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A Planet Sized Laboratory-

Mass Insect Die Off, Species

Extinction, Geoengineering,
Mycoplasma, Cancer &
Autoimmune diseases
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Solar radiation management, stratospheric albedo modification,

stratospheric sulphate aerosols, stratospheric aerosol injection, aerosol
geoegineering, or are they just contrails or chemtrails? The practice of sun
obscuration using planes that spray an aerosol mixture into the
atmosphere, which after twenty minutes or so spreads out over vast areas
of sky.
The official agenda behind spraying aerosol particles into the atmosphere
is to cool the planet down. Thats for those who believe the official story in
global warming and not for those that have intimately looked at and
analysed the data from the Vostock Ice cores which is available from the
World Data Center - Paleoclimatology that show 420,000 years of CO2
cycling far higher than today and demonstrating that yes the climate
changes but no temperature is not led by CO2, Carbon dioxide falls many
times behind Temperature and lags behind it. Any politician or Global
warming advocate that states otherwise has some other agenda on the
table and are tweaking the original scientific data or are not scientific
enough to read the original data analysis.

Some people read the words geoengineering and believe its still a
conspiracy, yet governments and their media puppets now finally admit
they are doing it. US scientists launch world's biggest solar geoengineering

Scientists plan to halt global warming by DIMMING the sun and people
like Bill Gates,
a big vaccine advocate and Monsanto investor is funding it.

There is also Michael Silver, the CEO of American Elements, who runs a
company that manufactures the nanoparticles and ingredients that go into
geoengineering spraying, he claims he is an environmental philanthropist.

Then there are also the academic Institutes that carry out research for
government funded geoengineering projects.

The government and media institutions use the method of half truths used
to confuse the general public. However, recently, the mainstream media
are publishing articles finally admitting to using geoengineering. Although,
they have been using it for the last forty, possibly fifty years.

So why are they finally admitting they are using aerosols?

Possibly because of the recent published journal reports on global insect
and bird populations being critically reduced by 3 quarters from previous
numbers. We are seeing a global impact on ecosystem collapse and they
will need to find something to blame it on.
High Insect biomass and diversity is a measure of a healthy ecosystems.
photo courtesy of istock.

The recent entomolgoy studies conducted in Germany were not on

agricultural land where pesticides are used, they were on vast nature
reserves and protected areas. Global declines in insects have
sparked wide interest among scientists, politicians, and the
general public. Loss of insect diversity and abundance is
expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and to
jeopardize ecosystem services. Unrecognized loss of insect
biomass must be taken into account in evaluating declines in
abundance of species depending on insects as a food source, and
ecosystem functioning in the European landscape. More than 75
percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected

What are the real causes of insect and bird population

Its not just pesticides, as many of these studies were done in conservation
areas away from agricultural areas. The problem is global. Rachel Carson
wrote about the use of Pesticides such as DDT and the effects on Bird and
Insect populations in her book The Silent Spring in 1962, one of the first
most prominent written works on chemical toxicity and its impact on
ecosystems and wildlife. Yet not one government scientist has done an
impact study on insects, amphibians, birds, or any wildlife, let alone
ecosystems or impact on human health for geoengineering risk
assessments. No one is questioning or studying the risks and effects of
geoengineering on ecosystems globally, let alone the effects on people's
health via water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution and crops taking up
these heavy metal particulates. However, there are a number of super
corporations and political stakeholders who will reap vast profits from un-
assessed irreversible damage and ecological collapse and impact on human

It has also been noted by ecologists that the world's Bee populations have
been decimated due to sensitivity to neonicotinoid poisons and other
chemicals produced by Monsanto, Bayer and DuPont. We need bees to
pollinate our crops, most ecosystems rely on such pollinators, if bees
disappear, this will speed up the rate of plant species extinction and loss of
our food crops and food in general, we cannot survive without bees and
other insect pollinators!
Another possible cause of the loss of bees and other pollinators, could be
due to global geoengineering, it has been noted that aluminium nano-
particles affect the bees navigation and the particles are possibly killing
bees due to contaminants from the sprayed aerosol chemicals have been
tested globally.

We have already lost twenty percent of our solar uptake due to solar
obscuration caused by spraying of heavy metal particulates into the
atmosphere. Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch began taking
biological samples from plants, soils and rain water on his land. Danes
tests showed metallic nano-particulates such as aluminium, strontium,
barium, arsenic and mercury which are being sprayed globally into the
atmosphere. Environmental toxicity or human health studies have not
been done by governments before launching these aerosol programmes.
In the USA, tests on toxic loads in rainwater revealed 3450 parts per billion
of aluminium in rain water and twenty percent of the suns rays are now
being blocked out, there has been a rise in rickets and vitamin D deficiency
as a result. Our health and the health of the planet are at stake with a toxic
mix of nano-particle metals and chemicals. Aluminium particles are not
only toxic but they also prevent seeds from propagating, while Monsanto
are creating aluminium-resistant seeds.

We cannot give an exact estimate of how much toxicity we are being

exposed to each day, as there are no official statistics being published as
until the recent splurge of mainstream media news articles announcing
that they are about to experiment with geoengineering, (which is a lie, as it
has been in operation for at least forty years), this has been mostly a covert
operation. The only thing we can do is look at the cost analysis of some of
the reports for geoengineering.

The daily spraying of 1 million tonnes

of geoengineering aerosol chemicals per year, per country, though this is
just a baseline figure, they have also looked at the cost of spraying over 5
million tons per year.

The official narrative of chemicals being used by geoengineering scientists

is supposed to be Sulphuric Acid, H2SO4 and Sulphur Dioxide SO2.
Remember the term 'acid rain'. In one recently published article in a UK
newspaper, they state that geoengineering can help save coral reefs.

We show very convincingly that, by injecting sulphur dioxide in the

atmosphere, sea surface temperatures would decrease significantly by

An oxymoron statement, considering the very thing that kills coral reefs is
the above ingredients found in Geoengineering aerosols and acid

The accumulative effects of Sulphuric acid and Sulphur dioxide

is detrimental to plants and wildlife, Sulphuric acid causes
leaching of nutrients from plants and from soils. Plants die from
being exposed to long term spraying of SO2, necrosis forming on
the leaves of trees and crops is a sign, and its everywhere.

In a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1979 it is

stated that ''Plants have been found to be injured by high concentrations
of Sulphuric Acid Aerosol, 100 to 200 mgs/m3 for four to 16 hours a day''

Aerosol Sulphuric acid can be transformed through the air turbines when
being dispersed to Sulphur dioxide, SO2, and Sulphur trioxide, SO3.
Sulphur dioxide, SO2, is also used in active agricultural insecticides such as
the strongest toxins, of those that act as general protoplasmic poisons for
insects. A protoplasmic poison is when the toxin gets inside the cell plasma
of the organism and blocks the basic energy production and/or transport
system in a living cell, like cyanide does, effective poisoning.

So in other words, Sulphur dioxide, SO2 is regarded as one of

the most reliable poisons, used in insecticides for the
destruction of insects when used in a gaseous state. This major
connection between the decline in Insects, Birds and
Amphibians, our most sensitive bioindicators and
geoengineering urgently needs to be investigated. The
accumulative effects on this globally will have a far more
detrimental results than pesticides on ecosystems and wildlife.

Something Monsanto would benefit from no doubt? All while Monsanto

are launching robotic pollinators, they also have produced aluminium
resistant seeds, in addition to their goal to patent all life, they are doing
quite well in such times.

The Environmental Protection Agency also state on their very own website
that ''Sulphur dioxide SO2 harms the human respiratory system and make
breathing difficult. Children, the elderly, and those who suffer from asthma
are particularly sensitive to effects of SO2''.

Mycoplasma tree. Courtesy of wikicommons.

What is Mycoplasma?

It's the smallest bacteria, 4,000 of which could fit in a blood cell. It
confuses other cells as it has incomplete DNA and can copy the DNA of its
host, which can cause cancer in the host. It is also for no logical reason an
ingredient used in vaccines, as a main ingredient despite the fact it is a
disease pathogen and bacteria. Would some pro-vaccine doctor please
explain the logic behind this? Why is there a Patent of mycoplasma
hyopneumoniae Or are we just dealing with more psychopathic population
control again? Does this explain why microbiologists are being murdered
or suicided?
A cross section through a Mycoplasma mycoides cell. Credit: David S.
Goodsell on Flickr.

The Military weaponized and patented Mycoplasma bacteria in 1986.

Pathogenic mycoplasma has also been sprayed and tested on the Military
and is the main disease agent of the Gulf War Illness. Military Patent of
Mycoplasma fermentans

Doctor Garth Nicolson is the head of the Institute for Molecular Medicine..
Doctor Nicolson gave a presentation at the 9th Common Cause Medical
Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on Aug. 29-
31, 2008.

He stated
"The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of
previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment
& the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction."
- Dr. Garth Nicolson.

Doctor Nicolson has a great wealth of research based on Mycoplasma, and

is concerned that after its weaponisation, that Cancer and various
autoimmune related illnesses have exponentially risen.

Mycoplasma has been sprayed in various operations over different

demographic populations to cause diseases and prime people for new ones,
it is one of the disease agents in AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Wegener's
disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type I diabetes, Hepatitis, Pancreatitis,
Arthritis, Heart disease, Anemia; And neurologic disease such as
Parkinson's disease, Crohn's colitis, Alzheimer's, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
and other autoimmune and neurological illnesses. More on the increased
pilot spraying projects on Mycoplasma here

Professor Donald Scott is a veteran of WWII. He has extensively

researched neurosystemic degenerative diseases and written many papers
on the relationship between degenerative diseases and Mycoplasma
fermentans. His research is based upon solid government evidence.

''My conclusions are entirely based upon official documents: 80% are
United States or Canadian official government documents, and 20% are
articles from peer-reviewed journals, such as theJournal of the American
Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, and The
Canadian Medical Association Journal. The journal articles and
government documents complement each other. We also have a document
from Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo which names the mycoplasma as a cause of
cancer''. - Professor Donald Scott.

Dr. Charles Engel who is with the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,
Maryland, stated at an NIH meeting on February 7, 2000, "I am now of
the view that the probable cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and
fibromyalgia is the mycoplasma".

Mycoplasmal pneumonia is connected to H1N1, bird flu and Swine

mycoplasmal pneumonia.
It also encourages environments for fungus and there is a medicinal
research group that classes cancer as a fungus. Medical research shows
that cancer arises through damaged DNA which is interesting when
considering that Mycoplasma contains incomplete DNA and when the
bacteria infect the host they can copy the host DNA and this causes Cancer
to arise.

Testimonial evidence that the biotech and bio pharmacuetical

stakeholders, investors and CEOs of these industries have their two sided
philanthropic theatricals with government backed financing; While
spraying Mycoplasma bactera with geoengineering aerosols to prime
wildlife, insect pollinators, people and agricultural animals for more
diseases; so they can rake in the profits from these illnesses and disease
exponentially on the rise and the vaccines that they then create as a result
are also laced with more mycoplasma and toxins. How thoughtful of them.

The projected predictions for Alzheimer's is a big concern in itself, 5.5

million individuals have Alzheimers dementia in the USA and 1.2
million people in the UK by 2040. Everyone talks about avoiding
aluminium foil and cooking pots but no one points to the geoengineering
aerosols where over 1 million tons of aluminium in aerosol sprayed, It
accumulates in the soil, the food, the water, the air, it is a neurotoxin heavy
metal and is showing up in lab tests of precipitation from around the globe.
If its in the rain, its in the air.
Lab test done by a friend, courtesy of Patrick Roddie in San Francisco

So why are they spraying and what is it really for? In a recent news article
about geoegineering operations, Kevin Anderson the deputy director of the
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research stated It is appropriate that
we spend money on solar geoengineering research, But we also have to
aim for 2C with climate mitigation and act as though geoengineering
doesnt work, because it probably wont.

This translates to ''we don't know if it will work but we are doing it anyway
even without an official risk assessment or environmental impact
assessment ''

These global geoengineering projects are poisoning our wildlife, our

health and interferring with our natural brain waves and state of mind.
The rest of their use is kept more secret as much of the aerosol ingredients
are made up of nano-metal particulates and even lithium.

The military industrial complex is creating a synthetic nanoparticle

highway in our trophsphere and stratosphere to create digitally controlled
fields for Next Generation Operational Control System GPS OCX Satelite
GPS systems. These satelite systems are contracted by Lockheed Martin,
who also specialize in Directed Energy Weapon Systems, GPS Block IIIA
and GPS III is the next generation of GPS satellites, which Lockheed
Martin and other parts of the Global Military Industrial Complex use for
malevolent purposes with psychotronic weapons, Directed Energy
Weapons, defence and communications. Microwaves, EMF frequencies, RF
frequencies and Quantum plasmic fields are used for digital transmission
signals. All of these benefit from pressing geoengineering for combating
global warming.

These aerosol nano particulates and chemicals are conducting heat and
cooking the ionosphere, especially in conjunction with the HAARP arrays,
they are not deflecting solar rays or cooling the planet. The conduction of
synthetic waves and frequences can also be used to change human brain
waves with the use of psychotronic generators which originally were
invented by Igor Smimov and used by shadow governments for mass mind
control purposes, technology that can also be used in conjunction with
your smartphone.

Over the past years, US researchers have confirmed the possibility of

affecting functions of the nervous system by weak electromagnetic fields
(EMFs), as it was previously said by Soviet researchers, reads a 1982
article in a Russian science publication cited in the report.
EMFs may cause acoustic hallucination (radiosound) and reduce the
sensitivity of humans and animals to some other stimuli, to change the
activity of the brain (especially the hypothalamus and the cortex), to
break the processes of formation processing and information storage in
the brain. These nonspecific changes in the central nervous system can
serve as a basis for studying the possibilities of the direct influence of
EMFs on specific functions of CNS. The New American- Elements of
Soviet Mind Control

The Sun obscuration chemical assault has been going on since the 1970s,
around the same time the amphibians, bird and insect populations started
noticeably declining. Geoengineering has been released in dangerous loads
and are not only affecting insects, birds and fish but also possibly killing
trees, forests, and are possibly to blame for the masses of fish and birds die
offs being documented globally. There has also been a large reduction of
boreal forests. Trees are dying with no explanation of what the causes are
but they all show signs of necrosis and weakened bark due to Sulphur
dioxide, SO2. All as a consequence of geoengineering, we live in a planet
sized laboratory, where all life forms are being experimented on without
our consent and sprayed with chemicals similar to insecticides; with
absolutely no risk assessment studies on the ecological impact on wildlife
populations, soil, sea, air, seed propagation, water pollution.

In the last forty years half of all Amphibians have gone extinct, they are
some of the most sensitive bio-indicators that we have because they will be
directly affected by toxins released into the environment because they use
their skin as a secondary breathing apparatus, and the toxins can soak
through their skin and cause their extinction through direct poisoning. So
we have about 47 percent of all Amphibians extinct, this is not just due to
pesticides, as most amphibians are not found near agricultural land since
that is not where their best food sources are, something far larger and far
more powerful has to be considered.

Two separate studies on birds and insects in Germany found the number of
flying insects has declined by 76 percent over the past 27 years. There are
15 percent fewer birds than just twelve years ago. Sadly, it is my generation
and the generation before us that will be the last to remember more birds
and more insects when we were younger, the sound of birdsong woke us up
in the mornings. Children born in the next twenty or thirty years dont
have this luxury of comparison, nor will they grow up thinking
geoengineering is abnormal as they dont know what the sky was like over
forty years ago, when we had blue skies and no criss crossing lines or
whispy chemical rainbow clouds that we have today.

"Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth
in the sky."

Another aspect of this toxicity is causing respiratory problems in millions

of people, the chemicals being sprayed have a synergetic toxicity when
combined with mercury and other chemicals in human vaccines, it is no
wonder that autism has increased with no scientific explanation other than
population increase being the main factor. The ozone layer is also being
decreased due to the toxins in geoengineering, not CFCs, so this in turn
affects the planetary albedo; the ability to reflect the suns rays naturally is
being reduced, this has a very large effect on weather and climate
At the most recent International Union for Conservation of
Nature (IUCN) conference, in Australia in November 2014,
Simon Stuart, Chair of The Species Survival Commission, stated
that ''almost no country in the world is heading in the right
direction considering the targets to stop species extinction by

We are barely scratching the surface of the environmental crisis which we

are in and unfortunately most environmental scientists are afraid to speak
out against geoengineering, because people are accused of being
conspiracy theorists, despite the growing scientific evidence and data
from samples collected globally, and now the mainstream news is letting
the monster out of the closet. This is a harsh reality we must face, examine
and deal with, to find solutions to protect our health as well as the
environmental impact which may be irreversible.

by Carlita Shaw

Author of The Silent Ecocide available in Paperback

or Kindle

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