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Abrev. Ejemplo de uso

ingls espaol

AFAIK As Far As I Know Por lo que yo s AFAIK there is no problem at all

Tambin conocido Shes Victoria Beckham, also known

AKA Also Known As
como as Posh

As Soon As Tan pronto como

ASAP This needs to be done asap
Possible sea posible

BBL Be Back Later Vuelvo ms tarde Now you have to wait, hell BBL

Vuelvo ahora
BRB Be Right Back One sec, Ill BRB

Thats really good news. BTW, she

BTW By The Way Por cierto
also finishes her studies

Close Of Al final del da de We need to finish this requirement by

Business trabajo COB

If you want anything to happen you

DIY Do It Yourself Hazlo tu mismo
have to DIY!

Muy utilizado en los emails y cuando

For Your Para tu
FYI se reenva un mensaje a otra
Information informacin
persona(s). FYI, original message

IDK I Dont Know No lo s Im sorry, IDK

IMO In My Opinion En mi opinin IMO, youre wrong

LOL Lots Of Laughs Muchas risas Lol, that was really funny

No estoy de
NIM Not In the Mood Im NIM to go out tonight
No hay problema,
NP No Problem No problem at all, it was my pleasure
de nada

OMG Oh My God Dios mio! OMG! Isnt that Cristiano Ronaldo?

To Be Pendiente de ser
TBA Prize for the winner is TBA!
Announced anunciada

Pendiente de ser
TBC To Be Confirmed That is still TBC

Pendiente de ser
TBD To Be Defined The room is yet TBD

Unidentified Objeto volador no

UFO He believes he saw an UFO last night
Flying Object identificado

Very Important Persona muy

VIP Thats the VIP area for the club
Person importante

WTF What the f**k? Qu c**o? WTF are you talking about man?