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FEB 2017
Employee Details Payment & Leave Details Location Details
Emp No. 1021746 Bank Name ICICI Bank Location Madhapur-Hyderabad

Dsgn. I.T. Analyst Acc No. XXXXXXX3080 Base Br. TCS - Hyderabad

Grade C2 UAN XXXXXXX2177 Days paid 28 Depute Br. TCS - Hyderabad

PAN XXXXXXX804Q Leave Balance EL X SL X CL X WON/SWON 2751830

Earnings Arrears (INR) Current (INR) Deductions Amount (INR)

Basic Salary 15,800.00 Provident Fund 1,896.00
Conveyance Non Taxable 1,600.00 Professional Tax 200.00
House Rent Allowance 8,000.00 Income Tax 3,781.00
Sundry Medical 1,250.00 Health Insurance Scheme Premium 2,576.00
Leave Travel Allowance 1,317.00
Personal Allowance 27,392.00
City Allowance 1,800.00
Performance Pay 7,400.00

Total Earnings (Current + Arrears) 64,559.00 Total Deductions 8,453.00

Net Pay (INR) 56,106.00

Projected Annual Tax Information

Annual Income* 7,28,447.00 Net Tax Income r/o 6,48,684.00
Professional Tax 2,400.00 Total Tax Payable 56,379.00
Chapter VIA relief 77,363.00 Tax Deducted till date 52,599.00
Balance Tax 3,780.00

* Please Note, Annual Income is after considering the exemption - if any.

Your food card entitlement for the month of FEB 2017 is Rs. 2,000.00 and the same will be credited to your food card .

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