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Reflection 1:

Al Resalah International School of Science is my school for teaching practice.

In my first day in I was amazed in how they were organized, collaborate and active in

my classroom. Im in KG2G, the classroom theme about transportation. They are 20

students, and have many centers in classroom and in each center, there are lines for

students who finished their work. They need to standup on it without distract their

colleague while they are working in activity. The students were creative, smart,

intelligent, active and helpful. Organizing classroom help the students to be creative,

intelligent, engaged and help them to extend. They have five subjects, English, Math,

Science, Arabic and Islamic. And they have two breaks. First break for breakfast and

the second one for playground. I was observing the whole week because I say a new

thing every day. My MST like to make every child work according to their ability and

she make challenge activities for the high achiever students. However, while

observing the classroom one girl get my attention, she was quiet and refuse to

collaborate or do the activities. So, I knew she will be my challenge student in this

teaching practice. My extension ideas, include Montessori center ideas for my

activities to engage the students and Skinner theory about positive reinforcement to

motivate the students.

Reflection 2:

In my second, it started with a trip to Sharjah zoo. It was my first trip in my teaching

practice experience. However, my MST give me a group of children to observe while

we were in bus. My classroom in the trip were organized, line up easily and nicely

but three students were walking slowly or fight with each other. However, the
students enjoyed and had some information about the trip. Also, my MCT

observation was in this weak, I was little nerves and afraid but I showed the students

that I control the class. However, I think the lesson was fabulous and

understandable. My MST helped me a lot and she kept advice if I made a mistake.

However, both my MST and MCT think I need to work on two student behaviors

during the activities. while my MST told me she like the craft activity and she will start

using it. However, in this week they had the Happiness day and I helped the

students to show them how to decorate the cups or gift. I felt the students start to

see me as a teacher and listen to me, but still two students dont like to listen to me

even if my MST said the same instruction I do. I even start help my MST during the

professional activities but most of time she asks me to rest, she is very kind and

sweet. My extension ideas, is start using ZPD according to Vygotsky theory stated

that child follows an adult example and gradually for the low student achiever. Also,

put the students in group that include all levels so they can help each other and

collaborate during the activities.

Reflection 3:

In my last week in school, the students had a fire alarm practice but two students

were scared and crying but the school did amazing work to line up all the KG in less

than ten minutes, in each class they have a fire exit door so it can be easily for them

to be out of building. I also attend two assembly for the students but I did not had

chance to see my class assembly because it will be after my teaching practice. This

week me and my MST worked on decorate the board outside the classroom and it

was about letter M so we let the students to make their mug and we link it to career
day. What I mean is each student have their own mug and they write their names

and what they like to be in future. Most of the students wanted to be teachers

because they like their teacher. In this week, also I had to do my performance art,

music and movements, the children participate and they were very active and happy

with it, they kept ask me to do it more than three times. I saw hoe performance art

motivate the students. Montessori approach is a hand on to learning. It encourages

children to develop their observation skills by doing many types of activities. These

activities include five senses and movement. Moreover, its develop the memory skill,

it provides opportunities to all children to participate, help promote interpersonal

skills. Also performing arts develop creative thinking and develop confidence and

self-presentation skills, teach children both self-reliance and collaboration. It was my

best teaching practice and I learned how to organize my centers, how to make

activities that suit all levels and challenge the high achiever. While I learned how to

motivate the students in activities and challenge their behavior. Before I leave I

thanked my MST to let me be part of her class.