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Comparison: Carrier vs. McQuay

Manufacturer Carrier McQuay Technical assessment Reason for recommendation

Both the makes are equally competent and

Origin France Italy -
widly acceptable in the HVAC industry

2 of AWS PR ST 444.2 & 1

Model 30XA1702 Acceptable -
of AWS XE ST 490.3
Chiller Warranty, years 2 2 Acceptable -

Compressor Warranty, years 5 5 Acceptable -

Free AMC, years 1 1 Acceptable -

Both are generally acceptable as long they

Efficiency Version High Premium & High -
match with our specifications
Cu / Al has more heat transfer ratio
Condenser Coil Al / Al (MCHX) Cu / Al Preference given to McQuay
when compare with Al / Al.
Preference given to McQuay.
The supplier shall confirm the coating Bare Aluminium or Copper is not rec for
Coating on Coil / Warranty - Heresite / 5 years
does not de-rate the overall efficiency of severe coastel area application.
the Chillers.
Preference given to Carrier considering the
Total Cooling Capacity, kW 4445.7 4392.0 -
future expansion of the project.
Total Cooling Capacity, TR 1264.1 1248.8 Both the Makes are acceptable -

Chiller Power Consumption, kW 1824.3 1773.9 Preference given to McQuay Overall Power consumption is lesser.

Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) is

Energy Efficiency Ratio, EER 2.44 2.48 Preference given to McQuay
Energy Efficiency Ration (EER) is
Europeon Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 4.04 4.24 Preference given to McQuay
Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) is
Integrated Part Load Value 4.44 4.63 Preference given to McQuay
Annual Electricity Bill (Considering IPLV ) OMR 175,424.92 OMR 166,194.04 Preference given to McQuay Annual energy cost is lesser.

Sound Power Level dB at 1 meter 101 104 Preference given to Carrier Sound power level is lesser.

Modules per Chiller 2 1 Preference given to McQuay Space requirement is lesser.

Electrical Connections per Chiller 2 1 Preference given to McQuay Single point electric power connection.

One point power connection per chiller,

Installation Cost High Low Preference given to McQuay
in Carrier it is two.
Total Foot Print, m2 116.66034 86.270175 Preference given to McQuay Reduced Chiller compound area.

Certification - - Both the Makes are acceptable Bothe of them are EUROVENT Certified