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But I said, "Sir, teach me about the faculty of these [Klipothic] authorities -
how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, and of what material,
and who created them and their force?"

And the great angel Eleleth [self-begotten God], understanding, spoke to me:
"Within limitless realms dwells incorruptibility [the Ain Soph Aur]. Sophia [Wis
dom], who is called Pistis [Objective Intellectuality], wanted to create somethi
ng, alone without her consort; and her product was a celestial thing. A veil exi
sts between the world above [the Absolute] and the realms that are below [the Se
phiroth]; and [in Klipoth] shadow came into being beneath the veil; and that sha
dow became [polluted] matter; and that shadow was projected apart [into the abys
s]. And what she had created became a product in the [protoplasmic] matter, like
an aborted fetus. And it assumed a plastic form molded out of shadow, and becam
e an arrogant beast resembling a lion [or bestial fiery lustful ego]. It was and
rogynous, as I have already said, because it was from matter that it derived.

First, some terminology:

â ¢Archon: (Greek) Literally, "prince" or "ruler." Esoterically, primordial planetary
We have previously stated that the Golden Fleece, the Treasury of the Light, is
found within the profundities of oneself.
Unquestionably, the Archons of the Fate and the Rulers of the Aeons and those of
the Sphere turn to the matter of their refuse. They subdue it, devour it, subj
ugate it, govern it, and do not let it go to become Souls in the world.
This means that they, the Rulers, maintain the elemental Essences in their respe
ctive Kingdoms. Such elemental Essences are governed by the Archons.
However, while the elemental Essences develop, they pass from one Kingdom to ano
ther, according to the Law.
Every elemental Essence can convert itself into a human Soul, at its time and ho
ur, and according to the Law.
The Archons of the Twelve Aeons, their Lords and their Authorities, their Angels
and their Archangels, are represented within ourselves by the distinct autonomo
us and self-conscious parts of our own Being.
"The powers of the Rulers of the Aeons, and those of the Fate and tho
se of the Sphere are found within our own Soul". - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis S
ophia Unveiled
....And he said, "If any other thing exists before me [Esau, the
poisonous blood], let it become visible to me!" And immediately Sophia [through
the Nous atom] stretched forth her finger [through the bloodstream] and introduc
ed [solar] light into matter; and she [the solar light] pursued it down to the r
egion of [the liver, the] chaos [from Klipoth]. And she returned up to her light
[in the heart]; once again darkness [from the liver and through the bloodstream
] [...] [corrupted the] matter.
This ruler [in the bloodstream], by being androgynous, made himself a vast realm
, an extent without limit. And he contemplated creating offspring for himself, a
nd created for himself seven [capital sins as] offspring, androgynous just like
their parent. And he said to his offspring, "It is I [lust] who am god of the en
...... "There, I have taught you about the pattern of the rulers [of Klipoth
]; and the matter in which it was expressed; and their parent; and their univers
But I said, "Sir, am I also from their [protoplasmic] matter?"
"You, together with your offspring, are from the primeval father [the Ain Soph];
from above, out of the imperishable light [the Ain Soph Aur], their souls are c
ome. Thus the [Klipothic] authorities cannot approach them, because of the spiri
t of truth present within them; and all who have become acquainted with this way
exist deathless in the midst of dying mankind [the fornicating mankind]. Still,
that sown element will not become known now. Instead, after three [solar] gener
ations [physical, vital, astral] it will come to be known, and it has freed them
from the bondage of the [Klipothic] authorities' error."
Then I said, "Sir, how much longer?"
He said to me, "Until the moment when the true man [the Son of Man], within a mo
deled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth [Christ], which the fat
her [the Ain Soph Aur] has sent.
Then he will teach them about everything, and he will anoint them with the uncti
on of life eternal, given him from the undominated generation [of the Absolute].
Then they will be freed of blind thought, and they will trample underfoot death,
which is of the authorities [of Klipoth], and they will ascend into the limitle
ss light [the Ain Soph Aur] where this sown element belongs.
Then the [Klipothic] authorities will relinquish their ages, and their angels wi
ll weep over their destruction, and their demons will lament their [second] deat
Then all the children of the light [of the Ain Soph Aur] will be truly acquainte
d with the truth and their root, and the father of the entirety and the Holy Spi
rit. They will all say with a single voice, 'The father's truth [Kether] is just
, and the son [Christ / Chokmah] presides over the entirety," and from everyone
unto the ages of ages, "Holy - holy - holy [Lord of Sabaoth]! Amen!'"