tour of an art museum, a
ment and murder. spread among 18 cultural sites and three cludes hiking in the Lake District (from In French Polynesia, Taputapuatea, Bealby, the founder of Wild Frontiers, a shopping excursion in a specific neigh-
Asmaras mix of local and Italian in- natural ones, are more easily accessible $4,199 a person). You get an uninter- an ancient ceremonial site on Raiatea Is- travel company devoted to off-the-beat- borhood and even a jog, walk or bike
fluences of the 1920s and 30s is incredi- and without controversy. rupted panorama of hills, valleys, lakes land, also made the list. en-path trips. It reminds us of the story ride in a scenic park.
ble. But its very isolated, politically At least one, the Lake District of and streams. Other new inductees include Aphro- of humanity and, good or bad, gives us a
and geographically, said Tom Hall, the northwestern England, is well loved, re- Tour operators working in Iran disias, a third-century Greco-Roman ar- sense of our history. MAKE YOUR STOP AN AFFORDABLE ONE Your
editorial director for Lonely Planet, the ceiving over 18 million visitors a year. lauded the inclusion of Yazd, a remote chaeological site in southwestern Tur- The 15th-century walled city of Ah- layover doesnt have to be costly. Some
travel media company. Unesco noted the combined work of na- city in the central Iranian plateau that key; the temples of Sambor Prei Kuk in medabad, the former capital of the Indi- airlines, Ms. India said, allow free lay-
The ancient city of Hebron, in the Is- ture and human activity in the region, developed an underground water sys- Cambodia, extolled for their forest set- an state of Gujarat, also made the list. overs sometimes with a time restric-
raeli-occupied West Bank, was another including sheep farming on deforested tem and maintains its traditional ting and lack of crowds; Los Alerces Na- Few tourists go there, said Catherine tion so a stop wont cost you more
controversial choice, thanks to its inclu- hillsides, stone villages and grand coun- Persian architecture and Zoroastrian tional Park in Argentina, noted for pro- Heald, the co-founder and chief execu- money beyond your ticket price (British
sion as a Palestinian World Heritage try estates. temples. tecting some of the last stands of native tive of Remote Lands, which has been Airways, for example, allows free lay-
Site. What makes it so beautiful and dra- In terms of architecture, original Patagonian forest; and the 19th-century guiding trips to the city, known for its overs with fully flexible tickets). A hand-
In a statement, Prime Minister Ben- matic is a lot of it is pretty barren, said temples, gardens and mosques, a lot of Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro, where textiles, forts and winding streets for ful of airlines have occasional layover
jamin Netanyahu of Israel described the Janel Jensen, the Europe program man- things are traditional and intact, said slaves were traded. over 11 years. promotions.

How the news should sound.

A daily audio report on demand.
Hosted by Michael Barbaro.
This moment in history requires an explanation.
So weve created an audio show that seeks
one. Hosted by seasoned political journalist
Michael Barbaro, The Daily delivers an
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The tennis star Venus Williams said she enjoys visiting Hong Kong because I am a night person, and it is a night city.
Available on demand via iTunes,
RadioPublic and Stitcher, and as a
Hong Kong tempts tennis star Flash briefing on Amazons Alexa and
the Google Assistant on Google Home.
more amazing. And earlier this year, I Christophers Kitchen, happens to be
went to St. Petersburg. It was my first near where I live. I love the raw vegeta-
trip to Russia, and I was really taken by ble lasagna and the smoothies. On this
BY SHIVANI VORA Russian history, culture and art. trip to New York, I hope to discover
some of the citys vegan restaurants.
The tennis player Venus Williams, 37, When you are traveling to compete in
who has won seven major singles titles tournaments, how much free time do How do you stay in top physical form to
and reached the finals this year at both you typically have in a destination, and compete when you have to combat jet
the Australian Open and Wimbledon, what do you enjoy doing with that lag and the other challenges that come
will tell you that one of the best parts of time? with travel?
her career is the chance it has given her Seeing small museums always interests It takes some discipline, but wherever I
to see the world. I travel so much for me whenever I have downtime because am in the world, whether its China or
tennis that I dont count how often Im they feel manageable. In Paris, I en- Australia, I hit the gym the day I land
on the road, but the sport has definitely joyed the Muse de Cluny. It takes an and then practice for the match. I also
taken me to some interesting places, hour to get through the whole museum, dont sleep during the day and push my-
she said. and it has cool Roman baths and medi- self to stay up until 10. Between the trav-
Ms. Williams recently came to New eval art. In London, I like the Museum of el and my training that day, Im usually
York, a destination she has visited multi- London, where you can learn about the pretty tired by the evening and dont
ple times and where she won the United citys history, but as a tennis player, I have a hard time falling asleep.
States Open twice. She was in the city to never want to be seeing too much of any
compete in the tournament and partici- place where I am for a tournament, be- What, for you, makes for a great hotel?
pate in Citi Taste of Tennis, a food tasting cause that means Ive lost. If you leave In the past, Ive liked staying at boutique
event at the W New York hotel in late the city at the end of a tournament, you hotels with a design element, and Im
August. She spoke to The New York may not have seen much, but at least still into properties with a focus on de-
Times before the tournament and culi- you won or came close to winning. Its sign like the New York Edition, where I
nary event from Palm Beach Gardens, nice to like a city and be able to go back stayed when I was in the city last time,
Fla., where she lives. Following are and see it properly. I havent had the or the 21c Museum Hotel, where I stayed
edited excerpts. chance to do that with any place yet be- when I was in Cincinnati. But lately, Ive
cause my work schedule is still intense, come to appreciate hotels with great
What are some of your favorite desti- but I will down the line. service and comfort, and I think that the
nations that youve traveled to for ten- Four Seasons is a winner for both. I also
nis? Youve spoken previously about your love the Lotte New York Palace, which
I am a huge fan of Hong Kong because I love of good food, and you are also in has such a classic New York atmos-
am a night person, and it is a night city. I New York to participate in a culinary phere. And despite where I am staying, I
love to walk around at 11 or 12 in the event. What kind of food do you seek like visiting other hotels in the city and SPONSORED BY
evening because there are restaurants out when youre traveling? asking to see a room so that I can get a
and other spots still open, and the I do enjoy good meals and like to call my- sense of what the property is like. My
streets are full of people. Also, although self a cheating vegan, which means that company, V Starr Interiors, designs ho-
it is a big city with tall buildings, theres Ill normally try to seek out something tel spaces, so I love to see what other ho-
a nature feel because youre surrounded vegan, but may cheat depending on tels do with their space and aesthetic.
by mountains, water and greenery. An- what Im craving. In trips to Paris and
other top spot is Rome. I love the energy Las Vegas, I really wanted a chili dog Check-in or carry-on?
of the city and have a lot of good friends and found great vegan chili dogs in both Check-in because I have my rackets,
there, which makes going that much cities. One of my favorite restaurants, and theyre too big to bring on board.


New Kuwait
Vision 2035 - A Future Beyond Oil
See this report at

New Kuwait Vision 2035, the ambitious strategy unveiled in January to diversify the economy away from oil,
aims to allow a bigger and more active role for the private sector in economic development
L ike most oil-rich nations, Kuwait has
suffered greatly from the impact of
the oil price crisis. As a result of the dra-
are aimed at increasing the share of the
private sectors contribution to GDP.
The PPP program will be crucial for in-
matic drop in oil revenues, the Gulf state frastructure development, as the govern-
posted a budget deficit of $15.3 billion in ment looks to tap private funding to com-
2015, the first budget deficit since 1999. plete a string of mega-projects, some of
This deficit grew to $29 billion in 2016, but which have been on hold for years.
is projected to fall to around $21 billion Kuwait intends to spend $15.6 billion on
in 2017, thanks to government policies infrastructure and other development-
to rationalize budget spending, focusing related projects in fiscal year 2017-2018.
on development projects. The government will contribute 49.3 per-
With oil making up 90 percent of state cent of the investments, 33.8 percent will
revenues, the Kuwaiti government has be spent by the state-owned oil sector
long spoken of the need to develop a sus- and 16.9 percent by the private sector
tainable and diversified economy driven
by the private sector. And the fact that The New Kuwait vision
the oil price is not expected to return to translates the Emirs
pre-2014 levels any time soon has com-
pelled the government to get the wheels
outlook for activating
in motion to build a non-oil-dependent development, boosting
economy. the economy, diversifying
productivity, pressing ahead
[Vision 2035] will
with economic and financial
transform Kuwait into a
reforms through mega-
financial and trade center,
projects and the leading role
attractive to investors,
by the private sector
where the private sector
leads the economy, Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad
Al-Sabah, Prime Minister of Kuwait
creating competition and
promoting production in a public-private sector partnership
efficiency program, according to Dr. Khaled Mahdi,
Secretary General of the Supreme Coun-
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al- cil for Planning and Development.
Sabah, Emir of Kuwait One of the highlight mega projects,
and an integral part of New Kuwait Vi-
In January this year, the government sion 2035, is the new terminal at Kuwait
launched New Kuwait Vision 2035, a International Airport, which will be built
comprehensive and ambitious develop- by Turkish company Limak Construction
ment plan which aims to develop a pros- safeguards social identity, and achieves ment, boosting the economy, diver- competitive and productive members at a cost of $4.2 billion. When completed
perous and diversified economy, upgrade human resource development as well as sifying productivity, pressing ahead of the workforce. in 2022, the new terminal will allow the
national infrastructure, improve the balanced development, providing adequate with economic and financial reforms The public sector in Kuwait current- airport to handle 25 million passengers
health and education systems, reform infrastructure, advanced legislation, and through mega-projects and the lead- ly accounts for 70 percent of GDP and annually, triple its current capacity.
government administration and bureau- an inspiring business environment. ing role by the private sector, said employs nearly 80 percent of the to- Other mega projects to be undertaken
cratic procedures, and enhance Kuwaits Other objectives include positioning the countrys prime minister, Sheikh tal Kuwaiti workforce, highlighting the to achieve the goals set out in the New
presence on the international stage. Kuwait as a global hub for the petro- Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. need to build a thriving private sector- Kuwait Vision 2035 include: Sabah Al-
On the launch of the New Kuwait Vi- chemical industry, increasing foreign The government also wants Ku- led economy. Kuwait intends to invest Salem University City, one of the leading
sion 2035, the countrys Head of State, direct investment by 300 percent, and waitis to represent 40 percent of the billions to increase the contribution of educational projects in the region; the Al
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sa- attracting more than $1.3 billion for in- population by 2035, up from the cur- the private sector to the economy, from Zour refinery, which will produce 615,000
bah, said the plan will transform Kuwait vestment in IT services and renewable rent 32 percent. To do so will require the current 26.4 percent to more than 40 barrels of oil per day when completed in
into a financial and trade center, attrac- energy. Taking advantage of its strategic investment in education and training percent by 2020. Government initiatives 2019; Jaber Hospital, which will be the
tive to investors, where the private sector location, Kuwait also wants to operate as so that Kuwaitis have the skills to take such as the public-private partnership largest hospital in the Middle East, with
leads the economy, creating competition a transit hub providing significant logisti- up the jobs currently filled by expa- (PPP) program, privatization law, the es- 1,166 beds; and the Jaber Causeway, a
and promoting production efficiency, un- cal support to regional trade routes. triates. Reform of the education sys- tablishment of the Kuwait National Fund $3 billion bridge that will connect Kuwait
der the umbrella of enabling government The New Kuwait vision translates the tem, under Vision 2035, aims to bet- for SMEs Development and the Kuwait City to the new $100 billion Silk City pro-
institutions, which accentuates values, Emirs outlook for activating develop- ter prepare Kuwaiti youth to become Direct Investment Promotion Authority jected urban area.

This special supplement is written and produced by Haddock Media International and did not involve the reporting or editorial staff of The New York Times


Reforms to reinforce transparency,

accountability and efficiency in government
The first pillar of the New Kuwait Vision 2035 aims to reduce bureaucracy, improve efficiency and extend e-government services

B ureaucratic red tape and govern-

ment inefficiency have long stifled
foreign investment and the prolifera-
The New Kuwait Vision
2035 will transform our
for whistleblowers, and to raise aware-
ness and knowledge of corruption and
its effects.
tion of local companies in Kuwait. If economy, create jobs, Further mitigation of corruption,
the country is to build a thriving private attract foreign direct as well as increased government ef-
sector driven by foreign and domestic investments and facilitate ficiency, will be supported by the im-
business as envisioned in the New provement of e-government services.
Kuwait Vision 2035 these issues knowledge transfer in the It is an area in which Kuwait has made
must be addressed urgently to improve fields of renewable energy, great strides under the e-Kuwait ini-
the business and investment climate. information technology and tiative. In the UNs E-Government Sur-
That is why the government has set the services sector vey 2016, Kuwait ranked at 40 th out of
the first pillar of Vision 2035 to target all countries surveyed, and is among
reform of administrative and bureau- Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al- the top 10 countries in Asia, ahead of
cratic practices to reinforce transpar- Mubarak Al-Sabah, all its GCC neighbors except Bahrain,
ency, accountability, and efficiency. Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs which placed at 24 th.
Comparing Kuwaits ranking with the Our goal is to build a more trans-
other member states in the Gulf Co- parent government that in turn helps
operation Council (GCC) in the World achieve the ultimate strategic goal rep-
Banks Doing Business Index high- Business Center, in line with the im- resented by e-Kuwait, where all can en-
lights the urgent need for bureaucratic plementation of the paperless gov- joy quality e-services at all times wher-
reform. In the 2017 ranking, Kuwait ernment initiative another measure ever they are, says Sheikh Mohammad
dropped four places to 102nd (out of 190 which will significantly reduce bureau- Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, the
countries surveyed), putting it in last cracy and streamline the administra- Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs.
place in the Gulf region. The United tive process for new investors. The government plan is to acquire
Arab Emirates (UAE) placed at 26 th, Other recent initiatives are aimed and develop their human resource pro-
Bahrain 63 rd, Oman 66 th, Qatar at tackling corruption, again an area fessionals and at the same time up-
83 rd, and Saudi Arabi 94 th. in which Kuwait ranks behind its GCC grade the technologies in accordance
Twenty key global indicators, and addi- neighbors in global indexes. In Trans- with the e-government plans.
tional sub-indicators, will track and mea- parency Internationals latest Corrup- Along with streamlined procedures,
sure Kuwaits progress with the Vision tions Perceptions Index, Kuwait placed investors will also be able to take ad-
2035 plan and its performance compared at 75 th. By comparison, the UAE and vantage of the new proposed free trade
to other countries. Kuwait is aiming for a Qatar ranked 24th and 31st respectively, zones that will be built on the Kuwaiti
position within the top 35 percent of all while Saudi Arabia sits at 62 nd, Oman islands of Boubyan, Failaka, Warba,
countries by 2035. Some of these indica- to be transformed, we need to focus to deposit capital before establishing at 64 th and Bahrain in 70 th position. Miskan and Auha.
tors will be related to the government on rethinking the economic laws and a company. This will help to attract in- The Anti-Corruption Law passed in Located in close proximity to the pro-
efforts to improve the business climate. streamlining regulations in the pri- vestments from young entrepreneurs 2016 paved the way for the recent es- posed $100 billion Silk City project,
New Kuwait Vision 2035 is not Ku- vate sector. Indeed, a new company and support the growth of the small tablishment of the Kuwait Anti-Cor- these five free trade zones will turn
waits first attempt at an ambitious law and efforts to simplify the rules for and medium-sized enterprises sec- ruption Authority, which is a seen as these barren islands into a commercial
roadmap for development, but where businesses are key to this new initia- tor. This latest amendment will also a very positive step in the fight against and investment hub, offering investors
it differs is through its focus on legisla- tive, and those changes have already shorten the time required to establish corruption. The Authority is empow- a range of legal and investment in-
tion and improving the business envi- begun, said Mr. Kanafani in a recent a company from four days to one day ered to enforce financial and asset centives. According to Sheikh Nasser
ronment, something that was lacking interview with Forbes Asia . a remarkable achievement consider- disclosures, and has already referred Sabah, Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah,
in previous plans, according to Nemr Approved by parliament in April, ing that it used to take 63 days before six senior civil servants and ministers Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs: The
Kanafani, a senior economist at the the amendment to the New Compa- the law was enacted. once seen as untouchable to pros- Vision 2035 aims to transform the north
National Bank of Kuwait. nies Law will ease procedures for es- In May, the Ministry of Commerce ecution for failure to disclose financial of the Gulf area into an exceptional free
In recent years, authorities un- tablishing companies. Under the new and Industry launched the new One- assets. The Anti-Corruption Law also trade zone; a fertile environment to
derstood that for Kuwaits economy law, investors are no longer required Window Transaction at the Kuwait aims to create a protection program attract investments.

Nurturing a culture of innovation and building a

digital economy key to Vision 2035 goals
Leading Kuwaiti telecoms firm Zain Group is supporting the development of a knowledge-based, digital economy and investing in
Kuwaiti youth, in a bid to find the entrepreneurially minded leaders that will take the company forward in the future

O ne of the main goals of the New

Kuwait Vision 2035 is to create
a sustainable, diversified and non-
I believe that to diversify the economy
and strengthen the role of the private
sector, three urgent reforms are re-
The main ambitions I wish
to accomplish regarding the
oil-dependent economy driven by the quired: policy formulation; moderniza- New Kuwait Vision 2035 is
private sector. tion of the ICT Regulatory Framework to to change the suppressing
Currently,theprivatesectorcontributes encourage broadband investments and culture itself. We have a
around 26 percent of GDP, and the to stimulate the digital economy; and
government aims to increase that figure talent development, says Zain Groups rigid culture that we need to
to 40 percent by 2020. This will entail Vice-Chairman and CEO, Bader Nasser come out of in order to breed
creating a more favorable environment Al-Kharafi. innovation, creativity and
for private businesses to thrive, boosting Typically, most of the countries in autonomy. By focusing on
foreign direct investment, encouraging the Gulf Cooperation Council have put
risk-averse Kuwaitis to take up positions in place a National Broadband Plan, developing and empowering
in the private sector or set up their own a National Digital Economy Policy, a our youth, which we have
companies, and fostering a culture of national cyber-security strategy, an accomplished through
entrepreneurship and innovation among e-Government policy and a national several initiatives, we
its young people. smart cities policy all designed to
The government has established set out very clear strategic directions to are paving the way for a
a number of institutions to support foster the development of a knowledge- brighter, more secure and
development of the private sector, based, digital economy. heavily diversified Kuwait of
including the Public Private Partnership In terms of talent development, Mr. Al- the future
Authority, the Direct Investment Kharafi says there are two areas which
Promotion Authority, the Capital would need to be developed further Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi,
Markets Authority, and the National to realize the full potential of a digital Vice-Chairman & Group CEO, Zain Group
Fund for Small and Medium-Sized economy.
Enterprise Development. Privatization Firstly, entrepreneurship develop-
of state-owned enterprises also forms a ment through the encouragement of ven- Utilizing the youth of our country
major part of the governments agenda, ture capital investment, establishment of will inject a fresh approach into how we
with Kuwaiti media reporting that accelerators and incubators, deployment conduct business, says Mr. Al-Kharafi.
around 60 percent of public companies of smart capital and an acceleration of We have introduced a graduate scheme
will be sold off to private investors over the process of company formation. And with a focus on high GPAs to support between 611. This is a long-term vision the way for a brighter, more secure and
the coming years. secondly, educational reforms to address delivery of our strategic direction. which, once realized, will be visible heavily diversified Kuwait of the future.
Many of Kuwaits leading private deficits in digital skills and knowledge We have also enhanced our graduate through the workforce. The aim is to It is not just domestic firms like
multinational companies are supporting to ensure that graduates and others program to identify students with an create future leaders who possess these Zain that are investing in innovation
the government in its Vision 2035 goals entering into the workforce are very well entrepreneurial mindset creativity and traits to lead our organizations with and youth development and supporting
for the private sector one of which is equipped to meet the challenges brought risk takers who will work on producing mindsets akin to those entrepreneurs the development of a digital economy.
Zain Group, a leading telecoms operator about by the significant transformational commercially viable value propositions whom we hear and read about. IBM and Huawei are world-class
with a commercial footprint in eight changes prevalent today. for Zain. The main ambitions I wish to organizations who have been able
countries in the Middle East and Africa Zain has introduced a number of Understanding that fear and risk accomplish regarding the New Kuwait to bring expertise in the areas of
and a workforce of over 7,000. As an initiatives aimed at developing young aversion is rife within the organization, Vision 2035 is to change the suppressing enterprise cloud solutions, big data
ICT firm, Zain is a strong advocate for talent within the organization. By we accept the root cause stems from culture itself. We have a rigid culture that analytics and cyber-security to the
the establishment of a knowledge- investing in the potential of Kuwaiti youth, a younger age before university and so we need to come out of in order to breed state of Kuwait. Several strategic
based, digital economy and a prime Zain hopes to find the entrepreneurially we are working towards establishing a innovation, creativity and autonomy. By collaborations are already in place
example of a Kuwaiti company investing minded leaders that will drive the program which focuses on creativity, focusing on developing and empowering with the mobile network operators,
in youth development, innovation and company forward in the future, both at collaboration, critical thinking and our youth, which we have accomplished internet service providers and systems
entrepreneurialism. home and abroad. communication for children aged through several initiatives, we are paving integrators in the market.

New Kuwait / P3

As Kuwait has grown, Ahmadiah has grown with it

Behind many of Kuwaits landmark construction projects is Ahmadiah, which since its We are looking very positively on our
establishment in 1954 has helped to build the country future within the New Kuwait Vision 2035,
says Mr. Al Thuwainy, who is a strong ad-
vocate of deeper partnership between the

I t all began with a handshake. In 1954, Ab-

dulatif F. Al Thuwainy and Nagib Ibrahim
Najjar, two ambitious entrepreneurs with
buildings, shopping malls, and industrial
complexes. Some of the more prestigious
a halt. During this time, Ahmadiahs activi-
ties ceased indefinitely, but it continued to
public and private sector to bring new proj-
ects to completion in the lead up to 2035.
There are many opportunities to see
a strong conviction for building projects, projects in its portfolio include the Bayan look after its employees. Following libera- greaterinternationalpartnershipinthecur-
shook hands in front of HH the Emir of Ku- Palace, the headquarters of Kuwait Airways tion, despite having suffered huge losses, rent investment climate in Kuwait. This is
wait, Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and the Arab Organization and the 75-story the company began operating again and reallyanopportunityformorepublic-private
then-foreign minister a gesture which led Al Hamra Tower, which is Kuwaits tallest helped to rebuild the country. partnerships (PPPs), which already started
to the establishment of Ahmadiah. buildingandalsotheworldstallestbuilding With the events of the Iraqi occupation successfully in Kuwait a few years ago.
It was at this time that Kuwait was expe- with a cladded stone facade. long behind it, a new vision for Kuwait Delivering high-quality projects on
riencing its first oil boom. The newfound oil The company has also been behind sev- was unveiled in January. The New Ku- time and on budget is something that We see opportunities
wealth that followed brought about a wave eralcriticalnationalinfrastructureprojects, wait development plan aims to transform the 63-year-old construction firm knows in both government and
of large-scale construction projects, many including airport terminals, hospitals, pow- the country into a regional financial and all about. Some of Ahmadiahs current private investment in
ofwhichwere undertaken byAhmadiah.As er stations, housing projects, bridges and cultural hub by 2035 through numerous and future projects include: a 300-meter construction. We are
Kuwait grew, Ahmadiah grew, by working highways, as well as contributing to mega- strategic development programs. Among tower that will be the headquarters of the
with both the government and the private projects such as Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City. the seven pillars of the plan is one devoted National Bank of Kuwait; Kuwait Interna- looking very positively
sector, taking part in building the nation, Generations later, the two families that to infrastructure, which aims to develop tional Tennis Complex, which will become on our future within the
says Ayad Abdul Mohsin Al Thuwainy, Vice started the business, the Al Thuwainy fam- and modernize the national infrastructure a venue for regional and international ten- New Kuwait Vision 2035
ChairmanofAhmadiahContracting& Trad- ily and the Lebanese Najjar family, remain to improve the quality of life for all citi- nis tournaments; the 58-story Al Assima
ing Company. strong partners to this day, affirms Mr. Al zens. As the countrys leading construction Tower; and the expansion of the Avenues Ayad Abdul Mohsin Al Thuwainy,
Over its history of more than six decades, Thuwainy. During the seven-month-long company, Ahmadiah will be integral to the Mall, which will add around 500,000 square Vice Chairman of Ahmadiah
Ahmadiah has built everything from sky- IraqioccupationofKuwaitin1990,construc- success of this plan. meters to the existing facilities. Contracting & Trading Company

Kuwait investing heavily in backlog of much-needed infrastructure projects

As the nations largest and first established bank, NBK is one of the leading financiers of Kuwaits
mega projects, and will play a pivotal role in supporting the New Kuwait Vision 2035 plan

W hile other oil-rich Gulf states have

curbed spending due to the impact of
created by the Central Bank of Kuwait and
the increase in efficiency of Kuwaiti banks,
which have put a focus on rationalizing
Ms. Al-Bahar says international opera-
tions and regional growth markets (Egypt
of Boubyan Bank, which is the only bank in
Kuwait offering both conventional and Is-
lamic banking.
ily in a backlog of much-needed infrastruc- costs, says Shaikha Al-Bahar, Deputy performance. The bank is currently present InMay,NBKsuccessfullyissued$750mil-
tureprojects.Andhighgovernmentspending Group CEO of NBK, the largest and first in15countries,withbranchesintheinterna- lionoffive-yearSeniorUnsecuredsecurities,
is expected to continue, under the five-year established bank in Kuwait, and one of tionalfinancialcentersofNewYork,Geneva, in a bid to further boost liquidity, diversify
Kuwait Development Plan (KDP) unveiled in the leading financiers of the nations mega Paris,SingaporeandLondon.Italsobecame funding sources and increase liability dura-
2015. The KDP will see around $115 billion projects. the first bank from the Gulf to enter China. tions. This debut issuance falls under NBKs
invested in 500 projects, including a string of NBK is a dominant player in the project Diversification has always been a key ele- new $3.0 billion Global Medium-Term Note
infrastructuremega-projects,manyofwhich finance market and controls more than a ment in NBKs strategy over the years, both (GMTN) Program. The issued notes came
will be funded by the local banks. 75-percent market share of foreign com- geographically and by business sector. at a re-offer yield of 2.860% (mid-swap plus
The high level of government expenditure panies doing business in Kuwait, says Ms. Geographically, our presence in some 100 bps).
on infrastructure projects is one of the main Al-Bahar. We have led most of the busi- markets outside the GCC, in non-oil-depen- This is the first issue since 2009 from a
reasonsthatKuwaitibanksenjoythehighest ness activity related to the governments denteconomies,isastrongdemonstrationof Middle East bank to target the U.S. market
banking profitability on average in the Gulf infrastructure development plan, and have our diversified business model. By business undertheU.S.SecuritiesAct.Thetransaction
region. The banking systems net profits outperformeddomesticallywhenrealbank- segments, we focus on offering a diversified was very well received by both regional and
increased 6.1 percent in 2016, compared to ing business is the driver of profitability. rangeofproductstargetingdifferentmarkets international investors, with the order book Shaikha Al-Bahar, Deputy Group CEO of the
the 5.1 percent net profit increase in 2015. Strongbusinessactivityhasrecentlyfueled and segments, says Ms. Al-Bahar. closing at $2.2 billion, translating to around National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
Profitabilityisexpectedtoremainstrongdue balance sheet growth mainly on the back of In2005NBKenteredtheinvestmentbank- 2.9 times oversubscription for the deal.
to sustained levels of government spending. the project finance business, leading NBK ingsectorbyestablishingitssubsidiaryNBK U.S.-based investors dominated the deal the diversified, high-quality investor base
The main drivers behind the high profit- to record a healthy net profit increase of 8.1 Capital, which offers asset management, with a 57 percent share of the issuance, fol- are testimony to NBKs superior name in
abilityoftheKuwaitibanksare thefinancing percentinthefirstquarterof2017,wellabove advisory, brokerage and investment bank- lowed by MENA investors at 26 percent, Eu- internationalmarketsandhowitisperceived
of the construction of the current mega- the 6.1 percent average of the Kuwaiti bank- ing services. It is also active in the Islamic ropeaninvestorsat13percentand4percent as being a top-quality bank by international
projects, the stable financial environment ing sector. banking market as the major shareholder from Asia. The strong demand along with investors.

An interview with the CEO of Kuwait Oil Company, Jamal Abdulaziz Jaafar
What can Kuwait offer to foreign partners in Decision Centers and Inflow Control Devices. oil production but also in starting new off- Overall, what are the key drivers behind the
the oil and gas upstream segment? Yet, KOC confronts great challenges to shore operations? regions highest capital expenditure on hy-
KOC has a cumulative experience of almost continue implementing its production growth WearealreadyengagedwithIOCsinthedevel- drocarbons projects?
80 years in Exploration & Production in the oil strategyfortheyearstocomethroughthefol- opment of several projects, aimed at increas- The combination of an important market op-
sector in Kuwait. We have been able to main- lowing initiatives: the need to develop large ingtheoilandgasrecoveryfromourreservoirs portunity, together with the existence of large
tain for many years a growth strategy for our heavy-oil resources; the implementation of through the application of the most suitable oil reserves that can be produced at one of
productioncapacityfromfieldsacrossKuwait, secondaryandtertiaryrecoveryprojectsinour technologies.TheparticipationofthoseIOCsis the lowest development costs, are certainly
including Burgan field, the second largest in existingreservoirs;thepotentialdevelopment throughEnhancedTechnologyServiceAgree- thedriversbehindtheregionshighestcapital
the world, and we are continuously overcom- ofoffshoreresources;andtheimplementation ments(ETSAs),whereremunerationisbased expenditureinrecentandupcomingyears.Ku-
ing the increasing challenges, such as the of advanced drilling technologies. All these on performance and includes the training of waitiscommittedtocontinuingtobeareliable
application of secondary recovery methods initiatives are becoming opportunities for the Kuwaiti staff. Currently, we have ETSAs in supplier of oil to its customers, and we are
to optimize oil and gas production. participation of top-quality oilfield service place with Shell for the development of con- foreseeingadditionalopportunitiesingrowing
We are able to maintain our operations at a companies as well as international oil com- ventional oil, heavy oil, and non-associated marketssuchastheFarEast,Asia,Chinaand
very low cost, among the lowest in the world. panies(IOCs),andwearecontinuouslylooking gas, and with BP to increase oil recovery in India.Wecontinuetodevelopalargeresource
Regarding technology applications, KOC is forwardtoestablishingstrategicpartnerships the Burgan field. Certainly, as we progress base, which is blessed with having one of the
implementing state-of-the-art technologies with those industry players. our future plans towards the development lowest development costs in the world. Our Jamal Abdulaziz Jaafar, CEO, Kuwait Oil Company
that have been adopted to support achieving of offshore resources, the implementation of capitalexpendituresarefocusedonanintense
our strategic objectives, such as the Kuwait Whatshouldbetheroleofinternationalpart- additional ETSAswithreputable IOCsis being drillingcampaignandthedevelopmentofad- capacity to manage the increased oil and gas
Integrated Digital Fields, Real-Time Drillings nerships in the efforts to boost value-added considered to achieve our production targets. ditional surface facilities that will provide the production from the reservoirs in Kuwait.