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Volume 125, Issue 42 Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chapel Hill, Carrboro mayors win re-election

See more coverage future for Chapel Hill, she
said. We are a creative, inclu-
Lydia Lavelle
She won her
campaign and to be a mayor,
and Im really fortunate to
mercial development project
of Old 86 in partnership with
of local elections and sive community that try to
do even more and I love that
She won her third term have all that.
Though Benson lost the
Orange County.
Thats a really neat, excit-
second term as mayor of
results on pg. 3. about us. Were a community as mayor of Carrboro, run- election, he said he was still ing idea that many of our
that cares and so being able Chapel Hill ning against feeling positive with his fam- board members are excited
By Rebecca Ayers to take that energy and focus
on Tuesday candidate Mike ily and friends. about, trying to keep our local
City Editor that into something thats So theres a choice on the businesses, she said. Having
productive for our community
night. Benson. ballot people have chosen, a place where they can expand
In Chapel Hill and Carrboro, is where were heading. for affordable housing that Im Carrboro Mayor Lydia theyve chosen Lydia and for and be part of Carrboro, in
the mayoral incumbents both Hemminger said she had very excited about as well. Lavelle won against candi- the next two years shes my a kind of partnership if you
won by significant margins. felt strong and confident Farrar ran his campaign as date Mike Benson with 87.8 queen and I fully support her, will, with the town, and a way
Chapel Hill Mayor Pam about her campaign and a write-in candidate and pre- percent of votes, according to if youre talking about Game to keep them local. Those are
Hemminger won her re-elec- had been looking forward to viously served as Chapel Hill- unofficial results from Orange of Thrones, he said. I fully just two of the projects I am
tion against write-in candidate implement and continue ini- Carrboro NAACP president. County precincts. support her, shes extremely excited about.
Eugene Farrar. Hemminger tiatives such as arts programs, He said he although he had Lavelle said she looks for- wonderful and I do support Hemminger and Lavelle
will serve her second term UNCs Arts Everywhere pro- run as a write-in candidate, ward a third term as mayor. her very much. both expressed similar senti-
as mayor, and secured 92.4 gram and the teen task force that everyone deserves the The campaigning experi- Lavelle said the town had ments that they were excited
percent of votes, according to the town is starting. opportunity to run for mayor. ence was an opportunity for several projects under devel- to continue their tenure as
unofficial results from Orange We have a civil rights com- I respect the candidate Lavelle to re-engage with opment that she was excited mayor of their respective
County precincts. memoration task force going that is right in the end, he constituents in a different about, and her number one towns, and proceed with their
Hemminger was excited on right now, and then just a said. But it should show way by hearing new ideas and priority was working with ongoing projects to improve
to receive support from the lot of continued changing on other candidates as well as keeping an open mind. Orange County to build a Chapel Hill-Carrboro.
community and said her past how we bring that more com- the incumbent. But Im not It also really makes you southern branch library on Erik Beene, Lauren Talley,
years as mayor have been an mercial space to Chapel Hill deterred about running, and appreciate your friends and South Greensboro Street. She Sophia Wilhelm and Sydney
incredible experience. to diversify our tax base, she I havent changed my mind your family, she said. It said the town is also working Gutierrez contributed reporting.
I just see such a bright said. We have a strategic plan about running. really takes a village to run a on a potential affordable com-

UNC Marathon
The story behind the stipend Team inspired
by alum victory
By Nicole Booth
Staff Writer

UNC graduate and former college athlete,

Shalane Flanagan, made history last weekend,
being the first American woman to win the New
York City Marathon in 40 years. Her victory
inspired runners all over the world, especially the
UNC Marathon Team.
Brittany Hughes, a junior and officer of auxil-
iary on the UNC Marathon Team, has looked up
to Flanagan ever since she competed in the 2016
Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
I remember watching her run the Olympic
trials marathon, and I remember I really liked
the way that she ran that race even though she
had a tough race that day, Hughes said. I looked
her up and found out she went to UNC, and she
became my favorite runner.
Hughes said that marathon running hurts a
You start out not knowing if youre going to
be able to do it, she said. This was my second
marathon, so I know I can do it, but something
about 26 miles is intimidating. It hurts more as
time goes on, so you have to be ready to push
Hughes decided to run the NYC Marathon last
April and has been training for it since last May.
This weekend, as Hughes ran in the same race as
DTH/MARISA RAUWALD Flanagan, she was inspired by Flanagans victory
Abigail Lee, a graduate student working as an English teaching assistant, helps first-year Jonathan Diamantis with an assignment Tuesday. and was able to continue pushing herself as the
race got more difficult.
Graduate students press for social and financial change I was at a tough spot in my race, at about mile
10.5, when I got the notification on my phone
that she had won, Hughes said. I started crying,
By Kate Karstens stipend for both semesters Lee is a member of the The stipend amounts in the and I felt that I was just running on clouds for
Staff Writer is about $16,000. She is also Workers Union at UNC, which story are all self-reported to like 2 miles. Im pretty sure that was my fastest
supplementing her income as an aims to bring workers dissat- The Daily Tar Heel. The living mile the whole race.
In her first year as a gradu- English teaching assistant, an isfaction to the attention of the wage in Orange County is over Flanagan has also served as a role model
ate student at UNC, Abigail Lee academic tutor and a biostatis- administration. Julia Longo, $23,000. for junior Danielle Curtis, a member of the
applied for and received food tics student assistant. At the end a graduate student in UNCs Im a single adult, and I can Marathon Team who also ran in the NYC
stamps. of the year, nearly $2,000 goes archeology program, is also in barely afford to live, Longo said. Marathon this weekend.
Lee is a graduate student in directly back to the University in the union and is paid $15,700 I was still running when Shalane finished,
the English department, whose the form of student fees. per year before student fees. SEE GRAD, PAGE 7 but as soon as I finished, the first thing I did
was ask who won, Curtis said. I got to run
with her when she came to Chapel Hill on tour
for her cookbook a few years ago. She went to

UNC crossing guard set to cross the country UNC, and she is the first American woman to
win in 40 years, so I was thrilled when I heard
she won.
Students fundraise to son, said sophomore Alex Kim.
Every morning, whenever I
The UNC Marathon Team has its semester
marathon this upcoming weekend, and Curtis
help Joann Isom visit just cross the road, she is always
just very nice and smiling, and I
said she thinks Flanagans victory will be a great
boost for morale.
her son in Arizona. always say thank you because I Shalane having that victory a week out from
think she just fosters an environ- the team marathon will get spirits up, she said.
By Danielle Bush ment where people want to say We have a group chat for the team, and every-
Staff Writer thank you to her because she is one was freaking out.
just so great. In a sport as demanding as marathon run-
The walk to Polk Place from Kim decided to dress up as ning, it is essential to remain motivated and
the depths of South Campus for Isom for Halloween this year push yourself in the later miles of the race. Max
an 8 a.m. Monday class can seem after debuting a UNC-themed Patel, president of the UNC Marathon Team,
like a tiresome effort for the costume last year. said Flanagan could provide that motivation to
average first-year student. Most My admiration of her the team.
students mornings, however, made me want to be like, Oh, She is one of the best world class runners
are brightened just a little by a this is what I want to be for right now, Patel said. She ran for the varsity
simple good morning or have Halloween, Kim said. cross country team and track team. The fact that
DTH/REBECCA LAWSON a nice day from Joann Isom, a After seeing a post about Isom we have this tie through the University is pretty
Crossing guard Joann Isom hugs UNC junior Carlos Salas after receiving crossing guard on South Road. neat.
money raised via GoFundMe for Isom to take a trip to visit her son. She is just a really nice per- SEE JOANN, PAGE 7



And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills the landslide will bring it down.
2 Wednesday, November 8, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel
Reichart recovers, looks to help others too
Established 1893 By Kayla Boswell I just got up, and I must cent of the professors body was
124 years of editorial freedom Staff Writer have been pumped with burned in the explosion, but
adrenaline, he said. Medical after examination it was found
TYLER FLEMING UNC Physics and students gave me some water to be much more extensive.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Astronomy Professor Daniel to pour over my hands and About 10 to 11 percent of
Reicharts Thursday didnt go my head. The fire department my body was burned. I have
JESSICA SWANSON quite as planned. arrived and I walked to the second-degree burns on my
MANAGING EDITOR I was on my way to get ambulance. Ive been (at the face, the top of my head, my
MANAGING.EDITOR@DAILYTARHEEL.COM some ice cream and I saw hospital) since Thursday. lower arms and the back of
RACHEL JONES fire, Reichart said. I just A video surfaced of the my hands. Im feeling OK,
ONLINE MANAGING EDITOR thought it was simple arson. explosion, showing the pro- a little bit better each day. I
ONLINE@DAILYTARHEEL.COM Growing up, I was an Eagle fessor approaching the tree am expected to make a full
Scout, so I have some similar- and after a couple of kicks the recovery but it is going to be a
COREY RISINGER backpack explodes. while, Reichart said. I would
ity with fires. I never saw the
DIRECTOR OF ENTERPRISE When I heard the news I like to thank everyone who
perpetrator, everything just
accelerated so fast. got really nervous, said under- has helped me. The medical
KIANA COLE Reichart had come across graduate research assistant students that helped me, the PHOTO COURTESY OF DANIEL REICHART
DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS AND the explosion at the Davie Dylan Dutton, who works emergency responders and Dr. Daniel Reichart, a UNC professor of physics and astronomy,
INVESTIGATIONS Poplar, a campus landmark. with Reichart. I saw the video especially the North Carolina was injured in the explosion at the Davie Poplar tree Nov. 2.
SPECIAL.PROJECTS@DAILYTARHEEL.COM He approached the tree and and knew it was him. Im not Jaycee Burn Center at UNC
LEAH ASMELASH attempted to kick the fire surprised he went up to the Health Care, which I truly donation page. The idea is that I should be teaching again,
UNIVERSITY EDITOR out. In a matter of 15 to 20 tree. He never wants to be a believe to be one of the top the money you save by not Davie Poplar will be blooming
UNIVERSITY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM seconds after approaching bystander, he always wants to burn centers in the country. shaving can instead be donated again and hopefully the only
the fire, the backpack the fire go and help the situation. Hes While in the hospital, toward cancer research. thing the perpetrator will
started from exploded. In the a great guy, and he was just try- Reichart and his wife decided This is bad, but it does not have accomplished is to have
process, the tree was scorched ing to help out a bad situation. to take the situation and turn it have to be all bad, Reichart helped raised money for can-
and Reichart said he was The doctors originally into something greater by set- said. Maybe some good can cer research.
ANA IRIZARRY thrown about 30 feet. believed that about 2 to 3 per- ting up a No-Shave November come of this. By early spring

Loco Cocoa wants everyone to drink its hot cocoa

CHAPEL FOWLER By Suzanne Blake Jason Cowan, Maddy Munoz mind. All proceeds go to their
SPORTS EDITOR Staff Writer and Drew Icenhour. Paired charity of choice, after the
together in a Foundations of entire class raises money and
Knowing that the November Leadership business course, votes together.
COLE DEL CHARCO days will turn colder, a group the students had to bring an Our goal is really just to
AUDIO EDITOR of first-year students devel- enterprise model to life, and raise as much money as we
AUDIO@DAILYTARHEEL.COM oped a unique business plan to their ideas led them to selling can to donate for a nonprofit
ZSOFIA VOROS address the seasonal and early hot chocolate in the Pit for of the business schools choice,
DESIGN & GRAPHICS EDITOR morning needs of students $1 and an array of toppings Cowan said. Our other goal
DESIGN@DAILYTARHEEL.COM walking to class, while also for 50 cents. They plan to is to just really help people on
NATHAN KLIMA raising money for charity. do this every Tuesday and their way to their 8 a.m., just
PHOTO EDITOR Loco Cocoa is the creation Thursday morning through- to start their morning off right.
of first-years Chris Oldham, out November. Youre already getting up early
We decided as the weather for class, so why not have that
SARAH LUNDGREN, was changing, this was a per- little kick of energy. DTH/CHRISTINE DEQUITO
KAREN STAHL fect time to start a hot choco- Tuesday was Loco Cocoas Loco Cocoa organizer, first-year Maddy Munoz, serves hot choc-
CORRECTIONS late bar because the weather first day selling hot chocolate olate to UNC students Eileen Yang and Parker Novack on Nov. 7.
COPY@DAILYTARHEEL.COM would get colder and the days to students, and while they
The Daily Tar Heel reports any inac- shorter, Oldham said. were moved to the Carolina the hot chocolate, Cowan ing this business, and hopefully
curate information published as The inspiration for Loco Union due to threat of rain, said. Were some pretty it will be pretty successful,
Mail and Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. soon as the error is discovered.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Cocoa was providing for the the group plans to have the upbeat people ... I dont think Oldham said. Its nonprofit.
Tyler Fleming, editor-in-chief, 962-4086 Editorial corrections will be campus community. Pit as their primary loca- any other hot chocolate place Also, were selling our stuff for
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 printed on this page. Errors com- We wanted to bring tion and raise funds upward would beat our prices as well just a really cheap price. The
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 mitted on the Opinion Page have something good to campus, of $100 for charity, Cowan or the assortment of toppings. idea isnt to just make a ton of
One copy per person; corrections printed on that page. Munoz said. Something said. In the quest to raise Beyond the benefits Loco money, even though that kind
additional copies may be purchased Corrections also are noted in the happy. this money, Cowan believes Cocoa supplies to students and of is a secondary thing. We
at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each. online versions of our stories.
Please report suspicious activity at Each group in their class, the personal touch of those charity, Oldham said it also just want to spread as much as
our distribution racks by emailing Contact Managing Editor Jessica taught by assistant professor involved with Loco Cocoa will showcases an example of what possible, to get as many people Swanson at managing.editor@ Shimul Melwani, was allot- make all the difference. first-year students can achieve. drinking our hot chocolate as
2012 DTH Media Corp. with issues ted $50 to start their busi- What makes us unique? Its good to show that were we can.
All rights reserved about this policy. ness with one key element in Definitely the people behind just first-years, but were start-

November 16 & 17 U.S. PREMIERE

Job Fair
November 9
O C TAV I A E. BUTLERS 5-7:30 p.m.
Carrington L700

A N O P E R A C R E AT E D , W R I T T E N , A N D



Meet Representatives from hospitals

Difficult to imagine a and health care organizations to learn
performance that could be more about different career opportunities.
filmic, visceral, or dramatic.
THE NATIONAL, UAE To view the list of participating organizations, go to
Bring multiple copies of Professional Attire is
CAROLINAPERFORMINGARTS.ORG | TICKET SERVICES 919.843.3333 your resume. recommended.

Co-Sponsored by



This event is open to UNC-Chapel Hill students only.

The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, November 8, 2017 3

Candidates with CHALT- One new face joins

endorsements fill council Board of Aldermen
Barbara Foushee sorority sisters and students because it shows that her con-
Incumbents Ed are all Americans. From this
campaign, we can see that.
feel that the mayor will have a
council now that will support will join Aldermen
meant a lot to her. One such
presence at Hickory was UNC
stituents trust and believe in
her ability to represent them.
Harrison and Maria During his election-night
victory speech at R&R Grill,
things she wants to do.
In light of her win, Schaevitz incumbents on board.
professor Deborah Stroman. I believe that they feel that
According to unofficial the work that I do restores a
Palmer lost seats. Buansi said his goal from the said she is thrilled that so many results from Orange County sense of trust in government,
very first day of his campaign of the council members are By Maria Elena Vizcaino and precincts, Gist received and in these times that is one
By Molly Horak was to incorporate more aligned on town issues and will Meghana Srikrishna 23.21 percent of the vote and of the most important jobs
Assistant City Editor of the community into the be able to work quickly to put Senior Writers Haven-ODonnell received I can have, is to be able to
towns decision-making pro- decisions into action. 22.5 percent. restore (the) sense of wanting
Hongbin Gu, Karen cess. His door will be open to Maria Palmer, who has The Carrboro Board of Gist was first elected to the to participate in government
Stegman, Allen Buansi and anyone and everyone, he said. served on the council since Aldermen added one new face Board of Aldermen in 1989. and that people in govern-
Rachel Schaevitz will fill four I want to make sure that 2013, said she was very sad Tuesday night. Her re-election means she ment can be trusted and that
vacant seats on Chapel Hill our historically underrepre- for the town of Chapel Hill Incumbents Jacquelyn Gist, will serve at least 32 years in they will listen to what you
Town Council and all were sented groups are at the table after learning of her loss. Randee Haven-ODonnell office. Gist said despite her have to say, they will try and
endorsed by the Chapel Hill and I want to make sure our I have hope because I feel and Sammy Slade were all re- experience, she worries every work with you, were going
Alliance for a Liveable Town. young people are at the table that some good people were elected, alongside newcomer time she has to campaign. to create solutions together,
Incumbents Maria Palmer and are armed with the skills elected, they are good people Barbara Foushee. This is the I never assume Im going she said.
and Ed Harrison both lost that they need for effective self- with good intentions, she first time Foushee has run for to win. Im always very thank- Paul Clark was the only
their seats, alongside new- advocacy and for effective civic said. I have faith that they office. ful and surprised, she said. candidate who was not elect-
comer Carl Schuler. engagement, Buansi said. will learn how hard it is to She won around 25.33 per- Its kind of affirming. So Im ed. He received 7.16 percent
According to unofficial At Mediterranean Deli, the work on all the priorities that cent of the vote, according to very grateful that the people of the vote, and less than half
results from the Orange crowd gathered for Schaevitzs our citizens have while fight- unofficial results from Orange of Carrboro are showing that of a percent of voters wrote
County Board of Elections, election party featured ing for social justice and I County precincts. once again they think its okay in candidates, according to
Gu won approximately 20 friends, family and members will continue fighting for the Foushee held an election for me to help them. unofficial results.
percent of the vote the of CHALT. Tom Henkel, a people I represent, many of party at Hickory Tavern in Gist said she is a shy extro- Results for Carrboro may-
highest percentage of any of co-founder and current trea- who couldnt vote. Carrboro on Tuesday night, vert and campaigning can oral and Aldermen elections
the candidates. After facing surer for CHALT, said with the Ed Harrison, Karen surrounded by friends and be difficult for her, but she were called around 9 p.m.
discrimination during her election of the four CHALT- Stegman and Carl Schuler family. credited Haven-ODonnell Tuesday. At Hickory Tavern,
campaign, Gu said the sup- endorsed candidates, the coun- could not be reached for com- Im just really excited with helping her feel more cheers and laughter erupted
port of the Chinese-American cil will be more unified now ment at the time of publica- for the turnout and support comfortable and confident. as the crowd realized Foushee
community has amazed her. that theyve cleaned house. tion. tonight, and just the way the The two held a joint election had won the majority of the
Since last years election, Pam has been unable to A team of four writers, community has supported me night party to watch results vote.
a lot have felt frustrated, do what she wanted to do including Doug Dubrowski, over the course of my cam- at the home of a mutual close My platform is based on a
depressed, put in fear of all the with the city council. And Claire Wilmschen, Alexandra paign, she said. friend, Melva Okun. diverse civic participation and
rhetorics we hear, Gu said. I its because the incumbents, Gailey and Cole Kordus were As adviser of the UNC Haven-ODonnell has leadership and Im just very
think today we truly feel we people who were still there, stationed around Chapel Hill undergraduate chapter of served three terms on the proud of the campaign that I
are part of this country. We are were fighting her virtually all and contributed reporting. the Zeta Phi Beta sorority, board. She said being re-elect- have run, Foushee said.
part of this community. We the way, Henkel said. We she said the support of her ed for a fourth term is exciting


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Mayoral, town council and Board of Alderman elections were called on Tuesday evening. Mayor Pam Hemminger (right) won re-election in Chapel Hill and celebrated at City Kitchen. Lydia Lavelle (bot-
tom left) was re-elected as mayor of Carrboro and is pictured at B-Side Lounge. Rachel Schaevitz (top left) won a seat on the Chapel Hill council and attended an election party at Mediterranean Deli.


Summer Study
Abroad in London!
WHEN: Thursday, November 9, 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
WHERE: Student Union, Room 3102
Gertrude Weils
RSVP: Email Ben Briggs at
A Southern Lady and New Jewish Woman
Live in the heart of London: classes on the KCL campus!
OVERVIEW: Study at Kings College London (KCL) for 6 weeks over the summer and earn 6 credits! SYLVIA AND IRVING MARGOLIS LECTURE ON THE JEWISH EXPERIENCE IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH

Gertrude Weil (18791971), leader of the states womens suffrage campaign, embodied
Best of both worlds: In the first three weeks of the program, participants take a UNC course, CMPL/PWAD North Carolinas liberal and traditional paradoxes. Rooted in the small-town South, she
489 Epic, Empire, and Diplomacy, taught by UNC professor, Dr. Ted Leinbaugh.
fought not just to remake womens role in politics and civil society, locally and globally, but
to transform Jewish communal life. Beyond her Zionism and Jewish activism, Weil rooted in
In the second three weeks of the program, participants take one KCL course taught by local faculty,
Judaism her struggle as a progressive for labor reform, social justice, and black civil rights.
affording students the opportunity to experience the British education system.
LEONARD ROGOFF is former president of the Southern Jewish Historical
Best of both worlds: Old books, modern-day diplomats! CMPL/PWAD 489 surveys foundational texts of Society and was awarded its 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. Historian for
Western literature and explores how these texts shape our world today. DrT Leinbaugh teaches the course with Sir the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, he has published extensively
Christopher Meyer, Britains Ambassador to the United States (1997-2003). Guest lectures include world-renowned on the Jewish South including Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina and,
experts from the British Museum with planned visits to the British Museums Mesopotamian galleries, Ancient most recently, Gertrude Weil: A Jewish Progressive in the New South.
Greek galleries, Roman galleries, and the Anglo-Saxon Treasure Room. Excursions planned for the course include
visits to the Houses of Parliament and Shakespeares Globe Theatre.
November 13, 2017 / 79 p.m.
PROGRAM DATES: June 30 August 11, 2018 William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education
Free and open to the public. No tickets or reservations required. No reserved seats.
ELIGIBILITY: at least rising sophomore status, 3.0 minimum GPA
CONTACT: Dr. T Leinbaugh, Faculty Director,
and/or Ben Briggs, Study Abroad Advisor,

4 Wednesday, November 8, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Taxing, a tale of two school districts

By Becca Ayers the surrounding county school sys- the argument.
City Editor tem, the report states. There was thinking that it would
The North Carolina General be good to have the same amount
For more than 100 years, the Assembly officially granted Chapel of spending per student in Orange
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Hill its own charter, which established County and the countervalent force
System has had a special tax, provid- a special school district tax to grant was that the folks in Orange County,
ing additional funding to the district additional funds for public schools. in order for that to happen, they
a tax Orange County Schools Chapel Hills African-American com- would have to have their taxes raised
lacks. Despite multiple attempts munity voted themselves into the substantially, Burroughs said.
to merge the school systems over district by the 1930s, and Carrboro She said this is an item thats been
the past couple of decades by the joined in the 1950s, said Mia voted on before.
Orange County Commissioners, the Burroughs, a member of the Orange When there was a referendum
two districts remain separate. County Board of Commissioners. in the Orange County district some
The creation of school districts It was fairly common for North years back, it failed.
in North Carolina began in 1870 in Carolina to have multiple school dis- A later study commission was
Greensboro. Municipalities then tricts within one county. In the 1950s, assigned to look into Careys proposal,
began to increasingly seek charters the state had 174 school districts in which was hotly contested amongst
from the state in the early 20th cen- total, including 100 county systems. parents and leaders in Orange County.
tury, according to a 2003 merger School districts began consolidating Orange County School Board Chair
study report for the Orange County and merging in the 1960s to provide Steve Halkiotis said it became a geo-
Board of Commissioners. more equitable funding for students. graphic issue and overall, Chapel
The inspiration for Chapel Hill to The Orange County Board of Hill-Carrboro, Northern and Central
create its own district came from a Commissioners has considered merg- Orange County were already content
group of UNC professors who want- ing the CHCCS and Orange County with their school districts.
ed to improve the quality of educa- Schools systems, and it assigned a After a period of several months PHOTO COURTESY OF CHAPEL HILL HISTORICAL SOCIETY
tion and attract more staff members study commission in the 1985 to and upsetting thousands of people, Chapel Hill High School stood on West Franklin Street between 1916 to 1936.
to the University, according to analyze the benefits of a single school the citizens of both schools districts
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. district. Overall, the commission basically said they were happy where would therefore require, said Burroughs said although merging
These (school districts) were often found the districts should have wait- they were, Halkiotis said. James Barrett, chair of Chapel Hill- the two school districts would ensure
established to take advantage of the ed until the future to merge. This merger study states there is a Carrboro City School Board. equal funding for every student, its
larger tax bases that often existed in But once former Orange County clear funding disparity between the If you merged the systems you ultimately up to the local residents.
urbanized areas, and to thereby afford Board of Commissioner Moses two districts. would have to equalize the fund- That said, political will and the
a higher level of education funding Carey proposed to merge the Orange Many local residents didnt want ing and would mean a tax increase citizens will would have to be there to
within the special district than might and CHCCS systems in the early the two systems to merge because for the (Orange) County district, raise the taxes substantially, she said.
otherwise have been available through 2000s, dissent arose on both sides of of what North Carolina State law Barrett said.

Womens basketball hints Kamikazi prepares for

at new style in exhibition annual fall exhibition
By Rebecca Fiely outside of dancing at UNC without everyone else, and
WOMENS BASKETBALL An inside presence is some- every possession. Every time Staff Writer and push yourself outside of its a big part of why we like
thing the Tar Heels havent you get the ball you have to your limit to meet and share hosting the event because we
NORTH CAROLINA 102 had for several years now. Last
year, the team only had senior
earn every point you can get.
Kea, a redshirt junior, is
Get ready to get down
Kamikazi is hosting their
with other people and get
are able to bring in all these
different teams and share
MOUNT OLIVE 47 Hillary Fuller to fill that role. one of the players who is annual fall exhibition show- Jason Yu, a member of with the community and grow
Once she was out to injury, already benefiting the most case Nov. 12 at 3 p.m. in the Moonlight, said the showcase together.
By Jack Frederick they didnt have anyone who with Murray and Bailey on Sonja Haynes Stone Center allows them to show off their The showcase gives team
Staff Writer really had the size to contribute the court. After playing the for Black Culture and History. hard work. more than the opportunity to
to the rebounding column, an stretch four last year at just Kamikazi is a co-ed hip- Showcasing your identity bond and build community
A new era for the North essential part of creating offen- 5-foot-9, the guard was able hop dance group at UNC. and your culture through with one another.
Carolina womens basketball sive points and taking away to spend more time Monday This is their third annual fall your performances, its anoth- I think showcases like
team looks ready to unfold. opportunities defensively. on her natural outside game. exhibition showcase. er opportunity to explore this are cool to go and hang
Sure, some of the same key Now, they have two. After 30 minutes on the Dance teams from across through dance, Yu said. out and dance, but I feel like
players are back, but the Tar I knew when I came here, court, she finished with a North Carolina will be show- Practicing sets and per- showcases give that extra
Heels are evolving this season I could have a big role, Bailey game high 22 points, seven ing their talent at the event. forming sets can create two incentive and drive for people
into a squad that can impose said. I knew that I was play- rebounds, six steals and eight Madison Casey, social chair different feelings for dancers something to work for, said
itself on the opponent. You ing with good people, have assists. for Kamikazi, said the show- when participating in events Corine Olarte, publicity chair
could already start to see a good teammates and, as you Paris is so versatile, case is meant to give teams the like the fall showcase. for Moonlight. In the end
transformation being made can see, I think its working Hatchell said. She can play opportunity to perform and Its important because, with dancing and just per-
as the team thumped Mount out well. I think were going to just about any position on the provide a sense of community. this happens to a lot of formance in general, like you
Olive, 102-47, during an exhi- shock a lot of people this year. floor. Theres our family, and teams, you get really focused dont have to have fancy lights
bition game Monday. On the boards, Murray and The win again Mount Olive then theres the larger fam- on just practice, practice, and fancy costumes all you
It makes a huge differ- Bailey brought down 12 and and an earlier 84-62 exhibi- ily of all the teams in North practice, but theres some- need is the performers and the
ence having some more size nine rebounds, respectively, tion victory over Wingate last Carolina, Casey said. Its thing different when you per- audience, and thats what the
in there, it really does, head and added a combined 29 Wednesday doesnt mean something that inspires us form, said Kayla Dehoniesto, showcase gives out.
coach Sylvia Hatchell said. points. They showed signs of the team has it all figured out. every day, and we hope that secretary and treasurer of Mr. and Miss UNC will be
Last year, theyd just lock us their inexperience at times, Its still going to be a process. bringing these teams togeth- Kamikazi. Performing in emceeing the event for the
up outside and it was hard but their presence allowed Theyve only played er were able to not only front of a bunch of other dance groups.
because our perimeter kids the offense to breathe. together a couple games, inspire other dancers but teams that also love dance Were all just college kids
were always guarded. Now, As an older player, Paris Hatchell said, so I think inspire the people that come just as much as you do its trying to have fun, and its cool
with inside theyre having to Kea said she always tries to theyre going to get better and (to the show) by seeing how a whole different environ- to think were all in differ-
give attention in there. remind the two first-year better. supportive, encouraging and ment. ent schools, but were all still
In the new season, the team players to focus on rebound- The new Tar Heels will loving this environment is. Having other teams come gravitating towards the same
is still relatively inexperienced. ing. For Bailey, physicality have their first real test Friday, The gathering of teams in to UNC to perform is critical thing, Olarte said. For me,
With 6-foot-4 first-year center was a main priority on the when they take on Hampton one place gives members the to achieving Kamikazis over- since being in Moonlight and
Janelle Bailey and 6-foot-2 floor against the Trojans after at home to open the season. opportunity to appreciate all goal for the showcase. seeing other crews perform
first-year forward Jaelynn not performing as well as she As the season gets going, itll other styles of dancing. For this particular event, it who have their own personali-
Murray plugged into the line- wanted in the first game of only give the young team more I think our main thing that wouldnt be our fall showcase ties and styles and that helps
up, the Tar Heels are learning her college career. chances to learn about itself. we want to show to our team without them I love my with the whole growth pro-
on the fly, but they now have No one lets you have any- All the practice is over, is that there is a large dance team, and I think we have a cess, we all end up learning
enough strength and height to thing easy, said Bailey. They Hatchell said. Now, its for community out there, said lot to offer and a lot to bring from each other.
pull down more rebounds on dont care if youre 6-foot-4, real. Anushri Adhia, co-director of to the community, Casey said. @beccafiely
both ends of the floor. 200 pounds. You have to earn Kamikazi. Its worth it to get It wouldnt be the community
The Daily Tar Heel News Wednesday, November 8, 2017 5

Task force gives New student group brings companionship to elderly

historical context
By Ramishah Maruf and build relationships with of his visits are the weekly awareness for diseases like
Staff Writer residents weekly and at larg- bingo nights on Thursdays. Alzheimers that affect elderly
er-scale monthly events. During bingo, students have people. The committee is cur-
For senior Priyansh Patel, Sophomore and marketing more opportunities to talk to rently trying to get doctors
taking care of elderly relatives coordinator, Lorena Dujmusic, elders one-on-one and learn from geriatric facilities to
was simply a fundamental said it is important for college more about their personalities. speak to the group and other
part of being in a family, a students to volunteer with You definitely see them students who are interested.
value he grew up with in an the elderly. According to a in a more competitive light Most people after a cer-
Indian culture. Thats why University of California, San and see more of their younger tain age get symptoms of
when he saw the Youth for Francisco study, 18 percent of selves, Patel said. dementia, so its important to
Elderly Service booth at Fall seniors live alone and 43 per- Dujmusic became involved learn how to deal with it and
Fest, he immediately took the cent of seniors feel lonely on a with YES during the second nurture and foster it, Patel
chance to get involved. regular basis. semester of her first year. said.
Theres a great importance In college, were isolated, Ive always loved working The committee meets every
to the elderly or anyone thats Dujmusic said. We only real- with kids, and I got to college other Monday in room 207
older than you in Indian cul- ly see people around our age and figured Id give something at the Campus Y at 5:15 p.m.
ture, Patel said. You have to and thats who you interact else a try, Dujmusic said. The next meeting will be on
respect and foster them like with on a daily basis. (By vol- Patel said there are cur- Nov. 13, and interested stu-
they fostered you growing up. unteering) you interact with rently about seven students dents can still get involved.
Those values were instilled in community, and elderly have that volunteer regularly. People focus on kids
DTH FILE/CHICHI ZHU me in an early part of my life. such great stories to share. Students can form bonds because its the start of life,
The Unsung Founders Memorial, a subject of the history task- Co-chairperson Patel Many of the monthly activ- with the elderly residents at but life is a full circle, junior
force, was debated over during this falls Silent Sam sit-in. said YES began about four ities are centered around the Crescent Green during visits. and co-chairperson Autumn
years ago under the Campus holidays. Recently, the com- They have a friendly rela- Pettus said. With the elderly,
By Madeleine Fraley them, Hertel said. So the Y. Members volunteer at mittee celebrated Halloween tionship, Dujmusic said. One its tossing them aside and
Staff Writer idea is that we create some a Carrboro nursing home, with the residents by bringing of the residents raps. Usually saying, OK life is over. They
context around them in some Crescent Green Assisted in art supplies so they could he has one of our volunteers have goals and dreams, too.
Underneath the changing form of signage that would Living Communities, where create pumpkins and spiders. start rapping with him. Its not the end of everything.
leaves in McCorkle Place stand be fitting with the space, and they provide companionship But for Patel, the highlight YES also attempts to raise
Silent Sam and the Unsung at the same time creating an
Founders Memorial sym- electronic access to really tell
bols of the Universitys rich the deeper stories.

Law School
history. But underneath those
monuments lie the stories of The Monuments
the Universitys founding that
have not been told, stories that In September, Leloudis pre-
the Chancellors Task Force on sented the preliminary timeline
UNC-Chapel Hill History was to the BOT for the McCorkle
appointed to tell. project the first step being
The task force is co-chaired the Unsung Founders memo-

Info Fair
by Winston Crisp, vice chan- rial, which he said is in need of
cellor for student affairs, Amy repair and renovation.
Locklear Hertel, director of The (University) has
the American Indian Center, engaged a landscape architect
and Jim Leloudis, profes- firm who will be bringing pre-
sor of history and associate liminary proposals to think
dean for Honors Carolina. about how to make that a
It was appointed in 2015 by more reverential and contem-
Chancellor Carol Folt, fol- plative space that advances its
lowing the Board of Trustees original intent, Leloudis said.
direction to teach and curate He said that part of the
a full and accurate history of project will hopefully be com-
the University after the vote plete by May 2018.
to rename Saunders Hall to Mike McFarland, director
Carolina Hall. of university relations, said
Within the history of how the task force updates the
the University was built, three BOT continuously on progress
individual narratives stand of the project, and plans are
out: the first students who in the works to share those
walked the quiet pathways of details with the campus.
McCorkle, the enslaved people Advisory committees will
who built them and the indig- also be engaged to receive
enous people who were on this feedback from the commu-
land before the University was nity; Crisp works most with
even founded. engaging students and mem-
Through projects that will bers of the campus.
enrich, renovate and contex- Following the renovation
tualize McCorkle, Silent Sam and repair will come the con-
and Unsung Founders, the textualization, done in the
task force will provide the form of signage around the
public with that history. monuments and throughout
It will help us to under- the space.
stand this place that we all While the project will
hold so dear in such a signifi- begin with the story of those
cant way, Hertel said. who were enslaved at the
Universitys founding, Leloudis
The Task Force said the task force will also
place signs detailing the history
McCorkle Place is the of the indigenous people this
second directive Folt gave land belonged to originally.
the task force, which she There were people on this
announced in a statement to hill before the University was
campus in September 2015. even established, Hertel said.
The first task was the We are lifting that story up
contextualization behind the because that storys never
BOTs decision to rename been told.
Saunders Hall to Carolina The plan is then to estab-
Hall. They created an exhibit lish similar signage around
for the lobby of Carolina Hall,
completed in November 2016,
the Confederate Monument,
Silent Sam. Interested in Law
explaining the broader his- This is a University that

School? Come meet

tory of William Saunders in was founded in the late 18th
the state and the University. century that was founded in
Now, the task force is tack- a slave society, Leloudis said.
ling McCorkle, using the space This is a University that sits on
and monuments within it to
tell the history of the University
before, around and after its
land that was extirpated from
people. This is a University that
was shaped in the era of Jim
representatives from
founding in the 18th century. Crow. There are hard things
They developed a three-step
plan to be enacted through tell-
ing those three main stories.
in our history, and these are
complex stories, these are very
nuanced stories. These are not
over 100 Law Schools!
When you think about straightforward and simple
those three pieces, theres morality tales, good or bad.
been a lot of context around
Wednesday, November 8
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6 Wednesday, November 8, 2017 News The Daily Tar Heel

Davie Poplar tree: a history of survival

yRead-in: This will strikes and, most recently,
an attempted arson. Despite
attack, the book said.
The tree recovered from
Jr., which is right next to it,
Bythell said.
be a short sentence all of this, the tree is treated
the same as all of the others
this the following spring, but Cables were attached from
Davie to two hickory trees for
a storm in 1902 would give
about the following. residing in McCorkle Place. Davie its next major natural support, a practice not done
We dont really pay it any test. The newspaper The today. The ice storm of 2002
By Molly Looman special attention, University Observer reported the tree proved the futility of the sup-
Assistant University Editor arborist and forester Tom as blown down, scaring many port cables.
Bythell said. What are we students and alumni. The hickory tree came
On Dec. 3, 1792, going to do to improve its The destruction of this over in that 2002 ice storm
Revolutionary War Gen. environment? tree is a great loss from a and pulled the cable right
William R. Davie and five In 1873, the tree survived historical standpoint and the out of Davie, Bythell said. I
other men were having a pic- its first lightning strike. fact that it is no more will thought it was ironic that we
nic. It was this meeting that At that point, the tree was be heard with much regret cabled it to two trees that we
would decide the location of already referred to as the Old by all old students of the thought were stronger than
the University, and it was this Poplar and had legend that University, the article said. Davie and we were wrong.
man for whom one of UNCs if the tree falls, the University Over a month later, The The trees latest trial was
many monuments would be will fall. Kemp P. Battles Observer reported that the fire. A man attempted to set
named: the Davie Poplar. History of the University of tree had not actually been the tree on fire with an explo-
The exact age of the Davie North Carolina described the blown down, but that the top sive Nov. 2. Lucky for Davie,
Poplar is unknown, but strike in a book. part was completely gone and the fire failed to damage it
arborists believe it is around The friends of the a large hollow was left. The significantly.
300 years old. This is much University were grieved, as if it University did not begin pres- Bythell is confident in the
longer than the usual lifespan were ominous of the fate of the ervation tactics until its sec- survival and longevity of the
of a tulip poplar. In addition University, but, although there ond lightning strike in 1918. tree. He said it is doing well
to its long lifespan, the tree was a rent through the bark at They got scared. They for its age. If the next disaster DTH/RYAN HERRON
has survived an ice storm, least from top to bottom, the thought they were gonna strikes, his team will be ready. An explosion took place at the Davie Poplar tree, a historic land-
a hurricane, two lightning noble tree survived the fiery lose it. So they planted Davie mark of UNC located in McCorkle Place, on Nov. 2.

More than just preservation Q&A with the founders of

By Charlie McGee
Staff Writer
Passionate Poets
With November marking At 7 p.m. Wednesday night So we went to Oasis and show up, and thats what
National American Indian at the Unity Center of Peace, then he said there werent we wanted. We thought the
Heritage Month, assistant Passionate Poets is holding enough people. Then I decid- name would attract people
professor of American an Open Mic Night for people ed, well, its going to be for who really had poems that
Studies, Benjamin Frey, to share their gifts of music, anything, not just poetry. So were on the passionate
thinks the month means poetry, dance or comedy. thats how Ive been getting side, rather than on the,
more than just preserving the Staff writer Laura more people that way. oh I dont know, eco-side.
memory of native tribes. Shanahan spoke with You have a lot of environ-
I really dont like that MC Vanessa Vendola and DTH: What would you say are mental poets who are also
word preservation, Frey Passionate Poets partner some of the highlights of the passionate, but anyway. Its
said. To me, it places too Doug Stuber about the event event? a strange world out there
much emphasis on the past and the poetry scene in and a lot of times the street
and keeping things like they PHOTO COURTESY OF CHEYENNE MCNEILL Chapel Hill. Vendola: Theyre always dif- poets are really good, and
were, and I think thats one of UNC senior Cheyenne McNeill hosted a workshop on beading as This interview was short- ferent. The highlight of last they dont get a voice with
the systemic problems with a part of National American Indian Heritage Month on Nov. 7. ened for print space. To read month was a well-known the publishers very often. I
the way people think about the full transcript, go to daily- piano player, he came and think to have an open mic
American Indians in general of North Carolinas history, ciation and respect for our played. setting where theres no star
which is thinking about us Frey said. And yet, so little culture and our practices in And another well-known poets, just a straight open
as relegated to the past. representation goes toward general, McNeill said. Daily Tar Heel: Tell me about writer, poet and musician mic is a really good thing for
Frey is a member of the American Indians, our heri- McNeill will also help host Passionate Poets. What is the who sang some of his own this town.
Eastern Band of Cherokee tage, our contemporary lives a cultural fitness program group? songs so they were there Nightlight is probably
Indians, one of eight state- and our futures, that theres entitled Powwow Sweat on last time, and we had a couple the only other one thats
recognized American Indian got to be something done. So Nov. 14. Randi Byrd, commu- Vanessa Vendola: My friend of poets too. the street poets. The one
tribes. Along with being an if we want to emphasize the nity engagement coordinator Doug Stuber and I, we came It ranges from say seven to at Flyleaf, lots of times you
assistant professor at the living, changing nature of our for the UNC American Indian up with the name. We were 18 people. run into a whole bunch of
University, he also heads communities, one thing we Center, organized many other just doing poetry, but then it academic poets, who heck,
Cherokee Coffee Hour. This can do is study the language. efforts throughout the month wasnt enough people com- DTH: When did you decide to theyre great too what the
event, held every Tuesday Senior Cheyenne McNeill on and around campus. ing in just for poetry. start Passionate Poets? heck, its all good. So we can
during the school year, allows contributed her own native Byrd cited the 22nd So, I decided to make it have a different flavor kind
students, faculty and staff to culture to students to cel- Annual American Indian anything you wanted to do, to Stuber: Vanessa and I go way of, so far. You never know
gather in a non-classroom ebrate the month. As a mem- Heritage Month Celebration jump up and down up there if back. It was mainly her idea, whos going to show up.
environment where Frey ber of the Coharie, McNeill in Raleigh as an event that youd like. Poetry is one of my and then I jumped on board We dont expect to get
teaches them the complexities learned the practice of bead- everyone should try to attend. passions and one of his pas- to try to promote getting well-known, well-published
of the Cherokee language. ing from her mother growing All eight of the state-recog- sions. So thats how we came some people there just as a poets, and thats fine,
Unlike more commonly up. Tuesday night, she hosted nized tribes prepare year- up with the name. helper. I think her passion because it gives more time
spoken languages, Frey said a beading workshop. round for the celebration, with poetry is the kind of for those who might have a
many people arent aware that Beading is a big part of where they present unique DTH: What is the mission of new age hippie-dippie reli- great thing to say.
the language of the Cherokee Native American cultures cultural elements like dances, Passionate Poets? gion that Unity practices,
tribe or other American Indian in general, particularly for craft demonstrations, games which is great. But the open DTH: How old are the perform-
tribes even exist. He started southeastern natives. McNeill and food. Vendola: Oh, to get the other mic has nothing to do with ers usually?
the Cherokee Coffee Hour in said that for every bead used These events are a great poets or creative people out of that.
2013 as a way to introduce this in beading, a prayer is said. opportunity, not only to learn the closet. We were trying to It has some spiritual- Stuber: We get maybe ages 16
idea to students and lead them To see how difficult it can about native cultures, but do open mics, some of it at his minded poets, but theres a to 80, or beyond. So its an
to other avenues of American be and how long it takes to to actually meet some of the house one time. difference between spiritual- interesting, a very interesting
Indian cultures and practices. make a couple lines versus a current students. Then we really werent able ity and religion. So Id say in mix.
All of these tribes, includ- whole piece, I think it gives @CharlieMcGeeUNC to do that anymore, we had to this case, we have left-wing, @laurashanny
ing the Eastern Band, are part people a different appre- change that. right-wing, all kinds of poets

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The Daily Tar Heel From Page One Wednesday, November 8, 2017 7
GRAD stipend allows for a comfort-
able life. He also teaches in
community, Bowers said.
But Graduate and
workers who work closely
with mentors, one of the main
Lees attributed the com-
dont have training for how to
support people. Im a scientist,
FROM PAGE 1 the summer if he cant get Professional Student things that come up is, My mon conception of bad I dont really understand. So I
Ive heard stories from other grant money, and said his sti- Federation President adviser did this thats messed relationships between advis- turn them to another part of
workers who have families pend has increased a couple Madelyn Percy said the up and I dont know what ers and advisees as simply the University.
and dependents who are times since he joined the North Carolina General to do, Lee said. Its really students letting off steam and While these social and
struggling to keep afloat. department in 2012. Assembly has made it dif- difficult to report on faculty de-stressing over a beer, com- financial issues continue to
Professors who advise I would argue we get ficult for UNC campuses to because you have to report plaining about their adviser. burden the average graduate
graduate students in their a decent size stipend, change graduate student to other faculty. There isnt Abigail Lee said there are student at UNC, the Workers
departments are aware of Martinez-Schuldt said. My stipends because of under- really accountability. still systemic problems in Union and GPSF have been
the financial burden that is quality of life has gone up a graduate tuition. In Article The reporting system adviser-advisee relationships calling attention towards
inflicted upon their advisees. little bit (from undergradu- 14 of General Provisions as to within each department typi- that can be solved by mandated problems that the UNC
Megan Matchinske is a pro- ate). I am aware there are Tuition and Fees in Certain cally resides with the depart- training for professors before administration can fix. They
fessor in the English depart- other departments whose State Institutions, the NCGA ment chair. Jonathan Lees, they take on graduate students. advocate that, although sti-
ment and currently advises stipends are much less than requires that tuition for in- the chairperson of the geology (Professors) just get these pends are not easily adjusted,
four graduate students. what we get, and that would state undergraduates will department, helps arbitrate students working for and student fees for graduate
Teaching will provide make it much more difficult. remain constant or decrease issues within the department. with them, but not everyone students can be decreased
them with pay, but its an For me, it would change during the tuition period. When I was a faculty has proper training on how or even eliminated, and the
embarrassingly low amount, things quite a bit. The NCGA has made it member, I hardly knew about to be both a manager and University should begin pro-
Matchinske said. Our gradu- In the chemistry depart- very difficult for campuses to all of the problems students a mentor, Lee said. Were viding workshops and train-
ate students do the lions ment, graduate students raise grad students stipends can have, Lees said. My job trying to figure out how we ing for advisors.
share of the amount of work, David Abraham and Leah because they are very strict is to help students get through can encourage faculty to Theres all this dire gloom
writing across the curriculum Bowers have stipends nearing about how undergraduate the program so we either solve equip themselves to avoid and doom stuff around UNC
and teaching those classes. $25,000. Although they both tuition cannot change for in- the problem or help them find and reduce issues with these and graduate work, Lee said.
While Longo, Lee and agree their stipend allows them state residences, Percy said. another adviser. power dynamics. What Ive found organizing
many others are frustrated to live comfortably, the impact Additionally, graduate Lees said not even one in Jonathan Lees believes the with the Workers Union is
with the fees and low sti- of the student fees does not go students often feel helpless 20 students has problems social issues graduate students that we (graduate workers)
pends, not every graduate unnoticed. They take 8 percent and overworked, said Lee. that require adviser switch- have, such as stress and depres- love the work we do. We love
student in the College of Arts out of Bowers and Abrahams This makes the relationship ing, a relatively uncommon sion, are best left to the other our students, we love teaching,
and Sciences feels the same. income, and over 12 percent for between advisers and advi- practice. With his students, resources the University has. and were excited to be at UNC
Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt Lee and Longo. sees difficult to navigate, and he has high expectations. He When I became chair, and all our efforts to make it
is finishing his final year Im not entirely opposed to finding the balance between requests that they work hard more students than I ever a better place arent just for
as a Ph.D. candidate in the paying for things that benefit boss and adviser can lead to and forget about weekends, could have imagined came us. Its not selfish, its to make
Department of Sociology and the undergraduate population toxic power dynamics. but that is his way of inspir- through this door with person- UNC a better institution.
said his approximate $18,000 though. Were all part of this When you talk with other ing them to complete their al problems, Lees said. We

JOANN It means a lot. Never in a million years

FROM PAGE 1 would I have thought nothing like this
on the Humans of UNC
Facebook page, junior Carlos
would ever happen.
Salas thought of the idea to Joann Isom
set up a GoFundMe page to Crossing guard
help raise money for her to
visit her son in Arizona. I think thats the bigger amazing.
I was looking at the post, thing and better thing that Salas said he figured most
and it had about 400 likes came out of this, he said. people would know Isom
and people were commenting Not only is she able to go see because of her central loca-
all sorts of nice things about her son, but were actually tion and the amount of stu-
Joann, Salas said. I thought able to help her and her qual- dents she encounters every
that all of those 400 people ity of life thats going to affect day.
could come together and do her for a lot longer than just Just kind of seeing the
something cool for her, if we a trip. reaction that everyone had,
gave them the platform to do Isom received the money it really goes to show that
so. raised by the community on people really are paying
The fundraiser, which Friday in the Student Union. attention to these people
started mid-October, raised She said she was nervous that we encounter on a daily
more than $7,600, sur- walking over because she basis, he said. It is really
passing an original goal of didnt know what to expect. cool to be able to give back
$700. Salas said because of It means a lot. Never in to a community of people
the quantity of donations a million years would have that give us some positivity
received, he believes this will thought nothing like this every day just by a smile or a
help her move into a nicer would ever happen, Isom wave or some kindness.
apartment in a better part of said. Like I said, I am sur- @danielleeeb5
the city. prised, Im shocked, it is just

November 9 & 10 C PA CO - CO M M I S S I O N E D WO R K
Shalane Flanagan won
the NYC marathon and
games inspired students. See front
for story.

2015 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved.

Level: 1 2 3 4 In love with the cocoa

Some first-years started
a hot cocoa stand for char-
Complete the grid ity. And they have toppings!
so each row, column
See pg. 2 for story.
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) contains
every digit 1 to 9. Im (not) yellin timber

Solution to The Davie Poplar has

last puzzle weathered a lot more than

last weeks fire. See pg. 6 for


Let them eat cake

Local mayors speak
about the wedding cake dis-

crimination case Visit our

website for the story.

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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

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Services, Inc.

All rights reserved.

H Across Nobody wins 18 Former NBA 47 Still in the sack
T 1 Accessory for 56 Cookie fruit forward Lamar 48 Ballet knee bend
N CE Supergirl 59 *Book thats been 23 Coal holder 50 Papa
AN O 5 Volkswagen Routan, shortened 24 Museum with a 51 Off-road rides: Abbr.

D for one 63 Male with a thick Goya Gate 52 Wind warning
8 Put into words mane 25 Sport with silk-clad indicated by two red
Y A 12 Andes animal 64 Totals referees called gyoji flags
14 Belgrade native 65 Yes and no 26 Brag 53 In memoriam
IE- 15 Pinnacle 66 Bluesy James 27 Love, to Casanova piece
16 *Bath towel material 67 Believe, as a story 29 Shoot back 54 Relaxed gait
19 Pilates class need 68 Tuckered out 30 Ham-handed 57 Bitty bit
20 Note from the boss 31 Take care of 58 Bitty biter
21 Data storage media Down 33 Tall and lean 60 Shoot the breeze
22 *Bart and Lisas 1 Chowder ingredient 34 Garys st. 61 Academic URL
grandpa 2 Jessica of Good Luck 38 Onion or shallot ending
If a Sims game, a high concept 26 Washroom bowls
28 People are saying ...
3 Picnic side dish
39 Fixes, as Fido
42 Mountain climbers
62 Have a good cry

minimalist web series, a salacious

32 Saudis neighbor
4 Revealing rock genre
5 Scorpions poison
45 Rocks __
33 Neeson of the 6 Gallery showing Speedwagon
80s soap opera, and a seventeenth- Taken films
35 Rare Hawaiian
7 The Voice network
8 Audited, as a class
century boudoir all brought up a child goose
36 Huff Post owner
9 Circus performances
10 Everythings fine
37 Leave high and dry 11 Many man caves
together it might look like 17c. ... or, when divided
into three parts, what
13 Country south of
the answers to 14 18-wheeler
starred clues are 17 Porgy and __
40 One of a
41 Mex. ladies
43 Loosen, as
44 Spew lava and
46 Online live-
stream lecture
48 __ Rico
Crest actress
52 Havent the
55 Its __:
8 Wednesday, November 8, 2017 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Established 1893, 124 years of editorial freedom

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS If human rights are at the core of climate
WILL PARKER ALEC DENT SYDNEY PEREGOY SAVANNAH mitigation policies, everything else falls into
Andrea Orengo, on her experience at the COP 23 in Bonn, Germany
Good for him, but has anyone else noticed
that hes standing next to what is clearly a
Kirk Kovach death ray?
Moderately Annoyed
Mark_B_8219, on a photo of Prof. Reichart standing by a telescope
A senior political science and com-
munications major from Salisbury.
LETTERS TO dont take shortcuts or play
by your own set of rules...


Editorial Board needs
and success doesnt count
unless you earn it fair and

need consensus and clarity Sadly, the message our

university is now trumpet-
ing to our students, to those

to stop
TO THE EDITOR: who are at the core of our
Reading the Oct. 11 edi- mission, is that lux libertas
torial page of the DTH was does not mean honesty,
not a little depressing. The

does not mean rigor, does
Board still has not reached not mean courage.
a consensus on the NRA Rather, convolution,
EDITORIAL really? The Board also manipulation and rational-

seems to be a little on the

Dear Fake News,

emocrats are incensed ization prevail.
about the Russia fence on the issue of free The Reverend Martin
Thing, whatever might speech on campus. Luther King Jr. exhorted
be there, but it takes away from But what really surprised us. We will have to repent
valuable conversations that need me was the use of the word in this generation not mere-
to take place. Congratulations on No institution of media
or journalism has been
really he fell in love with
the idea of Summer?
iteration no less than
twice in the latter article,
ly for the hateful words and
The investigation of Trump actions of the bad people
and his orbit, and how those becoming the word safe from his eagle-eyed Maybe our President Free speech then and now.
While I am aware that
but for the appalling silence
scrutiny. CNN, NBC hates the idea of Fake
individuals interacted with
Russian characters abroad, is of the year. News, ABC, CBS, The News. Not the actual you.
languages change through
of the good people. Human
progress never rolls in on

fascinating. Its truly riveting time, this word seems to wheels of inevitability; it
ear Fake News, New York Times and The If The New York Times have infected the admin-
stuff, but I dont see how it helps Youve had a Washington Post: Fake wasnt actually Fake News, comes through the tireless
Democrats to win unless that istration on campus very efforts of men willing to be
big year. A huge News! the vitriol hes been spew- quicklyto all deans who
tree bears fruit. Let those inves- year, even. And its culmi- With all of the Fake ing would be directed at co workers with God, and
tigations play out. As things might be reading this, without this hard work,
stand now, the President has
nated in this: your crown- News coming out of NBC the freedom of the press please stop using this time itself becomes an ally
approval ratings not remarkably ing as The Collins Word of and the Networks, at and journalists who are word!and apparently our of the forces of social stag-
lower than when he was elected. the Year 2017. what point is it appro- just doing their jobs. everyday speech. nation.
The individuals who mat- You beat out some priate to challenge their Its like when Tom initial- First we are told that Our University has been
ter in upcoming elections are tough competitors like License? Bad for country! ly found out that Summer another iteration of the silent.
not those folks who voted for Fidget Spinner, Insta (as President Donald Trump also liked the Smiths. He board made a vigorous
a prefix) and Unicorn. defense of free speech...
Romney and Bush twice each tweeted just last month. held on to that one ideal Dr. Lewis Margolis
its the people who flipped from and then, This iteration Associate Professor
There were shortlisted He followed up by saying: aspect of her to defend of the board, for the most
Obama to Trump. If you want words that were political Its frankly disgusting what he thought was a UNC Gillings School of
to lambast those people as racist part, still adheres to this Public Health
in nature as well, so con- that the press is able to soulmate-level relationship. position.
or ignorant, thats your preroga- gratulations on surpassing write whatever it wants. But the Smiths are a pretty
tive, but I dont see how it helps I guess that it has
Echo Chamber and Antifa I know were all holding popular band, and Summer become synonymous with Post-scandal, we must
anything. The goal should be to
win back disillusioned voters, in your cultural signifi- our breaths in anticipation was just a flawed (though form or variant. But is challenge status quo
not denigrate them. cance! for what hell be able to still lovable) human being. this really what the word
And thats why the focus As defined means? Its original usage TO THE EDITOR:
should be on policy goals, not by Collins, you emphasizes repetition and I was shocked when I
cultural wars or identity issues. are false, often sequences of procedures read Alexander Peeples
The economy improved dra- sensational, or processes, though I am column from Oct. 16, and
matically after Obama inherited told that it can also mean I think that the author
a disaster in 2009. The current a version of computer soft- missed the entire point of
disseminated warethe probable culprit.
economy is a testament to that: under the guise this primarily academic
for most Americans, the econ- But may I suggest that scandal.
of news report- we stick to the clearer, a
omy has returned to pre-crisis I can only suggest that
ing. former board, or the 2015- the senior history and polit-
levels, and for others, things are
less rosy. For those with a high
Your popu- 2016 board. And later in ical science major attempt
school diploma or less, unem- larity skyrocketed this year. say in 280 characters. Maybe, what our the paragraph, this edito- to get into HIST 383 this
ployment rates sit at almost Since 2016, your usage I can spell out Fake President hates might just rial board will do, though Spring, Big-Time College
twice the rate of college grads. went up 365 percent. News 28 times (with spac- be... the press. And what he you could have said, the Sports and the Rights of
The voters who pushed the Thats essentially a per- es) in a single tweet now. might be hanging on to to current board, or maybe Athletes, 1956 to the pres-
blue states into the Republican centage point a day. Talk about power! justify that might just be... just we for heavens sake. ent the class that the
And, to students who administration attempted
fold are largely of the latter Whether or not you You know, Fake News, it you.
cohort: education became a may be reading this, a to remove from the regis-
meant for things to might make you insecure Anyway, I was just note on prepositions. The
much more salient factor in this work out this way, the that the person who hypes checking in with you after trar this fall.
election. Whereas income or expression is based on; This is coming from
hearty endorsements you you up the most only does hearing the big (not Fake) not based off of; or based
race might have been more pre- someone who is not a fan
received from President it to antagonize you. news (ha ha). around. of college athletics, and
dictive before, that split between
Trump boosted your vis- But maybe hes using Warmest Regards, someone who went to a
high school graduate or not
mattered measurably more. ibility big-time in the past you to antagonize what Larry the Twitter Bird Prof. Donald Haggis different University during
While suspending for one 12 months. he thinks you represent. P.S. Yes, its my real Classics his undergraduate history
second the more untoward On Twitter alone, our Youve seen 500 Days of name you can look it up, its career (NCSU).
aspects of the Donald Trump president has name- Summer, right? You know definitely not Fake News. UNC shows true You seem so satisfied
campaign that ginned up fringe dropped you 167 times how Tom thought he fell Thats you! colors post-scandal with the status quo in only
elements of the nation, this since winning the election. in love with Summer, but Okay, take care now. the way that a privileged
focus on the educational divide white Southern man could
should inform Democrats head- TO THE EDITOR: be (coming from someone
ing into the future. Instead of The University state- who is equally pale and
ments about the athlet-
excoriating the working-class
votes that tended toward Trump
SATIRICAL ADVICE COLUMN ics/academic scandal are
male). However judging
by your statement that we

You Asked for It

for certain promises he may shameful. belong to a, university with
have made, to this point unful- As the NCAA reports, a commitment to ensuring
filled, Democrats should focus UNC acknowledged that all students can afford to
on winning them back. the courses did not meet, attend... we seem not to
So, it matters less whether In which we attend college, plan weddings and thwart disaster. involved little, if any, faculty
engagement and were fre-
come from similar socio-
economic backgrounds.
or not President Trump is
impeached. If that happens, we Perry Carter (The Suite quently graded by a former Ive had to take on sig-
big eaters, but your food curriculum secretary.
get President Pence. If he goes, Life) and Derek Fulton (The nificant debt to attend two
budget is small. Dont fret Even if there were no
Paul Ryan, and after him, Orrin Suit Life) are the writers of public universities, and for
suffragette! lol vacuous and impotent
Hatch. Are any of those guys UNCs premier (only!) satiri- me and others tuition is far
Consider CDS the official NCAA, this we know.
really preferable, policy-wise? cal advice column. Results from the affordable.
caterer of your nuptials. Many UNC athletes
Not for the left. may vary. So rather than have the
With just your One Card, gained credit for fraudulent
We should focus more on You: Dear Perry, you can give guests a multi- mere idea of a decent uni-
running candidates that can Perry Carter and Derek Fulton classes and as a result those versity, why not actually
I just got engaged! course international dining athletes maintained aca-
offer policy solutions that appeal I hate that I cant show Senior English and communica- experience that includes advocate for improvements
to wide swaths of voters, not just tion major from Raleigh demic eligibility to compete and provide full throated
you the ring because this is a dessert! in games.
those of us in more urban areas. written submission. Senior quantitative biology major Speaking of, is it cool if criticism of its failings?
If Democrats are to succeed, from Charlotte Thats the core truth of Maybe my glasses have a
Im super overjoyed, but, your wedding cake is a stack this shameful affair.
though, they mustnt, as Saint oh my gosh, how am I going Email of sugar cookies? skeptical too-dark tint, but
Reagan might say, let perfect questions with YAFI in the subject! In sharing the early I counter that yours are far
to balance senior year and 3. Your wedding venue: influences on her life,
be the enemy of good enough. planning a wedding? more than a building too rosy.
Republicans have this problem Michelle Obama remarked,
Blissfully, MRS degree: The Carolina Inn is nice, We learned about honesty
in their own fractured coalition: Bride 2 B(eat Dook) but the Carolina Union is the Bennet Chapman
their moderates are too mod- 1. Your wedding hashtag and integritythat the Information Science
right price.
erate and their conservatives You Asked For It: can be your something bor- truth matters... that you Graduate student
rowed. Book now through
are too conservative, making Congratulations! I say
It takes a lot creative Reserve Carolina: https://
it impossible to whip together that because you have
The left is a splintered group
achieved something?
Senior year of college is
energy to come up with a
social media hashtag that is meetings-events/reserve. SPEAK OUT
right now, but that need not last anxiety-inducing on its own. punny and efficiently com- You: Dear Derek, WRITING GUIDELINES
Theres pressure to make bines both your name and A few of the new trees Please type. Handwritten letters will not be accepted.
forever. As Democrats (hopeful-
plans after graduation, his. outside Genome Sciences Sign and date. No more than two people should sign letters.
ly) win in elections leading up to
people are leaving and you By the time you have a Building are really getting Students: Include your year, major and phone number.
2020, the party should coalesce
want to say goodbye, and good one, youre too tired to on my nerves. Faculty/staff: Include your department and phone number.
behind a powerful figure that
maybe you have financial study for that PR Writing One sapling in particular Edit: The DTH edits for space, clarity, accuracy and vulgarity. Limit
transcends ideological chasms. letters to 250 words.
A big tent is hard to maintain, woes. And, in the middle of exam! is really razzing my berries.
but now is the perfect time to all of that, youre trying to do Save time and effort by Like, its really asking for it. SUBMISSION
patch any holes leading up to a major life level-up! having guests use UNCs offi- I think I am going to Drop off or mail to our office at 151 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill,
Hang in there, girl. cial hashtag #GDTBATH on have to explosively get rid NC 27514
the midterms and beyond.
Mama, having been in 3 their instas of your wedding. of it. Email:
(count em) short-term rela- You still go here, so why not? Do you think thats a fea-
tionships in college, Ive got 2. Unlimited swipes = sible idea?

11/10 Lens of Onyx EDITORS NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily rep-
Cameron Jernigan writes on a few tips to help you stay unlimited guests. resent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the
His extended family are
You Asked For It: opinions of The Daily Tar Heel editorial board, which comprises 10 board
politics, race and social justice. sane as you complete your
Too soon, man, too soon. members, the opinion assistant editor and editor and the editor-in-chief.