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Every year, income taxes are filed by payer of 18

6th Flr. G. Tolentino Cor. Espaa, Doa Amparo years and above. How do government and company
Bldg. Sampaloc Manila
workers pay their taxes?
Tel. no. (02) 735-1294 or (02) 736-7410
a. Advance credit
b. Withholding taxes monthly
GENERAL EDUCATION c. Salary deduction
EXAM DRILL IV d. Cash payment on march 15
12. Noong unang panahon ang madalas sa entablado ay:
1. A tenant as awarded a house and lot package worth a. balagtasan c. sarswela
P 180, 000.00. She has to pay package for 20 years at b. pasyon d. drama
9% per annum. How much will the house and lot cost 13. Theres had been recent bank runs and bank closures.
after 20 years? How much of the deposits is covered for
a. 604, 000 b. 504, 000 c. 704, 000 d. reimbursement by the PDIC or Philippine Deposit
500, 00 and insurance corporation:
2. The student leader was suspended because: a. P 100 thousand c. P 50 thousand
a. He felt responsible for his deeds
b. P100 million d. 2 million
b. He violated school regulation
14. Gemillina is a tree propagated lately for electrical
c. He was motivated to rebel
posts. However, this specie was found destructive if
d. He listened to the elders
allowed to stay long since
3. What should you do if the situation says, what you a. The tree is not resistant to wind
spent years building may be destroyed overnight. b. The roots absorb a lot of water
a. Help people anyway
c. The body spreads wide
b. Build some anyway
d. The bark is filled with woms
c. Do away with things done
15. Inaugural programs are well attended because it is
d. Do good anyway
_________ held.
4. What is the exponential function of Y = f (x)? a. frequently c. seldom
a. y = 2x 1 c. y = x-1 b. often times d. rarely
b. y = 5x2 d. y = x-5 16. Progation of a new carabaao breed in Central Luzon
5. A child was turned over to an orphanage requesting State University is due to:
confidentiality of her parents. One day, the child a. a sexual propagation c. law of heredity
demands the full disclosure of her mothers name. b. law of mutation d. genetic
She went to count. What was the right asserted in cloning
this case? 17. Children of obese parents have natural tendencies to
a. Right of an individual to have a real mother
be obese. Doctors advise parents on maintaining the
b. Right of individuals to proper identity
right weight of children age 0-12 by:
c. Right of individual of parents to keep the
a. giving balanced diets with accompanying
confidentiality of the childs parenteral name exercise
d. Right of individuals to have parents
b. reducing milk intake
6. Nobel Prize winners are chosen from different levels. c. reducing intake of chocolates, candies and
Where was Pres. Quirino considered? pasties
a. Politics c. Human rights d. encouraging more intake of soda drinks
b. Literature d. Economics 18. Matapos alagaan at apakaining sa palad siya ay
7. Religious instruction in public schools according to kinagat sa sariling kanang kamay. Itoy may
the Constitution should be: kahulugan sa:
a. with parent consent c. compulsory a. katraydoran sa negosyo
b. invitational d. church organization b. kawalang utang na loob
8. Julio son is graduating. He sent his son three c. kabastusan ng tao
packages of 8 kg, 10 and 2 kg. What is the d. kawalang galang sa matatanda
total of the packages sent? 19. A new copier machine was choses because:
a. 20 kg c. 18 kg a. its repair was free for six months
b. 21 kg d. 23 2/2 kg b. its guarantee was six months
9. Wild plants and animals that stay deposited for c. its brand was recommended by the agent
thousand of years are known for the source of: d. its feature were ordinary
a. Gas c. oil 20. Value formation is done through a process.
b. mineral d. pearls Awareness is not enough. What is most lasting?
10. Alin and tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura? a. Preaching on values
a. Gamitin and basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag
b. Intellectualization
dito c. Modeling the value through a process
b. Dito and tambakan ng basura
d. Posting slogans to the effect
c. Huwag mag-tapon ng basura dito
21. Ano ang nagbunsod ng pagbabago sa yugto ng
d. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito
panitikang Filipino?
a. Pagdating ng Amerikano sa bansa

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b. Pag-aabuso ng kastilasa mamamayan III. Although he raised his voice
c. Pag-alis ng mga tao da kawit IV. Accepted several amendments
d. Panggunita kina Padre Gomez, Burgos at Zamora a. II, I, IV, III c. I, II, III, IV
22. Recent bank runs into bankruptcy because of: b. IV, III, II, I d. II, I, III, IV
a. Corruption c. Flight of capital 34. The committee discussed the issue and everyone at
b. Mismanagement d. Loss of capital the end seemed ____to the findings.
23. The Philippine Group in Netherlands insists on a. ignorant and civil c. negative get open
holding peace talk outside the Philippines. Where is b. reluctant to accept d. amendable to
the best venue where people concerned can meet? consider
a. Philippine shores c. Netherlands 35. Batay sa bilingual na edukasyon, mainam ang gamit
b. Hongkong d. United states ng Filipino sa Araling Panlipunan dahil:
24. There are to 2 big pineapple canning factories in the a. Malimit pag-usapan ng mga mag-aaral ang
Philippines. Which is located in Cotabato? konsepto kahit sa labas ng paaralan
a. Dole c. Del Monte b. Madaling paipaliwanag ang mga konsepto sa
b. Mama site d. Purefoods Filipino
25. Kitchen fuel that caused big conflagration in homes c. Madaling maunawaan ang mga konsepto sa
and cites are: Filipino
a. Use of electrics stoves d. Walang pag-aalinlangan ang pagsagot ng mga
b. Use of firewood mag-aaral sa wikang Filipino
c. Use of saw dust for fuels 36. The sociological concept of home for most Filipino
d. Use of gas stove is the presence of:
a.15:1 b. 1:15 c. 1:4 d. 2:15 a. Families with boarders in addition to the family
26. Did you get the instructions? What is the appropriate members
answer? b. Family nucleus and extended families
a. Well and good c. Certainly, we did c. Families with illegal light and water
b. Thats OK d. Sorry, we didnt connections
27. Excursions are encouraged to allow participants to d. Families with pet dogs, cooks and cats
see places. All the 400 personnel fell ill. Doctors 37. Manila Zoo attracted children during excursions.
laboratory finding traced the cause to: How should children be briefed about newly born
a. congestion on the bus c. excitement tigers cub to avoid accidents?
b. food poisoning d. excessive fat a. Use sticks to awaken mother tigers
Aling Salita sa Bicol ang Kapareho sa Ilocano? b. How at the cub with a microphone
a. gabi b. bulan c. araw d. ulan c. Watch the mother feeding and just take picture
28. Dangal ang puhunang sa bayay pamana. Bago ang d. Allow children to feed cubs with their palms
sarili ay bayan muna. Ano ang payo ditto? 38. If a = 8; b = 16; c = 38; Find the value of c.
a. bayan muna bago ang sarili a. 4 b. 6 c. 3 d. 5
b. mamamayan muna, bago bayan 39. The advice on the invitation was found. Who failed
c. mahalaga ang nayan at sarili to get the massage?
d. sarili ang dapat unahin upang umunlad a. No barong Tagalog please
29. After an airplane crash, passengers who choose a b. Come in coat and tie
flight would say: c. Polo barong with denims are OK
a. A front seat would be safest. d. Denim pants are al right
b. I want a reservation on the back seat. 40. The bank was swarmed with depositors. The bank.
c. A middle aisle seat would allow easy escape. a. declared an open house c. declared a
d. A seat closest to the cockpit be given to me holiday
30. In June, classes in home economics are asked to b. declared dividends d. declared bankruptcy
prepare fruits into: 41. On is stressed in given situations. Choose the
a. Preserved fruit juices c.Preserved fruit situation called for:
confections a. her visitors are on the way c. he came on
b. Conserved fruit juices d. Preserved fruit holiday
products b. be on time please d. it happened on a
31. Which statement is true? Tuesday
a. 5 is a rational number c. 3 is a real number 42. Noong taong 1962 ano ang pagbabago sa
b. 0 is a positive number d.4 is an irrational paglimbang ng diploma at sertipiko ng pagtatapos?
number a. Pinahintutukan ang pribadong paaralan na
32. Every December 10, schools and civic grouos gather maglimbag sa wikang Ingles
to celebrate b. Nilimbang sa Filipino ang diploma ngunit may
a. Human rights Day c. Independence Day Ingles
b. Mothers Day d. United Nation Day c. Malimbag sa Filipino and diploma
33. Form a sentence from these words. d. Nilimbag sa Taglisg ang diploma sa di Tagalog
I. The senator na bayan
II. As a legislator

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43. The areas of Navotas, Valenzuela and Caloocan are 55. Australian experts were asked to explore a better
always flooded during rainy season. The engineers way of generating electricity. This is dor through
account this to high tide especially in July and a. undersea cable transmission
August. But really it is: b. sulphuric reserve actuation
a. below sea level c. approximately of sea level c. waterfall reserve actuation
b. under sea level d. above sea level d. geothermal utilization
44. How many grams of shabu will no allow bonds for 56. Cooperatives established by the farmers failed to
culprits? thrive well because:
a. 2150 grams c. 1000 grams a. cooperative activities are poorly managed and
b. 200 grams d. 300 grams implemented
45. A swimming contest is held in a four lane swimming b. members distrust their cooperative officials
pool of 50 meters long. The contest is for 200 c. seed money for cooperative shared by senators
meters. How many times will each swimmer run in and congressmen poorly administered
this contest? d. farmers were used to dole outs
a. 4 times c. 5 times 57. Ang kahon ay mabigat kaya di ____ ng bata.
b. 10 times d. 16 times a. inkinaya c. mabuhat
46. Write the ratio in the lowest term two hours to 30 b. mabuhat buhat d. buhatin
minutes 58. There are many cases of abuse on Filipino contract
a. 2:15 b. 2:4 c. 2:30 d. 4:1 workers. Where can these workers seek justice and
47. Lately, students are exposed to a series of redness?
achievement tests. Parents observed that: a. Philippine Supreme Count
a. Tests were used for teaching b. Department of Justice and the Foreign Affairs
b. Tests are indices of teachers competencies Consulate Office in the foreign seek justice and
c. Children learned through periodic teaching release?
d. Teaching was for tests c. International Court of Justice
48. The virus Love bug is a recent technological d. Department of labor and Employment
element spread by: 59. Which of this group of capitalized words does not
a. Internet c. television belong to the group in terms of sound?
b. radio d. computer a. THAT picture is impressionistic
49. NAPOCOR is to privatized. This means: b. This THESIS is original
a. Every private individual gets a share c. THOSE are her new projects
b. Government has a share d. THESE books are of recent editors
c. Everyone owns NAPOCOR 60. DOGS are often affected by rabies but lately other
d. Some private owners will come in animals have been identified and they are:
50. Ang dinanas ng mga babae sa kamay ng Hukbong a. Birds c. pigs
Hapon ay sinasalaysay ni: b. cats d. snakes
a. Maria Clara c. Gabriela 61. Home is the soldier. Home and free! This tell us
b. Diwata d. Orang a. The soldier died heroically
51. Tere is a campaign against cholera. How can the b. The soldier is at peace in death
pupils get protected catching the disease? c. The soldier is well armed home
a. Contact the parents for a meeting d. The soldier is decorated upon arrival
b. Teach children to wash their hands before and 62. What is the sun of 9 and 4.
after meals a. 3 b. 5 c. 2 d. 4
c. Open up a store in the classroom for childrens 63. Aling wika ang ginagamit na batayan ng wikang
recess snack pambansa?
d. Allow children to eat food sold by peddlers a. Tagalog c. Bisaya
52. Poisoning of farmers during fertilizing field is traced b. Hiligaynon d. Bicol
to: 64. Quality of education they say is:
a. smoking during and after spraying a. every citizens accounting task
b. using bottle drinking b. every parents and teachers responsibilities
c. failure to use hand gloves task
d. spraying fields at high noon c. everyones responsibility
53. Choose the statement that seems right in negotialors d. everybodys concern at times
a. he led the group to areas of concerns 65. Which placard tells of a wide choice during the
b. he lead group to clear out differences grand sale?
c. he led the group to a conclusion a. Pairs Varied Plenty c. No Duplicates
d. he led the group to an interactive discussion and Available
conclusion b. Single items Limited d. Choose Your Wild
54. Give the value of a if the statement 1s 4ab = 20 and b 66. How does the Department of Science and
= 5: technology (DOST) assure quality science teaching
a. 3 b. 1 c. 2 d. 4 is secondary schools?
a. Carry one science fair every year

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b. Open up science high schools in every province b. Gather honey from the forest
c. share researchers and distributes equipment to c. Encourage bee farm in chosen areas
schools d. Culture honey bees for propagation
d. Maintain a scholars grant for deserving science 77. Which expresses the polynomial in the following?
and mathematics teacher a. x x + 9 3x + 10x c. xy x 6
67. Long fellow mentioned life as light as shadow. What b. 2x + 4x 3 d. x 4x + 2x x + 2
figure of speech is it used? 78. She bought her daughter a new dress, which was
a. Personification c. Simile fashionable. It was
b. Argumentation d. Metaphor a. a copy from, Italian catalogue
68. Magbababala ang pulis sa mga tumatawid alin ang b. a remodeled dress
tama? c. an imitation from the original
a. Tawid na kayo at luntian ang ilaw d. an origin creation of a couturier
b. Hoy! Pula ang ilaw, tigil 79. A package sent by a balikbayan was discovered
c. Bantayan and ilaw bago tatawid open. This is a case of
d. Huhulihin and tatawid sa maling ilaw o signal a. substitution c. pilferag
69. Never the Twain shall meet Means the lines are: b. rubbery d. oppression
a. straight c. 80. Ang Gintong panahon ng mga manunulat noong
parallel panahon ng Amerikano ay batid sa uring:
b. perpendicular d. circular a. Sanaysay c. Panulaan
70. Before a formal legislation is passed, approval b. Nobela d. Maikling kwento
settlement of issues are done by committee 81. The majority members in the House of
members of both houses. This avoids unnecessary Representation rejected the measure. This mean:
controversial issues. What do you call the body? a. They defined party commitment
a. Senate Committee b. They favored the leadership
b. BI-cameral Committee c. They joined the minority
c. Oversight Committee d. They bottled the majority party
d. House of Representatives Committee 82. Cement factories can only operate if given a permit
71. This was as beautiful as a picture. She sough an by the DENR which guarantees:
answer to this. I want to be loved birth body and a. viability of feasibility study
soul. Here she meant that love. b. environment clearance and condition
a. can be carnal and platonic c. pollution safety and prevention
b. must be sexy to be adored d. environmentally friendly
c. is both mind and body 83. The Red Cross humanitarian job is to gather and
d. is a process of mental exercise give needed blood to the needy. Name the
72. Transplanting of human organs are no longer universal blood type:
impossible. The most recent discovery in Russia is: a. Type O c. Type AB
a. heart transplant c. kidney b. Type B d. Type Bt
transplant 84. She was asked to make a census of the place. What
b. retina eye transplant d. placenta transplant is she supposed to do?
73. How can a farmland transferred to a tenant be a. Gather data on each occupant in each
reclaimed by the landowner? In such conditions as: household in the are
a. when the tenant re-sells his land to non- b. Ask residents to make a consensus
recognized transferees c. Identify strangers in the area
b. When the tenant on a rent basic fails to submit d. Gather data on people on the area
the agreed rental of several cavans of rice and 85. The common saying which is accepted in values
corn for three (3) consecutive harvest education is.
c. When the tenant fails to pay the agreed rental a. values are individual sets of behavior
for five planting season b. values are caught not preached
d. When the tenant fails to pay land tax c. values are dependent on individual and societal
74. The issue on the Spratly island claims can be solved standards
by a panel made up of representatives from: d. values are valueless
a. United Nations Assembly 86. Aling Salita ang nasa talasalitang Filipino na hiram
b. European Countries sa Cebuano?
c. Security Council a. asawa b. balay c. bahay d.
d. ASEAN Pacific countries laying claims bana
75. What is the value on N in: 18 2/16 + 26 = N 87. Di padat bayaran ang lahat ng utang sapagkat:
a. 44 3/8 c. 44 a. may pababarin silang iba
b. 44 d. 43 4/16 b. may iba sa siyang pababayarang
76. Honey is extracted from bees. To ensure a supply of c. mayroon na siyang pagbabarang iba
honey for food and medicine. What has been d. may pagbabayaran pang iba
resorted to lately?
a. Discourage the use of pesticides in honey farms

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88. Mosquitoes have been identified of having caused 99. Eight men can paint a 3 unit army school building in
illness among children bitten in the morning. This 3 days. How many more units will 12 men pain of
fever is this building?
a. Asthma c. a. b. 1 c. 2 d. 1
Dengue 100. Class interactions is brought about by.
b. Malaria d. a. teacher listens, students listen
diarrhea b. question and answer method
89. The people of Montalban in Rizal raised protest on c. teacher talk at all times
the landfill since. d. teacher student exchange questions and
a. Water seepage would pollute water source answer
b. People were disturbed by garbage trucks 101. NHA homes were sold to recipients payable in
c. Air pollution could not be controlled the longest term of:
d. Garbage cold be recycled a. 15 years c. 10 years
90. The weather report recorded a temperature of 29C b. 25 years d. 5 years
in the morning and 33.5C at two Oclock in the 102. Values information seminar mandated by the
afternoon. How many degrees higher was the Moral Recovery Program has transformed many
afternoon temperature government officers
a. 4.5C b. 5.8Cc. 6.3C d. 5.5C a. Workshops on values have made Father
91. Why are Filipino overseas workers considered Damasos out of some leaders
modern time heroes? b. Religious leaders are not fulfilled on their moral
a. They sacrifice all-the family life and economies ascendancy
just to improve their quality of life. c. DECS officials conduct workshops on values to
b. They became broad minded, skilled and be models by themselves
economically stable. d. PNP hierarchy are examples of moral strength
c. They have helped stabilize Philippine economy 103. There had been plants discovered as effective
d. They come home ready to feast their townmales insect repellants. Which of these plants belong to
and friends the group?
92. Hindi naman pangit ang larawan ngunit _____ang a. Orchids c. Bouganvilla
kanyang anyo. b. Gumamela d. Cosmos
a. pinapuri puri c. kapuri-purihan 104. Only 682 examinees passed in a Pharmacists
b. kapuri puri d. kapurihan Licensure Examination out of 2550 examinees.
93. I have one life to give and I give it al to my country. What is the passing percentage?
This pictures a: a. 26.5% b. 26% c. 26.7% d. 26.8%
a. a soldier at war 105. A Chinese proverb says, The virtue with the
b. worker in a cement factory shortest memory is gratitude. This tells of persons
c. a policeman on the street who are:
d. a doctor in the operating room. a. greetful c. careful
94. The endangered species are protected by DENR. All b. grateful d. hospitable
these are concerns of: 106. Ang kanyang sinsakyan galling Quipo
a. Tourism c. Urbanization papuntang Kalookan ay nasa ibabaw. Ito ay ______
b. Industrialization d. Terrorism a. jeep c. bus
95. Abuses to soldiers, women, children an the helpless b. trambiya d. LRT
are attended to by a Commission. Who was the first 107. That is the face that caused a thousand ship
Commissioner on Human Rights? and men to raise their arms and fight. Who was
a. Hon. Aurora Recine referred to by the poet?
b. Hon. Mary Conception Bautista a. Helen of Troy c. Helen Keller
c. Hon. Teofisto Guingona b. Mary Magdalene d. Cleopatra of the Nile
d. Hon. Sedfrey Ordonez 108. In the film ANAK portrayed a daughter whose
96. A girl receive her report card with the following values were affected greatly by:
grades: 93, 88, 80, 86 and 89? Which is average a. the economics of an overseas mothers value
grade? b. the peer groups and society
a. 86 b. 87 c. 86 1/5 d. 88 c. the confusion of a mothers role
97. The meat sent by air cargo is 1,340 pounds. The d. the absence of a father image
weight was computed into kilogram determine the 109. The Internal Rice Research Institute in UP Los
kilogram of the cargo. Baos has introduced varieties of the rice for all
a. 0090kg c. 61 kg seasons. Name the most popular one that was
b. 609.09 kg d. 00.908 kg exported in the 70s.
98. How do you determine the total length of the a. Dinorado c. sampagita
clothing materials if there are 7 2/10 meter and 15 b. 0 5 variety d. C 4 variety
4/5 meter available? 110. Convert this confiscated 8, 000 grams of
a. 18 m c. 18 m dangerous drugs into kilograms
b. 23 m d. 18 m a. 8 kg c. 800 kg

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b. 800 kg d. 80 kg c. Rice transplanting method
111. If April 13 is a Friday, on what day April 21 falls? d. Palay exchange and marketing
a. Monday c. Thursday 121. What does this means? Excuses are for
b. Saturday d. Friday losers.. those who take responsibility for their
112. Almost all nations believe in giving a roof to actins are real winners in life. This tells of
cover every familys head. How does the government a. losers who often fail because they find reasons
address this? for losing
a. Developing housing czars b. a winner can also be a quiter
b. Creating a cabinet for housing c. accountability of ones action tell of bravery
c. Establishing homes for middle class families d. excuses are needed to justify any failure.
d. Driving squatter along river 122. A couple accepted a wedding invitation. They
113. The presence of fake doctors and showed pleasure in these remarks.
malpractitioners on medical/heath services are a. All guests congratulated the organizers and
growing in number. Ho may this be discouraged? couple.
a. Ignore the presence of such persons b. Guests came in and out of the ceremonies
b. Refuse patronage of said services c. The ceremonies were very impressive
c. Take patients to professional medical d. I felt uneasy with the priest
practitioners 123. Factories are raided to determine the presence
d. Identifying such personalities and reporting of working children and women. Why should these
them to authorities raides be done?
114. Majority of school children have been found with a. To determine the humane treatment of
very defective teeth. How does the government workers
address the problem? b. To determine the condition of the working
a. Put up the factories for toothbrush place
b. Open up dental clinics in the barangay c. To determine the rights of children and women
c. Donate toothpaste to every complete in works places
elementary school d. To determines violation of the labor code
d. Subject first grade pupils to early dental 124. Sea accidents have been caused by disregard
treatment of typhoon signals. When are basic suspended
115. The volume of a gas is inversely proportional to from lifting anchor?
its pressure. When the pressure is 30 cm of mercury, a. Signal # 1 c. Signal # 3
the volume is 600 cubic cm. Find the pressure when b. Signal # 2 d. Signal # 4
the volume is 250 cubic cm. 125. Ang wikang Filipino ay hawig sa mga wika sa
a. 28 cm of mercury c. 72 cm of mercury Asya. Alin ditto ang pinakamalapit sa Filipino?
b. 2.5 cm of mercury d. 65 cm of mercury a. katakana c. bahasa
116. Students on the secondary schools are asked to b. mandarin d. malayo
go home when 126. A diet full of animal fat usually come up with
a. typhoon no. 3 is raised patients found ill of ____________
b. typhoon signal no. 1 is raised a. Diabetes c. Hypertension
c. typhoon signal no. 2 is raised b. Kidney malfunction d. Sclerosis
d. there is flood caused by high tide 127. Sea turtles multiply fast because they propage
117. A rice field is divided into four sections. Each through
section is 25 meters by 38 meters. Get the perimeter a. egg hatching c. transfusion
of each section. b. migrato d. mutation
a. 152 m b. 126 m c. 156 m d. 146 m 128. Clogged blood vessels often cause heart
118. To assure healthy banking industry, the Bangko ailment. What process is used by cardiologists
Central has encouraged whereby clogged arteries are replaced?
a. selling of stocks to interested buyers a. Angioplasty c. Heart bypass
b. bank Merger b. Plastic surgery d. X-ray
c. bank closure and declared bankruptcy 129. The host had only 8 gallons of ice cream to
d. bank tie up with foreign banks serve. Upon arrival of the guest she served 3
119. Hacienda Rosita was to be decided among 22 gallons. How many gallons are left for the late
tenants. Each tenant will be rewarded 6-hectares corners?
each. What was the area of Hacienda Rosita? a. 5 gallons c. 4 gallons
a. 152 hectares c. 122 hectares b. 4 gallons d. 4 1/8 gallons
b. 132 hectares d. 142 hectares 130. Find 1 2/5 x 1 / 7/18
120. The Department of agriculture noted that only a. b. 4 c. 1/5 d. 4/5
1/3 of the palay produced are used to advantage. 131. Ang kimonong suot sa centennial ay patuloy
What measure was adapted to save observed pagkat ____ito nang lahat.
harvest wastage? a. papamalakihin c. pagmamalaki
a. Palay drying and storage b. ipagmalaki d. ipinagmamalaki
b. Rice milling process 132. What is the product of (3+20) (4- 30)?

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a. 598 b. 598 c. 59.8 d. 5.98 a. Yes, because he committed the crime
133. The first prize of P40, 000,000 was shared by 16 b. No, because he is a Filipino
winners. How much will each claim? c. Yes, if it is covered by an extradition order
a. P 2,500, 000.00 c. P 3,000, 000.00 agreed upon by both countries
b. P 2, 800, 000.00 d. P 2, 700, 000.00 d. Yes, because covered he has proven his
134. To avoid the thinning of the ozone layer, what innocence
should be avoided in waste disposal? 144. Before Pres. Estrada to Washington D.C. is the
a. Dumping waste in the river doing liason from the Department of Foreign
b. Dumping waste into landfills Affairs?
c. Dumping waste into the sea a. Ambassador Bautista c. Ambassador Romero
d. Burning garbage in pits b. Ambassador Maceda d. Ambassador
135. Children with smallpox, chickenpox, or measles Brillantes
should be segregated or quarantined. When should 145. A child insisted on knowing her real father.
this be done? What right is involved?
a. The set on the fever a. Right to education c. Right to freedom of
b. The first days of skin wound healing choice
c. The first week upon skin eruption b. Right to name and Identify d. Right to seek the
d. The most infections stage is within 2 days of the truth
fever 146. Immunization is done by health authorities to
136. A couple was just married when the groom is children age 2 moths to 2 years old. Vaccination is
three scores older than the bride. How old is the to stop the spread of
bride is she is one score younger? a. Chlolera c. Rabies
a. 20 years c. 30 years b. Meads d. Diptheria
b. 50 years d. 40 years 147. The wounded soldiers were visited by the
137. Ms. Cruz had her house raided by authorities. President who honored then with ____ for their
She refused to open the door. Was she right? She has ____.
the right a. Medals valor c. Appointments consistency
a. to assert her individually b. Appearance bravey d. Money sacrifice
b. to protection against police authorities 148. Ano ang Katumbas ng Decalohue ni Apilonario
c. to life, liberty and property mabini na nagsasaad ng aral sa Filipino?
d. to do self defense a. New Society ni President marcos
138. Which of the following is the least stable b. Ten Commandments
measure of central tendency? c. Code of Citizenship ni President Quezon
a. median and mode c. median d. Code of Ethics ni Kalantiaw
b. mode d. mean 149. The harvest of corn is P 8.00 per kilograms. The
139. Mean is to a central tendency as Standard whole harvest total worth is P 10, 000.00. How
deviation is to: many kilograms was the corn harvest?
a. Discrimination c. correlation a. 1050 kg c. 2000 kg
b. level of difficulty d. b. 1250 kg d. 2250 kg
variability 150. What must be employed to continuously
140. Natives of ancestral lands have been asserting strengthen a school guidance program?
their ownership of lands. This has been addressed by a. Assignment of responsibilities c. Evaluation
Congress in what way? b. Research d. Program planning
a. Laws and administration have identified 151. Before court litigations are resorted to
ancestral landaus and report on owner confrontation minor cases are handled by the.
b. Ancestral lands of lumads are government a. Court of Appeals c.
reservation Metropolitan court
c. Ancestral land of lumads are government b. Regional Trial court d. Lupon barangay
reservation 152. During rainy reason, mosquitoes lay more eggs
d. The Commission on human right has returned in stagnant water. Identify the stage when the
the lands to the lumads mosquitoes life is best found in water drums.
141. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng tigi-putukan? a. Egg c. maggot
a. Mahinahon c. Mapagsarili b. larvae d. adult
b. Handa d. Mapagsamantala 153. Water is sold in bottles. The best purifying
142. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng tigil putukan? process is done through:
a. walang maglalaban sa loob ng takdang araw a. Osmosis c. Boiling
b. sumuko ang mga rebelde b. Purification d. Distillation
c. walang lalabas sa kawal 154. Communication is faster these days because of
d. tigil ang labarian sa isang panig recent discoveries using:
143. A Filipino commited a crime in America. He a. Plastic conductors c. Optic fibers
returned to the Philippines after wards. Can he be b. Sound waves d. Ultra violet rays
asked to return to the State for trial?

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155. Children in upland places are found affected by 165. Prices of commodities are affected by world
enlarged goiter. Which of these situations may help demands. Answer it with:
these group of children? a. Yes, they are c. Yes, it is
a. Add iodized salt to diet b. No, it is isnt d. No, they are
b. Add iron to diet 166. Find b if 2a + 3b = c; is equal to:
c. Expose the children to ultraviolet rays a. a-c all over 3 c. 2a + c all over 3
d. Add iodine drops to diet b. 2 a c all over 3 d. a + c all over 3
156. Congressman A: I did not hear your question. 167. Organic fertilizers coming from bast found in
Congress B: What question? caves are useful and abundant especially in the
Congressman A: _____ but why? canvas under sea is:
The right response of Congressman A should be: a. Camiguin c. Camarines Sur
a. Im sorry, Please repeat your question for the b. Palawan d. Rizal
second time 168. In a class of forty, there are ten Protestants, ten
b. Im sorry. I failed to follow you Jehovah Witness, and 20 Catholics. How will the
c. Im sorry your question was not clear schedule on religious instructions be carried out?
d. I, sorry. Lets stop it a. Ask priest to handle the instructions
157. In the joint peace talk, the last phase of the b. Organize one class for all the 40 pupils
ceremony was noted with the: c. Stagger the religious instruction to
a. released of carabaos c. firing guns in the air accommodate all religious group
b. release of balloons d.release of write of white d. Assign a teacher to handle religious
pigeon instructions
158. Civil service employees are not allowed to join 169. Children with poor eye sights were advised to
and organize unions. How many they be allowed? improve their nutrition through this were advised
a. Teacher unions are allowed if duty registered to improved their nutrition through this
with the Civil Service Commission combination of food:
b. These are taboo to civil service official a. pork, bread, potato
c. Teachers are not allowed to join or organized b. rice, squash, fish
unions c. meat, rice, ice cream
d. Employees who join unions should be laid off at d. hamburger, french fries, coke
any given time 170. Alin sa mga sumusonod na salita and bumubuo
159. A boat named Green Peace campaigns strongly ng pangungusap?
against a. pinasa dapat ng guro ang LET upang maging
a. damping of toxic wastes in seas isang ganap na guro
b. use of fine fish nets for fishing b. LET lang gamitin sa pagiging guro
c. use of dynamite to catch fish c. Dapat isang mapasa ang LET bago maging guro
d. damping of dead sailors in seas. d. Dapat ang guro LET ang pinsa
160. A type of larvae injected by a mosquito bite has 171. Ang dapat iwagayway ang simbolo ang katayan
been observed in Mindoro and Bicol provinces. So a sapagkat itoy ___ ng bayan.
special health program was established to identify a. sagwil c. saksi
patients who normally exhibit b. sagisag d. sanlaki
a. protruding eye balls c. enlarge thyroid glands 172. What was a controversial anti drug campaign
b. enlarged tonsils d. enlarged legs in Manila, which was stopped by a court decision?
161. Panelist in the peace talk believed ina declared The:
casefire since: a. parating of handcuffed drug addicts
a. both camp went on vacation b. painting of houses of drug pushers
b. one camp raised their while flag everyone laid c. arrest of drug pushers
down their arms d. posting of pictures of drug users
c. every laid down their arms 173. Violence in crowded squatter areas are
d. bandits regrouped and reinforced field men affected by:
162. Ang ating nakayanan ay di dapat natin ____ di a. economic sufficiency c. uncensored TV
ba? movies
a. ikahihiya c. ikahiya b. economic deprivation d. censored TV films
b. ihiya d. ipagkahiya 174. Siya ay hinirang na taga-sensus ng bahay-bahay.
163. Tayo kayong lahat, utos ng kapitan. Ano ang Ano ang kanyang nalikom?
binigkas ng kapitan sa kanyang platoon? a. Ang bilang ng tao sa bahay
a. tayo na c. tumayi b. Ang kayamanan ng may-bahay
b. lahat ay tumayo d. lahat tumayo c. Ang dapat at bilang tungkol sa mga
164. Man can survive without eating but he cannot maninirahan sa ibat ibang ahay
stay long without d. ang data at bilang ng mga tao sa isang bayan
a. rice c. fruits 175. Most crimes in recently years have been traced
b. water d. vegetables to:
a. drug abuse c. laziness

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b. poverty d. b. basic d. cognate
prostitution 188. If a = b/5 and 10a = 14, what is b?
176. The Philippines products unlessupgraded in a. 28 b. 14 c. 7 d. 2
quality will suffer world competition because of the 189. Mag- ingat sa taong halang ang butika. Ang
trade participation under. kahulugan nito ay:
a. WAAP c. WOTCP a. madaling mapikon and taong ganon
b. SSESMEO d. GATTS b. di takot mamatay o makamatay
177. Give the product of 16 multiplied by 24/8 c. ayaos na atos ang buhay
a. 49 b. 53 c. 48 d. 50 d. maluha ang sakit ng tao
178. Passing through the corridor, the principal noted 190. Lack of an circulation and oxygen caused in
is misbehavior. How did she handle the situation? child to die of:
a. Why are you here? c. Get out o the place a. asphyxiation c. pneumonia
b. Leave the place d. Classes are on-keep quite b. heart failure d. suffocation
179. A village is rationed water everyday. The truck 191. Lethal injections should be done on a case
delivers 5 tons to 10 houses daily. How many tons basis. This infers
will be rationed in six days? a. That lethal injection should be stopped
a. 10 tons c. 20 tons b. That lethal injection should be done to all
b. 40 tons d. 30 tons c. That lethal injection should be selective and
180. In the last election, Senator X garnered rational
11,900,000 votes. Senator Y only got of Senator Xs d. That death penalty can be postponed
votes. What was Senator Ys votes? 192. The stock manipulation scandal to a noted
a. 5,920,000 c. 5,950,000 stock:
b. 7,950,000 d. 6,950,000 a. Loss of investment c.Irregular price ceiling of
181. The weather bureau recorded a rainfull of 2.2 cm goods
at eight in the morning. It rained the whole evening b. Reduced divided d. Withdrawal of capital
and the volume read the next morning was 4.8 cm, gains
how much rain fell in the evening? 193. In understanding value formation, the
a. 8.8 cm c. 3.6 cm approach of analysis should be made in:
b. 4.6 cm d. 2.6 cm a. circular relationship c. box type relationship
182. The value of spiritually can be quantified but it is b. check-list inventory d. star shape
evident when: relationship
a. One mirror reflects values internalized in 194. Elma Muros dethroned Lydia de Vega as track
humane relationship queen. This means:
b. one feels deeply for another a. Lydia shares her throne with Elma
c. one speaks ill of other b. Lydia still ranks first
d. one speaks ill of another c. Elma follows Lydia in rank
183. Mental hygiene is an outlook. People suffering d. Elma defeated Lydia
from mental from mental disorder may be 195. Fish in aquarium all died when a drop of ____
__________ was placed in the water.
a. Mentally and emotionally insecure a. alcohol c. sulphur
b. Drug addicts b. soap d. sugar
c. Social outcast 196. Ms. Dela Pea counter 4 decades before she
d. Pathologically affected delivered her eldest child. How old was she?
184. The absence of hospital facilities contributed to a. 50 b. 30 c. 40 d. 44
the patients 197. City ordinance campaign for stray digs is done
a. Complication of illness c. Successful recovery to reduce cases of:
b. Immediate death d. Complex recovery a. Tuberculosis c. Cancer
185. Filipinos are noted for hospitality. What turns b. Typhoid fever d. Rabies
them off when they go aboard and are unwelcome in 198. Si Mayet ay ___ kaya di nakatapos ng kanyang
their limited space? All these are due to the absence gawin.
of the concept of ____ in America and European a. Maykatamaran c. Tamad
families. b. Matamad d. Mapagkatamad
a. Maids/helps at home c. Extended families 199. Every teacher should help create satisfying
b. Cooperatives d. Elders left to special homes emotional atmosphere. Every individuals
186. Caves in the Mountain Province were found full personality should be respected. What behavior fits
of bodies buried with their jewelry. This practice has the teacher?
cultured influence from: a. Allow students to argue
a. Buddism c. Shintoism b. Listen to complaints of students
b. Christianity d. Mohammedanism c. Show concern for all learners
187. Secondary students have some choices in some d. Limits discussion in class
subjects. These subjects are normally ___ sources. 200. According to this work on Oedipus, what is the
a. optional c. required nature of a man?

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a. that man is political being
b. that man submits his will to forces more
powerful than he
c. that man is a social being
d. that man is a thinking being with a free will

Live in harmony with one another.

Do not be proud, but be willing to associate
with people of low position
Do not be conceited.

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IV 153. D
101. B 154. C
A tenant as awarded a 103. D 156. A
house and lot package 104. C 157. D
worth P 180, 000.00. She 51. B 105. B 158. A
has to pay package for 20 52. C 106. D 159. A
years 53. B 107. A 160. D
1. B 54. B 108. A 161. C
2. B 55. A 109. D 162. C
3. D 56. C 110. A 163. A
4. B 57. B 111.B 164. B
5. B 58. B 112. C 165. A
6. D 59. B 113. B 166. B
7. A 60. B 114. D 167. B
8. B 61. B 115. C 168. C
9. C 62. B 116. C 169. B
10. C 63. A 117. B 170. A
11. B 64. C 118. B 171. B
12. C 65. A 119. B 172. B
13. A 66. C 120. A 173. B
14. B 67. C 121. C 174. D
15. C 68. C 122. C 175. B
16. D 69. C 123. D 176. D
17. A 70. B 124. A 177. C
18. B 71. A 125. D 178. D
19. B 72. D 126. C 179. D
20. C 73. D 127. A 180. C
21. A 74. D 128. C 181. D
22. D 75. A 129. C 182. A
23. C 76. D 130. B 183. D
24. A 77. C 131. D 184. B
25. B 78. D 132. A 185. C
26. C 79. C 133. A 186. A
27. B 80. D 134. D 187. A
28. A 81. A 135. A 188. C
29. D 82. B 136. D 189. B
30. D 83. A 137. C 190. D
31. C 84. A 138. B 191. C
32. A 85. A 139. D 192. A
33. D 86. A 140. C 193. B
34. A 87. D 141. A 194. D
35. B 88. C 142. A 195. C
36. B 89. A 143. C 196. C
37. C 90. A 144. B 197. D
38. B 91. C 145. B 198. A
39. C 92. B 146. D 199. C
40. D 93. A 147. A 200. B
41. B 94. A 148. D
42. C 95. B 149. B
43. A 96. B 150. B
44. B 97. B
45. A 98. B
46. D 99. B
47. C 100. D
48. A
49. D
50. D

151. D
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