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Actors are one of the most important agents of the growing forest degradation here in the

Philippines. It can be individuals, group of individuals or corporations whose actions may affect the

ecosystem, or even human life. In the Philippine context, the degradation of forests are resulted from

anthropogenic actions, or the actions of the people itself, or sometimes it is caused by natural

phenomena, like typhoons, and forest fires. Anthropogenic causes include actors like loggers, slash and

burn cultivators, miners and others.

In the recent recorded case of tree-cutting activity of prohibited Benguet Pine (Pinus insularis) in

Brgy. Balintaugan, Bauko Town Mt. Province, that was coincidentally caught by the air surveillance of

DENR using the chopper of Philippine Airforce, authorities had confiscated 13,582.99 board feet of

illegally logged pine lumber worth P500, 000, individuals have been recognized as the major actors of

theactivity. The perpetrators were identified as , Carlos Kimaki Combisen, 55 years old of Balintuagan,

Bauko; Ariel Bateg Bomogao, 36 year old of Baguio City, brothers Jerry and Joel Magnanang Padingil,

26 and 23, years old, and William Bistayok Daping, 49, all residents of Angkileng, Sagada.1 The

confiscated logs was said to be used for household purposes only, but Mr. Octavio Cuanso OIC of

Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Mt. Province, said that the

aforementioned activity is cant be use for any purposes, aside from the reason that Benguet Pines are in

the list of prohibited trees, they also failed in showing tree-cutting permit and is enough to conclude that

this activity is illegal logging . And because of that, they face criminal charges in violation of Republic

Act 705 (Revised Forestry Code). In the current time, 5 suspects are in their temporary liberty because of

posting a bail.

The tree-cutting permit is can only be requested to and issued by, Department of Natural

Resources and Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR-CENRO) for (public

places, private lands, infrastructure projects, government projects), and must provide: Letter application,

LGU Endorsement/Certification of No Objection (Municipality and Barangay), Copy of Land Title

(OCT/TCT) for Private Property, Photographs of trees to be removed, Site Development Plan and ECC

for big projects.2 The effectivity of the permits, according to Mr.Cuanso will depend on the numbers of

trees to be cut, if it is 5 trees the permit can only be effective for 3 days. If the cutting of trees will

inflicts environmental damage in a particular area, our forest officers will recommend that tree cutting

permits will not be issued because it can be resulted to environmental degradation he added.

In contrast, there were no corporations involved in the said illegal logging. The continuing actions

of the government and continued support from the officials is necessary to sustained and protect the

environment. The strong implementation of laws will also help to decrease the growing concern on forest

degradation in the Philippines.

Recorded Activities

July 27, 2005 Natonin, Mt. Province

- In July 2005, Roger Atangen and Ignacio Bagoyboy filed a complaint together with Atty.

Eric Banasan against the officials of Community Environmental and Natural Resources and

Philippine National Police because of their neglectful actions on the on-going operations on

illegal logging in the Eastern part of the town. According to the complainants, if the

authorities will ignore the continuing operations of illegal logging in the mountainous parts of

Sitio Marong, Tuboy and Banewellugar, it would cause dangers to its inhabitants.3

May 9, 2009 Bontoc, Mt. Province

- In May 2005, Provincial Peace and Order Council together with Governor Maximo Dalog

sought assistance and help from the higher officials of the national government in managing

the persistent illegal logging and the continual destruction of watersheds in Bontoc, Mt.

Province. The initiative of Gov. Maximo Dalog and the PPOC Chairman to take their

concerns to the national level is because of the weak implementation of policies and

mandates in the protection and conservation of forests and the watersheds as well as the

failure of the Philippine National Police to regulate checkpoints not only in Bontoc, Mt.

Province, but also of the different municipalities of Mt. Province.4

November 7, 2015 Paracelis, Mt. Province

(Dumlao, 2005)
(Doga-ong, 2009)
- In November 2016, Robert Ayyog Ludan, a resident of Paracelis, Mt. Province was arrested

by the Philippine National Police by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by the Regional Trial

Court in Bontoc in violation of the provisions of Republic Act 705 or The Revised Forestry


May 15, 2016 Brgy. Balintaugan, Bauko, Mt. Province

- In May 2016, in a 5-hectare alleged illegal logging site in Sitio Bataan, Brgy. Balintaugan,

Bauko, Mountain Province, a total of five persons were arrested and authorities had also

obtained a half a million pesos worth of illegally-sawn lumber and by-products.

The total volume of illegally-sawn lumber was 13, 582.99 board feet5 composed of 2,

401pieces assorted sizes with total market value of P380, 383.67 and the by-products, 34

sacks of charcoal with a value of over P100, 000. Aside from the illegally-sawn lumber and

sacks of charcoal, during the air surveillance of the Community Environment and Natural

Resources officers of Sabangan using the choppers of Philippine Air Force, they had,

coincidentally, recovered two chainsaws and three guide bars used by the perpetrators in the

alleged logging site.

After confirming the activity, CENRO Sabangan immediately informed PNP Mountain

Province and even asked for assistance for the recovery of the illegally-sawn and the

materials used by the perpetrators.

Philippine Nation Police of the Cordillera Region named the arrested persons as, Carlos

Kimakim Combisen, 55 years old, a resident of Balintaugan; Ariel Bateg Bomogao, 36 years

old, a resident of Amkileng, Sagada; Joel Magnanang Padingil, 26 years old, a resident also

of Amkileng, Sagada; and William Bistayok Daping, 49 years old, resident of Amkileng,

(Cuanso, 2016)
Sagada. All of them are from Mt. Province. The arrested individuals and the materials

recovered are brought to the Mt. Province Police headquarters.6

Currently, the five named individuals are in their temporary liberty for posting a bail.

Acording to Atty. Crizaldy Barcelo, the 5 arrested individuals will be arraigned on the second

week of September.

(See, 2016)