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Student Name: MADISON BERRY Period: 7th

Printed Name of Person Interviewed: Stephanie Presley

Role of Individual:
Place/Name of Business: Clear Lake Regional

Business Address:

Phone Number: 903-748-2727

Date of Interview: 11/11/2017

Type of Interview: __X__ In Person

1. For someone working in your field, please describe the fantasies versus realities of the job.
(fantasy vs. reality)

Mrs. Stephanie told me that the fantasies of this job is by far the fact that people think its always fun and happy.
She told me that theyve had still born babies and sometimes even mothers pass away, although this is very rare.
The realities of this job is that its not always the happiest place to be, patients are in pain sometimes, babies can
be sick. You never know if its going to be a good day in labor and delivery or a bad one.

2. What is your current educational level? What continuing education and training are required?
(educational level and requirements)

My mentors current level of education is an associates degree. She is currently working on getting her BSN and
is in school now. She is an RNC nurse.

3. Please describe the typical day to day activities of someone working in your field.
(day-to-day activities) Stephanie started off her description of this question with WOW how do I put this into a
short summary. There are MANY things that happen on a day to day basis and she says she is always learning
something new. It starts with triaging patients and getting all of their information. Then they will monitor the fetal
and maternal well-being, next is to labor patients when ready. She does both C-sections and vaginal deliveries,
she performs CPR as needed to the infant and lastly she reminded me of the tiring days due to so much physical

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4. How secure are you in your current position? What do you think is the future of your field?
(job security) She stated that her position is VERY secure because L&D is a specialty are and it is easy to recruit
nurses for this area of work. Stephanie said that she thinks the future of her field will consist more of nurses and
midwives delivering and less doctors.

5. What is a typical (average or lowest to highest) salary of someone working in your field?

A typical salary of someone working in her field is 45,000-80,000 a year. She then went on to say that it
really depends on your years of experience and education.

6. What potential for growth is there in your field?

(growth potential)
You can always keep progressing in education, getting your masters is a big one. You can move up to nurse
manager or director.

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7. What is the hardest part about working in the L&D unit?

She said that dealing with difficult physicians is definitely one of the hardest things. Not far behind it is
having to deal with family members of patients. Patients are usually okay but the family members are
worried and tired and can sometimes be difficult to deal with.

8. If you could go to any other unit in the medical field besides L&D where would you go?
She said the newborn nursery because usually they are the healthy babies and you dont have to deal with family
members. She really enjoys working with babies and loves them.

9. Why did you become a nurse?

When Stephanie was in high school she wanted to be a school teacher. She had her mind set on it, but then when
she was 4 months pregnant, in high school, she was in a head on accident and was told she might lose her baby.

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Stephanie was very scared and the whole time a nurse sat by her bed all night and held her hand and this nurse
inspired her to become an L&D nurse so she could do just what that woman did for her.

10. How long did it take you to become a nurse?

She was put on a waiting list for nursing school and she waited 5 years until she was finally able to get in. She
was 23 years old when she finally became a nurse in 2000. Her first hospital to work at was Waldy hospital in
Texarkana where she worked there for 14 years until her husband was moved here for a better position as chief of
police in Webster.

Interview Summary
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bulleted list of research informationto be used in your presentation?
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Makes 45,000-80,000
Took 5 years to get into nursing school
Still born babies
Mothers passing away
How do mothers pass away while giving birth

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