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Serving UNC students and the University community since 1893

Volume 125, Issue 43 Friday, November 10, 2017

Welcoming UNCs aca-autumn Theyve

Campus a paid
groups are
preparing for time
fall concerts Ex-felons face barriers
By Mary Kate Nolan in seeking higher
Staff Writer
education opportunities.
If you havent heard at least one
group singing in the Pit to promote By Ryan Smoot
upcoming concerts, youre either Staff Writer
enrolled in Kenan-Flagler Business
School or you dont go to UNC. Directors of prison education
The a cappella tradition at UNC initiatives nationwide are find-
dates back to 1977 when Barry ing many of their formerly incar-
Saunders founded the UNC Clef cerated students despite hav-
Hangers. Since then, the a cappella ing individual merit are being
scene has exploded in Chapel Hill. barred entry to institutions of
Watching these groups perform, higher education.
they seem to have it all together. But Marc Howard, director of the
looking past the black dresses and Prisons and Justice Initiative and
bowties, you might realize that some a professor of government and
of these singers were just recently law at Georgetown University,
auditioning before their respec- said he believes that colleges dis-
tive groups with butterflies in their criminate against ex-convicts due
stomachs, hoping to stand out. to a sense of liability.
Auditioning was definitely one of Theres a lot of fear-based
the most nerve-wracking things Ive thinking thats not rational,
done here so far, said Haley Prakke that takes the worst nightmare
of the Loreleis. scenario and puts it forward as
Gayathri Raghavendra, a member DTH/BARRON NORTHRUP though its likely to happen
of the Tarpeggios, compared the making the decision to not admit
(From left) senior Chris Burrus, junior Jabril Rice and first-year Cole Covington prepare for the Clef Hangers fall concert.
process to that of sorority and frater- someone, he said. Which means
nity recruitment. theyre trying to do the same with members and some vocal exercises, much-needed sense of community not giving someone a second
It kind of felt like speed-rushing you. such as sight reading. and belonging. chance, when in theory theyve
in a way, Raghavendra said. You Emma James, a member of the Most students who audition are Jordon Reynolds, a new member paid their time, theyve paid their
are exposed to like 10 different Loreleis, said the audition process first-years who are just starting of the Clef Hangers, described a sort debt, theyve been rehabilitated
groups at once, and youre trying to involves singing half of a song, test- to find their way around campus. of welcoming ritual the group per- and they deserve a chance.
choose what you want in a group or ing vocal range, seeing how ones Membership in a campus group can Erin Castro, director of the Utah
who you think youll gel with, and voice blends with those of other provide these new Tar Heels with a SEE A CAPPELLA, PAGE 5 Prison Education Project, said by
not admitting ex-felons, universi-
ties might be aiming to reduce risk.
The problem with that is that

UNC hosts conference Veterans week honors there is no empirical evidence to

support the relationship between
asking prior criminal history and

on terrorism today diverse student experiences

campus safety, she said.
The Common Application,
used by over 700 colleges,
requires applicants to state
whether they have been found
Experts will analyze ate professor of psychol-
ogy at North Carolina State
guilty or convicted of a misde-
meanor or felony.
solutions for University and a panelist,
said she was attracted to the
In 2016, 61 institutions of
higher learning, such as New York
transnational threats. conference partly because University and Boston University,
of its multidisciplinary signed the Fair Chance Higher
By Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez approach. Education Pledge. This initiative,
Staff Writer I always think that launched by the Barack Obama
theres going to be a bet- administration, allows universities
Featuring a wide range of ter solution thats brought to commit to fairly admitting stu-
experts, the Transnational together by people from dents with a criminal background.
Terrorism Today confer- multiple disciplines try- UNC-Chapel Hill is not among
ence on Thursday and ing to work on it together, the universities listed as having
Friday aims to consider how Desmarais said. signed the pledge.
worldwide threats might be Cori Dauber, a UNC Howard said when universities
resolved and why they exist. professor of communica- decline qualified, formerly incar-
According to Our World tion, said holding these cerated applicants, they are doing
in Data, there were 13,488 conferences is important so a disservice to both the individu-
terrorism-related incidents researchers and professors als and society. He said accessible
in 2016 a major increase can share work though education is directly linked to a
from 1,907 incidents in many follow each others reduction of re-incarceration, thus
2001 when former President work on social platforms. creating a safer nation with less
George W. Bush declared Theres still something violence and fewer dollars allo-
the United States War on that is invaluable that comes DTH FILE/GABRIELLE THOMPSON cated toward maintaining mass
Terror. from the ability to hear one The Carolina Veterans Resource Center opened in September 2017 for UNC student veterans. incarceration. He cited a 2013
UNC history professor anothers research being pre- RAND Corporation study, which
Klaus Larres, an orga-
nizer of the Transnational
sented, raise questions and
look for interactions and con-
An opportunity to see veterans their student lives at the University. This
week, the center hosted a variety of events
found education for incarcerated
students reduced their odds of
Terrorism Today conference, nections, Desmarais said. as they are at the University leading up to Veterans Day. The center returning to prison by 43 percent.
said the increase in ter- Desmarais said she hopes offered students a chance to chat with vet- When (incarcerated stu-
rorism in the West can be the research that is present- By Marine Elia erans in the Pit over coffee and play corn dents) take just one post-high
partially explained by the ed during the conference Staff Writer hole with a veteran in the Student Union. school course, its like a light
foreign policies of Western can be utilized by the intel- Later this week, the Carolina Veterans switch goes off in their mind,
nations. ligence community and poli- For Doug Yorty, transitioning from a Organization will be participating in a Ruck and it takes them down a dif-
It has perhaps something cymakers to tackle the issue seven-year military career to student life March for Hunger walk around Franklin ferent road, he said. Instead of
to do with the continued of terrorism in the United offered its fair share of difficulties. After Street, which Yorty helped organize. going back into crime, they have
foreign policies some leading States. being stationed in Fort Bragg, Yorty now Student Veteran Assistance Coordinator more productive pursuits and
Western countries conduct, Theres a lot of public pursues a double major in peace, war and Amber Mathwig helps veteran students on further their education and inte-
which seems to ignore local conversation about terrorism defense and political science, while holding campus by giving them the resources they gration in society.
problems and just focuses on and what should be going a position as the event coordinator for the need to succeed in their new environment. Rebecca Ginsburg, director
their own objectives, he said. on to combat terrorism, and Carolina Veterans Organization. She speaks to prospective students about of the Education Justice Project
Of course, it is no way we they dont always reflect cur- Having been in the military for so long, how to become a competitive applicant, and professor at the University of
all believe to deal with these rent academic knowledge, youre used to a certain different way of life helping current students adjust to UNC Illinois, said education is transfor-
problems in a violent way, but she said. and a culture that is incredibly unique to the and guiding students and their families to mative for incarcerated people.
some countries, some people, Dauber said students military itself, and so not being around that understand their veterans affairs benefits. They have a feeling that edu-
believe unfortunately that only wanting to know more about was just a big transition because, for better Veterans week is about inviting the cam- cation has been deliberately kept
with violence you get atten- terrorism and international or worse, your platoon is really your family in pus community to see veterans as they are at from them, she said. When
tion, and only with violence issues would benefit from the military. And then all of a sudden youre the University, Mathwig said. To engage in they get a taste of it, when they
Western countries will change attending similar confer- just, youre stripped from all that, he said. conversation with them, to recognize them get the promise of being able to
their policies. The Carolina Veterans Resource Center
Sarah Desmarais, associ- SEE TERRORISM, PAGE 5 supports military affiliated students with SEE VETERANS, PAGE 5 SEE EX-FELON, PAGE 5



I make sure I sing a cappella to let people know I can sing.

2 Friday, November 10, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Established 1893
Carrboro continues cycle of hooping
124 years of editorial freedom A town group is happy Hartsell soon introduced
her friend Jonathan Baxter to
and hooping beyond hooping, and he began join-
ing them on Weaver Street.
EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Weaver Street. We werent that crazy
JESSICA SWANSON about the music, but it was a
MANAGING EDITOR By Lauren Talley chance to hoop, so we would
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Senior Writer take these stacks of hoops,
RACHEL JONES drop them on the ground and
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR Modern day hooping, an everyone would pick them
ONLINE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM artistic movement and dance up, Baxter said. There would
COREY RISINGER involving a hoop, has found be 40 or 50 people sometimes
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE itself in many major cities hooping behind the music.
ENTERPRISE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM such as Los Angeles, New People then began inquir-
York and Carrboro. ing about classes, and the
Its a meditative, impro- movement grew from there.
visational movement form Carrboro is kind of like
that allows your body to be the perfect climate for hoop-
in contact with the circle and ing, Baxter said. Its kind of
LEAH ASMELASH the shape (of the hoop), and hippie, but not too hippie
UNIVERSITY EDITOR that shape really guides your its kind of perfect.
body, said Julia Hartsell, Baxter said although they
REBECCA AYERS owner of the Flowjo, a studio outgrew Weaver Street, he
CITY EDITOR in Carrboro which teaches still misses the community.
CITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM hoop dance as well as other In 2005, Hartsell joined
ANA IRIZARRY circus and flow arts. with drummer Scott Crews,
STATE & NATIONAL EDITOR Hartsell discovered hoop- and together they started
ing after attending a music Hoopdrum, a hooping and
festival in 2001. Upon music performance duet. PHOTO COURTESY OF JONATHAN BAXTER
returning home, she began We got all kinds of gigs at Jonathan Baxter was introduced to hoop dancing by friend and hoop dance teacher Julia Hartsell.
to make her own hoops, and festivals, fairs, city events and
met Vivian Spiral Hancock, private parties, Crews said. I hoops but their flagship about the hoop and shar- the communal structure of
CHAPEL FOWLER another Carrboro hooper. provided the music, and she product is their fire hoop. ing that space with other hooping, and that this was
SPORTS EDITOR Around 2002 Hartsell danced to it. As an online store, they sell folks is that its a non-verbal one of the first communities
SPORTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM began taking her hoop down Around that time, Hartsell to circus performers, dancers space, she said. A lot of the he was ever a part of.
COLE DEL CHARCO to Weaver Street Market, and and Crew began experiment- and others from all over the time that we spend together I think the thing is, is that
AUDIO EDITOR Spiral joined her in 2003. ing with making fire hoops. world and within the com- may not be in conversation, its kind of silly and I dont
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM They began hooping and sell- A fire hoop company sort munity, Crew said. One of his and that is what opens up mean that in a disparaging
ZSOFIA VOROS ing their own hoops during of grew organically out of happiest moments, he said, and deepens the relation- way, Baxter said. People look
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR the music on Sundays and that from friends wanting was when he sold hoops to a ship which I think is hard weird when theyre learning
DESIGN@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Thursdays. a fire hoop and just word of Cirque du Soleil performer. for somebody who doesnt it, and they kind of develop
NATHAN KLIMA Weaver Street Market mouth, Crew said. Hartsell said that one of do that to understand this sort of communal trust
PHOTO EDITOR was a huge thing for building In 2010, Hartsell and Crew her favorite things about how much is built without with everybody, like, Alright,
the initial hoop movement in merged with two other fire hooping has been the rela- interacting in the traditional were gonna look weird, but
Carrboro, just taking hoops hoop makers and created tionships she has created with conversational or direct com- this is really fun, and maybe
SARAH LUNDGREN, out to the music on Sundays Synergy FlowArts, which other hoopers. munication way. one day it wont look weird.
KAREN STAHL and Thursdays, Hartsell said. makes different kinds of The interesting thing Baxter said that he loves

Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief, 962-4086
Advertising & Business, 962-1163
1001 Nights opens door to Persian culture
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 By Ashley Cruz events the group does per second performance Im Amir Rezvani, a professor household party that doesnt
One copy per person; Staff Writer year. She said the event is doing later on the night, Ill at Duke University, said he at times, involve danc-
additional copies may be purchased based on the classic Arabian be playing piano with Neusha came to the event because its ing before or after dinner.
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each.
Please report suspicious activity at Traditional music and per- story called 1001 Nights. singing. a beautiful cultural event. Rezvani said poetry reading
our distribution racks by emailing formances filled the Great Hall This event is mainly to Efrani said her solo perfor- Ive been involved in cul- has a great place in Persian during 1001 Nights, a celebra- expose campus to Middle mance song was called Gol tural activities in the Chapel culture. They use poetry in
2012 DTH Media Corp. tion of Persian culture. The Eastern cultures and get E Goldoon and her second Hill area since 1983, he said. discussions to help their argu-
All rights reserved
annual event was hosted by the people familiar with foods or performance song was called My daughters went to school ments.
UNC Persian Cultural Society. dances, she said. Soltan E Ghalba. Both are here and were involved in the First-year Gizem Cetin,
CORRECTIONS Neusha Zadeh, one of the Zadeh said the event is pri- traditional Iranian songs. Persian Student Association. an Asian studies major, said
presidents of PCS, said the marily Persian performances. An Iranian performer at Rezvani said he loves to she came to the event to learn
The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac- event aims to give a little taste We have a dance that is the event, Simin Imanirad, promote Persian and other from others calligraphy artists.
curate information published as of Middle Eastern culture more modern type dancing. said Neusha contacted her worldly cultures. I do Arabic calligraphy
soon as the error is discovered. through dance, performances Then we have traditional and asked her to perform, so I would like students to myself and Im interested in
Editorial corrections will be and poetry. music and then we have some she chose to sing. learn the cultural diversity learning Persian calligraphy
printed on this page. Errors com- Weve done this event modern versions of tradi- Im a singer and they invit- we have, he said. We have because it is very beautiful,
mitted on the Opinion Page have for many years and its basi- tional music, she said. Then ed me to sing a song, she said. to know that we are coming she said.
corrections printed on that page. cally bringing together all we have some poetry readings It will last maybe 6 minutes from a diverse world and the Zadeh said she hopes all
Corrections also are noted in the the Middle Eastern organiza- and singing. and its an Iranian song. Persian culture is one of the learned something new.
online versions of our stories. tions from UNC and also the Erfani participated in two Imanirad said she hoped oldest cultures. It goes back I would like people of
Contact Managing Editor Jessica Triangle area, she said. of the nights performances. everyone would like her to 6,000 years ago and it has other cultures to stumble in
Swanson at managing.editor@ Ava Erfani, marketing Im playing a piano solo at performance and that she a lot to offer for younger gen- and would like people to get with issues chairperson for PCS, said it first and its a classic Iranian would enjoy her first time at erations. something out of it, she said.
about this policy. is one of two major cultural song, she said. Then the the event. There is not an Iranian

The HHHHH reviews are in. Office for Undergraduate Research

Come taste for yourself. Upcoming Events and Deadlines

I ve only been here once on a Sunday evening, however, my experience

was enough for 5 stars. Ill cut to the chase. You want to know how
the food is - and it is absolutely delicious. ~ HHHHH Crystal J.* Nov. 9 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) Info
Session 5-6:30pm @ Student Union 3411.
Nov. 10 Undergraduate Research Student Consultant Tracks
(URCTs) applications due 5pm.
Nov. 15 Graduate Research Consultant applications due for spring.
Nov. 15 Travel Award applications due the 15th of every month.
Nov. 20 Carolina Research Scholar Transcript Designation
applications due.
Jan. 16 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Info
Session 5-6:30pm @ Student Union 3411.
Feb. 20 Carolina Research Scholar Transcript Designation
applications due.
Feb. 1 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

T he food at Magones is absolutely delicious, and the

quantities are huge. ~ HHHHH Elise H.* Mar 8
applications due.
Graduate Research Consultant applications due for

I love Magone and will continue coming here because the service
and the food is definitely worth it. ~ HHHHH Lilly W.*
Mar. 15 Summer Award in Research-Intensive Courses applications
Apr 6-8 13th annual ACC Meeting of the Minds at Boston College.

More info coming soon.
e were shocked at how reasonable the cost. Bottom line:
Excellent genuine Italian in an unlikely setting. Apr. 13 Celebration of Undergraduate Research Symposium.
~ HHHHH Daniel C.* Abstracts due Mar. 1.

Timberlyne Shopping Center (919) 904-7393

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd, Ste F
Chapel Hill *
The Daily Tar Heel News Friday, November 10, 2017 3

Holocaust survivor speaks at UNC

Tibor Spitz
shared his
at Union
By Lorcan Farrell
Staff Writer

When he was 15 years

old, Tibor Spitz crawled out
of a hand-built shelter and
dug into the side of a hill in
Slovakia where he had spent
the previous seven months
hiding from the German
army. Seventy-three years
later, he walked into the
Student Union Auditorium
to help ensure that people do
not forget the horrors he and
other Jewish people endured
during the Holocaust.
Spitz is not only a
Holocaust survivor but also
an engineer, Ph.D. holder
and an artist. He used a
combination of anecdotes
and samples of his artwork
to tell his story to the gath-
ered audience. One of only
six members of his extended
family who avoided deporta- Dr. Tibor Spitz presented his artwork and life story of surviving the Holocaust during a talk hosted by UNC Hillel in the Union Auditorium on Wednesday, Nov. 8.
tion and death, Spitz makes
ists missed and I subcon- to be unhappy about unhap- We want to make sure that When Benjamins parents That unique position was
sure the Holocaust is remem-
sciously discovered. I call it piness, Spitz said. That logic as time moves further away immigrated to New York, they what attracted first-year Ali
bered through his speeches
blobism. didnt work for me. If I want from when the Holocaust became friends with Spitz, Guttenberg to the talk.
and his art. His unique style
Along with their distinc- to overcome a reason for occurred that people still who Benjamin has known It was a Holocaust survi-
and subject matter has led
tive blobs, Spitzs works can unhappiness, I have to fight know and acknowledge what since birth. When UNC Hillel vor talking about his art, so I
Spitz to show his art in gal-
be identified by the bright it with happiness. If I want to happened, Benjamin said. was looking for a speaker, figured it would be powerful,
leries across Europe and
colors he uses to address overcome negative forces, I We felt that by bringing a Benjamin immediately Guttenberg said. Ive heard
dark themes and events. This have to approach it positively. survivor to speak we could thought of Spitz. Holocaust survivors before,
I developed a very differ-
choice helped him cope with UNC Hillel, the organiza- give students an experience I knew he had an experi- but this was different because
ent style of painting, Spitz
the events of his past. tion that held the event, takes that they could hold onto and ence that was worth sharing, it had the art aspect. It
said. Its not pointillism or
It is very easy to cry over Holocaust remembrance seri- would stick in their mind. he said. And I felt that his showed his emotions and also
French impressionist. Its
a sad event; it is very easy to ously, said Liron Benjamin, Benjamin chose to bring position as both an artist and his outlook, how he stayed
not Van Gogh with his lines.
have a negative reaction to a the organizations Holocaust Spitz to talk because he has a a Holocaust survivor would very positive.
Its something impression-
negative input; it is very easy Education Chair. personal connection to him. be interesting to students.

Silent Sam protesters discover undercover campus officer

By Preston Lennon the protests. Florida, Little said.
Staff Writer Its frankly disturb- Little said he asked person-
ing and insulting that they al questions and approached
When Maya Little heard an didnt just place someone students often, and she
explosion at McCorkle Place whos a plain-clothes officer, remembers spending an hour
on Thursday, she walked over but they placed an under- with him talking about her
with a friend to see what hap- cover person to infiltrate our graduate research.
pened. group and get to know us, He would kind of ingrati-
By chance, Little, a Ph.D. Little said. ate himself with me or other
student and Silent Sam pro- Chancellor Carol Folt students and just ask per-
tester, found a familiar face confirmed the DPS usage of sonal details about our lives,
among the UNC campus plain-clothes officers, but she Little said. Knowing now,
police officers working the said the University leaves the that he was gathering infor-
case one who had been specifics of peace-keeping mation on us, it seems a bit
presented as a fellow pro- strategy to the police. more sinister.
tester. I look to the officers Little said many protest-
Victor, Victor! Little and to our police force to ers who interacted with
her friend yelled, trying to determine the best way to Officer Borges are now
catch the officers attention. keep people safe, Folt said suspicious that the DPS
Little said the offi- in an interview with The compiled information about
cer, who shed known as Daily Tar Heel about the them.
Victor Hernandez, an auto fire in McCorkle Place and If campus police is will-
mechanic from Durham, did campus safety. And I think ing to put an undercover
not initially respond to their they always have a range of (officer) in a peaceful pro-
calls. approaches to it. test, what other campus
The man had rallied with In the interview, Folt said organizations or student
protesters at an around-the- these approaches can include groups are they gathering
clock Silent Sam sit-in that officers being in plain cloth- this information on? Little
spanned the last week of ing. said.
August, she said. During that According to protester Randy Young, media
week in August, Little said accounts, Victor was a vet- relations manager for UNC
the man had been friendly to eran with PTSD. He said he Public Safety, said in a state- DTH FILE/NATHAN KLIMA
protesters, seeking out con- had lingering anxiety from ment that the purpose of Police form a barricade around Hyde Hall after detaining an individual during a protest in August.
versation with new people. his years of service. Each day assigning officers, whether in
But now, seeing him in at the August protests, he uniform or not, to the area is officers that could be serving nationwide, even on campus- does not constitute a search,
uniform, Little and her friend was present, dressed in street to ensure safety. other undercover roles on es. He said we all assume the Kennedy said. A police infor-
were taken aback. The two clothes and vocal in his dis- While protesters are campus. risk that anyone we interact mant could record conversa-
learned Victor was actu- taste for Silent Sam. enraged by what they see as a Joseph Kennedy, a profes- with might be a police infor- tions with another party and
ally Hector Borges, a UNC He would tell other people breach of ethics, constitution- sor in the UNC School of mant. that also would not constitute
Department of Public Safety he had to help his family, who al law validates the actions of Law, said the use of under- The Supreme Court has a search.
officer who was undercover in were stuck in the hurricane in Officer Borges and any other cover officers is common held that a police informant

Proposed tax code could increase grad student costs

The act, proposed by number of individual income
tax brackets from seven to
Those who are support-
ing the proposal are trying
stay and which will go still
get by.
Madelyn Percy, a UNC
break, so the executive branch
of the government wants this
Republicans, could four, increasing the minimum
income levels for each brack-
to eliminate some of the
complexity of the tax code,
Katie Stember, a UNC
Ph.D. student and chief
Ph.D. student and president
of the GPSF, said interna-
done by Dec. 25, Percy said.
I think that with the rec-
also cut scholarships. et, reducing the corporate tax Kokai said. But I think this of external relations and tional students are at an even onciliation process with the
rate to 20 percent and limit- is one area in which theyll advocacy at The Graduate bigger disadvantage. If inter- Senate proposal, this deadline
By Emma Boggess ing deductions and exemp- probably end up deferring and Professional Student national graduate and profes- is very unlikely.
Staff Writer tions, he said. to the status quo rather than Federation, said the fed- sional students are here on an In general, Stember and
People who were in the moving forward with a fight erations main concern is the F-1 visa, they arent allowed Percy are set on spreading the
House Bill 1 the Tax middle range of tax earnings over donations to University repeal of section 117(d) to supplement their stipends word about the bill and edu-
Cuts and Jobs Act pro- are going to end up seeing a groups. which would tax tuition waiv- with income from extra jobs, cating their peers graduate,
posed Nov. 2 by Republicans proportionally higher benefit Kathleen Thomas, a UNC ers for graduate students who she said. professional and undergradu-
in the U.S. House of than high-income earners, law professor, said certain are teaching and research Because the Senate will ate students alike about its
Representatives includes even though high-income provisions of the bill could assistants and the removal also propose a new tax bill, negative provisions.
several provisions that could earners are going to get larger increase the costs of going of write-offs on student loans. Percy said it is unlikely the UNC is pretty unique in
hurt universities and their dollar-figure savings, Kokai to college. One of these pro- A lot of students are House bill will pass in its that we have a lot of gradu-
students. said. visions is an excise tax on already struggling to live current form. After the fail- ate and professional students
Mitch Kokai, senior Kokai said critics fear endowments received by pri- on the stipends that we get, ure of the American Health that are truly engaged in how
political analyst at the some of these provisions will vate institutions, she said. based on the large student Care Act of 2017, House state and federal policy will
conservative-leaning John increase taxes for universi- Universities use these fees were required to pay out, Republicans are determined affect them, Percy said. The
Locke Foundation, said while ties and students, as well endowments to give scholar- the cost of living in this area to get something done, but GPSF is able to take a leader-
the proposed act is intended as discourage donations to ships, Thomas said. So if and the fact that a lot of grad- the Senate will most likely ship role to try and make sure
to benefit middle-income universities. He said the we tax them there will be less uate and professional stu- move slower and be more that all of our graduate and
taxpayers, higher-income proposal would limit the money to be put toward stu- dents have families, Stember deliberate with the process, professional students across
earners are more likely to amount of donations that dent education. said. We already know that she said. the country are aware of how
feel larger dollar-for-dollar would be tax-deductible, Thomas said its highly there are a ton of students President Trump has these changes might affect
benefits. disincentivizing donors and unlikely the bill will pass in struggling at this University stated that he wants to give them.
Some of the key compo- reducing resources for uni- its current state, but the ques- and this will make it even Americans a big, beautiful @DTHStatNat
nents include collapsing the versities. tion of which provisions will harder for those people to Christmas present of a tax
4 Friday, November 10, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Chapel Hill, Carrboro rank high in LGBTQ+ equality

Both were evaluated first in (NC) to have
higher than the a gay mayor, Mike
national average. Nelson, and the first les-
bian mayor, thats me.
By Grant Allen Lydia Lavelle
Staff Writer Mayor of Carrboro
The Human Rights April to let them know that
Campaign recently released their cities would be scored.
their annual Municipality Data was collected from
Equality Index, which mea- each town over a four-week
sures how inclusive a towns period.
laws, services and policies are Persad said he was sur-
of LGBTQ+ populations. This prised by the initiative that
year, both Chapel Hill and cities took this year amid
Carrboro scored above the political unrest.
national average. In a year marked by a
Carrboro scored 71 out of wave of anti-LGBTQ state
100 while Chapel Hill scored bills and an unprecedented
66 out of 100. The national rollback of hard-won federal
average is 57. LGBTQ protections, the MEI
Over 500 different munici- reveals that city leaders are
palities were selected for the boldly standing up for equal-
study, including the 200 larg- ity, Persad said. In nearly
est cities in the United States, every regard, the 2017 MEI
the cities home to the states represents an improvement
two largest public universities over previous years.
and over 70 cities that have Carrboro mayor Lydia
high proportions of same-sex Lavelle said she is both
couples. pleased and unsurprised
Significant overlap that Chapel Hill and
between these criteria brings Carrboro are above the DTH FILE/ISABEL DONNOLO
the total number of cities national average. Mayor of Chapel Hill, Pam Hemminger, and Mayor of Carrboro, Lydia Lavelle, lead the walk to the Good Neighbor block party in 2016.
rated to 506, Xavier Persad, We were the first in the the first lesbian mayor, thats Lavelle said. work with and how we treat the town to be a place that
author of the report, said in state to offer domestic part- me. Chapel Hill town council our employees, Anderson welcomes people from all
an email. ner benefits before marriage Carrboros local govern- member Jessica Anderson said. over.
The selected cities were equality was realized, she ment has been active in cre- said Chapel Hill has worked It makes sense that Chapel Lavelle said Carrboros
ranked based off of five core said. We were the first in ating an accepting environ- hard to achieve the score Hill and Carrboro would have commitment to LGBTQ+
criteria: non-discrimination the state to have a domestic ment for the LGBTQ+ com- it did but that there is still a higher ranking, considering policy shows in this study.
laws, municipality as employ- partner registry, so that was munity. The town has had much more to be done. that college towns were prior- Over the years, weve
er, municipal services, law a way that same-sex couples a nondiscrimination policy Weve pushed back itized in the study, Anderson shown very unanimous sup-
enforcement and relationship could evidence their com- in place for many years, and against a lot of regressive said. port by way of resolution of
with the LGBTQ+ commu- mitment to each other, again makes conscious decisions policies like HB2, and weve With some exceptions, I policy for our LGBT com-
nity. before marriage equality. to not award grant money made sure that our town think college towns across munity, and weve established
The Human Rights Our town was also the first to nonprofits unless they ordinances are as LGBTQ the nation tend to be more a reputation as such in our
Campaign sent letters to in North Carolina to have a can prove their bylaws have friendly as they can be in open, Anderson said. The state, she said.
mayors and city managers in gay mayor, Mike Nelson, and a nondiscrimination clause, terms of contractors that we university community pushes

Treatment study for

UNC settles anti-trust lawsuit
By Olivia Slagle fit for the position. is for the group to request es available for deposition
Senior Writer The proposed litigation final settlement approval or interviews, searching and
class includes anyone who from the court. providing documents and
alcohol or marijuana A partial settlement of
a lawsuit against UNC and
was either a faculty member
or a skilled medical employee
Duke has not entered into
a settlement with the litiga-
electronically stored informa-
tion from 23 agreed-upon
Duke University filed in 2015 of the defendants between tion class, Harvey said. UNC custodians, and produc-
was granted initial approval 2012 and 2016, Harvey said. Duke opposed (the settle- ing employee data, the settle-
by a federal judge in October. The lawsuit says the defen- ment) and now we are prepar- ment says.
problems and depression, The lawsuit, filed by former
Duke professor Dr. Danielle
dants violated the Sherman
Anti-Trust Act by entering into
ing our reply, which will be the
last stage in terms of briefing
Harvey said the case
against Duke and the settle-
Seaman, alleges that Duke and this agreement without the the court, Harvey said. After ment should be concluded by
UNCs medical schools and knowledge of their employees. that, the court will consider the the beginning of 2018.
health systems entered into Because Duke/DUHS and evidence and make a decision. The court has scheduled
ages 18-21 an agreement not to hire each
others faculty. Dean Harvey,
UNC/UNC Health are the
two largest academic medical
The settlement pre-
vents UNC from entering
a hearing about this where
they can hear arguments on
attorney for Seaman and the systems in North Carolina, into agreements like the Jan. 4, he said. Once this
proposed litigation class, said and indeed two of the larg- aforementioned agreement takes place the court will
this agreement resulted in the est employers in the state, between the universities in decide.
Study therapy provided at no cost suppression of faculty pay. their no-hire agreement has the future and requires all Following the settlement,
Seaman filed the lawsuit reduced competition for med- UNC parties to terminate any the plaintiff will drop litiga-
Compensation for assessments after not receiving a radiolo- ical facility faculty and certain potential violations that could tion against UNC. Harvey
gist faculty position at UNC staff, thereby suppressing fac- arise. said the lawsuit against the
School of Medicine. Seaman ulty and staff pay, the lawsuit The lawsuit also requires schools is the only case of
alleged the chief of cardiotho- reads. UNC to provide discovery this nature he is aware of.
Call (919) 668-0065 or email racic imaging at UNC said he Harvey said the litigation when necessary in the ongo- After working on this for more information was prohibited from hiring
her because of the agreement
class has been notified of the
proposed settlement now that
ing suit against the Duke
case for two years I have not
seen another like it, he said.
between the schools, after the court has granted prelimi- This discovery coopera- Its very unusual.
stating she would be a good nary approval. The next step tion includes making witness-

DTH office is open TODAY from is

DTH office 9am-5pm DTH9:00am-5:00pm
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renovation project near campus. Du- or relocation. Summer adventures lead to new
ties include job site clean-up, debris
For Rent removal, limited demolition and lift-
directions for family and career. Create your hearts
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per hour. To apply visit
Rogoff Event Ads v1_Sarna Ads 10/27/17 12:20 AM Page 1

The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Friday, November 10, 2017 5
A CAPPELLA Tarpeggios noted how formal
choir was in comparison.
Choral music is about
emphasizing tall vowels
a new member of the Clef
Hangers, said he enjoys the
cation of his fellow singers.
Its so much more satisfy-
in the next two weeks, which
will provide new members
FROM PAGE 1 A cappella is just like, and sounding like a church, way new members are immedi- ing and gratifying because the opportunity to officially
formed for new members. youre having fun, grooving Raghavendra said. ately welcomed as a part of the any amount of effort you debut within their respective
We have a little desti- with your buds, he said. But a cappella is more like creative process. He was even put into the group just gets groups. The performances are
nation under the Kenan But James said college a you try to show off your indi- able to beat box and do vocal returned ten-fold, he said. sure to start these new vocal-
Laboratories where they go cappella is more structured vidual voice but also blending percussion for the groups latest The Clef Hangers, the ists on a high note.
and sing, he said. So we go than her high school all- in with everyone else when single, Castle on the Hill. Loreleis and the Tarpeggios @emkaynolan
there, and they sing a song to female a cappella group. youre not trying to be a solo- Raets highlighted the dedi- are all preparing for concerts
us and it really brings you It is definitely much more ist, Raghavendra, whose
into the family, you know, and structured, and it is more background is in classical
it really makes you feel like as
though youve taken part in
business-like, she said. We
make money through gigs and
Indian and choral music, said.
She said a cappella FREE PUBLIC LECTURE
something special. stuff and are sponsored by the depends on collaboration.
Although the Italian term a (General Alumni Association) Instead of sitting down
cappella references singing in whereas in high school we and learning the music, were
church, the musical style has just performed at chorus con- sitting down as a collabora-
since drifted towards a more certs and stuff. tive effort where I try to help
modern and pop influence. No matter students musi- someone else and someone
When asked about the dif- cal background, there is else tries to help me in a way
ference between choir and a always a learning curve for thats not selfish, she said.
cappella, Noah Tobias of the joining a new group. First-year Bram Raets,

EX-FELON a powerful thing to recently

learn about yourself, and you
environment which they find
themselves, and if you change
FROM PAGE 1 want to prove it to yourself and that environment, theyll make
work towards a degree, its no to others and flex these new different choices, she said.
little thing. muscles you now see you have. Castro said we dont always
Ginsburg said students in
her program are engaged and
To reduce barriers to higher
education, he said universities
consider those who spent time
in prison as improvements to Gertrude Weils
Fight for Suffrage:
attended underfunded, inner- must eliminate the criminal campuses.
city Chicago schools with few background question on the We need to shift the way
opportunities for success. Common Application and teach were thinking and stop let-
For a lot of our students, admissions offices that people ting our prejudices about
they are coming into the real- with criminal backgrounds are what we think people can be, A Southern Lady and New Jewish Woman
ization that theyre actually not necessarily bad. get in the way of what we do.
not stupid, and in fact they are People often behave in very @ryan_smooth SYLVIA AND IRVING MARGOLIS LECTURE ON THE JEWISH EXPERIENCE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH
smart, Ginsburg said. Thats rational ways based on the
Gertrude Weil (18791971), leader of the states womens suffrage campaign, embodied
North Carolinas liberal and traditional paradoxes. Rooted in the small-town South, she

VETERANS the things that non-traditional

students experience during
I think sometimes that just
clouds the view of veterans
fought not just to remake womens role in politics and civil society, locally and globally, but
to transform Jewish communal life. Beyond her Zionism and Jewish activism, Weil rooted in
FROM PAGE 1 their undergraduate career at and thats far from the case. Judaism her struggle as a progressive for labor reform, social justice, and black civil rights.
as having been in the military, Carolina, Carter said. Its also far from the case that LEONARD ROGOFF is former president of the Southern Jewish Historical
as having served. The specific experience all veterans have gone over- Society and was awarded its 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. Historian for
Senior Briana Carter was of military life can lead to it seas and seen some difficult the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, he has published extensively
inspired to join the Carolina being misconstrued by others, things. I think thats also a on the Jewish South including Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina and,
Veterans Resource Center both Yorty and Carter said. common misconception. most recently, Gertrude Weil: A Jewish Progressive in the New South.
from her experience with her (Because) were in a com- Mathwig said veterans
father being a Marine. bat job and deployed and week is a time for students to November 13, 2017 / 79 p.m.
We try to support the mis- seeing combat in some way showcase themselves. William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education
sion of the Carolina Veterans or manner that youre broken It is also an opportunity Free and open to the public. No tickets or reservations required. No reserved seats.
Resource Center which tries to mentally, or the high rate of for the school to embrace the
bring in the veteran students, suicide with veterans also diversity that veterans and
but on top of that any military brings a certain (stigma) and other military affiliated stu-
affiliated student and try to the awareness of PTSD and dents bring to campus. RUTH VON BERNUTH PETTIGREW HALL, SUITE 100 P: 919-962-1509
help them cope with some of traumatic rage, Yorty said. CHAPEL HILL, NC 27599-3152 W: JEWISHSTUDIES.UNC.EDU


TERRORISM stage, she said. People will

bring material to confer-
discussion that will end the
conference on Friday in the
FROM PAGE 1 Brake Pad Special Vehicle Maintenance

ences even before they send FedEx Global Education

ences to hear presentations it off to journals, so youre Center on UNCs campus.
of new projects. getting it in its most recent I can only encourage people
What you tend to get at form, and you get to really to come and listen, and ask
conferences, in fact what you see the process at work. questions. Its not just a listen- Vehicle Maintenance Check-Up
always get at conferences, is Larres said he encour- ing exercise, Larres said. They Brake Pads or Shoes Tires Brakes Filters A/C Check
the newest, the most recent ages any students interested have the opportunity to engage Wipers Belts Coolant Battery
With this coupon. Valid on product only when in-
Spark Plugs Free Tire Rotation & More FREE 407 E. Main St.,
work, and typically you get it in the topic of terrorism with our scholars as well. stalled at Meineke. Discount applies to regular retail
pricing. Valid on most cars & light trucks. Not valid With this coupon. Not valid with any other coupons T Carrboro, NC
while its still in a formative to attend the round-table with another other offers or warranty work. Must or specials. Valid on most cars & trucks. Not valid on CHECK
present coupon at time of estimate. Expires 11/12/17. warranty work. Expires 11/12/17. 919-933-6888

Closest Chiropractor to Campus! 919-929-3552

Voted BEST in the Triangle!
Dr. Chas Gaertner, DC
NC Chiropractic
304 W. Weaver St.
Questions aboutKeeping
auto accidents?
UNC GiveAthletes,
me a call! Students,
Keeping&UNC Athletes,
Staff wellStudents & Staff well adjusted
Now in Carrboro!
Jumping through hoops
Carrboros hooping com-
munity is live and well
games and sometimes drumming.
See pg. 2 for story.
2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 A time for slamsgiving

Its not your familys
Thanksgiving unless you rap
Complete the grid and perform spoken word.
so each row, column
Visit our website for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Unlike my UNC GPA...
Solution to Chapel Hill and Carrboro
last puzzle were ranked above average
for LGBTQ+ inclusion.
See pg. 4 for story.

Hold my glass slipper

UNC Opera is perform-
ing Cinderella and it will
be magical and musical.
Visit our website for story.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(C)2012 Tribune Media
Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across 65 Gold diggers 19 Iraqs __ City color

1 Greek played by objectives 21 Western border lake 48 Make more time for
Anthony Quinn 66 First in a line of 25 The Purloined hobbies, say
6 Small plateau Russian princes Letter writer 49 Here we go again
10 Slick-talking 67 River crossed by 27 Westernmost feeling
14 That is to say ... Charon Mexican state, 50 Cathedral areas
15 Channel showing 68 Old or Wild follower familiarly 51 Blanket thats often
many games 69 Lacking, and what 28 Small deer hand-sewn
16 Sommeliers prefix can go with each 29 With allure 56 Superlative suffix
17 Incessantly word in the answers 30 Bank statement 57 Do __ once!
18 *Cubicle, e.g. to starred clues listings: Abbr. 58 Less, musically
20 Kids racing vehicles 31 Japanese sash 59 Not a chance!
22 Chicken __ king Down 35 Edinburgh native 61 Bad spell
23 Prefix with pass or 1 Zest 36 Agree (with) 62 Game console
plus 2 Melville novel set on 38 Eastern spiritual letters
24 Cultural funding Tahiti path
org. 3 Really stink 39 One may be fetching
25 Mottled 4 Split fruit? 40 __ of hands
26 MGM motto word 5 Mario who won 41 Director De Sica
27 *Singing skill that IndyCar races in four 43 Spanish hero El __
enables good different decades 46 Start to fall?
phrasing 6 Sussex stable area 47 Soccer penalty card
32 Get an __: ace 7 Ankas __ Beso
33 Casino gratuity 8 Common sports
34 Overseer injury
37 Harbor protectors 9 Short sock
39 Vitruvian Man 10 Rep. group
artist 11 Tony-winning
42 Pacific Rim actress for Miss
continent Saigon
43 Mozarts __ fan 12 Run up, as debts
tutte 13 Afrikaans speakers
44 Jupiter or
45 *Number
after a circled
50 EPA pollution
52 Wetland plant
53 Capri suffix
54 Bit of
55 Aviation stat.
56 Flags of Our
Fathers setting
63 Inn postings
64 Cosmopolitan
6 Friday, November 10, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

They live in a little bubble of the song they
what we try to overcome.
Bill Burton, on the role of WXYC as a college radio station.
If someone doesnt completely agree with
the protestors, they are called racists, white
Cameron Jernigan supremacists or Klan members. Childish.
Lens of Onyx
Dishman, on coverage of the undercover officer at Silen Sam protests
A senior communication major
from Ahoskie.
LETTERS TO otherwise. If you have read
or made assumptions to the

Statement on Silent
contrary about our campus,
they are not true.
We must always be con-

open Sam police activity

cerned about public safety
risks, and our officers have
spent hours in training to

Chancellor Folt has ensure our campus commu-
asked us to clarify the role nity remains safe.
of campus police officers at Over recent years cam-

the Confederate Monument pus police have worked
on our campus in light of tirelessly to ensure that
misinformation that has peaceful demonstrations
been in circulation. and freedom of speech are

s most of us know, Theres nothing more preserved and protected.
Thursday, Nov. 2, some- important to our University Our officers are an
one set fire to Davie
Poplar, the 300-year-old tulip
EDITORIAL and our police force than
the safety and wellbeing of
important part of our com-
munity and feel as much a

Dont report for reward

poplar tree that has stood for every member of our cam- part of this campus as all of
the entirety of UNCs existence. pus community. us. If you have questions,
A pipe bomb at the base We care deeply about our please contact one of us.
of the tree exploded when students and our commu-
Dan Reichart, a physics and
astronomy professor at UNC, UNC journalism is awarding-giving bodies.
As of late, we have
town journalists who often
go unnoticed.
nitys rights to free speech.
Our officers do their best
Derek Kemp
Associate Vice Chancellor
attempted to stamp out the
about more than noticed increased atten- Our own backyard of to protect the safety and
freedoms of everyone in our
for Campus Safety and Risk
tion in the School of North Carolina has so
After hearing the news of just awards. Media and Journalism many stories that remain

this, and finding out that the The safety of our campus Jeff McCracken
alleged offender of the arson s a student paper, toward proudly promot- untold, many of which is always our highest prior- Chief of UNC Police
was not a current student or we fully support ing the awards won, which may never be noticed by ity, and out of necessity,
staff member at UNC, I began giving students as isnt inherently bad, but award givers or by larger UNC Police have main-
to ponder on the fact our cam-
pus is open to the public.
many journalistic oppor-
tunities possible. But we
winning award should not
be the reason we teach
media organizations. As
a bonus, through aggres-
tained a heightened pres-
ence around the monument
Kvetching board
Is the fact we have an open fundamentally believe a students. sively covering local issues, to ensure that members kvetch:
campus truly a good idea? Is it focus on awards in student Teaching students that we show an increased of our community are safe v.1 (Yiddish) to complain
truly safe? journalism is harmful and awards are a good bench- benefit to the people of and able to protest peace- Wow I thought the YDs
In one sense, as the public misrepresents what a good mark for determining if a the state especially the fully and have their free were bad with Go Vote but
flagship institution of the journalism education is. journalists story is good voters who are skeptical to speech rights protected. now the Dance Marathon-
state, and an essential part of By nature, public college ers have taken it to a whole
Awards in journalism can have harmful implica- why UNC needs a school
the Chapel Hill community, campuses present unique new level.
we have a certain obligation are fun to win, but any tions. of journalism. challenges for campus
to an open door policy to the good journalist knows, If we believe that sto- Local stories are police because members To the girl blasting Its
community. good stories dont always ries that won awards are incredibly important of our campus community Beginning to Look a Lot
If not, can we truly say we garner the attention they uniquely better than those and impactful. Through and outside groups often Like Christmas while
are the University of the peo- deserve. Especially in that dont, we discredit journalists covering what come together to protest walking though the Pit: no.
ple and committed to commu- community journalism, a large body of journal- matters, regardless of how or to participate in other Just. No.
nity service and community some of the most impor- istic work that has a real likely it is to gain national activities. Dear Roy, if the students
outreach? tant stories may go com- impact and does not attention, trust in the Specifically, we have had seats, youd have
During my time at UNC, I pletely unnoticed by larger give credit to many small media will grow. been and remain concerned more vocal fans. If the
have had amazing experiences about our students get- money-paying boosters
interacting with people from ting caught in the middle would stand and cheer oc-
the community that come to EDITORIAL of violent conflict similar casionally, youd see more
campus. to that experienced in support. If the employees
From giving random lost
prospective students direc-
tions, to seeing parents give
their children tours around
Was no one else free? Charlottesville, especially in
the presence of the monu-
To protect the safety
ever got raises they could
afford those tickets that
were not purchased for
last weeks game. Quit
campus, it has made me
happy to be a student here. Gorka sets a low However, what Gorka
says must be taken with a
his lack of expertise are
Gorkas extremist opinions
of people on our campus,
police response sometimes
whining about how the
constituents dont sup-
Moments like that renew
my, at times, very shaky faith
standard for grain of salt. and connections to the involves the use of plain-
clothes or undercover
port basketball. It doesnt
become you.
Our own Dr. Andrew alt-right. He has expressed
in our institution. It reminds University speakers. Reynolds in the political blatant anti-Islamic views
officers. I always forget to renew

me that UNC is an extension Although deploying my eduroam certificate
of the Chapel Hill community, his com- science department pro- in the past, and before undercover officers on our
ing Monday, vided a rather damning working for Trump, he until its too late. Also my
and not an ivory tower. campus is rare, it is a stan- ONYEN password. Why
In another sense, the fact UNCs chapters look at Gorkas dubious served as a national secu- dard policing practice that
of Christians United credentials. Two of the rity editor for the alt-right- cant things just be the
our campus is open to the has been used on other uni- same always.
public can be a scary thing. for Israel and College three referees for Gorkas affiliated Breitbart News. versity campuses (i.e., when
Because it is easy for any- Republicans are hosting dissertation lacked a Gorkas shaky creden- threats associated with Guy at bar: How do you like
one to get on our campus, Sebastian Gorka, a former Ph.D. of their own, and tials and his repulsive public spaces are credible, your eggs in the morning?
it is also potentially easy for Trump advisor. Gorkas the one doctor among history of xenophobia crowds have formed, ten- Me: Unfertilized, thanks.
someone to harm students, talk will be able to pro- them is a far-right mem- are clear, but the First sions are high or unknown UNC DPS, biting the hands
staff or faculty. vide some insight into the ber of the Hungarian par- Amendment allows him individuals with question- that feed them for, oh I
With the rise of domestic current administration able intent are on campus). dont know, EVER.
liament. an audience on this cam-
terrorist attacks, especially While we understand
with foreign policy in the Even Stephen Sloan, pus. I could diet, or calmly ac-
in churches and schools, the that people would like
Middle East and Israel. one of Gorkas academic At what point should cept my weight will just
idea of someone attempting information about specific
Gorka was deputy advisors, said, I would these characteristics go up with the holiday
to attack our campus doesnt instances, we simply cannot
assistant to President not call him an expert on prohibit someone from season and go buy loose
seem too far fetched or impos- share every detail with the
Donald Trump who, terrorism, further noting receiving an invitation to sweatpants in bulk. #scre-
sible, given how open our public that would compro-
campus is. depending on who you that he was not qualified speak at UNC? mise the work of our police.
I may be a bit less likely to ask, either resigned or to hold such a high gov- Lets hold our speakers The recent use of an Ah, November, where
think that an attack on cam- was fired from his posi- ernmental position. to the same standard as undercover officer on our good weather goes to die.
pus is possible if not for a few tion in August. More frightening than our University. campus was limited in Climate change is messing
reasons. both time and scope and with sweater weather
First, Chapel Hill is known was necessary because of
shackers who leave behind

both regionally and nation- extraordinary circumstanc-
literal trash in your room
ally as a liberal enclave. Its es that included the very
need to go!!!!!
not hard to imagine someone real potential for a violent
picking UNC as the location outbreak at any time. Seasonal affective disorder
of an attack. Our officers do not is REAL.
Secondly, any time there is No roll-over Womens soccer! Pathogens monitor the content of any Class registration has been
a threat on campus, we usu- protest beyond the public real real real real bad.
ally dont know until much Students with meal plans The womens soccer team EVERYONE IS SICK. WASH safety implications nor do Those blue squares are
later, which is the fault of dont get to keep their won the ACC champion- YOUR HANDS. COVER YOUR they create reports about triggering omg.
Alert Carolina. Because of leftover swipes ship! The UNC MOUTH (WITH students or their law-abid-
from one legacy of great Hey, wash your faces. You
that, the chances of more YOUR ELBOW) ing activities.
know who you are... nasty.
people being hurt if an attack semester to the womens soccer WHEN YOU Police officers are there
were to occur is a real pos- next. Is UNC lives on! (The COUGH. GET FLU to protect participants
Send your one-to-two
sibility. Dining Services last time they SHOTS. DONT safety and listen to their
sentence entries to
Third, our campus police really comfortable with all won the ACC, they went SPREAD DISEASE. DONT concerns. It was never our,
force has been too busy those swipes just... vanish- on to win nationals!) Also, COME TO CLASS IF YOURE intention to create a situ-
subject line kvetch.
focused on undercover opera- ing? There should be an we beat out Duke for No. 1! CONTAGIOUS. DONT KISS ation that would suggest
tions and infiltrating Silent exchange system for extra Tailgate for UNCs actually PEOPLE IF YOURE CONTA-
Sam protesters instead of pri- swipes and hungry people successful football teams, GIOUS. DONT COME NEAR
oritizing the safety of students
and staff.
who could use the food. especially womens football! ME IF YOURE CONTAGIOUS. SPEAK OUT
Id be lying if I said I have WRITING GUIDELINES
clear cut answers to these ~Thank you~ RIP Dick Clark Daylight savings Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
questions, but I do think that
we should be able to accom-
I dont know how it is in Hey, Department of Public Some of us are feeling luke- Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
plish keeping people safe
other bus systems, but the Safety: Spying on the peo- warm on daylight savings. Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
without becoming fear mon-
fact that Caro- ple paying your Yeah, theres an Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
gers and gatekeepers.
lina students ass, not cool. extra hour in the letters to 250 words.
I think its a balancing act
thank the bus And if you think morning, but SUBMISSION
we must continue to work
driver every time what worked in having a sunset Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
through every day.
they ride the bus the 60s will work at 5:30 p.m. robs NC 27514
is very heartwarming! Even on us now, we read, you us of the evening. Is DST Email:
when its packed, cold, hot know, history and stuff. If even necessary anymore?
or when theres terrible traf- you want to understand the Also, we havent adjusted

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