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Passive Heated
The Snow shield is designed to prevent
snow and ice from accumulating on satellite
Earth Station Antennas, ranging in size from
0.6 meters to 5 meters in diameter.
The passive snow shield system (US patent
5,729,238, additional patents pending)
consists of a PTFE coated GOR-TEX
Fabric cover stretched over the reflector.
This PTFE coating has the lowest
coefficient of friction of any solid material,
which makes it difficult for the snow and
ice to adhere to the surface. Because of
this PTFE coating, under most conditions,
snow simply slides off the cover.
The Snow Shield PTFE coated GOR-TEX
Fabric covers are made from Radome
material that will survive harsh chemical
and extreme environmental conditions while
providing the lowest transmission loss Key Features
among all Radome materials.
The GOR-TEX Radome material will not 1. Passive System protects the
tear, shrink, stretch or swell; and is antenna from the elements and
guaranteed to EXCEED 5 years fabric life. prevents snow accumulation under
These covers are lightweight, portable, most weather conditions.
resistant to weather and harsh environments. 2. Heat can be added without having
The fabric is inert and unaffected by the to replace the existing snow shield
sunlight, UV or ozone. for more severe weather conditions
For applications where the weather or high availability links.
conditions are more severe, or high 3. The Snow Shield Cover material is
availability of the link is required, W.B. Inert and unaffected by sunlight,
Walton Enterprises offers a wide selection UV or ozone.
of heaters, that will force hot air between the
Snow Shield and the antenna. This will 4. The Snow Shield Cover material
remove the existing snow/ice that can will not tear, shrink, or swell; and
accumulate under the right conditions, and is guaranteed to EXCEED 5 years
will prevent any additional accumulations. fabric life.
5. Lightweight and portable.
Please also see the W.B. Walton Heaters
Data Sheet and Controls Data Sheet for
additional information on heated systems.

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Snow Shield Material Physical Properties: GORE-TEX Membrane/GORE-TEX Fiber Fabric Radome Laminate.


Chemical Consistent: 100% fluoropolymer
Construction: Two layers composed of GORE-TEX membrane (heavy duty) laminated to woven GORE-TEX
fiber fabric
Weave Type: 2 X 2 Basket weave
Mullen Burst (typical) 5515.8 kN/m2/800PSI
ASTM D-3786
Weight: (typical) 515 gr/m2/15 oz/yd2
Breaking Load: (typical) cross machine direction 53 kN/m / 300 lbs/inch, Machine direction 61.3 kN/ 350 lbs/inch
ASTM D-1682
Nominal Thickness: 0.36 mm / 0.014 inches
Thread Count: Cross machine direction 35 cm-1 / 90 inch-1, machine direction 35cm-1/90 inch-1
Air Permeability: 0
Mullen Burst Strength > 800 PSI, Breaking Load Strength > 350 PSI, Water Entry Pressure > 30 PSI
Light Weight (15oz/sq yd), form fitting. Material will NOT tear or swell and is guaranteed to EXCEED 5 years
fabric life
Oil repellent, Water repellent, UV resistant, Chemically inert, Resistant to acids, Bases, Solvents, Paints, Fungus,
Corrosive Reagents, Grease, Oils, and Salt Spray (2000 hours), Non-fading per ASTM D 2244-89
Range: -3500 F to 5500 F (-2120 C to 2880 C)
Non Flammable per UL 94V-0

Electrical Characteristics of the GORE-TEX Fabric:

Tested Per Fourier Transform Spectrometry

0 .1 5 d B

0 .0 8 d B

0 .0 4 d B

0 .0 2 d B

0 .0 0 d B

1 G H z. 2 G H z. 4 G H z. 6 G H z. 1 0 G H z. 2 0 G H z. 4 0 G H z. 6 0 G H z. 1 0 0 G H z.

Transmission loss vs. Frequency

(Er 1.55, tan x = .005 t = .012)

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