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MATA PELAJARAN : Bahasa Inggris
KELAS / KOMPETENSI KEAHLIAN : XI / Jasa Boga, Busana Butik, Ak. Perhotelan & UPW
HARI / TANGGAL : Kamis, 28 September 2017
WAKTU : 07.00 08.30
1. Tidak diperkenankan mengerjakan dengan spidol.
2. Tulis nama, kelas, dan nomor peserta anda pada lembar jawaban.
3. Apabila terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas dan rusak, segera tanyakan pada pengawas.
4. Periksa kembali lembar jawaban anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.
5. Tidak diperkenankan menerima dan memberi jawaban kepada orang lain, apabila terbukti, maka yang memberi dan menerima
akan diberikan nilai nol.

Multiple choices! 5. James : Could you tell me how big a blue

Part 1. Speaking! whale is?
Numbers 1 - 8: choose the appropriate option Kane : Well, let me tell you. The blue
to complete the dialogues. whale is the largest animal ever
known. It exceeds elephants and
1. X : What is your hobby? dinosaurs in size. A blue whale
Y : Oh .... stamps. What about you? can weigh up to 115 tons.
X : I dont have any really hobbies. James : .
Y : Well, what do you do in your spare time? Complete the dialog above with the correct
X : I like playing basket ball. expression of surprise!
A. Collect D. Collecting A. Could it be mammals?
B. Collects E. Is collecting B. Wow, thats an amazing fact!
C. Collected C. It looks like blue whale!
D. I dont think so!
2. Receptionist: King of Ticket. Can I help you? E. Im sorry, I dont know.
Customer : Yes, Id like to book 3 VIP
tickets for XXI Movie 6. Sue : ...
Performance next Sunday. Ann : Yes, we are being interrogated by a
Receptionist: Okay. .... cash or credit card? police officer.
A. Can I pay here? A. Is he interrogating you?
B. How can I buy there? B. Did you interrogated?
C. How would you like to pay? C. Was he interrogating?
D. How can you bargain this? D. Had you interrogated?
E. Can you go to the cashier over there? E. Were they interrogate?

3. Max: I saw Bety at the station this morning. 7. Arrange these sentences below into a good
Tom: .... order!
Max: Alone 1) Samarinda is the capital city of East
A. She went with whom? Kalimantan.
B. Who did she go with? 2) People like to relax and enjoy the sunset
C. With who did she go? in the places.
D. Whom she goes with? 3) It is located at the edge of the river
E. With whom did she go? Mahakam.
4) But now, the government has changed
4. Andrea : I need to book a room for this the area along the river into a city garden
weekend. May I know the rate? and recreational places.
Banu : .... and which room would you 5) People call it as River City.
like to have, single or double? 6) There are so many houses along the
Andrea : Sure, my name is Andrea bank of the river.
Thomas and Id like single room, please. The correct arrangement of the sentences
A. Will you you put me through Mr. Brown? above to be a coherent paragraph is ....
B. Can I talk to the manager? A. 1-2-3-4-5-6
C. May I leave a message? B. 1-4-5-6-3-2
D. May I know whos speaking? C. 1-3-5-6-4-2
E. Would you like to have a cheap or D. 1-5-6-3-4-2
expensive room? E. 1-3-5-6-2-4

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8. Arya : What was the matter? 10. Gold and silver ornaments are usually made
Brandon : It was difficult to see a road at ....
clearly because it .... very hard. A. Celuk
A. Is raining B. Ubud
B. Was raining C. Batubulan
C. Has been rained D. Denpasar
D. Will be rained E. Tampak Siring
E. Was being rained
11. The statement which NOT TRUE is ....
Part 2. Reading text! A. Tourist can hire motorcycles and
bicycles to travel around Bali.
For number 9-13 read the text below! B. Denpasar is the location of community
temples and museums.
BALI C. The old spring is still used for the waters
currative power.
Once you arrive in Bali, there are several D. Balis woodcarvers exhibit their arts in
ways to travel around the island. Laxis and rented Denpasar.
cars (with or without drivers) are a vailable E. There are many ways to travel around
through hotels and travel agents. Tour agencies Bali.
and most hotels offer bus tours to major points of
interest. Motorcycles and bicycles are available 12. .... work and exhibit their best art.
for rent through agencies in Denpasar, Kuta (In paragraph 3).
Beach and Sanur Beach. Oplets pass through The word their refer to ...
areas and offer inexpensive rides. A. Powers D. Woodcarvers
Denpasar, the capital, is the locations of B. Statues E. Rock carving
many sandstone workshops. Celuk is the village C. Ceremonies
just North of Batubulan where silver and gold work
for jewelery and ornaments is done. The village of 13. The Balineses use the old spring in the
Batuan specializes in traditional painting and religious ceremonies. The idea mentioned in
weaving as well as decorative wooden panels and paragraph ...
screens. A. 1 D. 4
Many of Balis old master woodcarvers still B. 2 E. 5
alive, work and exhibit their best art. Ubud, an C. 3
hour driving North of Denpasar, is the center of
Balinese painting. Elephant Cave at Bedulu is an
eleventh-century monastery bearing many rock The following text is for number 14-18!
carvings, statues and a bathing pool. A thousand
year-old spring at Tampak Siring is still used by COMPUTERS
Balinese in religious ceremonies and for the
waters currative powers. Mount Batur has a Computers are machines that handle
beautiful view and you can hire a boat on its lake information automatically. They can perform
of just enjoy a scenary. calculations and process data. Computers can
Besakih, on the slope of Mount Agung is the work with numbers to solve problems in a few
location of the largest and holiest temple in Bali seconds. Computers can remember a great deal
which one is not miss. Northwest of Denpasar is of information and make practically no mistakes.
Tanah Lot, where you can see the most important That is why computers are widely used in places
sea temple. Sea snake found at the base of the such as banks, offices and companies.
temple on this rocky island are believed to guard Computers work like calculators. But most
the temple from evil. calculators can do only one thing at a time. We tell
Sanur Beach on Balis south-east coast has them what to do by pressing various buttons. To
quiet surf and attract the more conservative do the same work, we can give a series of
visitors. Kuta Beach on south-west coast has instructions to a computer. We can call this a
sand beaches, good high surf and beautiful computer programme. If we set up a programme,
sunsets and is the favourite area of the younger the computer can provide other information, such
visitors in Bali. as a list, numbers, letters or even graphs or
pictures. Once we provide a programme, the
9. There are alternatives to travel around the computer can do all this work automatically
island. If we want to be more economical, we without further help or instruction.
can use ... A computers stores and handles numbers.
A. Boats D. Motorcycles The numbers may be mathematical formulas or
B. Oplets E. Cars with drivers colums of figures. The numbers may also be
C. Express bus codes that stand for letters of the alphabets,
words or instructions to the computer.

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14. A thing that makes computers almost the fields as natural history, broadcasting, fire-fighting,
same as calculators is how to .... crafts, and ethnics cultures. As the worlds
A. Process data greatest art center, New York City has more than
B. Operate them 400 galleries and is a Mecca for artists, art
C. Solve problems dealers, and collectors. Madison Avenue between
D. Programme them 57th and 86th streets is the most important locale
E. Handle information for galleries, but dozens of others are located in
SoHo (South of Houston Street) and adjoining
15. A statement which is NOT TRUE according to neighborhoods.
the text is .... New York also has a famous botanical
A. Computers help us work faster garden. It is called Brooklyn Botanical Garden, 21
B. Computers dont make any mistakes hectare. Located the borough of Brooklyn is in
C. The people in many places prefer using New York City.
D. They can make computers work without 19. What is the purpose of the text above ....
pressing any buttons A. To tell about New York City
E. The way computers work is nearly the B. To inform about New York City
same as calculators C. To describe about New York City
D. To know about New York City
16. Computers are able to handle mathematical E. To explain about New York City
problems and office duties. The idea is found
in paragraph .... 20. Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the
A. 1 D. 1 and 2 text ....
B. 2 E. 2 and 3 A. It has 4 boroughs
C. 3 B. It has more than 400 galleries
C. It has 250 museums
17. We tell them what to do by ... (paragraph 2). D. It is the home of the statue of Liberty
The word them refers to .... E. It has a Botanical Garden
A. Buttons
B. Numbers 21. The word it in the last paragraph refers to ....
C. Computers A. New York
D. Calculators B. Brooklyn
E. Information C. Museum
D. Childrens Garden
18. The numbers may also be codes that E. Botanical Garden
stand for letters of alphabets, words or
instructions to the computer. The underlined The text below is for number 22-25!
words mean ....
A. Keep D. Provide Why Do Hawks Hunt Chicks?
B. Type E. Represent
C. Change Once upon a time, a hawk fell in love with
a hen. The hawk flew down from the sky and
asked the hen, Will you marry me?
The text below is for number 19-21! The hen loved the brave, strong hawk and
wished to marry him. But she said, I cannot fly as
New York high as you can. If you give me time, I may learn
to fly as high as you. Then we can fly together.
New York City is the largest city in the The hawk agreed. Before he went away,
United States. The cities concert houses, he gave the hen a ring. This is to show that you
museums, galleries, and theaters constitute an have promised to marry me, said the hawk.
ensemble of cultural richness rivaled by few cities. It so happened that the hen had already
In 2000 the population of the city of New York was promised to marry a rooster. So, when the rooster
8,000,278. The population of the metropolitan saw the ring, he became very angry. Throw that
region was 21,199,865. New York City consists of ring away at once! shouted the rooster. The hen
five boroughs they are Queens, Brooklyn, Staten was so frightened at the roosters anger that she
Islands, The Bronx, and Manhattan. threw away the ring immediately.
There are so many attractive places in the When the hawk came a few months later,
city. One of its popular landmarks is the Statue of the hen told him to truth. The hawk was so furious
Liberty. It is a symbol of freedom for many, was that he cursed the hen, Why didnt you tell me
one of the first sights to welcome immigrants earlier? Now, youll always be scratching the
arriving in the United States. The Statue stands earth, and Ill always be flying above to catch your
93 m tall on Liberty Island in New York Harbour. children, said the hawk.
New Yorks 250 museums cater to every
specialty and every taste. It has museums in such
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22. The hawk give .... to the hen before he went a way.
A. A ring
B. Promise
C. Time
D. Agreement
E. Trust

23. From the text, we can infer that ....

A. The hen was honest because she told the truth
B. The hen threw away the ring immediately because she loved the rooster
C. The hen didnt love the rooster
D. The hen was ever dishonest
E. The hen didnt wish to marry the hawk because she couldnt fly as high as the hawk could

24. The rooster angry with the hen because ....

A. a hawk fell in love with a hen
B. the rooster hate of the hawk
C. a hen love someone else
D. the rooster is jealous of the hawk
E. the rooster saw the ring

25. From the text, the moral message we can take is that ....
A. Honesty is very important in someones life
B. Anger never help to solve problem
C. Someone who made mistake should ask apologize first
D. To do something wrong must not be forgiven
E. Actually the hawk should give apologize the hen

Part 3. Writing!
Number 26-30 refer to error recognition. Find out an error of every number!

26. Kim : Why was Katie angry with you?

Ani : Oh, I think she was jealous. She always feels threatening everytime her boyfriend talks
to another girl.
Kim : That sound ridiculous.

27. Anto : Has Sely finished her research on time?

Tina : No. If she made better use of her time, she would have been more likely finished her research.

28. Aspen, where limousines have four-wheel drive and empty plot can cost ten million dollars,

has been declared the more expensive town in America.


29. The increase population and rapid economic growth in recent years have put a large and increasing
stess on the water resources and evironment in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

30. Windi : Are you waited for me, Weihan?

Weihan : Yes, I am. Where were you a few minutes ago?

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Each question has 4 points. So please be careful to answer them all!

31. Complete the sentences below with appropriate pronouns: Look at the following example!
Example : This is my father. .... is a teacher.
Answer : This is my father. He is a teacher.
1) The dog was hungry so I fed ....
2) I have five flowers; .... are all pink.
3) Miguel and I are brothers. .... share a bedroom together.
4) Children, .... are making too much noise!

32. Analyze which words that can be changed to gerund and place them into sentences. Look at the
following example!
Example : Always check the oil, before you start the car.
Answer : Always check the oil, before starting the car
1) I cannot go on to do nothing.
2) She loves to sing songs.
3) The miser hated to spend money.
4) Nobody really loves to work.

33. Change the sentences below into passive voice!

Example : I saw you yesterday.
Answer : You were seen by me yesterday.
1) I read the books every day.
2) She took the ring yesterday.
3) I have already written the letter.
4) My father will pick me up this afternoon.

34. Change the verb (if necessary but keep the subject) below into several tenses, such as (1) simple
present tense, (2) present continues tense, (3) past tense,(4) present perfect tense and (5) simple
future tense.
Decide the time signal by yourself. Look at the following example! Number 1 has been done for
you and complete the rest!

Subject and Verb : She works

1) Simple present tense : She works at the office everyday.
2) Present continues tense :
3) Past tense :
4) Present perfect tense :
5) Simple future tense :

35. Look at the following text!

Marias holiday

Every year I go to Bali for my holidays. I stay in a small hotel near the beach. In the mornings I swim
in the sea then I have breakfast by the swimming pool. I go shopping in the afternoons and in the
evenings I eat at my favorite restaurant. I usually have pork and noodles.
Before I come back home I always buy a few souvenirs for my friends. That is why my baggage is
always heavy.

From the text, please find words (synonym) that have the same meaning with the words below.
Number 1 has been done for you and complete the rest!

1) Cafe = restaurant
2) Next to =
3) Return =
4) Annually =
5) Luggage =

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