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Post Lesson Reflection

Lesson unit/page Guided Reading (Identifying main ideas Student teacher

Khadija Mohammed
and supporting details from text)
MST/MCT Nina Thomas School Al Asalah (Girls)

Class Date
5 E/F 31st October 2017
Overall aim and context of the lesson:
The aim of this lesson is to ensure that students are capable of identifying and classifying main ideas of texts.
Therefore, they must be able to explain how and why the main ideas of the text are supported. In this lesson,
students will improve their comprehension skills because they will listen to a story read by their teacher and then
they will identify the meaning of the text along with its main idea and supporting details.

Choose two aspects from the competency areas to evaluate and discuss (one paragraph each) according to

Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to analyze why you think it worked well and
what hints you would share with other teachers about the successful strategy/ resource/activity/management
style etc.

Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires attention. Discuss what the problem was, why
it occurred and what action you intend to take to be more successful in the next lesson.

Implementing and managing learning is the most aspect I think that I have succeeded with. This is because,
after I explained to the students the meaning of main ideas and supporting details, I provided the students with a
simple example in order to clarify their understanding. Also, I asked the students later to discuss with their group
what main ideas and supporting details are in order to come up with a sentence that contains one main idea and
one supporting detail. In such way, students began grasping the idea of how to identify and find a main idea and
supporting details within the text. Moreover, before I began reading the story to the students I made them predict
and guess from the cover page what would the story be about. Furthermore, before I set the students to work
independently, I review with them the information they need to be aware. In such way, I am reminding the
students of the information that will help them within their given task in order to succeed in it. Subsequently, the
aspects that are required for find a main idea and supporting detail from the text were written on the board in order
to keep the students on track. Finally, students were given papers that contain the definition of the following
vocabulary: title, main idea and supporting detail. This paper will guide and remind the students when they are
finding a main idea or a supporting detail from a text.
In my opinion, I would share with other teachers that recalling the important information to the students
frequently allow them to understand more and be on track. Therefore, writing the important aspects on the board
also benefit the students because the written aspects would guide and support their understanding.
Whereas, classroom management is the aspect that requires attention and improvements. This is because,
throughout the first lesson some students were misbehaving and I had to ask them many times to behave properly
but I could not see any improvement. I think students continued misbehaving because I was reinforcing their
negative behavior instead of their positive behavior.
However, such aspect could be enhanced by rewarding the other students who are behaving well in order to
make the student who is misbehaving behave accordingly without being told to be quite or behave well.

Personal focus for next lesson:

In my future lesson, I will ensure that I reinforce the positive behavior by rewarding and praising students
who are behaving positively in order to avoid any negative behavior from occurring.