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Galligan 1

Learning Outcome Example Class

Written Communication In English class we learn how to write English 106
fully formed ideas. We also learn how to
present these ideas in a way in which our
target audience will be able to easily
understand and be entertained.
Information Literacy Students learn how to find appropriate English 106
sources for what they are writing. They
also learn how to cite the information
Oral Communication Com 114 studies communication in the COM 114
form of speech and it works for speech
between small groups all the way up to
full presentations.
Science Students learn about the different parts of CHEM 115
the atom and the forces acting upon
atoms and molecules. They also get
experience in labs.
Science, Technology and Society Students learn about typical engineering ENGR 131
problems and processes. They work in
teams to help them for future projects and
careers that involve teamwork.
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Students get their first test as to what CALC 161
calculus is and learn the fundamentals of
Human Cultures: Humanities Students learn the fundamentals of the SPAN 101
Spanish language. Learning how to
survive in a Spanish environment as well
as a little of the Hispanic culture.
Human Cultures: Behavioral & Social Students study the different parts of the ECON 210
Sciences economy between the micro- and
macroeconomics. This gives a general
overview of the economy.
Galligan 2