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Transformation of sentence (Simple, complex

and compound) at a glance

Transformation of sentence (Simple, complex and compound) at a glance
Simple Compound Complex
01. Verb+ing +Extension ,Subject+ can/ Verb+ Ext. +and +Subject +can/could If +sub+ verb+ other word, sub
could+ verb+ Ext. +verb+ Ext. +can/may +verb +Other word.
Example; Reading books, you can Example: Read books and you can acquire If you read books you can aquire
acquire knowledge. knowledge. knowledge.
02. Subject +verb +ing +other word x Subject+ Realative pronoun+ P.V.+
+P.V. +other word. other word+ P.V.+ other word.
Some people working in the field are Some people who are working in the field
farmers. are farmers.
03. Subject+ P.V. +other word +and +subject Subject+ P.V.+ noun Phrase+ who/
Subject+P.V.+article+adverb+adjective+ +P.V. +other word. which/that +P.V. +other word.
noun. I saw a man and he was a lame. I saw a man who was lame.
I saw a lame man.
04. Subject+ verb +object +verb S+ to be verb S+ verb +phrase +relative pronoun+ to
(ing)+object. (am/is/are/was/were)+verb(ing)+and+ be verb +present participle/past
Example; I saw them playing. verb(ing). participle.
Example: They were playing and I saw Example; I saw them who were playing.
05. Subject+ verb +infinitive (to Subject +verb +and Subject +verb +so that +subject+
+verb) +subject+want/wanted+to+verb. can/could/may/might+ verb
We eat to live. We eat and (we) want to live. Example: We eat so that we may live.
04. Subject +to be verb (past/present) Subject+ to be verb(past/present)+very Subject +to be verb(past/present) +so
+too +adj+ to +verb +adjective +and +can not/could not +adj +that +s +cannot/could not
Example: He was too weak to walk. +verb+ext. +verb+.
He was very weak and could not walk. Example: He was so weak that he could
not walk.
05. Sub+ verb (past/present)+too +adj+ Sub +verb (past/present)+very+ adj+ Sub +verb(past/present)+so+ adj+ that
for +objective form+ to +verb and +sub+ cannot/could not +verb +sub+ cannot/could not +verb
(present)+other word. (present)+other word. (present)+other word.
The bag is too heavy for the girl to The bag is very heavy and the girl cannot The bag is very heavy and the girl cannot
carry. carry it. carry it.

06. Sub +verb (past/present)+too +adj+ Sub +verb(past/present)+very +adj+ and Sub +verb (past/present)+so +adj+
to be+ verb(P.P)+other word. +sub+ verb(Past/present)+other word. that +sub+ cannot/could not
The man is too dishonest to be The man is very dishonest and nobody +verbpresent)+other word.
respected. respects him. The man is so dishonest that people
cannot /do not respect him.
07. Sub +verb (past/present) +adj+ Sub +verb (past/present) +very+ adj+ and+ Sub +verb (past/present) +so+ adj+ that
enough +to verb (Present)+other word. Subject+ can /could + verb(Present)+other + Subject+ can /could +
The girl is innocent enough to word. verb(Present)+other word.
believe any man. The girl is innocent and she believes any The girl is so innocent that she believes
one. anybody.

08. Sub+ verb (to be)+adj+ enough +for+ Sub +verb (past/present) +very+ adj+ and+ Sub +verb (past/present) +so+ adj+ that
objective form+ to +verb Subject+ can /could + verb(Present)+other + Subject+ can /could +
(present)+other word. word. verb(Present)+other word.
The question is easy enough for The question is very easy and anybody can The question is so easy that anybody can
anybody to answer. answer. answer.

09. Sub +verb (past/present) +adj+ Sub +verb (past/present) +very+ adj+ and+ Sub +verb (past/present) +so+ adj+ that
enough +for +object+ Subject+ can /could + verb(Present)+other + Subject+ can /could +
verb(Present)+other word. word. verb(Present)+other word.
The essay is very easy enough for any The essay is very easy and any student can The eassay is so easy that any student
student can memorize. memorize. can memorize.

10. Sub +verb (past/present) +adj+ Sub +verb(past/present)+very +adj+ and Sub +verb (past/present)+so +adj+
enough +to be+ verb (P.P)+other word. +sub+ verb(Past/present)+other word. that +sub+ cannot/could not +verb
The man is honest enough to be (present)+other word.
respected. The man is very honest and everybody The man is honest that everybody
respect him. respects him.

11.Subject +Verb(past participle)+other Subject+P.V.+other Subject+who/which/that+P.V.+other

word+ P.V.+ other word. word+and+sub+P.V.+other word. word+P.V+other word.
The book written by Humayan Ahmed is The book is very interesting and Humayun The book which is written by Humayun
very interesting. Ahmed wrote it. Ahmed is very interesting.
12. Subject +Verb +other Subject+P.V.+other
word(noun)+verb(PP).+other word. word(Noun)+who/which/that+P.V.+other
I bought a book of poems written word.
by Rahman. I bought a book of poems and Rahman I bought a book of poems that/which is
Azad wrote that. written by Rahman.
13. Inspite of /despite +possessive case Subject+verb+adjective+but+ Though/Although +subjective form
+noun/adjective. .. +verb +noun/adjective,..
Inspite of his honesty, he was Example;He was honest but scolded. Example; Though he was honest ,he was
scolded. scolded.
14. Inspite of/despite cold/fog/rough It+to be verb+,..but+.. Though/Although+it+to be
weather/raining/snowing, Example;It was fog but we reached there on verb+cold/hot/storm/rough weather/ing
Example: Despite fog, we reached time. (verb)+..
there on time. Example:Though/Although it was fog,
we reached there on time.
15. Without +verb(ing) +subject +verb Verb (present form)+or+ If +subject+do not/does not/did
+ext. Example:Do or you will die/Do or die. not+verb+Ext.,Subject+will/would+verb
Without doing, you will die. +.
Example:If you do not do,you will die.
Unless+subject+principal verb,
Unless you read,you will fail.
16. Subject+ to be verb+ at/in/on etc It +to be verb+time word+and+subject+to When+it+to be verb+time word+,
+time word be verb+ preposition.. When it was 1986,Rubel was born.
Rubel was born in 1986. Example: It was 1986 and Rubel was born.
17. At the time of/In the moment of+ Subject+verb(according to When+subject+verb+Ext.
possessive case+ verb tense)and+.. Subject+verb+
(ing)+ext.+. Example: He departed and I was at the Example:When he departed, I was at the
At the time of his departure, I was at airport. airport.
the airport.
18. Subject +verb+ other word +at the Subject+verb+other When/While+subject+verb+other
time of +verb +ing +other word/at+ word+and+subject+verb+other word+then word+subject+verb+other word.
time. He woke up and it was raining then. When it was raining he woke up.
He woke up at the time of raining. He came when it was four.
He came here at four.
19. Being +adjective+,------------------------ Subject+ to be Since/As+subject+to be verb+ext.
------- verb+..and+ Example: Since he was weak in English,
Being weak in English, the boy could the boy could not do well in the
not do well in the examination. Example: The boy was weak in english and examination.
not do well in the examination.
20. Subject+ being +ext,+ second Subject+to be As+Subject+to be verb+adjective/noun,
sentence. verb(am/is/are/was/were+ext.+and+Subject Subject+
Example: Tea being hot, I could not +. As tea was hot, I could not drink it.
drink. Tea was hot and I could not drink it.

21. At the time of/In the time of +Verb It +to be When+ it+ to be verb +verb (ing),S
(ing),+ verb(am/is/are/was/were)+Verb(ing)+an +verb
Example: At the time of raining, I was at d When it was raining, I was a t home.
home. Example: It was raining and I went at
22. Having+verb(Past participle),Another Subject+verb to have+verb(past Since/As+subject+have/had+verb(past
sentence. participle)+ext. another sentence. participle)+ext.
Having done the work, the farmers left Example: The farmers had done the Example: When the farmers had done the
the field. work and left the field. work, they left the field.
23. When subject is same: Subject+to have
Subject +having +v(past verb(have/has/had)+verb(p.p.)+Ext.+an
participle)+ext.,+second sentence. d +second sentence.
The sun having risen, we went to play Example;The sun had risen and we
in the fields. went to play in the field.
24. Having +been +verb(P.P)+other word Subject+verb+other When/After+subject+have/had+verb(P.P)+
+subject +verb +other word. word+and+subject+verb+other word. sub+verb+other word.
Having been dismissed from the job the The man was dismissed and he was at a When the man lost the job,he was at a loss.
man is now at a loss. loss.
25. Because of, due to, owing to, on It +to be verb+adjective Since/As+ Subject +to be verb
account of +possessive case+ form+and+. +Adjective/Noun +,+
verb(Participle form)+adjective/noun Example.He is blind and cannot see. Subject+
+Ext. +Next sentence. Since/As he is blind and he cannot see.
Due to his blindness, he cannot see.
26. Because of, due to, owing to It +to be verb+ cold/fog/rough weather Since/As +it +to be verb +Adjective/Noun,
+cold/fog/rough weather /raining /raining /snowing, +and +Next sentence. +subject+
/snowing, +Next sentence. Example: It was raining and I did not Since it was raining, I did not go to college.
Example: Because of raining, I did not go go to college.
to college.
27. Besides Subject +not only+but X
+verb(ing)..subject+ also
Example: Our headmaster knows not
Besides knowing English, Our only English but also Bangla.
Headmaster know Bangla.
28. Both +Subject +and +S Not only+ First subject+ but also X
+verb+ +second sentence +verb+.
Example; Both Kamal and Jamal went Example; Not only kamal but also
there. Jamal went there.
29.Subject +verb to be+ both+a+ Subject+ verb to be+ not only+a+ He who is a singer as well as a composer.
noun/adjective+ and+a+ noun/ adjective. Noun+but also+subj+verb to be +a+
He is both a singer and a composer. noun.
He is not only a singer but also a
30. Subject +verb+ adverb +to +verb. Subject +verb+ adverb +and +subject Subject+ verb+ adverb +so that +subject
Example: He reads attentively to pass. +want to/wanted to/desire to+ +may/might +verb+
verb+ Example: He reads attentively so that he
Example:He reads attentively and he might pass.
desires to pass.
31.By+verb+ing +Ext, Subject +can/could Verb +ext. If+ Subject +verb+ ext, S +can/could +verb
+verb+Ext. +and+Subject+can/could+verb+Ext. +ext.
By reading books, you can acquire Read books and you can acquire If you read books, you can acquire
knowledge. knowledge. knowledge.
32. Subject +verb Subject+verb+other word+and It+to be verb+Subject+relative pronoun
+noun/adjective/adverb+ subject+verb+other word. (who,that,which)
Example: Honesty is the best policy. It is honesty and that is the best policy. +verb+Noun/Adjective/adverb
Heath is wealth It is health and that is wealth Example:It is honesty that is the best policy.
It is health which is wealth.
33.Subject+verb+the way of+ possessive+ Sub+verb+other Subject+verb+how+sub+verb+
verb +ing word+and+subject+verb+other word. I know how he did the work.
I know the way of his doing the work. He did the work and I know that.
34.Subject+ verb+ upto +possessive +verb Sub+verb+other word+and Subject+verb+other
+verb +ing +other word. +then+sub+verb+other word word+till/until+sub+verb+other word.
Students will stay in the classroom upto Students will stay in the classroom and Student will stay in the classroom till/until
taking examination sheets by their their teacher will take their examination their teachers take their examination
teachers. sheets. sheets.
35. Just at the time of +verb +ing +other .Sub+verb+other word+and just As soon as +sub+ verb +other word +sub
word+ sub +verb+ other word. then+sub+verb+other word. +verb +other word.
Just at the time of coming here I saw I came here and just then I saw him. As soon as I came here, I saw him.
36. Subject +verb+the reason of +verb+ Sub+verb+other word+and Sub+verb+why+verb+other word.
ing+Noun+other word. +sub+verb+other word. I know why he is absent.
I know the reason of his absence. He is absent and I know the reason.
37. Subject+ verb+ the place of +verb Subject+verb+other Subject+verb+other
+ing /at/in +place. word+and+sub+verb+other word. word(noun)+where+sub+verb+other word.
I was born in Dhaka. It is Dhaka and I was born here. It is Dhaka where I was born.
38. Subject +verb +possessive +verb+ ing Sub+ verb +conjunction Subject+verb+what+sub+verb+other word.
/noun+other word. +subject+verb+other word. I know what he demands.
I know his demand. He demands and I know it.
39. Just+ before +possessive +verb +ing Subject+ verb +other word+and+just No sooner
+other word. then+subject+verb+. had+sub+verb(pp)+than+subject+verb(Pas
The train started just before our We reached the station and just then t)+other word.
reaching at the station. the train left. No sooner had we reached the station than
the train left.
40.subject+verb+to+verb(present)/in Sub+ verb+other Sub+verb+other word+so
order to +verb(present)+other word. word+and+subject+verb+other word. that+subject+can/could+verb(present)+othe
He came to know the matter/in order to He came to me and he wanted to know r word
know the matter. the matter. He came to me so that he could know the
41.With/for all, notwithstanding But However/whatever
+possessive case+ noun+ principal clause. However beautiful it may be, it is very
For all/with all its beauty, it is very short.
42. As as,
Subject+verb+adjective+like+noun/prono The boy as brave as his brother.
The boy is brave like his brother.
43. With a view to Subject+so that/in order that/that
We went to library with a view to +may/might/can/could+verb
reading books. We went to library so that we could read
44.Every+noun There is/was no+noun+but+verb+.
Every man wants to prosper in life. There is no man but wants to prosper in
45. Adjective+ verb+noun The +noun+who/which+to be
A studious student can make a better verb+adjective+verb+/.
result. The student who is studious can make a
better result.
46.Adjective(Common Noun) Those+who+verb to be+adjective+verb..
The idle cannot prosper in life. Those who are idle cannot prosper in life.
47.Subject+Verb+adjective+noun Subject+verb+noun+who/which+to be
I saw a pious man. verb+..
I saw a man who was pious.
48.subject+verb+NP+interrogative Subject+ verb+ NP+ Interrogative adverb+
adverb subject+ should/could +verb
Teacher showed us how to solve the Teacher showed us how we could /should
problem. solve the problem.
49.Adevrb It is +adjective+ that+.
Unfortunately, the girl failed in the It is unfortunate that the girl failed in the
examination. examination.
50.Sub+want/wish/desire/expect/like/advis Subject+ verb +that +subject+ should+
e/urge/persuade infinitive case+
/request/beg/order+ indirect object +to Mother wishes that I could/should be an
be verb+.. ideal citizen.
Mother wishes me to be an ideal

51. Adjective+ noun=Noun Phrase and Principal clause+ Subordinate adjective

He is an honest man. He is a man and he is honest. clause.
He is the man who is honest.
52.Until/till/after/before+Gerund/Noun Subject+verb.until/till/after/bef
Wait here till raining. ore+subject+verb
Wait here until our arrival arrive. Wait here till it rains.
Wait here until we arrive.
53. After possessive case +Noun; / When+ subject +verb+..subject
At the time of +Gerund/Noun +verb+
At the time of his waking up, it was When we woke up ,it was raining.
54. While/During+(Possessive
case)+Gerund/Noun+ Principal clause.