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ArcLink XT

Robot Controller Welding interface

ArcLinkXT digital welding interface Benefits

The ArcLinkXT is a robot controller software designed for Supports a variety of Lincoln power sources (e.g. i400, R350,
MOTOMAN robots and Lincoln Electric power sources. It makes Power wave 655)
it possible to select and adjust welding parameters from the Can handle up to four power sources (from one robot
touch screen of the robots programming pendant. controller)
Offers a combination of Motoman and Lincoln features only
This Ethernet-based interface provides real-time communi- possible with the MOTOMAN robot
cation between the robot and power source. Users can select
welding processes from the power source library and set-up System requirements
parameters directly from the programming pendant. MOTOMAN industrial robot with DX100 controller
The ArcLink XT interface allows control of all process Lincoln wire feed unit (e.g. 4R100, 4R220)
related parameters at the start, during and at the end of the

Welding process data

from Lincoln Electric

Programming pendant
MOTOMAN with User interface
ArcLink XT

Backup on
CompactFlash card
or USB stick
power source MOTOMAN
welding robot
Robot control system
ArcLink XT
Robot Controller Welding interface

Description Note Part No.

ArcLink XT DX100 controller software and user manual 44130110

User licence 44130210

Welding tables can be downloaded from the Lincoln

website directly to the power source.

Up to 1024 welding processes can be stored, the

search function (process type, wire type and size)
makes it easy to find the process you want. You can
use more than one type of welding process in the same
robot job.

ArcStart and ArcEnd process selection. ArcStart starting condition.

Technical data may be subject to change without previous notice

YASKAWA Nordic AB Reg No. Mrs6528EN-01 2011-02

ArcStart main condition. ArcEnd crater condition.

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