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Nabors 660

Since the offloading of the rig from the Hamriyah Pride; a major before the de-ballasting operation was initiated.
feature in our last edition, one of our primary objectives has been to
get the 660 jacking system operational using the rig’s own power. This allowed the cans to be raised into position finally and the
installation of two additional sections of leg enabled trial jacking to
Most recently the spud cans have been fitted and two sections of leg be exercised using power supplied from the neighbouring Nabors
installed to a total of 158 feet. In conjunction we have reinstalled rig, Ocean Master 8.
the refurbished jacking system and a fourth round of pinions is
currently being added. The variable frequency drive room is now fully complete and all
electrical equipment has been installed. Cable pulling is currently
The process of installing the spud cans into the leg wells involves the in progress throughout the rig to provide the required power up on
sinking of the spud cans, shown in the top photograph weighing in all systems. This will enable us to proceed to the commissioning
at 198 Tons each and the positioning of the rig over the cans using phase of the project. This project, the largest rig project undertaken
two 250t cranes. This has now been completed with the first leg by Lamprell thus far, will be completed on schedule at the end of
bay attached to the spud can itself prior to sinking with the lower the year.
leg guides. A diving crew was deployed to first check the position (Continued)
A Word from our Chairman Rig Jupiter Croatia
The first half year of 2007 has seen the Company continue to expand and develop following on and made ready to receive additional bespoke pipe work and
from our highly successful year in 2006. Throughout the first half of this year we have continued to equipment at a later date.
outperform expectations and we continue to see significant additional opportunities for Lamprell both in
terms of additional major projects and also opportunities to further expand the scope and reach of the The two original cranes on board the rig have been replaced with
Company. port and starboard mounted National Varco 10,000 series cranes
as well as the addition of a smaller aft crane featuring a design
In this first six months of 2007 we have commenced the simultaneous construction of the first two lift boats structure developed by Lamprell Engineering in Sharjah. A National
for our client Seajacks. We have also been awarded and commenced construction of the first of the Super representative was on site for the duration of the commissioning and
116E Le Tourneau jack up drilling rigs for Scorpion, with options in place for a further four similar units. load testing of all cranes witnessed by ABS and the client.
We have also seen the successful launch of two of the three Flash Gas Compression Barges for our client
The rig now features a zero pollution MODU compliant heli-deck
Peter Whitbread, Chairman SBM for the Kashagan Field Development in the Caspian Sea. This being the largest single project and a 45’ Cantilever, Integrated sub base and drill floor module
completed to date by Lamprell.
& C.E.O of Lamprell plc designed, fabricated and Installed by Lamprell. Installation was
These represent some of the highlights of the year todate. However, these projects represent only a fraction of the work currently achieved by the skidding of the cantilever module onto a waiting
underway in what promises to be the busiest and most successful year in the Company’s history. barge. The barge was then maneuvered to the rig location and the
module was successfully installed using a winch system directly onto
During this first half year we have also seen a significant development in our training and development program which has been set the rig push up and hold down clamps.
up jointly with the Don Bosco Academy in Mumbai.
Whilst levels 1 and 2 where refitted the new black box constructed
This initiative was initially set up as a training school for potential welders and fabricators who would ultimately join the Company levels 3, 4, 5 allowed for completion in GSP’s Constanta operations
GSP’s rig Jupiter departed Victor Lenac shipyard, Rikjeka Croatia
after qualification. However, over the past year Lamprell has significantly extended this initial initiative to the point where this is now
on 18th July 2007 after an extensive program of upgrades and base in August. This stay is also being used to accommodate
the corner stone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy.
repairs completed since the rig’s first arrival in the yard back in the installation of specific items of drilling machinery and control
We have now expanded this program to provide welfare, education and support to disadvantaged young people in the North West January 2007. housing.
of India.
Working in an overseas location for an extended period of time A multi discipline commissioning team led by Elvis Rigby has been
The concept of the program is to provide sufficient support to the disadvantaged such that they will ultimately acquire a proper such as this has served as a major test for the Lamprell project seconded from Sharjah to assist Mack and sub contractor Kaefer to
education and a working skill which will enable them to become self sufficient. This broad spectrum education and training program management team but in hindsight it has provided considerable address areas of carry over and the completion of any additional
will eventually produce better educated and skilled members of society who can rise above the poverty line and become productive lessons in a challenging environment. client required work scopes.
members of society. We at Lamprell have the advantage of not only providing the financial resources to provide this education and
training but also to provide direct employment within our Organization. A core team under the control of Dave Morris, Lamprell Project It is anticipated that the Jupiter will depart under tow at the end of
Manager assembled at the start of this project to work alongside September to take up a new position in the Black Sea.
This is an initiative in which we should take great pride as a Company. Through the efforts and success of everyone within Lamprell
Croatian based Mack Engineering, Project Manager Nenad Ruzic
we are all giving something back in some small way to help the disadvantaged and I feel that this is another significant step in the
ongoing positive and responsible development of our Company. and GSP’s resident site team and rig crew under the overall control
of Mr. Paul Nichiforov.

The GSP contingent exceeded over 60 personnel at the height of the

Nabors 660 project as the scope of work for this rig was extensive.

This included the comprehensive blasting and coating of the main

Five new Caterpillar 3516 engines have now been installed along The rig was jacked out of the water for the first time under the rig’s
deck and hull structure, as well as the accommodation, jack houses
with radiators and exhausts to include all related piping and own power supply on the 7th Sept 2007 and this represents yet
and existing heli-deck support structure.
electrical supply cabling. another major milestone in the rehabilitation of this storm damaged
Prefabricated packages, equipment and piping where assembled
on the quay in advance of arrival but the fabrication of additional
Heli-Deck framing has been installed and a specially designed
piping for high pressure lines, deluge systems general replacement
“Pancake” has been received into the yard and made ready for
pipe work is a theme that dominated throughout the course of the

A replacement sub base and a new drill floor where recently

During the program the Jupiter has seen all five existing engines
installed and a new derrick is now being prepared. This will open
replaced with new Caterpillar 3512’s and the removal of the
up a completely new set of work fronts for us as we turn the corner
original two mud pumps in preference for the installation of three
toward full completion of the upgrade.
Upetrom new built units.

The accommodation is coming along as planned and is on schedule

As a consequence the rig required significant modifications to the
for completion in mid October. The plumbing and HVAC units are
overall pump footprint and the introduction of additional piping to
being installed along with all power cabling and the cabins and
accommodate the third pump.
galley are taking shape as is the new jacking system control room.
A new built shaker house and mud handling system was also fitted

2 3
Global Santa Fe Double Header For Ensign
In July 2007 two significant events were recognized on the Global RIG 31 The project was headed by Mr. Bert Shooter (Ensign) and Mr.
Santa Fe rig refurbishment projects at the Lamprell, Sharjah Darren Killeen (OES). A final completion and commissioning
facility. November 2006 date was set for the rig's departure from our yard for the end of
heralded the arrival of September 2007.
As the two remaining Global Santa Fe rigs left the shipyard we Ensign International
recorded over 3 million man hours without a loss time incident (LTI) Services and Rig 31 into Mr. Bert Shooter shared with us that he had actually lifted this rig’s
on the High Island II and the Main Pass IV refurbishment projects. the Oilfield Engineering mast for the first time on 28 August 1989, when the rig was brand
facility at Jebel Ali. Whilst new.
This is a huge achievement when the volume of work is considered. the Middle East is a
It is even more significant when the divergence of trades required relatively new territory for I8 years ago and to the day, He lifted the mast again here in Jebel
is taken into account. Ensign; a major drilling Ali for and on behalf of Ensign International Energy Services. A
contractor in Canada measure-able 75% of the existing mast has either been refurbished
From the basic steel repair and overall repainting of both rigs to the operating multiple or replaced and not one pin needed to be hammered into place.
major activities executed in the repair of the legs the rig teams have land rigs, their spring This is a true testament to the skill sets and competencies of our
been exceptional with over 1100 men working onboard the rigs, board to this area came fabrication team.
at any given time. from the acquisition of
OD&E (Onshore Drilling KCA DEUTAG RIG T-202
The project team, client representatives and the Sharjah safety team and Exploration) out of
are to be congratulated on this excellent performance, and we trust Australia back in 2004. KCA Deutag, Rig T-202, first upgraded and refurbished by OES
that this effort will be replicated in the safe completion of GSF rig back in 2005 in advance of a mobilization to Bangladesh, arrived
103. Rig 31 had been stacked in Ajman Port for approximately 7 back in the yard on 15 August 2007.
years but after a round of discussions with Mr. Garry White, Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer for Ensign, a refurbishment The rig which is currently a 2000 HP unit will be upgraded to 3000
program was agreed upon and a contract signed. HP and will include a new top drive installation, extended pony
bases and a larger capacity mud system. The work is scheduled
The rig, a 2000HP Dreco Unit, has undergone extensive mast and to be carried out on an aggressive timeline, and will be completed
sub base refurbishment. A new mud system has been commissioned within in 9 weeks.
together with new engine shacks incorporating MTU power packs
a first for our facility as opposed to the conventional Caterpillar The rig is then scheduled to leave to take up a new a drilling
configuration. Works are now well advanced and on schedule for contract in Libya. In an effort to stay on course with this aggressive
the rig to finish commissioning on time. The rig will then depart in timeline, the pre-fabrication work has already started on the mud
advance of a start up drilling program for a regional oil company. system in advance of the rig’s actual arrival.

Rig 31 Project Manager, Mr. John Weldon, has actually worked

with this rig since the late 80’s and found himself working again in
the company of our Manager of Projects, Mr. Gavin Lekich.

The two worked on Rig 31 in Indonesia (in their younger days).

We would like to extend a special note of thanks to John for
his support during this project and to our client, Ensign for their
commitment in placing this refurbishment contract with Lamprell
Oilfield Engineering.

RIG 49

A 3000 HP Pyramid Rig, only six months ago Rig 49 and a third
rig also called Rig 31 were cold stacked in Venezuela. Ensign
International Energy Services, requested our Manager of Projects,
Mr. Gavin Lekich, to inspect the rigs with a view to putting them
to work after upgrade and refurbishment here in the Middle East

Rig 49 arrived at Jebel Ali quayside in February 2007 and OES

took delivery of both units into the yard. Within two weeks of arrival,
Rig 49 had secured a drilling program with a major oil and gas
company in Oman and the second of their Lamprell refurbishment
programs was started.

4 5
FPSO DeeP Producer 1 Kashagan FGC Barges
Construction of FPSOcean DeeP Producer topsides M20 The first two Modules B3 and B4 were successfully loaded out from The significance of this event was recognised by a dinner and
separation module, due for completion in December 07 is the Jebel Ali facility in July and have now been handed over to the cabaret evening held in the Madinat Jumeirah ballroom. The
now well underway and will be followed by the M80 power SBM Siemens partnership. event was well attended by the members of the project team, their
generation module and M90 electrical module which are both spouses, invited guests and dignitaries from the partner clients.
due in January 08. In addition to these works for FPSOcean, The modules were transferred from the Jebel Ali production facility
Scana AS Norway a client partner in the Deep Producer to berth 43 at Jebel Ali port where both modules were loaded-out This has been a major project that has had a number of different
project will provide the first of a new generation detachable onto the Lamprell owned semi-submersible barge ‘Hamriyah Pride’. challenges during the construction and completion works, all of
riser buoy (DRB). which have been managed and resolved through the close working
The barge then undertook the ‘float-off’ procedure for placing the spirit of co-operation between all the parties involved.
Lamprell have been retained by Scana AS to construct the first modules in the water. This was a particularly difficult operation,
of there new DRB’s the buoy’s mating structure and gantry. which was successfully engineered and completed within the Once again, we express our thanks to all members of the Kashagan
The buoy will be delivered in November of this year with the confines of the port. Following ‘float-off’ the modules were brought project team including our specialist sub-contractors and suppliers
ancillary items accompanying the delivery of module M20 in alongside berth 42 / 43 where completion works were carried out for their efforts and support throughout the project.
December. The bottom photograph shows the first of the buoys prior to SBM Siemens handing over the modules to AgipKCO for
under construction. transfer to the Caspian sea. "We are confident this level of commitment will continue through
to the completion of B16" stated John Swift, Lamprell Project
Module B16 is to be loaded out for handover to SBM Siemens at a Manager.
later date still to be advised by AgipKCO.

6 7
Aker FP Smart 1 Gimboa
Considerable progress is now being equipment and material delays
achieved on the two separation modules which is a credit to all involved and
P10 and P11 and the manifold module U30 particularly highlights the good
in accordance with our client’s instruction working relationship that has been
as we head toward the required delivery developed with Saipem in the
dates of 15th October for P10 and mid
overcoming of such adversities.
November for P11/U30.

As a direct result of the award received by Saipem Topside Construction

Aker FP from Reliance India, this project Manager Mr Tom O’Hara said
has been the subject of considerable ”Lamprell and Saipem have been
variation, an increase in weight and a able to maintain the aggressive
level of complexity well in excess of project schedule and at the same
that anticipated in the initial construction time maintain a high level of safety
contract. We are working with Aker FP to in the workplace, with the project
manage this process without disruption to recently achieving 750,000 man
our agreed schedule. hours with zero lost time incidents
to date, which is a credit to all”.
The introduction of a blast wall on module
M10 and the procurement of additional
heavy wall duplex piping, electrical and The modules will commence load
instrumentation is ongoing at this time and out during October onto
a collaborative approach between Lamprell the Hamriyah Pride,
and Aker Process has been developed in for transport to the Dry
an effort to source and secure materials Docks. The completed
from vendors worldwide. FPSO will then set sail for
for Mr. Mads Andersen, Mr. Mikkel Maartens, Mr. Arne Tornqvuist The Gimboa topside an Angolan oilfield in the
and Mr. Per Harald Kongelf to visit our facility and witness the module project is now
A major time benefit has been realized by the purchase of the second quarter of 2008.
progress being made on the project first hand.
additional heavy wall SS316 cladded separators from within our well advanced and
region. approaching the stage
“We are very satisfied with the quality of the module fabrication
here at Lamprell. Of course we have some challenges ahead but we where the project team is
Our sub contractor GMMOS, will deliver vessels very much on a preparing all modules for
remain confident that through our joint efforts the sail away dates
fast track basis, and to limit the risk of any additional delay on completion and load out.
will be met” stated Mr. Maartens Executive Vice President Aker
vessel supply, Aker process have ordered two additional vessels
Floating Production.
themselves, to be fabricated by GMMOS in the shortest possible
“The project teams from
both Lamprell and Saipem
The project is taking on are working well together
a new dimension contrary and are now focussing on
to a typical client/vendor delivering the completed
arrangement. Aker Process modules to Dubai Dry
is working at break neck Docks to the agreed
speed to complete detail schedule for integration
drawings with simplified with the FPSO” said Project Manager
designs to allow fabrication Jim Clements.
to continue unhindered.
There are six modules in total, namely
The early receipt of
manual valves and hydro dedicated modules for local equipment
cyclones has also made a control, gas lift, TEG dehydration,
considerable contribution chemical injection, HP & LP separation
toward accelerated and sand removal.
completion at this point in
the project. The modules when complete will be
transported by barge to Dubai Dry
In September we received Docks and integrated with the FPSO
a high level management hull along with another module for
delegation drawn from the
water treatment and sand removal.
Aker Group, Aker FP, and
the Aker Kvaerner Process
Systems Divisions. Lamprell staff and workforce have
been able to maintain the project
It was the first opportunity schedule despite a number of

8 9
Kashagan Sail Away Party
The load out and sail away of barges B3 and B4 was celebrated
at a spectacular dinner held in Dubai, in July 2007. The event
brought together personnel, wives and partners from across the
project and was also attended by the Lamprell management team
and VIP representatives from SBM, Siemens, AgipKco and Partners.
The challenges and milestones achieved in this project were
acknowledged and recognized by the evening’s speakers namely
Mr. David Douglas and Mr. John Stubbs but the exceptional quality
of the barges constructed by
Lamprell, formed the basis of a
repetitive theme throughout the
event, "The Lamprell barges are
a model for future construction"
stated Mr. Stubbs Project
Director AGIPKco.

10 11
FPSO FRADE Modules and Manifold Deck HSE – Training The Trainers
Construction activities are proceeding Currently we have a total of four NEBOSH certified safety managers to recognize all international bodies and common health and
on all seven modules as well as the employed within our facilities this will increase to seven by the end safety objectives. In an unprecedented departure, we have made
manifold deck. Structural, piping, of September 2007. the prescribed course of study available to all Lamprell safety
E&I and pressure vessel works are all department managers, supervisors, and safety officers.
progressing in accordance with the NEBOSH is the UK’s recognized health and safety authority and
schedule, together with the installation co-exists on philosophy with other international authorities on issues On completion of the course we will command over thirty 3rd party
of client free issue equipment. Upon of common policy. certified, safety advisors across our three facilities and in turn this
completion of the Lamprell scope of will necessitate the recruitment of additional safety personnel to
work the modules and turret manifold The newly developed international NEBOSH certificate sets out work in our most prioritized department.
deck are to be handed over to SBM
for transfer to Dubai Dry Docks
where the units will be integrated Training School Update
onto the vessel conversion, which is
currently ongoing.
The Learn2worK Initiative
The works being undertaken by
Lamprell include two separation Our Mumbai based trade training school at the
modules; two compression modules; Don Bosco Maritime Academy is now in full swing
two power generation modules and with the 5th and 6th batch of trainee intakes
one module for gas treatment as well fast approaching graduation. It is hoped that the
as the turret manifold deck. graduates will travel to the UAE for integration to the
existing workforce over the autumn period.
We express our appreciation to all
members of the FPSO FRADE project An upgrade to the training facility is now underway
team including our specialist sub-contractors and suppliers for their efforts and support throughout the project. with a frame gantry crane and a new training facility
structure currently being designed by Lamprell in
FPSO Olowi
The new concrete foundation for the facility is
now underway and the work is scheduled to be
completed September 07. It is hoped that the batch
The base case
5 trainees will be the first to benefit from the new
award includes the
buildings and facilities when ready.
fabrication of 6
modules of various
The objective of the new outdoor heavy steel facility
sizes, and we
is to simulate the actual working environment found
are in continuing
here in the UAE. Trainees will then undergo a 4
discussions with
week, heavy steel fabrication orientation program.
our client to add to
this number during
The Work2livE Initiative
In July a second group of 19 short term trainees completed their
the next phase of
course in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) at the 6G quality Celebrating the sixtieth anniversary since independence was
level and have now traveled to Sharjah. Our first full term group of gained; India can now boast the fastest growing economy in the
19 welder trainees commenced their course in August and will be world and yet the gap between the wealthy and those living below
The project will be
qualified at the 6G level in flux core arc welding (FCAW). the poverty line is increasing. A recent report suggested that over
delivered to the
300 million people are currently living on less than one US Dollar
vessel in a number
To ensure that all graduating trainees are armed with the necessary per day.
of stages with the
skill sets before arrival in the UAE the fabrication syllabus has been
last delivery now
extended to accommodate expanded studies in pipe and plate In conjunction with our partners DBMA we have now embarked on
scheduled for
development calculations and their practical application. our second initiative, the Work2livE program.
March of next year.
Lamprell are again
In order for our welder students to achieve higher than expected Essentially we will provide appropriate educational training, food
very happy to be
competency a series of test joints of increasing difficulty has been and lodging subsistence for underprivileged youths who find
working with Kanfa,
developed, that not only replicate real site situations, but also set out themselves through no fault of their own, living below this poverty
after the success
to test the welder’s level of skill within each individual exercise. line.
of the Bergesen/
Lamprell Energy Limited has cut first steel on the topside modules
Pemex KMZ project delivered in August 2006. This vessel is now
for the Fred Olsen Production, Knock Allen FPSO currently under Candidates who lack opportunity but have the ability to adopt
fully operational in the Bay of Campeche.
refurbishment and conversion at the Dubai Dry Docks for Norway’s (Continued)
Kanfa process systems.

12 13
and adapt to a disciplined lifestyle in a learning environment will be the UAE can be achieved. Such a lengthy program may prove to be
offered a training opportunity linked to gainful employment. too difficult for some and a drop out rate needs to be expected. Qualified
Lamprell Golfand Committed
Tournament 2006
This course will be much longer in duration and it is currently We remain confident that the program has considerable merit
scheduled to be in excess of twelve months. This initial period will and offers great potential for those students who can demonstrate This year we have embarked upon a program of schools sponsorship This is a form of school sponsorship that we would like to extend
be used to develop confidence and the basic competencies required the self belief and an unwavering drive to improve their own that will include not only the provision of Lamprell branded sports to other colleges in the future. The regional school system provides
and will function as a feeder program to the existing training circumstances. kit, but also extend to a set of company sponsored motivational education for hundreds of Lamprell dependents across the Emirates,
curriculum. awards designed to motivate and recognize the efforts of improving and we firmly believe that programs of this nature have considerable
The pilot program has begun with 6 trainees. And we look forward students who continue to work hard to better their results. motivational merit.
It is expected that the Work2livE program will require a support to sharing the progress of this program with you in the future.
infrastructure of over two to three years before a working position in This year’s program has
been extended to the
English College Dubai
who will don Lamprell
livery on the sports field
for the duration of the

The School will also enter

an under 19 squad for
the International Rugby
Sevens tournament
to be held in Dubai in
November 2007
As well as sending a
multi sports CO-ED
representative group to
Australia in July 2008 to
compete against Schools
based in the Queensland

Commenting on the
program, Allan Forbes
school Headmaster stated
“We are extremely grateful
Seajacks and excited to be the first
school to benefit from the
sponsorship program.
The fabrication and production phase of
the Seajacks project has commenced and We feel that Lamprell’s
the significance of this early milestone was Qualified and Committed
celebrated by the cutting of first steel for credo is a model theme,
Unit One (1) spud cans, 3 weeks ahead worthy of adoption by
of schedule in July 2007. our school as it conveys
the underlying message
To recognize this event, Mr John Ansell, that great things can
pictured right the resident Seajacks be achieved by our
Construction Manager was invited to start students when they apply
the CNC machine that cut the first plate themselves in the pursuit
in the company of the project team, the of excellence”.
Seajacks management and invited guests
from the international and regional press.

“The Seajacks project team have worked

extremely hard to achieve this milestone
Headmaster Mr. Allan
ahead of schedule”, commented the Project
Forbes flanked by Sandra
Manager. “The basic and detailed design
Kendry and Simon Leigh,
are progressing well as per the schedule,
Head of Sports receiving
and all major equipment subcontracts are
the inaugeral shirt designed
now firmly in place”.
exclusively for the School.

14 15